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FIRST time being harrassed by loansharks for NOTHING.

this shit happened last night. around 3+am.
seriously.... its so WTF.
look at the mess!

[neighbour's unit on the left, and mine on the right]

their's were splashed with black paint, ours with dark blue paint.


walls, gate, wooden door, corridor, marble floor, slippers ... all kena!

all thanks to our neighbour.
their relatives borrowed money from loansharks and was dued.

LUCKILY the loansharks wrote down their unit number,
if not other neighbours might think it's our shit.

see! even our "Door God" also splash.
so WTF lo~!

my eldest bro came down from woodlands and helped us clean up the mess.
my brothers & sister all helping to clean.

we've been staying here for 23 years.
this neighbour moved here just few years ago.
its our FIRST TIME being harrassed by loansharks.

why is this kinda shit happening to us at this point of our lives?
i bet papa is gonna be upset too.

Collection of Papa's ash....

9.30am. Collection of Papa's ash.

lotsa pink-hued bones were found~!

eldest brother bringing papa to new home.

resting the urn.....

here's a video clip of
the collection of papa's ash to resting the urn in his new home.

Rest In Peace Papa....

Papa's return after 7 days...

we believed on the 7th day, after midnight, the soul of a deceased will return to check on the house, family members and stuffs, to make sure that there's enough stock of this n that for the family so that he can rest in peace.

so last night, we witnessed our eldest brother filled the pail, full of rice (uncooked) and level it nicely.
we left a pail of rice outside the storeroom which will be easier for him to see.

at 11pm, korkor lighted a long red candle and placed it standing right outside our door.
bought some of papa's favourite food and served.
lighted the joss sticks and off we went, into our rooms, before midnight.

switched off all handphones so as not to have any sound in the middle of the night because papa might just leave when he hears noise or sound.
and we were told to turn in before midnight.

it was a very thrilling yet exciting night.
mummy, aunt, sis-in-law, niece & i squeezed into & shared my parents' room.
korkor & jiejie in the 2nd room.
eldest bro alo…

Remember the days........

A Tribute dedication in Memory of Papa who had given us a blissful life all these decades.

Thank you so much Papa.
Hope you're in a better place now.
We'll miss you deeply.

Anyway it's the 7th day after midnight soon...
welcome back Papa.

R.I.P. our beloved Papa.

papa passed on slowly..... as we watched.
there's nothing we could do but to just hold on to him,
and let him go slowly.... with every breath he took.
we will not forget this moment...
as we witnessed our beloved papa leave this world.
it's our first time, watching our loved one slowly turned cold.

papa, please rest in peace.
you've put in so so so much effort in building this happy & blissful family.
we won't let this fall.
your 4 beloved children will take care of each other and of course mummy too.

you're the BEST father to us.
the BEST husband to mummy.
and the BEST boss to our workers.

you'll always be in our hearts.
see you in our next life.
i wished to be your beloved daughter again.
papa, we love you.
and we miss you deeply. ='(

1953 - 2010