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~iTz X'mAs!~

hm. itz christmas today. yest nite abt 7+pm my parentz, my bro & my dog went to da temple down at zion rd to find uncle jimmy they all. eat a lil'. chat a while. louise ask me accompany her go sentosa. (coz nobody accompany her go. lolx.) but nv go la. coz we goin other place. den abt 9+pm. went to my mum'z frenz house at jurong west. got bbq. lotza food. itz nice. but cannot eat too much. wait put on weight. lolx. supposingly we r heading bac to da temple after da bbq party here coz uncle jimmy say at abt 12am got disco at da temple. they gonna hav fun. but ltr nv go le coz uncle jimmy called us & say tt he is going out to other place le. so we bbq until abt 11+pm we go home lo. tis morning woke up at 3+pm. coz was really tired. last few dayz only slept abt 2 hrs. hm. today not goin out. agus juz now called me. he wanna change shift wit me on 31 dec next fri. den i say ok lo. but den ltr den i realised itz new year eve. got countdown party at sentosa. wanna watch it o…

~LeTz gEt dA PaRtY sTaRtEd.~

hm. long time no blog le. yest after my morning duty at 3+pm. me went home. bathe. put on make-up. den abt evening 7pm went to changi wit my parentz & those ppl from da temple (@ zion rd). got many youngsterz oso. went to da changi temple there got bbq fun party. itz organised by the ppl there. we had fun. den got games oso. but we nv really took part. my dad kena da banana eating contest. he finished first. he won. lolx. den got many other games oso... lastly.. it was dance contest. only abt 5 indon women from da changi temple took part. (they played most of da games coz we all shy shy den nv play lo keke.) den our frenz keep sabo ppl 1. anyhow ask ppl to join. they oso sabo uncle jimmy. wen the lady announced his name we all stand up & cheer for him den he bo bian he went out sway sway a lil' lo. lolx. they were laughin like hell sia. den they all oso ask me go but i dun wan coz i wasnt prepared & got ppl there la so pai seh. keke. den we all makan makan. chit chat. …


hm. itz like long time nv rest le. coz last week me ooff-day on tue. den tis week is on sat. so gonna work 10 dayz straight. kinda tired. yest me OT. my beri first OT. keke. was really tired. hm. yest den i found out (the truth) tt bobby is not 36 years old. hez onli 28. he wanna bluff me. lolx. hm. da day b4 yest (mon)... after my duty at 3+pm, me went down to da 'shui xian temple' @ zion road. (da 1 i alwayz go.) my parentz was there waiting for me. den there got makan. uncle jimmy cooked 1. hm. when i reached there... my mum told me tt andy's pet baby monkey has been taken away. sad. itz really cute. so small. but itz illegal to keep. tink itz outside saw it den call police 1. haiz. all those bad ppl. will get 'bao ying' 1. hmph. erm. andy is sad too ba. he likez animals. now his fren gave him a parrot. beri notti 1. keep biting ppl. me oso kena. hm. tomoro me work 11am-7pm. k. kinda tired le. me wanna rest. tatA~

~mOrNiNg sHiFtz.~

long time no blog le. coz kinda bz. hm. tis 2 weekz working morning shiftz more. i prefer morning shiftz. eventho i gotta wake up as early as 4am. but da time pass faster doin morning shift. last week work many shiftz wit ravin, bobby & keline. they r nice. tomoro no more with them le. diff shiftz. but almost everybody there is nice. so... working wit anyone is fine wit me. ^-^ like long time nv work wit rachel & agus le. nvm. sure will 1. hm. almost everyone treat me nice there. hope i no need to go hskp. keke. will stay at front office. hm. bobby said tt he goin to resign soon. maybe next year. coz he dun like workin there. especially doin cashier. if got shortage amount den muz pay 1. kinda sad. coz he say near me. my 'yishun kaki'. lolx. he's nice. he said he's 36 years old. cannot believe man. i tot he 22 like tt. hez quite trendy in a way. hm. anyway if he wanna quit itz his decision. juz hope tt he'll find a beta job wit good future ba. hm. me tis wh…


hm. nowadayz real tired. slp abt midnite. gotta wake up 4am. leave house b4 5.30am to catch da 1st bus. really slpy. alwayz wanted to slp early but cant. eventho i'm slpy. coz i'm not used to it. unless me really really tired goin to collapse ba. lolx. these few dayz workin morning shift. next week oso. almost all morning shifts except for tuesday-off day & wednesday- 11am-7pm. hm. hope i can turn my time a lil'. hm. tomoro 7-3pm. after tt maybe goin msia. coz tue off. keke. long time nv go le. abt a month le. hm. tomoro suppose to be workin afternoon shift 3-11pm. workin wit rachel agus sandra. i like them. but suddenly change to morning le. nvm. work lo. den off. hope can rest in msia. anyway. i wanna rest le. tatA~