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Showing posts from February, 2010

K-Dinner @ Marina Square~

after work, KTV session with dear & dorothy.

KBox @ Marina Square.

not forgetting the desserts!

we sang from 6pm - 10pm.

supper with dear at Sembawang's Selegie Soya.

working at One On The Bund. so cooooold.

cup noodles day.

michele, jacob & i stayed in during lunchtime.
brought our own cup noodles to eat.

michele was supposed to bring mushroom but she mistakenly brought gingko nuts. and didnt even bring can opener. LOL!

jacob prepared these hard boiled eggs.

my CQYD maggie meeeee.

after work, larry rode me back to yishun.
shopped for a black blouse at norhtpoint.
needed for the part-time work at night.
and managed to get one. at S$49, G2000.

i went home and showered and larry rode me to work.
at One On The Bund.

5 dealers for tonight.
dealing roulette, baccarat, blackjack, tai sai.

the lovely dealers....

Photo on the right (from left): rain, emz, geraldine, gwendoline, kelly.

worked from 7pm - 12mn.
shared cab home with geraldine.
tiring day.
working morning tomoro.

rika joined our bowling session.

after work, when bowling with my fellow team members at Kallang Bowl.
my cousin erika joined us too.

there were jimmy, ben, rain, larry, jacob, roy, eugene, arthur, erika.

Game 1.

Game 2.

Game 3.

group snaps. (arthur left before snapping tho).

at night went back to yishun.
rika, larry & i had dinner at northpoint.
Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.
Cheery Float & Iced Chocolate.

Mui Fan, Century Egg Porridge.

Luncheon Meat & Egg noodles, Kaya & butter toast.

took cab home with rika.

busy busy with my life.

yesterday jacob lost a deal to me. and owed me a homemade lunchbox.
and this is what i've got. =D
black black mushroom chicken. yummy.

after work. larry brought me to bugis for lunch.

milo dinosaur..... *roar*!

after lunch, had desserts at Ah Chew Desserts again~
honey lemon drink.

love this black glutinous thingy with ice cream. ^-^

larry rode me home.
at night, had event dinner with my family.
one table reserved for us.

rika & me.

Dragon & Lion dance.

the 9-course dinner~