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~you should've told me~

this is gonna be a looong post.
i'll try my best to keep it short tho. xP

4pm. korkor drove mummy & i to Wat Ananda, the Thai temple @ Bukit Merah

the people & monks are sending the casket to Singapore Casket le.

but we stayed behind. for the Coach. which arrived at about 5pm.
were brought to Golden Mile Complex.

and left the place (after everyone boarded the bus) @ 6pm.

8.30pm. had dinner at msia dunno where. were so hungry.

had a few stopovers before arriving at Thai Custom @ 7am.

see the sky. we queued from....
to this.....
queue were moving soo slow. the staff looked so 'nua' de.
other people were saying about putting RM1 in between your passport,
the staff will chop ya passport & let u pass fast.
mummy wanted to follow. i stopped her. i was like....
"hUH?! we are not illegal immigrants leh. RM1 give or never give also will chop our passports wat...."
den she was like... "ya hor..."

8.35am. had our breakfast in Hat Yai.

food. …