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~should i give my first try? go. dun go. go. dun go.~

this morning had a bad gastric pain.
i think its becoz i ate a cold apple
with an empty stomach. =[

til i went back home in the afternoon for lunch.
i ateYa-Hom Powder Five Pagodas Brand
(u can feel the cooling sensation down your stomach).
had lunch prepared by mummy.
after that she helped me to apply "lu yi'' oilfor stomachache.
den i drank my favourite Woodward's Gripe Water.
now im feeling much better.

dunno later wanna go 111 or not o...
shigong last nite asked me to go.
this morning sheng also asked, and if i dont turn up he will post my photo up in online auction. let people bid & buy (me). =.="

long time no see them oso.

ooh. just received a sms from ver.
think probably tomoro's chambers outing will be changed to tonight.

anyway, if ANYONE of u know or have seen any shop selling Hell Girl's (Jigoku Shoujo)collectible items like the beaded wristband, necklace, or whatever.
please. let me know. thank you.

dinner at Delifrance, Northpoint with my sister after work.

Hot tea. Minestrone.

Chicken steak with mushroom cream. Tuna & egg mayo croissant.

daily dessert (set meal): choco truffle.

i am happy. why?
juz now i took a walk around Northpoint's basement 1 and...........
spotted many new shops opened!!
Sweet talk (bubble tea), Prima deli, Pei Kia, CitiSpa, Chewy Junior (donuts), Pet Lovers Centre, and many more (opening soon)!
Sakura (Thai-Chinese cuisine), Sushi Deli, KFC, Guardian, and Watsons are BACK! More products, bigger shops, more seatings.
im glad at least Northpoint shopping centre has expanded.

~There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.~

i'm in red today.
the shirt that 'ball bush' gave me last month.
that day i was short of clothes at the chalet.
so he gave (instead of just lending) it to me.
i was surprised & thought that i could have heard wrongly.
becoz its not about the shirt. but its his favourite football club o.
i clarified & asked "give me???" he was like ''yea~" without hesitation.
and that makes it my firstMan United Polo-T. =D

just now i went back home to have my lunch.
mummy's fried rice. wow.....
yummy yummy yummy~!

hmm. last night lydia introduced me an online game she was playing.
[Hotel 626]<---- here it is
this site address may look like a 'real' hotel website. no its not.
this site address may look like some sort of con site. no its not.
this website, is a horror game.......
which starts by checking-in to Hotel 626(Optional - do enable your webcam & mic if u have one), continues from stages to stages (u can always skip the stages even if u had gone th…

~Hurt me, pull my heart apart.. then maybe i'll stop loving you.~

my low blood pressure has been acting on me again...

my pop changed new car le.=D

looking forward to a (ktv) date with my honey GF. xP

last night i was CZ-ing in XOL game server.
Good News: i was among the Top 15 ranking list.ranked 2nd! O_O
i didnt know it, coz i hardly check the rankings,
as i had never expect to see my name in it.
until xol's code.geass said "wah enma. rank 2."
i was like HUH? WAT?
*type type*/top15 [enter]
i was shocked. surprised. yet delighted.
to see myself in the Top 15 players list.

altho now i doubt im still in 2nd place.
as all the pro-players are chasing up with the rankings everyday.
but at least, for once, i was ranked 2nd among so many players,
im contented. im happy enough. ^-^

anyway, shigong last night was so bored that
he finally decided to install Steam's CZ at home to play with mexD

watch this "Counter Strike Noobs" video clip created by a cs freak.
quite funny tho.
PS: pause my blog's song list before playing


~[Rec] & Quarantine. What's the difference?~

im back home.
after watching [REC] [NC16] (Sneak Preview) @ GV Yishun with my sis.

Official release date: 30th October
i realised something between[REC] & Quarantine(releasing on 27 Nov).
both movies, have the SAME storyline. yes. EXACTLY the same.
even the name of the reporter is the same; Angela.
just that [Rec] is in Spanish. and Quarantine is in English.
which is the original making? which is the remake? i'm not sure tho.
anyway, movie quite thrilling. imagining yourself being trapped in there =\
but i dun really like the ending. there isnt any solution to the 'zombie virus'.
Conclusion: everyone trapped in that building were bitten.

my sister find it boring.
but i like it. i love zombie shows. =)

~My first ever "Movie Marathon"~

today. my first time watching more than one movie in a day o!!

and know whaT??
itz THREE movies in a day!

and my movie kaki of the day is chiang.
not easy to find a friend who would agree to watch so many movies tho.

THE COFFIN(Sneak Preview). 12.20pm. @ AMK Hub.

we were late and missed 5 mins of the show beginning.
some parts of the movie did gave me a sudden fright.
but through-out the movie, i tell ya......
the scenes are like flashing back here and there.
making the whole story quite complicating.
maybe for some they'd understand the whole story. but me. nop.

after the movie, we headed down to Somerset.

SAW V[R21]. 5pm. @ Cineleisure.

hm. for those teenagers who like SAW movies.......
JUST TOO BAD. it is Restricted to persons 21 years & above.
WHY??coz' it contains violence & extreme GORE.
LIKE WHAT?? smashing your hands, slashing the body into 2, beheading, grinding your own hands and arms using a spinning 'b…

~You do not need a perfect person to experience a perfect love.~

i was CZ-ing and was on-form yo~

anyway this is Steam's new server style.
got the individual steam profile avatars beside player's name de o.
however, Flashbangs and HE nades are restricted. pros & cons la.
it's also much quieter without all the ''Fire in the hole!"xD

~im hurt. im sad. im disappointed. but i still continue to fall~

itz been quite long since i last stepped into Chambers.
and yep. i went just now. =)

met up chiang for dinner at Long John Silver, Northpoint.
shigong joined us there.
about 8pm we took bus 171.
shigong wanted to go lan gaming with us but was called up for basketball.

me n chiang started gaming.
i played my game. CZ of coz.
and he played his game. wat galaxy? forgotten.
ziyu said will reach at 8.45pm.
kns. about 9.30pm den reached. with her bf 'zhugong'.
i had fun fragging. 48-23^-^
we left at 11pm.

charbo and her bf left.
me n chiang walked pass chong pang.
passed shigong his psp (which was left in my bag).
den headed home le.
thanks chiang for sending me home.

hmm. tomoro's saturday. think gonna work half day ba.
and oh yea. this month has got many many nice movies to catch!!! =D

all my friends out there.
take good care o!
PS: my cough is recovering =)

~i'm just waiting for a better day~

last night had my facial treatment with my sis @ blk 172.
itz done by my mum's fren tho.
S$60 each. with extra treatment.
kinda expensive o =\

she trimmed my eyebrows. yea i mean plucked.
never in my life i had my eyebrows trimmed.
she just did it without asking me =.=

seriously. frankly. i dont like it. T_T
i prefer the natural way it was.
but now, its so 'thin'.
looks like those men's eyebrows trend in Japan.
and it somehow looks girly. too girly, for me.

and i've got sensitive skin.
the area which my eyebrows hair was plucked, itches at times.
and tiny rashes do appear after shower.
i want my eyebrows back T_Tfaster grow grow GROW!!!

but anyway, the facial treatment is good.
itz much better than Shiseido's.

PS: i've finished watching Ghost Hunt, in just 2 days. =D

~chasing away my cough~

i've finished my bottle of brown cough syrup.
and even had another bottle which belongs to my sister.
but i ain't getting any better.

last night went back to my family doctor again with my parents.
he gave another kind of cough syrup. itz pink. but not nice... =\
i also had an injection. im not really sure about the main purpose of it.
Doctor said itz to prevent germs/bacteria or whatever de.
that injection costs about $25 nia. and can last for 3 years.
my mum had that injection. so i also want lo. lol.

now my injected area (left upper arm), that whole patch, is aching
especially when i lift up my left arm.
so for those who miss bullying me, come & poke that injected area, is enough. lol.

hmm. i've just started to watch a japanese animation......
Ghost Hunt. recommended by my friend.

he said itz scary.
yet i told myself, c'mon. itz an anime, how scary can that be?
but after a few episodes, i find it not bad o.
some parts are quite thrilling.

alright. im going for facial treatment l…

~my dad & bro have been kidnapped~

from today onwards i will no longer be at Sembawang's office.
i'll be out at a site (container) office at Yishun. blk 385.
which is within walking distance to my house. quite near o.

hm. some freaks called my house this morning.
my mum was home alone. she answered the call.
know what???
a man told her they've kidnapped my dad & bro.
he let my mum hear the crying of bro begging for help.
the man doesnt allow my mum to hang up.
cannot call anyone. cannot report police.
if she does, they'll chop off my dad's fingers.
she could still hear the sounds of them being beaten up in the background.
she almost went bonkers. mad mad mad.

early morning. mum was half awake when that incident happened.
that news shocked her so badly that she started to shiver and cry.
the man asked for S$300,000.
where the hell can she get that much amount?!
she bargained til S$30,000.
after an hour or so..... finally her braincells started to work.
she smsed my sister secretly asking for help.
my sister called …

~u no longer care about me liked how u used to~

yesterday i wanted to go bowling
but Yishun Safra and OCC were so FULL.

den met chiang. waited for this tortoise for an hour lo.
we went to Vivo City.
planned to go to Sky Garden. but didnt have the time.

catched the horror movie @ 9.30pm

a korean horror movie.
about some virus disease spreading among the soldiers.
that virus is like zombie-like de.
but the disease symptoms is disgusting. those 'blisters' on face & body.
storyline still not bad o. =)

today went to chiang's house.
took cab there with clement & shigong.
jiaming was already there.

its mahjong session!!
shigong didnt play. he was supposed to study for his exam tomoro.

so me, chiang, jiaming & clement played lo.
were so hungry........
we ordered KFC Delivery!!!

surprisingly the kfc deliveryman is one of my mdis ex-classmate o.
what a small world.

we from 4.30pm played til 12mn lo.
2 sets of games only. such a long time. lol.
shigong did helped me played a little.
my parents came to fetch me home.

~the story of her life...... never stop.~

perhaps i was the most stupidest girl in this universe.
but i ain't giving my heart away to a butcher anymore.
no matter how painful my poor lil' heart's gonna be.
i wont allow it to be cut open, chopped, and smashed. again & again.


Rain is a strong girl, yea?
life goes on.
turn the page.
start a new chapter.
and keep on reading......

~im glad. i feel belonged. i have my own group of buddies.~

yesterday was weijie's 22nd birthday~
today is mao mao's 21st (actual) birthday~!

after work, i went down to town.
PartyWorld KTV @ Orchard.

the guys were already singing away.
with 50 songs on waiting list O_Olol so fast!
Who were there???
Birthday Boy mao mao, chiang, teowkiat, aaron 'korkor', and jiaming.

thanks jiaming for inserting my songs to the front after i've waited for quite long. altho i only sang a few. he want my throat to burst lo. inserted so many at once. xD

when singing 'Without You', me & teowkiat imitated the way one of the "The Bulgarian Idol" contestant sang, funnily. real funny.
watch her audition clip. you're gonna laugh. =\
PS: do pause my blog's song on the left.

den the part jiaming & mao sang with 2 different tones also funny xD

i think itz my first ktv session with them
altho we've known each other for years. =)

sang til 8pm. left the place.

this is the Birthday Boy~! alan aka mao mao.
paikia look. =P

the guys. disc…

~sometimes when u realised how much pain u've caused, itz too late~

i like my current wallpaper...... altho it looks kinda eerie..........

friends and buddies out there.
cherish, and treasure your girlfriends/boyfriends.
never ever hurt your loved ones.
for just one mistake u make,
may be the turning point of your life.
and once u slipped it, it's never coming back.

One day he's going to realise,
"she really did love me.
she treated me best, like no one else would."
But sometimes...... it's too late...

~why do i still love the one who hurts me the most~

i've finally watched these DVDs after i've bought for so long and left untouched.

yesterday i watched...
STEP UP 2: The Streets

the dances are nice. the passion of dancing.
quite meaningful. this movie makes me wanna dance LOL.

today i watched Barbie!
MARIPOSA and her Butterfly Fairy Friends.

and just finished watching............

ahakx i tell ya. this. movie. is. HILARIOUS. the part when they set off to war.... the way they march, made me laughed like hell XD and "Spartans Vs Persias", know how they 'battled'? they challenged like those streets dancer crews challenge. lol~ crap lo. worth watching. made me laughed loudly alone in the office =)
u asked for another chance.
but i dont see the effort to prove your mistakes.
dont say u love me if u dont.
i had a hard time overcoming the pain.
i was strong enough not to even care.
but u came back and tripped me again.
ripping my heart once, which almost
stopped my breathing, wasnt that enough??
or am i just a doll to …


this early morning 6.45am. chiang called. jio-ed me mahjong.
O_O morning mahjong sia~! sot lo....
my parents will think im a gambling ghost. =.=

i reached AMK Hub at 1.15pm.
went to Zone X to play Initial-D.
[WTH now top up arcade card also got 7% gst charge sia!]
the Initial-D machines havent start o. i asked the counter guy for help.
and when he started them, i got 2 free credits! =D
and i broke my records too. ^-^
weijie wanna challenge me again? muahaha~

about 2pm. chiang, mao, and debbie[first time meeting her] came.
bought movie tickets.
had our lunch at Pepper Lunch.

[my first time trying it o.....]
me and chiang shared Chicken & salmon combo.
coz i dun wanna eat so much.
wow looks tempting eh??? not bad tho.
this combo costs S$14.50.
additional S$1.50 for drinks.

after makan, went to catch our movie at 3.30pm.

a show by Taiwanese actress Barbie ''Big S'' and Hong Kong actor Louis Khoo.
when i first watched the trailer online, i d…

~Mao's birthday celebration~

this afternoon shigong came to my house.
he needed help (so urgently) for his blog.
it was corrupted. he messed it up. lol =x

chose a better blog skin, edited font colors, alignment, information........
took about 2 hoursto create his new blog template.
who saved your blog?? thanks to who???!RAIN. lol.....
hope he is liking it. =)

left my house at 5pm. went to mao's house along with sha.
tonight is mao's 21st birthday celebration!!
they all helped to carry down mao's party food and stuffs.
headed to the BBQ pit area near blk 111 there. itz a BBQ party~

it's the usual group of us. the 'hometown kias'. only weijie didnt come.
they. slacking around.

starting the fire.......

me with shigong (left) andteowkiat (right).

Left: yanhong, shigong, teowkiat.

mao preparing the bbq fire.....

From left: rain, yiyun, shigong,'dunno who' and his wife. =P

Left: they waiting to play basketball. Right: shigong & sheng challenging.=.="

BBQ makan~

shigong's ''1st time…