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~Business Law Exam~

tiz mornin woke up at 7am.
had my Business Law exam todae. 10am-1pm.
hm. hope i wld be able to pass this 'difficult stage'.

im back home. had my lunch with mummy.
was surfing da webbiez.
found these interesting video clipz. check it out. all funny funny funny!

[WWE Raw 15/2/07 Maria backstage with HBK Shawn Michaels]

[Best of WWE Raw Ad]

[Behind the scences of the Summerslam 2006 promo]

[HBK Shawn Michaels & John Cena backstage. VERY FUNNY !!!]

[Shawn Michaels gone crazy before cyber sunday]

aniwae, i've been watching this new drama series with my koko......
--"One Fine Day" (어느 멋진 날)--

love, happiness, sorrows, pain. very nice story.
i LOVE Nam Goong-min acted as 'Kang Dong-ha' in da show.
[da guy on da right in da picture above]
he'z so sweet, cute, funny, lovable.
if i can have such a boyfriend, that'z all i ever wanted to have!! hEex!

gonna go have my shower now.
n lata im gonna start working out on my revision. friday exam again.

study hard guyz.

take caRe~

~*Wrestling Superstar'z Trivia*~

Scotty 2 Hotty is back! with shorter hair.
Shoichi Funaki is more muscular than before!

Wrestling Superstar'z Trivia (real life)


is also a hip hop/rap music Left-handed.His debut album, which he recorded alongside his cousin Tha Trademarc, "You Can't See Me" [below] features his current entrance theme "The Time is Now".

Relatives in Wrestling

"High Chief" Peter Maivia - Grandfather"Soulman" Rocky Johnson - Father"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka - UncleSamu (half of 'The Headshrinkers") & Yokozuna - cousinsRikishi is the elder brother of Umaga - both cousins of RockSHAWN MICHAELSreal life best friend - Triple His ambidextrous. He uses his right hand to draw and color, and his left hand to write.BATISTAis of Filipino and Greek heritagecan breakdance [This was shown in a commercial promoting WWE SummerSlam 2004]these are the interesting stuffz i've recently found out. ^-^this is my answer to 'WinWi…

~*In The Memory of Eduardo Guerrero 1967-2005*~

herez another tribute, in the memory of Eddie Guerrero.

seriously, i cried so badly while watching da tributez again n again.
seeing da " big tough guyz' " emotional side. tearz kept flowin.
a sad thing. so sad. real heartbreaking.

[Eddie Guerrero Tribute]

[In Memory Of Eddie Guerrero Video By Levitat]
Vince McMahon did sang a song for him if im not wrong. sad sad song.

eddie. perhapz u'll find a better place in heaven.
u will be loved & missed, by many.

~*In The Memory of Owen Hart 1965-1999*~

Owen Hart is the youngest in da large Hart wrestling family.
many may have not know...
Owen Hart is..
brother of Smith, Bruce, Keith, Dean & Ross Hart, all wrestlers.
brother of Bret Hart, a WWF & WCW wrestling legend.
brother of Wayne Hart, a wrestling referee.
his four sisters were all married to wrestlers too.
which one of da sister's former husband was "The British Bulldog".

André the Giant used to be their family's babysitter.
His father, Stu Hart, is a Wrestling Trainer of superstars such as..
Chris Benoit, Edge and Mark Henry.

herez a Owen Hart tribute. on his death. many cried.
beri heartbreakin one.

click [HERE]

n herez another tribute. his funeral. da final goodbye.
i cried upon hearing Triple H's message to Owen Hart.

click [HERE]

~*WWE Funni Momentz*~

Funny WWE Advertisementz!!!

[WWF World HeadQuarters]
starring Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sable, Kane, The Rock, Mankind, The Undertaker, Vince McMahon etc.

[WWE Raw Moving House]
starring Vince McMahon, Carlito, Kurt Angle, Rordy Piper, John Cena, Triple H, Visceraetc. (notice that da box Kurt Angle threw out of da window, therez a referee in there!)

and here a video found in youtube, The Rock's favouritez qoutez in funny tune edited by other peep.


~hEnG kanG~

woke up at 7am.
left home at 8.45am.
my dad'z company todae 'heng kang' & 'kui kang'.[openin business afta cny].
my family went down.
all da workerz too. frm bangla. india. myanmar. abt 50+ of them ba.
uncle ricky came too.

da lion dance supposed to be there @ 9.30am. but was late.
reached at abt 10am.
mummy prepared tiz for da lion troupe.

while waitin, i went around giving out 'mini mandarin orangez' to da workerz.
chatted wit them too. hakx.

here comez da lionz danCe~ 'dong dong cheng!' lolx.

tiz is daddy. fetchin thoz thingy from da lionz.

tiz was wat they came out wit. =)

afta da lion troupe left. we dug in da buffet spread.

while my eldest bro was giving out da 'ang baoz' to da workerz, i got one.
den lata, my daddy gave me again. got another one from uncle ricky.
n mummy gave me one for being a 'camcorder gal'. hEex.

~new piCz!~

picz i took tis morning b4 goin out wit family to 'bai nian'.

tearz filled my eyez tonite.
i thot our distance wld drift our feelingz apart.
but. afta all tiz time. tiz few yearz.
he claimed tt he was waiting for tt someone.
dunno for how long.
n tt someone, is still me.
i dunno y. am i touched? or guilty.
tearz juz rolled down my cheekz.

~HaPpi ChiNeSe nEw yEaR!~

happi chinese new year!!

-=Rain'z room exposed!=-

'Big tidying' [大扫除] over!

my dressin table.

my wardrobe.


n herez my man united jerseyz collection!!

had reunion dinner wit my whole family last nite.

todae many ppl came. to my hse.
as usual, ang baoz....... lolx!
juz now played 'hei bai pei' & '5, 10, 15, 20' hand gamez wit my sis-in-law.
forfeit: red wine~!
my 1st time drink so much nehx.
everyone laughed at my super duper reddie face. hakx.

even my eyez turn so red o..
i felt da hotness. face, head, my heart pumpin fast. headache.

now feelin beta le. wanna go for a cold shower.

not forgettin to wish u guyz again...
"新年快乐! 祝你们身体健康,全家幸福安康,猪年行大运哦!"

~Soup Restaurant~

went to plaza parkroyal hotel wit ah fang @ 6+pm.
met up jacelyn '二姐' & maggie '师父'. walked to suntec city. basement.
had our dinner @ 'Soup Restaurant'.

[todae is maggie's last dae workin @ plaza. her resigned le. happi resignation. we celebrate for her. lolx]
tiz is da name of da restaurant in chinese.

ah fang was busy placing orderz,
while we ate steamed peanutz, drank chrysanthemun tea, n took picz!
me & er jie.
me & ah fang.
me & maggie.

da dishes was ready faster den we expected. good!
Boiled Lotus Root with Spare Rib Soup.
their famous 'Samsui Ginger Chicken'.
Steamed "San Yu" Fish Slices.
Fried Venison with Ginger & Spring Onion (deer).
Ah Por (阿婆) Fan Shu Leaves.
Curly Garlic Prawn.

da dishes were accompanied with white rice.

afta we finished up da wonderful dishes... here comez da dessert.
Double Boiled Snow Frog with Ginseng.

me ate til soooooo full neh. da food there is realli yummy.
one dae gonna bring my family there. highly r…

~*haPpi VaLenTinEz Dae!!*~

~*haPpi BiRthDae JoAnnA!!*~

met up caige & bobby @ orchard mrt ard 5+pm.
went to buy joanna'z bdae presentz.
a jacket. top. jeans. belt. almost a 'set' of clothingz ba.
lata ron & joanna came.
6pm. went to had our early dinner @ Food Republic, Wisma Atria.

tiz is da famous hokkien prawn mee i had. $4. yummy.

afta makan, bobby left not long afta.
while walkin along orchard rd, there stood a guy holdin on to a tray of 'mini cups' of starbuckz coffee drinkz. ronnie went up a took 2 cupz for me n caige.
sooooo cute n attractive, isnt it?!

they accompanied me to singtel hello store @ taka to work out some stuffz.
den headed to KTV PartyWorld. 7.30pm. room no. 37.
soon afta, aaron came. as well as claire.
we took lotza picz!! here goes..................

aaron [ah hao] & me.

caimei & caige.

claire & me.

me & joanna. da bday gal~

rainie & ronnie.
caige & ron de gangsta face neh... den tiz 2 'pai kiaz' turned out frenly. ahakx!
n here comez da valentine&#…