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forehead BURNT.

accidentally burnt my forehead with a hot HOT hair curler. *psssss* swollen. real swollen.


there's this recent new app. InstaPlace.(Instagram's sister)

quite fun tho.  it makes your snaps of food look even cooler!

★2-in-1 Moonlight Fun Bowl 2013★

started off with a very bad game due to my weaknesses. used DV8 Terror for the 3 10-pin games. i then switched to DV8 Diva for the next 3 9-pin games. and i've got better control of it. i made the right choice of buying her. hahax.

winning this Fun bowl...
this accomplishment...
i felt happier than winning the 8th place at SHA Inter-Hotel Ladies Individual. hmmm...
i fell in love with 9-pin tap. =D

Welcome to 2013...

looking back at my twenty-twelve.
time flies tho.
many things happened.
and it all happened for a reason...

now here i am. standing in the year of twenty-thirteen.
being happier than the year before.
and i hope this time its gonna be the happiest.

I'm Rain.
I'm still as bubbly & smiley as before.
nothing has put me down.