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~oUt wiT baLL..fOR dA LaSt tiMe~

hm. yest work afternoon. today work morning. itz 'bac-to-bac'. only slept a while. suppose to work afternoon shift but changed with Din coz wanna go out wit ball in da afternoon. itz a sad thing tt hez goin bac to thai tomoro. & itz really tomoro. real fast. got not much time to spend wit him. he told me abt his departure juz 1 week before. & i gotta work. 6 days per week. hm. after work met him at bugis mrt @ 3.30pm. den tk mrt to yishun. reach there abt 4+pm. booked a movie tix for 'I Do I Do' @ 5pm. den went to burger king at GV. ate 'chicken whopper meal'. ball nv eat coz he eat le. hm. over there i saw quite a few o fmy old frenz. like parames.. sangaran.. chen xiong.. shi jun.. etc. but they nv c me. saw wei chiang, rong jun, jian xiong, fidah etc. @ north point. chiang they all got their 'o' lvl results le. he got 25 points. not bad ba. hope he will hav good future. we will go out next time. hm. den ltr i eat finish we go c movie. da show…

~bAc tO sHaTeC aGaiN!!~

juz now went bac to shatec skool to tk my final result (module 6 transcript). met raidah at 12+pm @ bukit batok mrt. den go to skool.. jalan jalan ard the skool.. cant find my skool mates.. sad.. den saw some tutors.. chat a lil'.. den took our results. den went to west mall walk walk. eat. sat down & chat. until abt 6pm. den i went home. hm. really miss my shatec frenz all ard da skool.. miss da times i had wit them.. laughin tog.. chatin in da library.. meetin new frens.. sayin 'hi' to everyone in skool.. goin out wit them.. urgh. but itz all over.. hm. tt time i saw a couple in my hotel.. i envy the lady alot.. becoz she isnt pretty.. but the husband is an 'ang-moh' & beri beri handsome.. haiz.. aniway.. hope i'm gonna finish my attachment fast. i wanna hav a long break.

~*MeNd TiZ bRoKeN AnGeL...*~

Hand me back my halo
Repair each broken wing
Redeem the graceful words
This angel longs to sing.

Un-cry the tears I’ve cried
Brighten my sky from grey
Put some hope beneath my wings
And I’ll gladly fly away.

Unstitch the smile I’ve sewn
Make a face pure perfection
A gentle mind and thoughts
With joy in each reflection.

No burning crimson tides
No craving for the knife
No voices cursing silently
A pathetic, worthless life.

Reason my existence
A reason just for me
I’m searching with blind eyes
That’s why I can’t see.

The light too far to reach
Temptation far too strong
This angel’s falling slowly
But I know I’m often wrong.

So regenerate my faith
Put sight behind each eye
Mend this broken angel
And gracefully, I’ll fly.

~mSiA tRiP.~

finally bac to msia. hm. me went to msia on 18/2. took mc on tt day coz me sick. cough until headache & they put me bac to bac. hm. went in wit my parents, ah pat, louis, lil' baby & uncle jimmy. uncle ricky oso followed us. andy, alex & ah kiong at nite den come in. oh yea. tt nite at abt 10pm the almost the whole perling was blackout. all dark. only can c the moon & stars. wat can we do. nth much. the house is dark too. we lit candles. den we put fire crackers. lolx so nice. loud oso. the electricity came bac at abt 12.45am. we went.. 'phew!..'. were happi tt it came bac. me slept at abt 2.30am. my mum played cards wit andy they all & uncle ricky until abt 5 in the morning. andy they slept at the corridor at the 2nd floor coz no rooms for them le. hm. da next day, sat 19/2.. i woke up at abt 11am. den went out to eat at abt noon. we ate kuay tiao kia. beri nice. den went to buy some stuffs at the Store. den went home. den came out again to a pet shop.…

~a SaD nEw yEaR.~

it hav been long since i last blogged. my chinese new year supposed to be a beri happy 1. but something happened that makes me bz & sad. k. i'll recall bac..

08 Feb Lunar New Year. i worked morning shift. after work at abt 3pm. accompany chu go bugis junction jalan jalan while waitin for her uncle to fetch her go m'sia. at abt 4pm we left. i got home. my eldest bro.. sis-in-law.. lil' niece.. grandparents all there le. i bathed den we had our Reunion Dinner. it was wonderful.

09 Feb Chinese New Year. worked morning shift. after work i headed straight home. but i slept in the train. when i was awaken.. i'm at marsiling.. my gosh. overslept. so i alight & board the next train bac to yishun lo. when i got home.. my eldest bro, sis-in-law, lil' niece, grandparents there le. ah pat & louis were aready there waiting for me. they were eatin le. i joined in. after eatin, i took a shower & chat wit them. my aunt, cousin bro, cousin sis, and her bf came ltr. …

~DiNnEr aT pLaZa..~

hm. yesterday me work morning shift. finish 3+pm. den me rachel & keline went to bugis junction jalan jalan awhile lo. me & chel went to tk sticker picz! quite nice & funni. den we bot takoyaki. so nice.. den c here c there. we planned to hav dinner at Si Chuan Dou Hua Rest. @ 6.30pm wit mr. Ralph Ng, my front office manager.. so abt 6.05pm we walk bac to hotel lo. meet sandra & pauline there. den chit chat a while at biz centre. Ravin was on duty. den he helped me scan some of my sticker pic. thankz to him. keke. den abt 6.30pm le we all go to the rest. & hav our seats. tk our orderz. & laugh along. nice being wit them. Mr. Ng is nice & 'open'. we ate quite alot. keline ate lotza shark fins. halfway eatin, mr Thong my duty mngr came in & say i did not tell a guest abt his meals so i gotta pay $103. but my colleague there discuss & mr ng say we minus off the actual actual rate the guest shld pay & den we all shared to pay the rest. they …

~*oUt WiT SaNdRa..mY cHu JiE...

hm. juz now me went out wit sandra.. me alwayz call her 'chu'. keke. she like my jie. we went down town. to shaw house lido.. reach there 4.15pm like tt. wanna c movie. lucky itz weekday abo the queue will be beri beri long wor. we bot da tix 'Hotel Rwanda' @ 5.15pm. she gave me den we go far east tk sticker pic. i blanja. coz she haven tk the change for the movie tix. she gave me $10 for tt. hm. snap snap. nice yo! she beri cute. lolx. by da time we finish tkin itz abt 5pm le. not much time ot eat. so we went bac to lido there c got wat thingy to eat nor. den we decide to eat KFC. yummy long time nv eat tt le. she order zinger meal den me order the new 'shrooms burger' meal. she blanja. coz she say she haben pay for the sstix picz. lolx. she dun want my money. alwayz like tt.... hm. my burger dun look so nice but eat hor quite nice yo. bcoz i love mushroomz... burger king mushroom swiss cannot eat ma coz itz beef. hm.. chic wit shroomz. yummy. got cheese friez…