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Gary & Sinee Wedding

i worked night shift on the 25 Mar til the next morning at 7am.
headed to Segamat without sleep.

sisters' preparation on 26 Mar in Segamat, Malaysia.

played fireworks that night. had fun. ^-^

27 March.
only slept 2 hours.
woke up at 4am to prepare.

done dolling up by 6.30am.

first time in my life im wearing heels THIS high.

me & the lovely beautiful bride.

the "Sisters".

Groom's arrival at 7am along with fellow "brothers".
had so much fun at the Gate Crashing.

here are the "Brothers" of the Groom.


cob cob.

ah ming ge.



wee siang.

Leaving for Singapore...

The Regent Hotel...
Wedding Couple's Room. 1029.
special decor on the bed.

in the hotel room.
done preparing for the Wedding Dinner.

Formal. and then.....

taDa~! the guys are so cute LOL!

kaixun. rain. michelle.

michelle & i.

liqour eeeww....

was invited to the MBS kakis KTV night by Jeffy-san.

KBox @ Lucky Chinatown.

jeffy-san singing. haax.

singing... rocking... playing... pool-ing...
i simply had so much fun that night before i fly the next day ^-^