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Talking about........................

R@in's 21st Birthday Party~!

Date & Time: Tuesday, 09 September 2008 at 6.30pm

Location:Aloha Changi Resorts

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last day of August. Happy Birthdays.

~Happy Birthday to my only niece, Rochelle!~

and not forgetting........... him.
~Happy Birthday, Jeff!~

~new gaming mouse & mousepad!!~

met up ahyong at Bugis Junction this afternoon.
had our lunch atSakae Sushi.

coloured plates. salmon & tempura meal.

shisamo. lychee juice w/ nata de coco [i brought home the cute bottle!]

this is yong.
he said im shorter than he thought i am. idiot~ lol.

we den took train down to City hall. Suntec Convention Centre. COMEX!
today has got more people than the 1st day (of coz).
we walked all over. level 2, 3, 4 & 6.

i bought a Prolink webcam for mummy @ S$25.
2 days ago i've been searching around for the mobile phone i wanted
but out of stock everywhere. they dont have the color i wanted.

thanks yong for being so sincere n helpful to search & enquire on stuffs i want.

the mobile phone i wanted, M1 have only. Singtel dont. T_T

6+pm. when we're about to leave. ah chua came.
so met up with him on level 6.
checked out Cyber Snipa's distributor mini booth.
ah chua bought these two.......

CYBER SNIPA Stinger Mouse

Techincal Specs
7,080 frames per second(FPS)600 to 3200 DPI laser engineTr…


went to Bishan Junction 8 to look up for mao.
he knocked off from work at 4pm.
i went to basement to buy Takoyaki.
before we took train down to Tampines.
and bus 23.

alighted outside Temasek Polytechnic [TP].
its my 2nd time there i tink.

we went to look for chiang. in his laboratory.
waited for about 45mins.
we were emo-ing at the staircase nearby while waiting for tortoise chiang.

6pm chiang finally RELEASED.
brought us around TP. most of the canteen's are closed.
the place is BIG o. can emo there.

im in heaven xD

ate the black pepper spaghetti. not bad.

we went to Tampines Mall. shopped a lil'.
den took bus 969 back to yishun. seemed like a short journey.

met up solo, sheng, xiong & his gf.
slacked at Northpoint's Mac.
went home at 11+pm.

tomoro im goin to COMEX. again.

~i wan new handphone!~

today ah chua's car got problem again.
that day dunno what steering wheel problem.
today engine stalled. cant start at all.
eh ah chua, better go pray pray. dun play play. =.=

coz of that, he couldnt make it to meet me. cant blame him.
so nevermind lo. i went to COMEX on my own.
i walked almost every part of the Comex Fair.
i bought a laptop keyboard skin (protector). =)

juz when i finished my task. was about to leave. when ziyu called.
she said she at comex too. wanna meet me up.
asked me to WAIT. she go find her bf 1st.
so ok. i window shopped a lil' at Suntec.

something unbelievable happened to me, for the first time.
i grabbed a packet of Calbee Prawn Crackers @ S$1.75 in Watson's.
den i continued browsing through the items in the store.
and i admit, my mind was somewhere else. i walked around dazedly.
i was really in a deep daze. many 'things' came into my mind.
and somehow. when i was about to walk out of Watson's,
i realised, i had put the unpaid Crackers INTO my plastic …

COMEX 2008


With a record of 330,000 square feet of exhibit space - the largest in show history - sprawling over 5 entire show floors of Suntec City Exhibition Centre (levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6), the COMEX show floors will be buzzed with excitement introducing more new product categories, spanning across industries and aimed to improve the consumer experience at home, at work, in the car or on the go.

More than 800 exhibitors will feature a dynamic and comprehensive line-up of the latest and hottest consumer technology gadgets from new next-generation digital televisions, wireless HD, coolest new multimedia phone, ultra mobile PCs, Digital Imaging, Wireless Technology, Portable Entertainment, HDTV, Plasmas, Gaming, MP3, Networking, Digital Media, Audio & Home Entertainment/Lifestyle Products, Broadband Technology, Multimedia, Security, Software, Consumer Electronics to a plethora of accessories all on display.


~i'll wait.... and wait......~

a net friend of mine from US
gave me advises upon seeing my msn messenger display picture.

he should really take up psychology course. his advises are helpful.
he even draw funny pictures to cheer me up.

and not forgetting my 'half-half' coloured hair i used to have. xD

thanks for the effort. Mr. Bat Hunter. =)

~buddies i havent met for 2 years.~

today i met up with close friends i LOST. for 2 years.
isnt that a good newS? yea it is. =)

met up weijie and maomao @ Northpoint's KFC.
wanted to eat KFC tho. but was packed. no vacant seats.
so we ended up eating Long John Silver.

weijie & mao~

i ate clam chowder but i dont eat clams. lol! shhhh....

weijie go trim your hair and cut off your 'tail' la.
u also CAI leh. see.... mao say we retarded. sia suay me lo u. lol!

after dinner. we went to play basketball. [luckily nono gastric pain =\]
itz been soooo long....
since i last touched a basketball.
walked to chong pang 139,
where i used to play basketball with 'em 2 years back, almost everyday.
yongsheng came down to join us too~!
we all coincidently wore black =D
the 3 of them are still the same. not much changes.
only mao's ''ah beng fringe'' gone liao. xD
but they are still like my 小弟弟 (lil' brothers). ^-^

when we started playing.
2 youngsters in my formal secondary school's uniform came.
they all greete…

~One smile hides a thousand tears...~

thanks ziyu for fetching me. by cab somemore.
thanks kwek & pok for coming down to see me.
thanks pok for buying & bringing me dinner.
despite pok being tired from work.
despite kwek having bodyache.
despite ziyu supposed to accompany her bf.

thanks kwek. your advises online thru msn.
altho u takes time to type the whole paragraph. i know. i waited patiently =]
thanks ziyu. who tried to be fierce like pok & scold me. but failed. xD
thanks pok. for all your scoldings. and bullying. i like. LOL~

3+am ah chua came to fetch me out for supper. all the way from clementi o.
went to jalan kayu via seletar.
were laughing n joking n almost missed a hump. phEw~ gonna fly. lol.

after browsing through the menu....
surprisingly we had the same kinda pratas in mind xD
"ah bang, 2 egg 2 planta, 2 chicken wings, 2 iced milo."

he loves the wings. lol yummy~

wonderful supper. treated by him.
he den sent me home. thanks dude.

juz chatted with ball.
to my own surprise, no tears. at all.
and no hatred to…

~I'm not gonna cry, because you expect me to.~

Rain is back~
a simple summary of updates here.

cute lil' plant 'pot'. i dunno wat kinda plant it gonna grow.
juz water it~


papa's office pray pray for the 7th month thingy. ate the buffet~

den 2pm uncle cheong drove me toCivil Service Club(CSC) @ Bukit Batok.
met up ah chua & his friend Alex.
they started their bowling session already.
here's our recorded clip.
[not that clear tho. should have brought my camera.]

by 5pm. i played 4 games of bowling.
was raining heavily, so we took a cab. toClementi.
ah chua went home to keep his bowling balls.
den had our early dinner nearby.
BOTAK Jones!!
my first time eating~

6pm. took cab down toChambers~
ziyu, pok & kwek was having their dinner at the nearby restaurant.
so me, ah chua & alex headed for gaming 1st. their 1st time there =)
the 3 of them joined us soon after.
later ziyu's fren, alvin, came to join us too.
played til 10+pm.

ah chua & alex left.
the rest of us den went 'la kopi' at mac.