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i've missed lotsa movies i guess.

accompanied mummy to paragon today.

we had lunch at Fish & Co.

soooooooo full.

i left the place at 4+pm.
rushed down to Choa Chu Kang Lot 1 to meet sinee & gary for the movie.
i didnt know it's only them today lo. kns... i became their gooseberry. =x

we watched SHORTS @ 5.10pm.

lame funny show. about the wishing rainbow stone.
ok ok la. not bad.
but u better not confuse yourself with the episodes 'jumping'.

after movie. we went to have our dinner.
gary's stomach upset. cannot eat junk food.
so he have to eat simple food.
sinee said, we'll watch him eat only. and then we'll go eat other food later.
see his reaction....
sadness. LOL. *thumbs down*

sinee & i went to eat KFC. so long no eat le worrr.....

ya. gary see us eat. he cannot eat. bleahx....

see what sinee brought back from UK for me!

chocolates and the pink bling bling shoes i fell in love with.
thanks girl~!!
alamak i forgot the bring her gift i bought tho. next time next time.

im gonna get really fat with tho…

my 9 days Thailand trip!

lotsa photos (from my Thailand trip) uploaded!
just wanna summarize them.
too many days of activities to remember.
i'll just let the pictures do the 'talking'.

21 September 09, Monday

snaps before leaving home.

my dad, eldest brother & sister sent my mum & i off to the airport.
had breakfast with my family before leaving home.
ate this at Terminal 1 basement food centre.

Route: Singapore - Bangkok
Flight No.: TG 404
Departure time: 12.25pm

flying with Thai Airways.

me and my mum's blur look.

food provided on the plane. lunchie~

beautiful clouds...

we finally arrived here after about 2 hours. "Hello Thailand!"

Ajan, Sangwan, Mr. Lyte and Mr. San came to fetch us.

they brought us to "Art & Crafts Centre" which i think its like a museum.
but by the time we arrived there, it's closed.
so we went to the nearby "Art & Crafts Village".

the shop o