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Our Journey to Poker Tourneys (Manila, Philippines)

Airline: Jetstar
Accommodation: Remington Hotel
 When Team TPG meets in Manila~!
i simply love their hyper support lol...
Final Table, Final 3... my last few moments...

Our Day 1 (20 April 2015)
Our Day 2 (21 April 2015)
 We're bringing trophies home! Not one, but TWO~!
"One day a chump, the next day a champion. What a difference a day makes in poker tournament."

Team TPG Poker Trip (Manila)Dear #team_tpg,I had specially made this for you!Our memorable moments in Manila! For those TPGs who weren't there with us, Desmond " OH 开玩笑"Zack "Bing Bing Bing Bing!"We know your moral support went all the way to RWM.. Haha. Hope u wont miss our upcoming trips! "One day a chump, the next day a champion. What a difference a day makes in poker tournament."This is one of the BEST days of my life.#手气好到偷笑Hope you guys enjoy this video...Sincerely,Your Team ManagerRain CaiSong: 'Best Day Of My Life' by American AuthorsCredits to: Asian Poker Tour (ph…


7-13 April 2015

Airline: TigerAir

Taipei 101 Apartment (AirBnB)
Kenya room @ Leofoo Resort
Ximending Apartment (TravelMob)

Taiwan Trip (April 2015)My virgin trip to Taiwan. Amazing. Fun. Beautiful. Eat. Shop. Play. Relax. Despite all 6 sleepless nights, i enjoyed the trip. The only sad thing is that i didnt get to experience a dip in hot spring and visit Hello Kitty Cafe.Next time... I must! Thanks guys, for helping me with heavy luggage & shopping bags, patience with our shopping, patience with my phototaking, & taking care of one another.Til next time~Posted by Rain Cai on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our Journey to Poker Tourneys (Macau)

My FIRST Poker Trip!!  And #team_TPG, this is where we first met. 
Accommodation: Venetian Macau 
This is one of the coziest bed i've ever slept in!!!

Let's go team!

"Life, like poker has an element of risk. It shouldn't be avoided. It should be faced."

W Singapore - Sentosa Cove (Fabulous Room)

I was awarded with this luxurious prize when i won the Ladies Master's Events in Inter-SHA Bowling Tournament last year...

it's soooo sooooo BEAUTIFUL and ROMANTIC~!
and i must say, the breakfast at The Kitchen Table is the BEST hotel breakfast i've EVER had!

For full album, do check out more photos of this stay,
click here! ===> W Singapore - Sentosa Cove
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Genting Highlands Trip

The BIRTHDAY peeps~!

 My first time going overseas with such big bunch of friends~! 15 people. What?! FIFTEEN!
you guys ROCK. hugs!

Ladies' Masters Event Champion

It's been 3 years... & I finally got it!!
It's really a dream come true. 

Thank my family and friends for supporting me morally,  and mummy's boost of chicken essence. Not forgetting Papa's watching over me! I made him proud! A bowler dad has got a bowler girl! And lastly, thanks to our MBS mates. You guys are wonderful...