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~Love just brings you emotion, While life gives you devotion.~

last nite, i've completed da game "Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare".

havent had enough sleep these dayz.
woke up at 6.30am. left home at 7.30am.
korkor drove me & jiejie to work.
jiejie brought me to da Seletar Cafe for breakfast.

den slacked in the general office, used the computer behind jiejie's desk.
9am. went up to work.
worked with Zaharah today.

early morning. no one came to play jackpots.
i slacked there. read Russell Lee's True Singapore Ghost Stories Book 17.
which my sis-in-law lent me yesterday.

see!! my short short fringe~ faster grow grow grow~

work was fine today.
1+pm. catched the shuttle bus with my jiejie.
headed home.

was blogging halfway when my handphone rang.
itz Aarolyn. from ICG.
she: "we got the interview result list from Star Cruise already."
me: "oooo..... so........"
she: "u want to hear the good news or bad news?"
me: "lol whatz that about? just say nah........." [she making me gan jiong]
she: "lol.. hmm... …

~we die for glory~

stayed in malaysia for 2 nites.
which i thought should be just one nite. -_-

on thursday, ate western food at Bee's.
honeydew pearl tea, grilled chicken chop w/ cream sauce.

nothing much. me vacuumed & mopped the floor.
mummy was busy in the kitchen.
not cooking but cleaning. trying the clear those notti ants.

the next day (yesterday), trimmed my hair at my regular salon.
heart-shaped fringe.
itz my 1st time having such SHORT fringe. so short.
im looking more n more 'sha sha de'.

at nite, what else can i do?
no network connections.=(
NONE of the residents staying along the houses have wireless net. kookoO~
so i played CZ. only with bots. expert bots.
wanna practise my awp. jump shot. etc.
played with bots so SIAN de. no communications.
can u believe i really chat with bots?!
i "LOL" at them. scolded them "toopid". but they never reply. LOL~
is there any AWP Skill Enhancement course available? xD

played til sian le. i started playing Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

~I Do, I Do.~

yesterday i left out some things i forgot to blog.

at karen's wedding solemnisation.....

itz time for the bride to throw her bundle of white roses....
for the SINGLE ladies to catch...
linxin announced. "all single ladies, please step forward."
me & lydia dare not go up.
NO one went up. LOL.
so linxin announced... "Xiujuan! Lydia! come!"
whoa. so PAI SEH lo... announced using microphone somemore.. xD
later a few more ladies came up....
when the bride threw the flowers, it landed on the floor.
no one catches it. lol~
but karen picked it up n gave it to the nearest lady. *applause*

hmm. when i reached the club...
outside the Ballroom. there was this guy in black coat.
when our eyes met, he frowned & gave a confused look.
i just smile and walked pass him.
later when itz makan time, from behind my ears i heard...
"are you from ICGTC??"
i turned around. it was THAT same guy i saw outside.
me: "ehh?? ya..? err...."
him: "oh. i'm from batch 4."

~Fairytale comes true~

i turned in at 6+am this morning. [damn. im having sleepless nites]
supposed to wake up at 9+am. but overslept.
bcoz i carelessly set the alarm at PM. -_-
luckily mummy woke me up at 11am.

i prepared myself. curled my hair. etc.
1+pm. catched a cab. to Yishun MRT station to fetch Gabe.
den headed to Raffles Town Club @ Plymouth Ave.

we were late. met karen outside.
she's my primary skoolmate. and today itz her BIG day!
so beautiful today o...
signed the Guestbook.
were given this doorgift.

and were lead into the ballroom by linxin, my primary skoolmate.

The Dunearn Ballroom
so nice eh......

the slideshow of Karen & John was playing over n over again.
romantic dim lights.

me in the pleasant loo loo.
toopid face. xD

speech held by aaron (bridegroom's bestie) & linxin (bride's bestie).
their the hosts ba.....

we witnessed the Wedding Solemnisation ceremony...

they vowed. "I Do, I Do". & exchanged their wedding rings.... ^-^

den they popped the wine.

later when the newly…

~Merry Christmas!!~

Merriest Merry Christmas to all!!!

hmm. no celebrations. a lonely christmas for me.
was in my La La Land from 6am - 4pm.
den my eldest bro came.
itz mahjong time!!
from 6+pm to about 11pm. 2 whole sets of game.

in the beginning i kept losing.
but later on i win back.

end of the games. i won $18. =D

tomoro i'll be attending my primary skoolmate's Wedding Solemnisation.
from 1pm - 4pm.

hmphx.. sadly.
how could i miss someone so much when he isnt true.
why do i alwaez fall for sweet talks.
i am just silly silly silly. >_<,

~why would i wait for something that wont happen...~

slept at about 4am this morning & woke up at 7am.
went to work with jiejie.

today is Christmas Eve.
9am to 11am.... no members came to the Jackpot Room.
but at 11+am, one by one came.
the regular members, high-rollers o.
i dun have time to read the Newpaper.
itz my 1st time issuing the JackPot Claim Chit.
busy hours. but the members are nice people.
they know i'm new. me with my blur look. lol. plus. they are regulars.
a number of them kept striking the Jackpot.
i went around issuing n issuing the Chit.
at once, i saw wrongly. supposed to be $14. i wrote $100.
luckily the member corrected me. pHew~
a member named Francis gave me tips of $5. ^-^

later auntie michelle brought me to the Reading Room.
behind the curtain...... itz the view of the golf course.
so nice......

1pm. jiejie came to find me. den brought me & michelle to the function room.
surprisingly... all were waiting for us.
itz our (finance department) turn to perform on stage.
itz da country club's X'mas Party!!
so we just s…

~I have been Tagged!~

refering to the tag message dated 22 Dec by Zaine Ziyu.
i was "tagged". and i think itz my 1st time being tagged to do surveys.
find it kinda bo liao tho. but i'll do it nah. give u face. LOL.
since i've got nothing much to do now. =) so here goes...

1. Do the following WITHOUT complaint.

2. Choose 5 people to do this after you completed yours.

3. Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she have been tagged.

4. Start your post with; I have been tagged!


Favourite Color: Pink. Black. White.
Favourite Food: Western. Japanese. Takoyaki (Bacon & Cheese). etc.
Favourite Movie: too many to name out.
Favourite Sport: Badminton. Bowling. Soccer.
Favourite Day of the Week: erm... all happy days. =)
Favourite Season: no season in Spore. so im not sure. Spore season? lol.
Favourite Ice Cream: Cookies & Cream. Chocolate.


Current Mood: bored? nobody CSing.....
Current Clothes: pinky pajamas/nightwear.
Current Desktop: hmm. i'm using my pink Dell lappy.

~i want a guy. who sees his future in my eyes~

managed to doze off only at 4+am. and woke up at 7am.

left home with jiejie at 8am.
had our breakfast at our 'neighbourhood mall', which doesnt look like a mall.
ate prataz. not bad o.
den walked to the bus stop where the shuttle bus would pick us up.
walked so far. but with a companion. it seemed much faster. lol.

8.50am. bus arrived.
reached Seletar Country Club in few minutes.
General Office. went to my jiejie's desk. den said 'hihi' to her colleagues.
met the HR manager Lena. their boss too.
den she brought me to the Jackpot Room on the 2nd floor.
i passed by the game arcade. O_O hEex.

Jackpot Room

a mini one. with 20 slots machines.

my jiejie n lena thought me about the morning shift audit thingy.
needa record down all the 4 meters each in all machines.
climbed up n down. perspired in air-conditioned room.
see how hardworking i am. LOL~

when im done with my stuffs. zho bo le.
this machine is cool.
coffee/tea/milo/sugar/creamer/water dispenser.
beri fun o. i made milo. den later ma…