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with me, without me. with me, without me.

last sunday the 27th ,
our same off day!
we decided to catch a movie.
so long no movie le!

had our supper at
it's my first time there yo~

someone seriously browsing through Head Porter collection catalog.

me with mocha float.

first time trying Mocha Float.

Takoyaki, and Teriyaki Chicken & Cheese Ultra-Thin Crust Pizza

Chicken Cutlet Pasta & Salmon Steak.

wonderful dinner treat by him. ^-^

while Q-ing up for our popcorns~ yay yay popcorns~

KNIGHT AND DAY @ 11.55pm.

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz star in the action-comedy Knight & Day. During their glamorous and sometimes deadly adventure, nothing and no one even the now fugitive couple are what they seem. Amid shifting alliances and unexpected betrayals, they race across the globe, with their survival ultimately hinging on the battle of truth vs. trust.

i want a change.

bought these at cheap cheap price.

Before --------- After

hmm... the color not bad but...... imbalance leh. lol.
i guess i should head to the hair salon soon.
im looking for a better color.
Honey Brown?
Milk Tea Brown?
Ash Brown?

Grand Opening of Marina Bay Sands...

yesterday me & baby didnt have much sleep. only about 4 or 5 hours.
we went to Marina Square to catch Toy Story 3!
take-away Subway sandwiches into the cinema (shhh......)
plus regular popcorn. i miss this feeling. lol!

TOY STORY 3 @ 7.15pm

nice movie i've been looking forward to watch with baby.
and surprisingly, baby didnt fall asleep in the cinema.

after the movie, baby drove me to work le.
now im back home.

today is the Grand Opening of Marina Bay Sands.
saw those colorful lighting shining into the sky & clouds from 500m high.
just so beautiful......
but i wont be present during the Grand Opening Launch though.
im on night shift. haa..

eating breakfast. and hope to get enough sleep later.

Leisure World 1-Night Cruise with Baby!

13 June 2010, Sunday

it's me & baby's same off day!!
decided to go on cruise~ it's baby's first time!^-^

while waiting for baby at City Hall station.

we took train to Tanah Merah station.
and from there, took cabbie to...
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

catched the last ferry at 8.30pm.

while waiting for the gate to open.

it's baby & i~

boarding the ferry.

inside the ferry...

it's my first time taking the ferry at night.
could hardly see anything outside the window.
and i was surprised when we had already arrived at the cruise,
without even realising the ferry has departed the transfer terminal. lol.
plus, most importantly, i didn't feel nausea. =D

our Cabin 534.

the small cabin & bathroom.


VAL temp card for first-timers.
consists of a complimentary S$10 top-up.

we had our dinner at Starlight Dining Room.
i think the lunch is much better than supper.