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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

yesterday, went to AMK Hub to catch a movie on my own.


Bella Swan is devastated by the abrupt departure of her vampire love, Edward Cullen but her spirit is rekindled by her growing friendship with the irresistible Jacob Black. suddenly she finds herself drawn into the world of the werewolves, ancestral enemies of the vampires, and finds her loyalties tested.

i didn't watch the previous series and so i don't really understand the whole story of it. but still, not bad la. the graphics and all.

after the movie,
i met up my sister who came to AMK Hub and waited for me.

we had our dinner at..........
Fish & Co.

me & my sister.

sauces & drinks.

Fish Chowder

Swiss Fish & Chips

Thai Fish & Chips

after the filling dinner,
my sister still wanted to eat the thick toast from Toast Box lo.

Tea & Peanut Butter Thick Toast.

after that, we went home.

at about midnight, gary came to fetch me after he fetched marco.
then went back to the west side, Home…

My New Hairstyle. and. Sinee departed Singapore for UK again.

26 November 2009, Thursday

went to Harbourfront.
met up sinee, gary, marco & kaixun there.

it's my first time trying Ben & Jerry's.
and i never knew it's so expensive lo. lol.
regular Chocolate Euphoria @ S$11.90.
nice at first few sips.
but too much will be... urgh. too chocolatey.

marco, kaixun, sinee, gary.

rain & sinee.

saw this big big ship.

it's The Ship For Southeast Asian Youth yo~

went to bowl at Home Team NS Bukit Batok.
jinming joined us there.
the blacks.

Game 1.
my score 'scare' people only...... lol.

Game 2.

didnt manage to snap the last game because my camera battery went flat.

after bowling for 3 games each, we headed for our supper.
first time trying the Minced Pork Mee Pok at CCK. 24-hour de.

and then?
home sweet home.

27 November 2009, Friday

went to do my hair today at my mum's friend's salon.



look like this? lol.

at night gary & sinee came to fetch me. then fetched marco.
sinee's departing Singapore for UK again. sending her …

Best local food at Newton Food Centre? i disagree.

just now my parents & i had our dinner at Newton Food Centre.

this is one of the Singapore's tourist attraction eatery.
filled with the best & famous local foods u will wanna try in Singapore.
last time quite a number of tourists got 'chopped' by the hawker by charging them more than necessary and very unreasonably.
but i think it has got better now after those news which ruined their reputation.

Sugarcane drink.
BBQ Chicken Wings.
Sliced Fish Soup.
Fish Balls + Fish Dumplings Soup.
"Gong Gong".
Hokkien Prawn Mee.
Oyster Omelette.

we expected the food to be yummy.
but. no lo. now the food there not that nice liao.
the bbq chicken wings are not totally bbq-ed completely.
sliced fish soup isnt salty enough. quite plain.
oyster omelette too oily and soft instead of abit crispy.
and the hokkien prawn mee SUCKS.
i still prefer ang mo kio's central fried hokkien prawn mee. MUCH better lo.

so yep.
dont think that Newton Food Centre is still the place where you can find t…

when will u start to care enough not to break any promise at all?

sad day filled with hurt and emptiness.
i was left broken again.

after work. i went to Yishun GV. watched a movie on my own.


Deu, a girl with equally high degree of recklessness and beauty has never experienced 'true love'. Her life changes completely when some gangsters try to kidnap her and she narrowly escapes with the help of Sanim, a sad looking stranger with a painful past. Waking up in an abandoned factory, she joins his friends who practice a form of drunken Thai break-dancing martial arts that they dub Meyraiyuth. Sanim and his friends, having had loved ones abducted, join forces to get back at the kidnappers.

not bad. i like her fighting movies.
and now its combined with break dance too.
how cool eh.

hm. i was the only one being alone in the cinema.
the rest were all couples.
made me feel more lonely. =(

She waits in unbearable pain ... and he never called.

last night i rushed to AMK Hub to buy Nintendo DS Lite.

yay now i got my own DS. =)

took train to CCK.
sinee was waiting for me there.
she helped me buy the DS card & memory card from gary's friend.
and even helped to transfer all her games to me. =D

we took a bus to gary's house.
about 11pm. we went to Home Team NS Bukit Batok.
kaixun met us there. and we bowled.

sinee was so happy she finally get to 'win' gary.
i played badly in the first game tho.

we played 4 games each.
that uncle wanna charge us 5 games lo.
luckily sinee calculated and pointed out the mistake.
k she passed liao, can become croupier liao. lol.

supper at McDonald's.
the new Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Burger.

so-so only. abit spicy.

my first time trying theseaweed shaker fries.
not bad.

after that, home sweet home.
thanks for the ride again.
got home at about 3am.