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[[ The Best Moments In Life ]]

1. Falling in love.
2. Laughing till your stomach hurts.
3. Enjoying a ride down the ocuntry side.
4. Listening to your favorite song on the radio.
5. Going to sleep listening to the rain pouring outside.
6 Getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself with a warm, fuzzy towel.
7. Passing your final exams with good grades.
8. Being a part of an interesting conversation.
9. Finding some money in some old pants.
10. Laughing at yourself.
11. Sharing a wonderful dinner with all your friends.
12. Laughing without a reason.
13. "Accidentally" hearing someone say somthing good about you.
14. Watching the sunset.
15. Listening to a song that reminds you of an important person in your life.
16. Receiving or giving your first kiss.
17. Feeling this buzz in your body when seeing this "special" someone.
18. Having a great time with your friends.
19. Seeing the one you love happy.
20. Wearing the shirt of a person you love and smelling his/her perfume.
21. Visiting an old friend of yours and re…

~Ate niCe fOoDz toDae o!~

tiz mornin went to skool. ron absent todae. police grab him go cmpb. :X
afta skool. 12nn. me n aaron wanna go home. but last min decide to go makan.
called up shumin[she took bus le] ask her meet us go makan, meet us there.

me n aaron took train to lakeside. walked to ardblk 504 de food place.
met up min there. we 3 den go makan. sooo many foodz choicez o.
they 2 ate bak kut teh. but me scared spicy. so me ate char kway teow as recommended by min de. not bad o! yUmmy!
we ate le den chat n laughed. til abt 3.30pm. we 3 shared a bowl of ice kachang.
til abt 4pm. din know our lunch wld tk up 3hrz+. keke.
we left. min went home[she stay near da area o].
aaron n me walked bac to da mrt. he was tellin me n explainin abt many mystery stuffz. that i dun even know. like abt da starz, da eclipse, planetz, galaxy, humanz etc. learnt so much from him! maybe shld be like him, watch 'Discovery Channel', will gain much of thoz knowledge o.
we went home o. me got home 5+pm.

had my shower. styled my hair

~HaPpi fEeT~

todae. went to skool. ron wanna meet up. said he will reach in 8mins time.
i waited. from 8.18am. til 9.04am. his 8mins = abt 50minz. best. lolx.
den since aaron juz left his hse at yew tee. me n ron alited at yew tee.
he arr in abt 5minz. we den took train to skool tog. got skool 10+am le.
skool finished at 12nn.

me. min.claire. aaron. ron. joanna. took train to yishun. my hometown. hEex.
aaron has been wantin to go n eat da bak kut teh @ 700+ there de.
but when got there. itz like... 'gone' le. sad thin for him.
1.45pm. went to GV. bot movie tix. "Happy Feet" @ 1530.
we den go northpoint de food mall.
me ate yong tau fu. n 'niap' abit of aaron'z cheng teng. heex.
we den went to timezone. boom boom wit aarOn! finally!so happi to play again.
afta tt got a guy challanged me. he 'tok' me beri badly o. no mercy to galz de.
but me feel so pai seh n bad to let da rest of them wait n watch as we played. sorrie o! :p
time to catch our movie le. ron bot large drink. jo…

~KbOx mOmEnTz @ CiNeLeiSuRe!! ^-^~

tiz mornin. went to skool as usual. POE lesson. til noon.
we waited quite sometime in da hot burnin sun for da skool bus.
so hot. feel like roasted under da sun. my hair feelz hot too.
finally. da bus came. arr at queenstown mrt.
we all da big gang took train towardz pasir ris.
me. ron. aaron. bao. min n joanna alited at city hall. said goodbye to zieg.
board another train to somerset.

itz rainin. we had our lunch atle meridien basement de food ctr.
aaron brot us there. recommended us da korean cuisine.
me ate korean glass noodle. shumin ate korean fried udon. we shared.
we ate n chat. til abt 2pm. we walked tocineleisure under da rain.
min lent me her jacket to cover. n den her umbrella too. lol thanx!

KBOX. itz our 1st time goin ktv tog wit them all. except for ron. da regular. heex.
we sang frm abt 2pm til 7+pm. drank shirley temple. more cherriEz~ XD
we played da 'japanese lesson' thingy. die die cannot laugh. if laugh will kena whack.
n... me da 1st one kena. lOLX! aaron used da remote …

i shld learn to pity thiz peepz.

someone tried to spoil my life. to break my heart again.
but. i've said. i will be stronger den before. u cant beat me down so ezily.
n thankx guyz. for speakin up for me.
realisin my frenz r even more protective den bfs.
n one of them said tiz to me. which i tink wld let me overlook thoz 'spoilerz'.
i will rem thoz wordz. here goez...

"itz my life. itz my blog. i can write wateva sh*t i wan. n u cant stop me. i think their IQ is below 50. cannot think properly. maybe got a bit brain damage. some low metal kid readin my blog and leavin some childish comment [refering to "lj"]. wonder if he or she even drink enough mum milk. should drink more and grow up before start commenting abt ppl livez. so cannot blame tiz ppl. instead. learn to pity this type of dumb ass. so.... -SMILE-"

tho it sounded kinda bad. but. itz true! i felt beta.
i got no choice. but to pity thoz ppl. lOlx!

thanx so much my boi. ^-^

~"L" de Death Note Necklace!~

todae. went to skool as usual.
afta tt. me. ron. bao. edwin. zieg. alex. candice. bernard. joanna.
we all took train to dhoby ghaut. plaza singapura. food court. we makan.
me ate tempura ramen. $6.50[da prawnz not nice. not fresh de].
afta tt. we went to comicz connection.
i was attracted to thoz Death Note accessoriez again!!
i browsed thru da stuffz, n saw Death Note's "L" de necklace! $7.90
n itz da one n only left. i grabbed it! lolx. so happi!! i bot it le.

i wanna own da Death Note Book oso de. but.
dun hav da real show'z A4 size de. hm. will consider ba.
bernardwent to work. @ Gelato. basement 2.
we went there to 'visit' him. lolx. he let us try so many flavourz of da icecreamz.
itz 94% fat-free de o. in e end i did bot da 'Bon Bon Rocher' flavour. niCe~
da rest of them oso got buy. we shared ard tryin out da flavourz.
so full o... we den left @ 3pm. me headed home le.
got home 4+pm.

slacked. admiring my "L" de necklace! lOlx. satisfactiOn.

i like &qu…

~i'm movin' on~

my frennie. sent me tiz. to cheer me up. thanx lotz. i appreciate it. ^-^
i find it meaningful. so juz wanna share some wit u guyz.

Remember da five simple rulez to be happi:
1. Free ya heart from hatred.
2. Free ya mind from worriez.
3. Live simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.

No one can go back n make a brand new start.
Anyone can start from now n make a brand new ending.

Disappointmentz are like road humpz.
they slow u down a bit. but u enjoy da smooth road aftawardz.
Dont stay on da humpz too long. Move on!

When something happenz to u, good or bad, consider wat it meanz.
There'z a purpose to life's eventz,
to teach u how to laugh more n not to cry too hard.

You cant make someone love u.
all u can do is be someone who can be loved.
da rest is up to da person to realise ya worth.

Da measure of love is u love without measure.

SaDnEsS thRoWn aWay~

hm. realised smth todae. 'new topic'.
i din know i was wit a 'mummy useless boi' for monthz.
as mentioned. my family treated him well. so nice. but in return. his family taught him not to treat me out dating. lolx. he was da one who said being a gentlemen, itz their honour to treat galz on a date. not letting them takin out their walletz. but on his dark side, he said his mummy daddy jie jie mei mei said to him tt goin out wit gf not need to pay for her de. n den. he do wat they say. den blame it on me for not 'understandin' his situation. den his 'jie jie mei mei' say gf no good. he oso listen. n keep quiet. [u next time 'xiang qing' suan le la...] oh my. lolx. wat kinda family'z teaching. of coz they sure like tt say la. itz their money wor. STINGY people of coz like tt teach son de la. erm. if hez able to find a gf who would treat him on all datez, not letting HIM pay, his family sure beri happi for him de. coz they can SAVE their money. er…


hm. todae. in skool. someone said that.
now i look more cheerful n bubbly den before.
he claimed tt last time me alwaez hav a 'bulky' look.
hm. yea. perhapz. thanx for noticing. ^-^

i like tiz style. my style.

~eGamez @ parklane!~

went to skool. another new lecturer. new module.
ms tricia ang. principlez of management (II).
she used up abt half da lesson to lecture abt. life. certificatez. love. n teachin galz how to choose da rite capable guy n not being cheated. which r not included in our module o. lolx.
class finished at 12nn.

aaron wanna go play lan. so i go ard to 'jio' ppl go tog.
edwin. bao. ron. me. alex. n of coz. aaron.
where? eGamez.
we took train to dhoby ghaut. walk there. near parklane.
we played 2hrz plus. Counter-Strike. Need For Speed. $3.50.
left at abt 3.30pm. aaron haben finish his game.
so we left him playin there. walked bac to mrt. all go home o....
me got home at 5pm.

hm. lookin forward to bringing shumin they all go chong pang da famous nasi lemak eat, along wit aaron ron, so n so de. den go play lan gamez @ chamberz.. so n so. they must visit "my town" n "ron's old town". keke.

~get away from me~

hope da fear is realli not hittin on me.
n tt it is realli gettin away from me.
i will neva let it happen to me again.
so tt i'll be able to go on n to look for da happier me.
da bright gal i used to be.

my sincere thanx. to thoz who've been there for me. supportin me. cheerin me up. n even watchin my back not lettin me fall w/o lettin me know. thanx guyz. i know u cared. i know i still have u guyz. to be there wit me. by my side. ttz y i can alwaez stand strong. i know i can. ^-^

~baC tO SkOoL~

new hair color. new term. new module. a new start.
my hair is not brighter den b4. lookz more healthier den b4.
bac to skool day. ms peggy yeo.
new module. principlez of economicz.
laughed much. wit ron. irene. aaron.
ke lian de aaron go town alone. go town alone o.
last min ask me go. too bad i cant acc him.
me goin temple wit mummy.

im still prayin. hopin itz not happenin to me.
coz i know. he wldnt care.

i thot it was over.

i thot it was all over. but. it seemz. itz a no.
i pray itz not happenin to me.
i wld not know wat to do. i cant accept tiz. all tiz.
if it realli comez into my way. wat shld i do.
accept it. destroy it. or to take my life to pay for a life?
i pray. im prayin hard. itz not happenin to me. please.

~CaSinO RoYaLe~

woke up at 9am. left home at 12.15pm.
reached dhoby ghaut @ 1.10pm. go PS met up ah bao.
den waited for alex. who came at 1.30pm.
shu min n her bf came too.
[aaron din come. no newz from him. n ron rOn, da 'ORGANISER', din turn up o!]
bao bot da movie tix "Casino Royal"@ 1420. we go food court makan.
me hungry. ate 'u-mian'. we eat le. go catch our movie.

not bad ba. esp da startin part. quite thrilling. their actionz movez n stuntz.
da show ended 5pm. afta tt. no idea where to go. shu min n her bf go 'gai gai'.
alex n me acc bao bao walked frm PS to orchard mrt.
me forgot to bring cam. so used alex's phone to tk picz ard orchard.

bao bao go wait for his gal. alex go dunno where. n me. headed bac to yishun.
met up my jap aunt 'nak-E' n auntie Jean. go jln jln awhile.
b4 takin bus home. now wanna go hav dinner.
lata goin to msia for da weekendz.

c u guyz when i come bac! tk caRe yea.~ tata

~TattOoinG lOokz fUn~

todae acc my jap aunt [nak-E] n my elder cousin sis [cindee].
took cab go chinatown. i brought them to a tattoo shop "Galaxy Tattoo 2".
it was recommended by andy.
so mummy handed me tiz 'task' to bring them there.

we got there abt 5+pm. there were many other customerz
being tattooed here n there n everywhere o!
seriously. i love da room'z decoration.
we were flipping their collection of designz. once decided. we showed them.
den we gotta wait for abt 30minz. so we went to da nearby Mac.
me ate fillet-o-fish meal. add 2 cupz of small coke for da 2 of them.
n add 9 pcz mcnuggetz. we shared them.
[i was enjoyin my meal. but da 2 of them cld hardly eat. coz. itz their 1st time trying out tattooing. they cnt imagine da pain. were so nervous. but for me. im stress-free! lolx!]
afta eatin, 6.15pm. we went bac. nak-E was da 1st to go.
den. cindee cousin. da tattooz were small. they tattooed a moon wit starz. as a memory of my late aunt who passed away last year [cindee'z mum]. b…

~BAF Exam~

todae. exam. Business Accountin & Finance. 10am-1pm.
last nite i last min den studied de. from 1+am til abt 4am.
woke up at 7am. 8-8.30am studied again.
on da train to skool, revised n revised again.
u c im workin so hard. i muz celebrate for tiz.
tiz exam took me 2 hours plus. hm. tink able to pass ba.

afta exam, ronaaron n me went to had lunch at da canteen.
ron n me 1st time tried da nasi briyani frm da indian stall.
juz da rice, fried chicken n fish, cost me $5.30. can eat mac le. lolx.
if da food is nice, maybe it can be worth it.
but! itz not. not nice. nvm. if neva try oso dunno da quality ma.
hm. abt to leave skool @ 1pm, rain poured.
aaron was laughin so happily. sotx de him.
he n me den played wit da rain. splashed each other wit thoz rain dropletz.
we den go to da bookstore. jln jln ard. quite a variety of stuffz sold there.
lata. abt 2pm. rain stopz. we walked to da mrt. took train.

me got bac yishun. NP. went to buy ding jie'z de bday present.
[shi gong handed tiz task to me de l…

~im over it.~

hm. finally. thoz pain hangin ard my neck is fadin away from me.
now that im outta tiz pain. i will work hard...
to be da Rain Rain i used to be.
da cheery, happi n confident de Rain n not da 'teary' one..
wat does u guyz tink?! [comment me. if u care. heex]
i need my family, as well as my frenz support! lolx.

da love he gave wasnt true enuff.
he turned out to be mean heartless n irresponsible guy u can neva believe.
but i'll take it for his childish mindsets.
now. itz meaningless to continue our path tog. he cant hav true frenz.
perhapz he is not my cup of tea. 'forcing is not love'.
perhapz he juz dun worth my love. my tearz. nor my care even as frenz.

hm. well. tho itz over. but therez thing i wanna clear off my mind.
tiz is da worst r/s ending i eva had. but i'll be over it.
da worst thing is. how his sistaz look at me. da 'chiaz'.
da way they see me. i felt being accused!
they named me 'materialistic'. wat da hell~ wooo...
da 1st time in my life. human…

~OB Exam~

todae. exam. Organisational Behaviour. 10am-1pm.
mr tan hinted us 10 questions. but oni 8 questionz will be out for exam.
in exam, needa choose/answer 5 qnz out of da 8.
i studied oni 6 of them.
exam paper. oni 4 of wat i studied came out o.
left 1 more qn, me just write wateva knowledge i have abt it lo.
1 hr 30 minz. 11.30am. i walked out of da class.
hm. i tink i can pass ba. ttz da more important thing.

wednesday. got another exam. accounting de o.

~i LeaRnt My miStaKez~

Da Saddest Day Of My Life has come.
it has come. really come.
my heart sank last nite.
i dunno. why he left me hanging?
he said itz gone.
but den he said we're startin over again.
why r all tiz happenin to a gal like me.
wat makez me more sad was...
da day b4, he told me he decided to start anew wit me,
and that he will try his best to be like how he treated me well.
but ytd, he changed his mind.
itz like.. he was bringin me up to earth.. i was happy.
but on da way, he change his mind n dropped me bac in hell.
from da happiest down to da saddest. can u feel how i feel?
i cant do anithin. im living in hell. he seems happier now.
but one thing. i learnt one important thing in tiz r/s.
n i wun make tt 2nd mistake again.

is he realli startin over?
bac to thoz happi dayz? full of smilez... treated me like a princess..
or is he juz givin thoz as an excuse? i dunno.
but i only know, he made my heart sank. he din save it. he let me drowned.
y is he so mean? perhapz wat my fren said is rite.
perhapz. wat she s…

~SHATEC Graduation Ceremony!~

woke up at 8.30am by daddy.
afta i've styled my hair, put on my make up, dressed up.
koko came bac home to fetch me out @ 11.30am.
at zion rd de temple. met up daddy.
daddy den fetch me, along wit koko, to Conrad Int'l Cennential Hotel.
itz my SHATEC 21st Graduation Ceremony!
got there abt 1pm. went to da opp de 'koufu' makan.
den went to da Conrad ballroom, had my registration done,
settled down inside da ballrm wit daddy n koko. [me seated separately].

2+pm. da presenting da all da cert, dipz, awardz, etc.
our class is da 1st batch module to be presented de.
afta i went up n off da stage.....
daddy n koko left coz they needa go for work de.
it all ended at 3.30pm. we went outside da ballrm to dig in da buffet spread.
not bad o. n we took many many picz.
saw thoz skoolmatez tt i've haben met for a looong time.

me,nurul, hardi [her bf], n wilfred slacked ard da hotel
while waiting for raidah n minah. finally they came at ard 5pm.
we go suntec city jln jln. sat down at starbuckz. wai…

~WaTz on y@ minD?~

~hOpe da maDneSs gOnna enD~

feel like i've been thrown into hell.
and therez no way out.
but i wun give up.
coz tt someone promised to get me outta hell, n bring me to heaven...
hope itz all gonna come true.
no more painz. many many happiness.
i'll be real glad, happi n 'xin fu' le.
6 more dayz. i'll wait......

~V8 Cafe.. LAN gamez..~

reached skool @ 10am. [class started 9am de :b]
know wat? juz to know tt i failed my BAF test. -_-
n 10.20am, dr. desti [my lecturer] said can go home if we wan to.
wt..... i reach skool 20minz den go. dotx.
but luckily got 'outing'.

me. shumin. baoming. alex. ron. tara. zieg. bernard. candice.
took bus 145 from queenstown to bugis. abt 45mins.
kinda giddy. got emptied stomach. since yest. was so hungry.
12nn. we went to bugis junction. V8 Cafe.
had our lunch there. itz western. not tt expensive.
more variety of main courses den swensen's ba.
me ordered chic baked rice set. comez witsoup n drinkz.
n i paid$10 for my meal. worth it rite? keke.
afta tt, bernard n candice left le. da rest of us lingered ard seiyu..
2+pm. den decided to do smth else.
we walked all da way to parklane shopping ctr.
played pool for an hour. took some photoz. was funni.

den went to play lan. CS. was juz real fun.
i played beta tiz time round. maybe itz my 'tai-ko-ness' ba. lolx.
played Need for Speed most wa…

~Can i EnD mY wOrLd?~

im goin to flung my BAF test.

im feelin so pain. realli pain inside.
y does god has to plan my life tiz way.
y does god gotta make my life tiz way.
neva in my life i've felt tiz kinda pain so deep.
realli deep. i cldnt take it.
im fallin. i'll collapsed. soon. so soon.
y do i deserve all tiz pain.
perhapz in my previous life, i did tt to otherz.
ttz y now, im sufferin all tiz. all alone.