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~*NeVa EvA pLaY, tRiCk Or JoKe WiTh fEeLiNgz*~

She had always liked him
But never truly knew why
He never talked to her
His friends had made her cry

She smiled at him in the hall
He just turned his head
He did not care about her
Is what he always said

But she kept her chin up
And she loved him still
Because she knew what was inside
A hole that she could fill

His friends soon caught word
Of her feelings toward him
They found it hysterical
But her love did not dim

She knew that she was better
Than what they thought she was
But still her heart was his
For reasons she knew not of

She slowly became more forlorn
Slipping deep into a hole
He was still ignoring her
Breaking her delicate soul

But her love did not falter
She always thought of him
But all the rumors about her
Put her closer to the brim

On the final day
His friends played a trick
Told her that he loved her
Just to watch her tick

Sadly she believed them
And she was overjoyed
Little did she know
That it was all a ploy

She went up to him
To make sure that he knew
That she knew how he felt
And that she loved him too


~tOday.. mY HaPpi d@y. hOp3 iM nOt DrEaMiNg..~

hm. woke up at 9.30am tiz morning. left home at 11am wit my parentz. went down to temple along zion rd. chat a while wit uncle jimmy. 'orh gao' uncle went to ta pao duck rice for us. ate there. got appointment wit mr. ronnie tan at uic building at 2.30pm. went down there. after that followed my dad go round his worksitez. while in da car, 'he' comes into my mind. tinkin of him as alwayz.. so i sms him. he replied. we chat (thru sms). finally.. he confessed. lolx. i've been waiting all tiz while. but.. we hav yet to know each other really well. so.. im afraid it might be juz a dream. maybe he doesnt mean it. but he said he is serious. should i believe? sorri. im juz not sure. not that i dun trust him. itz juz that.. the ending might not be wat i tink or expect.. which will sadden me more. i'll suffer. without anyone'z concern. understanding. im afraid i might expect too much, which will turnz out into deep disappointment. i dun wan to feel that way. that kin…

~*fOr my LaTe "GoDfAtHeR" & aUnT*~

[above picz: (left) my late 'lao pa'/goddad sitting down, far left. (rite) my late aunt]

~*tHe MeMoRiEz LeFt bEhiNd...*~
Sweet Memories are all we have left.
After your unexpected death.
Memories of laughter,
memories of tears.

You helped me face my problems
and concure my fears.
You helped me learn
the true meaning of love.

Know your helping and teaching
the angels up above.
Your smile was a
thousand miles long.

You were always
confident and strong.
Day after day
we fight to hold on.

struggling with life
from dusk 'til dawn.
Life has been bitter
but the memories are still sweet.

'lao pa', 'toa yi', we will alwayz miss you... and will live in our heart foreva.

~b@c tO sKooL aGaiN..~

hm. tiz morning went bac to skool. SHATEC. (s'pore hotel and tourism education college). wit minah, rena, nurul, raidah, rosie!! "da introverterz"! [see thoze picz on da rite!] keke. miz skool lotz. but see lotza new facez.. hav yet to c all those skoolmates of mine from early batch. tink they'r aready out to industries/outletz ba. was bac to skool to hand bac the skool'z Log Book. i completed it. mr tham checked & said 'ok'. ("phew..") lolx. erm. c the same old tutorz.. i took picz wit them!! lolx happi. den we went to eat Mac @ da place opp bukit batok mrt. til abt 2pm. nurul & rosie went off. da rest of us went to West Mall jalan jalan a lil' den go library sat down.. private tokz. til abt 4pm. we went game arcade played Daytona.. lolx. itz raidah'z first time playin. so funni. kinda exciting lo. i played 2 games. den we went off. i took train from bukit batok to tiong bahru. den from there take bus no. 16 to the temple along …


yoyOz.. bac home. hm. today i recieved a sms from him. glad. actually wanted to sms him but tink tink.. i intend not to. den suddenly i c his name in my inbox. lolx. it juz bright up my day. nice chattin wit him. found out things abt him. but ttz not all. next time gotta find out more. lolx. hm. last few days was a let down.. by not having any replies from him. but today kinda surprise. hm. im not forgotten! lolx. juz wanna console myself. dun luff at me. erm.. actually i prefer good frenz & buddiez more den 'boyfren'. maybe at the moment i feels tt good frenz last longer ba. keke. k i gtg. startin to feel hungry. yet to hav my dinner yo. tata. nitEz.

~i'Ve dOn3 iT!~

hey hey finally im bac after soo long. hav been bz. tryin to finish my attachment.. happily. hav been tryin to snap picz (last min) wit many ppl, colleagues & frenz workin there. manage to grab quite a no. but not much. hmm... but. at least i manage to get a guyz hp no. b4 i leave. since i started work there.. ive been seein those guyz workin at the si chuan dou hua restaurant. sometimes we do smile at each other.. once in a while they disturb me.. we laughed... we rarely tok. they noticed my name but i duno theirz. coz i alwayz dun dare to look at them. (i blushed easily.. sooo pai seh!). not til sept.. when im in hskp.. i saw him.. den he asked me wat im doin.. den i ans him. he asked me abt my hair.. (wen im workin.. it seems short. but b4/after work, itz long again.) den i ans him. i find it weird tokin to ppl like colleagues/frenz but i dunno their name. so i peeped at his name tag obviously.. wantin to know his name. itz 'sky'. lolx. nice name. but i laughed. kinda s…

~tiM3 fLiEz...~

hmm. time really fliez. next week will be the last week of my attachment at plaza. happy to complete it. but sad to leave those super nice & fun ppl/frenz/sis/darlinx. many of 'em treat me real nice.. like im their youngest sis (as im da youngest workin their keke). taken care of me.. erm. but aniwae itz not e end of da world. we can still meet out if we hav time. can still keep in touch. hav taken lotza photoz wit 'em. but not yet wit the hskp. maybe i'll try to. i love takin pics wit all ppl i know as a memory. they hav once stepped into my life makin me happy. but i promise. after i left.. i will be bac there to c them & the newly renovated lobby. hmm.. therez something i really need to do & finish it fast. itz my shatec logbook. they hav yet to complete it. gotta let my DM & supervisors to sign real fast. gotta hand it bac to skool by next week. erm.. today im workin nite shift. (juz woke up not long ago keke). workin wit 'er jie' jacelyn. loooo…