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~RoCheLLe'z BdAy..~

slpt at abt 7am. woke up at 9am. jumped outta bed. supposed to meet alvin at 9am, NP for bfast de. me got there at abt 9.30pm. he went to boom boom himself o. c le hand itself. we den go BK ate bfast. paid $10. not bad o BK bfast. keke. we ate til abt 10am. alvin acc me go bus intchg. me took bus 804 home while he headed for his 1st day work o.

got home. finished up my DIY thingy. took a short nap frm 1.15-2pm. 2.30pm go NP meet 'da sao' [my sis-in-law] n rochelle 'nian nian' [my niece]. she 'handin over' her daughter to me. coz me promised nian nian bring her go gai gai on her bday de.. which is todae lo. da sao left us for khatib. me brot nian nian go shoppin. she brot me totimezone o. saw da initial D racing machine. hand abit itchy. but cant play lo. me acc nian nian go play kidz de game. $2.

tiz was wat i spent on her...
minitoonz--strawberry shortcake kidz bag +choco pocky = $18++.
tk da sticker picz tog--$6. [quite cheap compared to thoz at town]. itz her 1s…

~DIY hP stRap!~

woke up by my jiejie de call @ abt 1pm. stayed home til evening. left home at 6+pm.

go NP Popular bot some stuffz for mummy. go Minitoonsbot a DIY hp strap. alvin came at abt 7.45pm. we went to food mall. ate chick chop w/ egg. not bad o quite nice. alvin treated me tt meal o. hm. we den go timezone boom boom. [hm. now 'boomin' initial D arcade racing is part of our physiological needz in life le lolx].

hm. boom le. 9pm. go gv. bot ice blended oreo. den go 208+ there meet weijie[afta his nite class]. we sat there slack while me started abit of my DIY thingy. left da place at 10.30pm. walked to NP. wj headed home. alvin acc me go buy kfc coleslaw [for mummy] n mcnuggetz 20 pcz [for koko] den sent me home. got home abt 11pm lo.
alvin tomoro startin his 4-dayz showcase de work le o. at expo. 11.30am - 9pm. we wun hav da time to meet up tiz few dayz le lo. we gonna miss each other le o. he gotta work hard hard. 加油吧! u'll need my support. lolx. coz "every perfect man has a wo…

~Da hUmOr~

juz found tiz in my classmate'z frenster profile. find it interesting.

If you are a loanshark reading this.... i dun have money....
if you are my frenz reading owe mi money....
if you are my parents....plz give mi money....
if you are a girl.... dun worry.... i have lotz of money....


and tiz one too.....

Is this YOU?

Say also don't listen.
Listen also don't understand.
Dont understand also don't ask.
Ask also don't do.
Do also do wrong.
Wrong also don't admit.
Admit also don't correct.
Correct also not happy.
Not happy also don't say.

If its not you. Then why are you smiling? =]

lolx. cute isnt it? heex.

~bOoM BoOm kEna "tOk"! lOlx.~

woke up at 12+pm by alvinz sms. did noth much. alvin finished skool ard 12+pm. he got work trainin at expo at ard 3pm. so decided to meet lata lo. me played restaurant empire. til sian le. uninstalled. den installed 'School Tycoon'. weijie came over my hse to find me at abt 4pm. he c me played school tycoon de game. hm. wasnt bad a t first. but lag lag. den sian le. uninstalled it. lolx. my small small niece n weijie became frenz todae. lolx.

hm. at abt 6pm alvin finished his thingyz le. weijie n me met him up at NP at 7+pm afta me had my dinner at home. acc da guyz go food mall eat. den go boom boom.
--me challenged alvin usin his mazda rx7. LOSE.
--me den challenged weijie. me WIN him. ^-^
[he den go challenged alvin]. me was abt to play da 'time attack' alone, when a "new challenger" came in. [was too late to 'off' da 'accept challengers' option]. sian diaoz lo... me dun challenge other ppl de coz me not good enuff. somemore tt guy chose akina,…

~FMT ExAm tOdaE~

last nite 'rushed' thru my Fundamentals of Marketing revision. turned in at abt 5am.

got up at 10am. fliped thru my study book again for abt 30minz. den went to prepare myself. mummy made simple breakfast for me. hot milo + char siew bao. left home at abt noontime.

got skool at abt 1.25pm. went to da library. my class frenniez there. sophia aaron irene claire ron vanessa. me joint in. did my one last revision. b4 headin to our class. 'heng' o. got there on time. exam 2-4pm. hm. did 'okay' on da 3 essay questionz. 20 markz each o. but for the mcq... 40 markz. jia lat ba. hm. hope overall can pass lo. hm. finished my paper at 3.15pm. waited for the rest of da peepz til abt 4pm outside da classrm. chatted wit faiz n da other guyz. etc. walked to queenstown mrt wit sophia ron alex claire irene vanessa joanna. alex n claire headin to town by train. ron n da rest of them go nearby kopitiam eat. me alone took train bac to yishun. felt da hunger in my stomach.

went to NP…

~ReStAuRaNt EmPiRe~

slpt at 4.30am last nite. wakin up at 10am tiz mornin. alvin came to my hse at 2+pm. we played 'restaurant empire'. hm. at ard late aftnn, mummi daddy n koko came bac home frm msia. mummi jiejie alvin me were chattin n laughin. mummi den suddenly say wanna go hat yai [thailand] on 19 oct. for 4 nitez stay. me checked my skool schedule.. hmm.. no skool. from 20 oct til 24 oct. so can go. n for alvin.. not confirm. mummy asked me to book da flight tix thru net for 3 pax. mummy me n uncle ricky. really hope alvin can go lo. got more acc. keke. [but too bad wj cant go. abo can acc alvin too]. hm. at abt 6+pm. alvin n me left home.

go NP. bot ice blended oreo kopi. den go timezone. wanna boom. but waited for thoz idiotic guyz to finish playin their gamez for so long. esp da one guy sittin there whoz not playin.. alwaez laughin like a moron.. duhx. da way he tok so 'dao' lo. tt was da guy i mentioned once in my past postin too. so pissed off by his attitude n behaviour. hmphx…

~nO MoOn iN SiGhT...~

din slp last nite. mummy's rm air-con spoil. sian. alvin oso din slpt much. he came over my hse at abt 8.30am to acc me. bot ya kun bread toast for me. we ate tog. used comp. took a nap. wakin up at 12+pm. 3pmwe walked to 400+ de kopitiamhav our lunch. came bac home. alvin wanna install the sims 2 nightlife for me but cant. require the sims 2 university. which is still downloadin at wj hse. hm. in da late aftnnalvin fell aslp. he too tired le ba. at abt 7pm. me baked choco chip cookiez. den me go bom bom. woke alvin up. let him try my homemade cookiez. he say nice o. keke. at abt 9pm. we went to NP.

timezone. boom boom. boom le we go gv buybubble tea. weijie came at abt 10pm. me oso gave him try da cookiez i made. he oso say nice o. happi keke. erm. we 3 den go gv funland boom boom again.

challanged wit wj. me win him @ いろは坂 [irohazaka].
but lost to him at 秋明山 [akina]. keke.

hm. afta tt. wj headed home [out of da sudden]. alvin acc me home. got home at 11pm. put my stuffz. start our …

~laUgHeD lOTz tOdaE..~

woke up at 12.45pm. shi gong called. but me still wit my 'juz woke up face', he said he'll come up few minz lata. me faster go prepare. abt 15 minz lata. hez at my door. juz finished skool ba. [can c him almost everyday. coz my hse juz outside his skool lol]. hm. me let him used da comp. at abt 2+pm. left home.

we walked to yishun bus intchg tog. under da hot hot bakin weather. i sweated lotz. me took bus 856 [goin to weijie's hse] while shi gong tk 812 home.

reached wj hse at abt 3.15pm. helped him edit n add his comp de languagez. den used his comp. played 'audition'. a dancin game. da dance movez nice. but da game.... gonna get bored sooner or lata de. hm. me snacked quite alot there. wj gimme eat bit of 'roller coaster', bit of 'prawn crackerz', drank sprite.. etc. abt 4+pm alvin reached le. he bot old chang kee de finger foodz. me din ate much ba. hm. we den downloadz some stuffz. happi tt can download the sims 2 de expansion pack o. so happi

~ShaGgy Da DoG~

woke up at 12+pm. alvin arr at my hse at abt 2pm. mummi cooked duck noddle soup w/ herbal tea egg for us o. so nice... we left home.

go NP timezoneboom boom. 2 dayz no boom le. keke. tried 'cappucino' [below] car todae. cute o.
keke. afta boomin. go gv. bot da blue blue drink n purplish drink w/ pearlz. headed to alvinz hse. weijiearr there soon afta. slack slack. den watched 'the Shaggy dog' usin alvin comp. ended at abt 8+pm. alvin had his dinner le. we headed bac to yishun.

bot ice blended oreo. helped mummy bot cigar n 2 tubz of ice cream. which da guyz helped me carried bac home. we chatted under my blk til 11pm. we all go home lo.

~SaLtEd fiSh fRiEd RiCe~

tiz week is my 'study week'. no need go skool. finally had a smooth slp for more den 8 hrz. tho my body needz 10. keke. hm. woke up at abt 12.30pm. at 3pm shi gong called. he waited downstairz for me as i prepared myself. 1/2 an hr lata. i went down. met him. lent him my 龙虎门 vcd & 鬼城 dvd. walked shi gong home.

at shi gong de hse. waited for alvin. while i read some magz. he arr at abt 4+pm. helped shi gong wit his comp. abt 5+pm. we left shi gong hse. he go orgh orgh [Zzzz]. alvin n me took bus. go alvin de hse. take-away salted fish fried rice & hokkien mee. alvin'z mummi niam him coz he alwaez eat out o.. oopz. keke. hm. we ate our food le. [me ate half pack of my salted fish fried rice.. put it aside for dinner lol].alvin go bom bom. at abt 8pm weijie came. me finished up my left over fried rice. hm.. not bad. keke. erm. while they choot choot at da balcony.. melookin out for starz in da nite sky.. so nice... hm. alvin'z mummi asked abt his kneez prob n abt m…

~WeSt MaLL~

met alvinin da mornin. abt 8am@ NP. had breakfast tog @ ya kun bread toast. his treat. hm. afta tt go tk train. he go his skool. i go my skool. lolx. me late for class as usual. no lesson. dennis kwok let us hav our own revision in class til 11am. den had our class test frm 11am-12.15pm. but me finished off at abt 12nn. hm.. test.. still ok la. hope can pass lo.

left skool. weijie came to look for me at queenstown. we took train to bukit batok. west mall. jalan jalan. saw many nice nice thingz. bot some stuffz. pink panther'zundiez/ladiez boxer. a ring. a cutie tag. so cheap. keke. we walk walk til abt 2+pm. me go delifrance bot 2 choco 'puffz' for myself n wj & a croissant for alvin. acc wj go nearby coffeeshop eat le. called alvin go take-away a pac of 忻州米粉 $6.wj n me took train to amk. frm there tk bus 138 straight to alvin hse outside [for da 1st time]. good no need walk da looong road.

hm. got there 4+pm. we 3 had lunch tog in alvin'z air-coned room. so nice. me…

~*tOdae'z iNsPiRatiOn*~


1. Throw out nonessential numbers.
This includes age, weight, and height.
Let the doctors worry about them.
That is why you pay them.

2. Keep only cheerful friends.
The grouches pull you down.
(Keep this in mind if you are one of those grouches!)

3. Keep learning:
Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever.
Never let the brain get idle. "An idle mind is the devil's workshop."
And the devil's name is Alzheimer's!

4. Enjoy the simple things

5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.
And if you have a friend who makes you laugh,
spend lots and lots of time with him or her!

6. The tears happen: Endure, grieve, and move on.
The only person who is with us our entire life, is ourself.
LIVE while you are alive.

7. Surround yourself with what you love:
Whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever.
Your home is your refuge.

8. Cherish your health.
If it is good, preserve it.
If it is un…

~i nEed sLeEpz..~

aftnn class todae. timed frm 1-4pm. but me overslpt. din slp well for da last few nitez. woke up at 11.30pm by mummi. got to skool at 2pm. skool ended at 4. went bac yishun.

met alvin n weijie @ NP. go food mall. 5.30pm. had early dinner. alvin n me ate chic chop/cutlet rice [add eggz]. nice nice. got dessert oso. honeydew sago. [weijie din eat. me shared a lil' of my chic chop rice wit him lo]. afta eatin. we gopopular jln jln. c toyz. board gamez. giftz. cardz. so n so. 6+pm le. wj left for skool. sha came to find alvin. left afta a lil' chat. alvin n me den go timezone. wanna boom. but waited so looong. nearly dozed off on da seat lo. somemore tt guy so bad de. alvin asked one of them, how many more gamez they still gonna play [politely of coz]. da guy said 'dunno' [hack-care-ly] without even checkin wit his fren whoz playin. damn. im disgusted by his attitude. duhx. nvm. dun wanna wait le. itz 7+pm. we go gv. bot bubble tea. special reqst. ice blended oreo. [not lis…

~SwEnSeN'z NiTe~

din sleep at all last nite. went out wit my family at abt 11am. go pray pray my goddaddy. go telok blangah visit 二姑. 1+pm. go zion rd food centre. ate lunch. got home 2.30pm. had my shower. dolled up myself. left home at 5pm.

took a cab down to alvin de hse. [lazy to walk down da road there under tt kinda hot weather]. got there le. hm. wat a mess. alvin juz moved over lotza stuffz frm his previous hse. weijie were helpin out there too. me was in alvin'z room. air con. so nice. wanna do some revision. but da air con made me wanna slp. no mood to study. closed my book. when da guyz r done. they bathed le. we go chong pang.

wj met up his family hav dinner. alvin n me go get some bread n pastriez. bottle of soya. sat down at 133 open area [park] there. ate our stuffz tog. lata wj come find us. we 3 go NP timezoneboom boom. went to gv. bot ice blended oreo coffee. sat down n chat at 203+ void deck. me was editin da chi song '童话' da lyricz for wj. kinda toopid but lil' funni …

~SinGaPoRe LaRgeSt LibRaRy~

left home at 12.30pm. claire called. shez in her dadz car. shez offerin a lift. so nice of them. her dad drove us to yishun mrt.[we're goin out for self-study]. was juz nice when da train arr. ron inside tt train. so we 3 took da train down to bugis.

met up joanna there. we hungry le. da 4 of us went to bugis junction de kfc. ate there. joanna den lead us da way to da spore largest library.[saw a watch @ bugis junction. itz time written in trad chinese de. itz special]. me soo regret din bring my camera along wit me o. da library so nice. as well as da view of da city from da high level of da library. hm. lata aaron came too. we got there at abt 3pm. but oni at abt 4pm we managed to find a place to sit down. start our revision. but abt half an hour lata. we were told not to sit on da floor. so got up. look for placez to settle down but was too packed. claire den went off wit her fren. meronaaronjoanna walked bac to bugis junction. mac. find a place. sat down. hav a drink. did some …

~6-gEaRz caRz.~

went to skool wit ron [he boarded my train @ woodlandz]. had our last principlez in biz mngmt class wit mr john peter. had a lil' fun. hm. but me was dozin off. oni afta break time me drank red bull in class. so niCe~kpt me awake til lesson end. [todae alvin din go skool again o. can slp early dun wan. den not enuff slp n rest. haix. next time dun stay up late wit him le. stubborn. hm. tired of sayin him le. dun wanna nag liao. hmphx! i dun hav da ritez aniwae]. me headed home. took train wit ron n claire.they 2 psycho me to go study tmr wit them at bugis o... ZZzz... me feel bad rejectin. bo bian lo. will go ba.

reached yishun. take-away delifrance baguettez. got home abt 2+pm. ate tog wit my mum. abt 3+pm shi gong called. alvin at his hse doin his comp. soon. me left home. felt a sharp pain in my gastric area ba. met weijie @ northpoint. walked to shi gong hse. his frenz there. alvin too. me rested on da sofa. [alvin rubbed my blue-black on my knee for me. now beta le]. da pain i…

~DyEd MuMmi'z HaiR!~

koko drove me to NP in da mornin again. took train. to skool. noth much happened. hm. finished skool. head home. took train wit ron. but at bukit batok he suddenly say he gtg. went to find his mummi ba. me den slpt in da train. Zzz...

got home @ 1.30pm. helped mummy dye her hair. purple. me den went out @ 3.15pm.

take-away kfc chic chop @ NP for alvin de. den took bus 169 to upp thomson/mandai rd. 3.40pm. waited at da bus-stop for weijie. he took so long to come o. know y? he was playin his maple n left home late. duhx. he came oni at abt 4pm ba. we den walked to alvin de hse lo. hm. go there watched I Not Stupid 2. funni. not bad la. ended at abt 6.30pm. go bac yishun.

weijie go for his nite class. alvin n me go food mall eat. hmmm. den go timezone boom boom. me needa buy/upgrade new card le. we boom til abt 8.30pm. go 200+ there. weijie arr soon afta. we 3 chat there lo while me did my revision. at abt 10pm they walked me home le. got home. 10.30pm.

~pOoL @ QuEeNsToWn. mOviEz @ aLvin'z hSe.~

tiz mornin koko gave me a lift to NP. took train. go skool. marketin lesson. todae me not late o. hm. presentationz. so n so. din went for break. stayed in class. hm. at noon.. class ended. ron last min jio us go play pool. we decided to go jurong de. but sophia wanna join us. inconvenient for her to go jurong as she workin lata. so we [mesophiaronalex] went to da oldie one @ queenstown there lo. our first time playin wit sophia. keke. hm. [alvin called. he din go skool. sian diaox. so notti. 'bo whey gong'. dotx].

played pool for an hr. den went to da arcade. [so 'lao ya' de wor.. old old de.. gamez haben upgrade oso. can 'fight' wit da arcadez in msia de lo]. finished playin. head bac yishun.

bot some stuffz @ NP n GV. took bus 169 to alvin de hse. weijie was b4 me. so he waited at da bus stop lo. me got there. we walked to alvin de hse tog lo. wat a hot weather o... da sun @ mandai bigger seh. hm. coz tt area no tall buildinz ba. really felt like meltin. got h…

~i wiLL nEva knOw.. iF i LeT u gO..~

went to skool in da mornin. had a long day. coz got aftnn extra lesson. til 4pm. my grp memberz aaronclaireziegron n alex presented our project in da aftnn. funni lo. keke. hm. me went bac home afta skool lo.

got home 5.35pm. rest. wait til my family all came bac home frm work le. me n family left home @ 6.30pm. went to 'yishun village' to hav a family dinner tog. finished eatin at abt 7pm. daddy drove me to NP.

go popular shop shop. saw many cute lil' thingyz. soon afta weijie came. alvin oso. me bot 2 highlighterz. we 3 den go timezone boom boom. challenged alvin. me win him in akina 赤晨. keke. lata raced @ yurosaka. so gan chiong. me lost by abit ba. den last race is @ akagi 秋明山. me lost again by lotz o. but me kept laughin thru-out da race while drivin. coz me kpt tellin wj [who sat beside me].. "wah... alvin de 'hometown' wor... so pressured. scared scared... lolx". den my car kpt 'kissin', draggin along n 'buah' against da side of da ro…

~wAt i'vE dOne tO My liFe?~

bac to skool afta da weekendz. ron 'super sick'. so din come. claire power. came afta break time. hm. mr kwok released us abit early. in da skool shuttle bus to queenstown mrt.. da bus stepped hard on brakez which made me lost balance. fell sideway onto zieg! gOsh tink i stepped on him kinda hard ba. oopz... so pai seh.. >.< but heng da bus kinda packed. abo me sure fall flat de. duhx. hm. took train tog wit aaron n claire. me went home. got home 1.35pm.

left home for alvin'z hse @ abt 2pm. we din managed to contact weijie. hm. so we watched Poseidon. n She'z The Man. coz 龙虎门 and 鬼城 wj oso wanna watch de. so cant watch it w/o him lo. hm. wj called me in da evenin sayin tt he not goin out le. tmr den meet. okie lo. hm. todae got a lil' surprise frm alvin o. he gifted me tiz...

alvin folded da paper starz himself. thanx dude. i like it lotz! me will treasure it de. coz itz da 1st gift frm u wit sincerity ba. lolx. ^-^left alvin de place @ abt 9.50pm. he sent me …

~wLd U Rem m3, aFta 2 yEaRz im gOne?~

i dunno how to descride tt kinda feelin i hav. i juz hate life. hate myself. for wat i've done. i regreted. i broke da promise of my own. i broke my own valuez in life. da hatred in me. myself. alwaez swingz my mood. mkz me feel like endin my life. i cldnt face da world. i've done thingz i shldnt do. n i cant turn bac time. i can no longer tk bac da valuez i had. wat shld i do. i tried to except da fact. but wheneva it comez into my mind.. i wanna hurt myself. i juz feel da hatred in me. i am no longer wat i used to be. no more. im diff. no longer da same. i dun love myself. no more pride in life. hm. and for guyz. i still cant put myself into trustin guyz. is it me being biased. or my perception abt guyz for da bad thingz they do. i cld oni tell myself tt im dreamin. i can oni dream. of my ideal guy. for da high expectationz i hav in them. i want everything! but i know it will nv come true for me. coz no one showed me. no one proved me. tt they cld try their best to be da one…



在爱的幸福国度 你就是我唯一
我唯一爱的就是你 我真的爱的就是你
推动才会懂得珍惜 但我珍惜你 伤愈痛就是爱愈深 我不相信
你和我同时停止呼吸 每一次我们靠近
你让我忘了困惑 忘了所有烦心 我把你紧紧拥在怀里 捧你在我手心
谁教我真的爱的就是你 在爱的纯净世界
你就是我唯一 永远永远不要怀疑 我把你当作我的空气 如此形影不离
我大声说我爱的就是你 在爱的幸福国度
你就是我唯一 我唯一爱的就是 你我真的爱的就你 爱的就是你


爱你怎么会是这个结果(爱情是个梦而我睡过头 )。

~DIY vOoDoO dOllx!~

wakey @ 11am. shi gong n his fren came up my hse at abt 1pm. 1.30pm left home.

walked to NP wit them. his fren acc shi gong home. me go NP Popular walked ard. bot a notebk. itz pink! keke. hm. me oso saw a "DIY de voodoo dollz" wor! wanted to buy. gonna be fun if i cld mk a doll myself o. $4.95. c c tink tink. din buy. >_< erm. went to B2 helped mummi buy cigar le head bac home.

alvin came to my hse @ abt 5pm. mummi pray pray le we helped to burn da incense paper downstairz. used comp. did some quizez. alvin den took a lil' nap. he looked tired. hm. lata my ah ma ah gong, eldest bro, sis-in-law niece came. we all had dinner tog.niCe~roasted duck. roasted chic. pork '3 layerz' roasted meat. veggiez. fried noodlez. yong tau fu soup. wah.... hm. yummy.....

left home. 7.15pm. meet up weijie @ NP. went to boom boom @ timezone. boom le go 300+ there [opp CC] sit down tok tok laughed laughed lo. 10+pm. they walked me home. got home @ 10.40pm.

~DaY bOom. NiTe BoOm. fAuLty bOom.~

went to skool. had class in da mornin. lesson ended at noon.

came bac yishun. NP. bot 2 delifrance baguettez n mcnuggetz 9pc home. ate 'em tog wit mummy. used da comp. alvin called me. me left home at abt 4.30pm. met him up @ NP. went to timezone boom boom. da game seat i was sittin on spoiled de. hm. nowhere to go.

went to alvin hse. played winning eleven 10. [finally can play le afta repairin]. me wanna create new wrestler in WWE game. so alvin let me used lo. haben create finish o. coz weijie da ge waitin for us afta his nite class at northpoint there. we left alvin hse @ 9+pm. met up wj at yishun GV. went to funlandboom boom again. da machine i was usin, itz gear abit sotx n da steerin wheel so loose de o. [hm. todae din really enjoy boomin coz of thoz faulty thingyz. but still had some fun tho. keke]. afta boom le da 2 guyz acc me home again. got home 10+pm.

my back hUrtz again. da returnin of my 'old disease'. hmmm.

~bUffet. piCz. NDP~

left home at 10.15am wit family. go dad de office @ admiralty st. my eldest bro, sis-in-law n niece came. invited uncle ricky, wj n alvin along too. [they came lata].

buffet lunch catering held @ my dad'z office startin at 11+am. company workerz invited. awardz presentation.

we go pray pray le. workerz arr. uncle ricky came. started our buffet. hmm da food nice o. afta eating. daddy presented da awardz to some effective workerz. took photoz...

left: me helpin my niece wear sockz.

chit chat. took a group pic for da workerz b4 they left. at abt 3pm we left. me n whole family headin to cindee'z hse while alvin n wj go dunno where.

left: koko, me, 大嫂. rite: koko, me, 大嫂 & eldest bro. @ cindee'z hse. funni pose!me met da guyz up at NP @ abt 4pm. went boom boom. den go alvinz hse. [laughed hard on smth did by wj. so funni]. watched NDP on tv. while me helped alvin with some facial 'cleanin' [clearin clogged pores]. lolx. NDP finished. alvin go bathe le. we played a…

~Da RaCe. Da hOmetOwn. Da AkiNa.~

met alvin at abt 7.20am @ northpoint. ate bigbreakfast @ mac. finished off @ 8am. went to da mrt. alvin acc me wait til da train comez. said bu-bye.

went to skool myself. alvin called me when i was in da train @ jurong. acc me chat til me reach skool. got to class. had lesson as usual. din eat durin break time coz mac breakfast not digested yet. lolx. continued lesson. finished off @ noon time. [planned to go watch movie wit ron alex along wit alvin n wj de but last min tt alex dun wanna go, den ron dun feel like watchin movie, me too. so cancelled lo].

took train toboon lay. went shoppin ard while waitin for alvin n wj. they arr at 1.20pm. me bot some shirtz o. nice n cheap o. keke. we den head to 'star factory' as we did some window shoppin on da way. got there. me changed $5. itz bOom boom time!

where:Star Factory, jurong point.
happening:Initial D arcade racing.
duration:abt 2pm to 4+pm.
challengerz:weijie, wj'z fren, alvin.

[[ Da RaCe ]]
weijie is my first challenger. we play…

~aFteRnOon cLaSs~

left home for skool as usual. but tiz time wit my newly turned-over hairstyle. keke.

met ron @ woodlandz. took train to queenstown. from there we took cab to skool. tho we were still late la. we bot fruit juice to class. business mngmt lesson. break time.ate apple. went bac to class. continue lesson. til 12pm. stayed in classrm. [coz lata got aftnn class at 2pm-5pm. so sian lo. stayed in skool so long. wanted to skip tt class de but in e end din lo]. did some of my hmwk. while ron n aaron used da class comp surfed'youtube' showin us some real funni video clipz. kpt laughin. hm. 1pm. we had lunch. me ate fishball noodlez soup. not bad. 2pm. had marketin lesson. sian. but mr kwok released da class @ 4.30pm o. hm. da more sian thing is tt my hp batt flat. haix.

finished skool le. go yck. ssdc. met my koko there. he acc me go book my practical drivin lessonz. 6+pm. he drove me home. rested. erm. koko todae bot a new comp keyboard o. niCe~ slick design.

me left home @ 7.45pm afta havi…

~Did mY haiR @ mSia!!~

got bac from msia.. hm. din realli shopped for stuffz there.

-friday 4 Aug 06-
went to msia @ nite. alvin'z ps2 de one of da controllerz spoilt. cant challenge in da game. sianx. bo bian. hm. slpt at abt 3am.

-saturday 5 Aug 06-
woke up at 12+pm. went to tmn sentosa. ate da ya koong noodlez. go c de chinese medical doctor. tiz time alvin put da needlez 1st. afta him.. den me lo. wah tiz time pain pain o.. so many needlez some more.. doc say coz me drank icy cold water. ttz y. hmphx. afta tt.. went home. helped daddy n mummi do some garden work. alvin oso 'handz on' o. my 2nd bro helped abit n stand aside watched out for beez n 'kaka'. lolx. afta doin thoz stuffz.. mummi koko alvin n me go best mart de hair salon. mummi color + highlite. koko permed + color. alvin trim. n me permed [my hair for da beri 1st time o] + treatment @ RM250.

[me at my msia home. wit my newly permed hair. keke.]we went @ abt 7. finished off at 10+pm o. went home fetched daddy le went out for din…


went to skool as usual. me took some picz in class afta lesson has ended o. well letz hav a look at thoz...

frm left to rite: alex & me, mr. john peter [principlez in biz mngmt], claire & me.

frm left to rite: me & ron, me baoming & ron, 1/2 of alex claire ron & me in da skool shuttle bus.

took train wit ron. went bac to yishun. met my mummi @ northpoint ard 2pm. went for lunch. bot smth @ $139.90 o. den went shoppin @ cold storage wit mummi. bot my braz lolx. lata alvin came. bot a pink slipper. alvin helped us carried our 大包小包. took bus 804 home. slacked. packed my stuffz. gettin ready to go msia o.. ^-^

~PaSseD my aDvAnCe dRiVin' tHeOry TeSt!~

woke up at noon. got smsez from alvin n shi gong. shi gong finished skool le wanna come find me. [me ask him wait. needa go prepare myself! lolx].

at abt 12.30pm shi gong n his fren came. let them used my comp. played ms n cs. while i studied my advance drivin theory handbook. so last min o. hm. they left at abt 2pm.

alvin came at abt 4pm. we studied tog. he lent me his 'advance driving theory 400 qnz & anz' book. beri useful o. rushed thru da book. til 6pm. alvin n me ate mummi cooked de dinner. niCe~. at 6.15pm my koko drove us to SSDC @ yck.

got there. did some last min revision. but was called in b4 i cld even finish studyin o. hm. took da test. me passed o. was so happi n relieved. but sad thing alvin din make it o. *sayang sayang. erm. cheEr up alvin. dun give up so ezily yo. gotta be a man! fall down le muz stand up o. ^-^. afta our testz, we went for da pratical lessonz briefing @ 7.30pm. ended @ at 8pm.

went bac to yishun by bus 851. went to timezone. boom boom. 8.50p…

~PreSeNtaTiOn tiMe!~

hit all my alarmz. continued my sleep. thanx to my mum for comin into my room. if not me gonna oversleep le. went to skool as usual. waited for ron at queenstown. met sophia. went to skool tog.

late for class [as usual]. got bac my own seat in class le. hm. marketing lesson. mr dennis kwok. itz presentation time. no grp wanna present 1st. ron volunteer our grp o. me not prepared seh. ask me present. gOsh. meronsophia presented tog. me got 8/10. ron got full markz o. dennis being lenient coz he say we r brave to b da grp to start off 1st. lolx. hm. ate sandwichez during lunch. went home straight afta skool le.

took a nap at abt 3+pm. alvin called me @ abt 4+pm. sayin he reachin yishun le. so me went out lo. met him le. we go weijie de hse. find him. me helped him do his project abit lo. fun. keke. me dEn made myself a cup of hot milo n white coffee for alvin. wj bathed le we left tog at 6+pm. took bus 856 bac to yishun. wj go skool. got nite class til 9.30pm.

me n alvin go northpoint. boo…

~fEeLin sOo DeAdLy & dRowSy..~

last nite slept at 12.30am o. early seh. was too tired. sleepy. coz of my medicine. im sick. -_-

woke up by my alarm. realli dun feel like goin to skool. feelin so sick.. no energy.. but bo bian.. still gonna force myself up.. prepared my stuffz. left home. waited for ron @ woodlandz. went to skool tog.

late for class. my usual class seat taken up by someone else. sian diaox. treat me invisible. me went to da bac. sat beside aaron. ron sat beside me. hm. dozin off thru out da lesson. cant concentrate. wanna drink red bull oso cant. under medication. haix. hm. durin break time me feelin a lil' hungry. dunno wat to eat. tried daprawn mee pok lo. aaron'z treat. erm. afta skool. head home straight. too tired le. todae real sleepy. cant control my eyez. feelin so deadly & drowsy tt me from home go to skool n frm skool go home dozed off all da way in da busez n trainz lo.

got home. did some homework. left home at abt 3.45pm. go alvin'z hse. got there 4.15pm. finished up my home…