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~my new founding~

im back from my 4 days 3 nights stay in Johor.

on friday, i baked this Chocolate Chip Cookies.

itz real yummy.
this reminds me of Famous Amos.
and this is gonna be my secret recipe. ahakx!! ^-^
but i wont mind letting U try it if you really want to.

itz been 4 days since i last watched the korean drama...
"Save Your Last Dance For Me" [ ζœ€εŽδΉ‹θˆž ].
wanna go have my shower now & continue that drama!

hope everyone out there are doing well.
n im looking forward for da next Insaner's outing!
adios~ loved.

~Recipe: kueh lapis~

just now, i baked kueh lapis [layered cake] for mummy as promised.
feel free to try this out.

here are the ingredients......

240g butter.
150g caster sugar.
120g plain flour.
9 egg yolks.
6 egg whites.
60g condensed milk (about 4 tbsps).
½ tsp vanilla essense.

1. Preheat oven to 180°C.

2. beat butter and 60g sugar until light & creamy.

3. add egg yolk one at a time & beat until combined.

4. stir in condensed milk & vanilla essense.

5. sift flour into the egg mixture.
stir until well combined.

6. whisk egg whites until stiff. add 90g sugar a little at a time. beat until sugar has dissolved.

7. fold egg whites a little at a time in egg
mixture. stir to form batter.

this is how the final batter mixture lookz like.

8. grease rectangular cake tin. pour in a suitable amount of batter for 'a layer' (i poured about 3 small scoops per layer). bake for 15 mins. then use 'upper heat only' and bake the cake until golden brown. pour the same amount of batter on top. bake until golde…

~had lunch @ Swensen's~

~*haPpy BiRthDay JoHn CeNa!*~

~long time no see...~

~*haPpi 21st BiRthDay tO JeReNe!!*~

she's a friend of mine i known in SHATEC.

me & my koko were invited to her chalet today.
East Coast Park. C12.
we got there at about 7+pm.

this is today's birthday girl!!

wilfred, me & koko were chit chatting, catchin up with one another's life.

[wilfred & me were born on da same day, month, year, & even hospital!! =)]

later came Roger.
as well as Steve & his girlfriend.

we all joked around, barbeque stuffz...

10+pm. here comez da birthday cake!!
aiyo yo.... da baby tweety is soooo cute nahx.... =)

when she saw da cake, she looked surprised & delighted
she with her boyfriend & dunno whose cutie child.
make a wish........
hooooosshh~ blow off da candles.

and this is when da fun came....
2 big + 1 small candlez. til her last small candle.....
lOlx!!!! da culprit was roger o... but she didnt know.
da clown/vampire of da day~! kekeke....

we ate da cake. left at 11pm.

wanna go watch Manchester United's match now. tata~!

~Examz OVER! NYDC! Funland! pool! late nite chill-out!~

ber's star look-a-like!

todae had Fundamentals of InformationTechnology exam.
FINALLY!!! all exams R OVER!!! yeaH~!! yiPpie!!! =D
we should all celebrate for this!

examz ended at 5pm.

me. QQ. min. bao. caige. ber. bobby. zai. took bus to Orchard.
wanted to eat Seoul Garden but changed plan. [caige other day o! =P]

went to N.Y.D.C. outdoor cafe outside The Heeren.

Gan Bei!! cHeeRz~!
i ordered Mushroom Ham Oven-Baked Rice.
caige wanna hav a bite. lol...

@ S$10.90++

after we finished our dishes, we played with this lil' hairy wormy... >_< eeek!

we den went to The Heeren. shopped for my friend'z gift.

we spotted this ang-moh couple, wearin da same shirt design! soooo lovely ooo... keke..

finally our group photo!

dunno what did ah bao said or did that made this happened. XD

ber dancing o... hEex...

zai left at about 8+pm.
we walked to Parklane area.

today's toot toot fellas!!!!

toot toot rain. toot toot min. & toot toot win. hEex!!!

we planned to have some fun at The Mind Cafe.
but w…