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~1sT NiTe wiT JaYa...~

last nite worked wit jace & jaya. dm damien. it was jaya's 1st nite. me main cashier. so jace guide her. hm. hotel's supper wasnt nice. nathan worked nite shift again. asked me & jace wat we wanna eat. we said anything. later he brought us da food. itz fried prawn mee. he cook 1 yo. luckily we hav tt. [hotel's supper is neva nice. except for burger & wedges. keke.] erm. wasnt bz at nite. but morning was bz. c/o so many. jace helped me out. jaya @ reception c/i. at abt 7am. lotza gst arrrived. luckily the morning shift ppl come liao. abo we die. gotta c/o oso. after closing my cashier... den i left @ abt 7.30am. now.. me juz wake up.. alone @ home again.. sian. my sis & mum went out. got smth to do. me & my dog juz wait for them to come bac lo. tomoro me working morning shift. wit pauline.. ju.. keline.. ok ba. gtg. swisH~

~wOnDerFuL SuPpEr..~

last 2 nitez worked wit pauline. 1st nite more bz. last nite ok ok. dm damien. 1st nite wit him. hm. while i was doin my reg card.. cafe plaza called askin me if i wanna eat anything. wondered who's on da line. oh.. itz nathan. erm. neva really tok to him but he ask me that. kinda surprise. lolx. den i told him any non-spicy food lo. he said ok. i tot he would bring me sandwiches.. french fries.. but when i open up.. oh my. itz grilled salmon nehx.. so long nv eat le... ^-^ thankx to him. i had a wonderful supper. i shared a lil' wit pauline. damien dun eat that. so too bad. den damien went up to orchid club lounge & brought down chilled 'sprite'. lolx. hmm.. den da hotel is quite full. so not much room for me to block. only a few cleaned rooms left. & theres gotta be quite a no. of morning arrv. ravin workin mornin. he came up early to help me. 'heng'... not really bz tiz 2 nitez as the afternoon shift alwayz help me do da things 1st.. such as groups..…

~tHe PoEm...~

poem written by me + ravin aka 'rahul'. loLx~

hmm.. 'above' is a piece of poem me & ravin aka 'rahul' wrote last nite. we got nth to do.. so we tok abt quote. den.. we write many quotes which combined to some sort of poem.. lolx!! not bad leh... some i wrote a few lines den ravin continue but... lolx.. so funny.. nonsense he. erm. wanna c it clearer?? click on it & expand it. hope can c the diff handwriting. my handwriting is like those few startin lines... keke. he main cashier did a careless mistake den gotta pay up abt $40. haiz. he alwayz work wit me sure got prob 1. he say i 'suay' wor.. how can.. lolx. hm. me tomoro work afternoon. hope itz gotta be fun. k. gtg. tat@!