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~ChAnGi AiRpOrt~

last nite slpt at abt 2+am or 3am. hm. woke up at abt 12.40pm by sha'z call todae. at 2+pm me called sheng. me left home at 4.15pm. meet sheng at north point. acc him go buy necklace de 'string'. we den took bus 858 go changi airport. met alvin there. lata on mao n xiong came too. we all go walk walk. hm. we din do much thingz there. we left da place at abt 7+pm. took bus 858 bac to yishun. 'solo' joined us at 139. walked to chong pang 105 there. alvin n 'solo' eat. afta eatin at abt 9pm alvin went home. mao n xiong oso. den left me sheng n solo. we 3 go lan game shop play 1 hr de ms for $2.50. hm. ms got 'party' lvl up faster. somemore got solo my 'shi fu' [sheng] de 'shi fu', so good. his ms charac is 'cleric' de. can 'heal' us. wun die. lolx. he oso gave me lotza potionz n mesos.. n oso went to buy me a set of new clothing for my charac. lolx good rite. hm. muz learn more more from him. i'll be a cleric one day…

~hEavy minD~

last nite played ms. turned in at 4+am. but oni managed to slp at abt 6.35am. dunno y. havin a heavy mind ba. hm. woke up at abt 2pm todae.
haix. was hurt todae. no onez perfect. everybody did mistakez. did wrong. but important thing is to learn frm da mistakez. n not to repeat da same mistakez. i realli dunno. tt over juz a small matter. im oredi in da wrong in da pplz eyez. i realli dunno. i've oredi apologised sincerely but he cant forgive n forget. some r juz small mistakez. for overlookin n assumin. i did realised my wrong. but y does 'sorrie' doesnt help? i thot da 'bad timez' was over. n tt we gettin on beta. but im so wrong. in his heart, he hasnt put tt 'mistakez i made' behind. in life many ppl do wrong. juz tt if they realised n admitted wrong. i'll forgive them. givin them a chance to be gd agiain n not repeating it. but y he dun wanna give me a chance. to be bac again. like how we used to be. todae he hurt me. he said thingz abt me. tt i can…


last nite turned in at abt 4+am. but oni managed to slp at abt 5.45am. todae woke up by sheng'z call at 1pm. at 3.15pm went to 400+ nearby shophouses help my mum buy some thingyz. den take-away makan. go hm eat wit my mum. den left hm at abt 4pm. go northpoint meet xiao di n sheng. acc mao go eat le den walked to 139. played bball. lata alvin came at abt 6pm. joined us in da game. den weijie came lata too. sat down chat. den saw peirou. she lent us badminton racketz. wah so nice. itz been long since i last feel like playin badminton le. hmm. played wit them all. so nice n fun. don came down lata. he played too. he oso brot down lotz of his own racketz. den mao played oso. [he told me b4 tt he dunno how to play de]. keke but juz now he ok wor. can play. but we kpt laughin while playin. so many funni thingz happened. erm. lata peirou go hm. at abt 8+pm alvin left. mao went hm at abt 9+pm. me acc sheng go S11 eat le den went hm. got hm at abt 11pm. oh my.... now my body achin like he…

..~*i lOve U.. my gOodiE fRenz...*~..

my gOodie frenz [shld know who u r ba].. juz wan u ppl to know that u r alwaez in my heart no matter wat. we may hav fought. quarrelled. misunderstandinz. but do keep in mind.. that at timez if i were to throw my temper, yell, or raise my voice on u, it do realli hurtz me tho. time may fliez. life may change. but u'll still livez in my heart de. n i'll still luv u like how i alwaez do. and i neva thought i'll feel tiz way and as far as im concerned im glad i have da chance to say that i do believe i love u and if i should eva go away well den close ya eyez and try to feel da way we do todae and den if u can remember keep smiling keep shining knowing u can alwayz count on me for sure thatz what frenz are for for good timez and bad timez i'll be on ya side foreva more thatz what frenz are for...

~kinDa lOst my vOice~

was at maO de hse til abt 8pm. den me n mao walked to northpoint. acc mao go buy hp accessoriez. sheng came. den lata alvin came too. we den go dinner. but oni alvin eat. we 3 admire alvin eat lolx. til abt 9.20pm. they go outside "choot choot" le den acc me go bus intchg wait for bus. den they went off. was so hungry o.. reached hm le go 'bom bom', had my dinner den mk banana split ice cream for my parentz. i nibble abit too. keke. okie. ttz for todae. hope tmr will be a beta day ba. tata!


last nite played pangya wit alvin til abt 3.30am. me turned in at 4.30am. woke up at 10am tiz mornin. left hm at 11.3oam. went to 139 find sheng they all. mao don weijie xiong n yanhong was there. was rainin. heavily. luckily i did brot along my umbrella. hm. din play bball. sad thin me sunday wanna play but in e end cant play de. hm. not long afta, yanhong went hm. sheng went hm bathe. don went hm. da rest of us went to hav our lunch at 123. me ate kway chap. lata sheng joined us there. afta makan, we sat down n buat bodoh at 122. til abt 2pm, da guyz wanna go hm rest afta a tiring trainin they had tiz mornin. me dunno where to go. dun feel like goin home. so went to mao de hse. he let me played cs usin his laptop. nice shootin. hm. play sian le den me play ms awhile. n now, surfin da web lo. mao now slpin. on da sofa. me now still in his hse. hm. lata maybe got meet sheng they all ba. ke lian de alvin come yishun but all at home. tink he go hm le. erm. kinda sian lo when im out ther…

~kinDa siCk le~

last nite slpt at abt 5+am. [chatted on da phone wit weijie. n den lata wit sheng]. me kinda sick. blocked n runnin nose. kpt sneezin. n throat pain. my voice kinda change. urgh. so xin ku. n tt 'mei liang xin' de weijie. [on da phone] he kpt askin me go c doc. den i asked him "u wanna bring me go ar??" n his reply is.. "hm. 'zai shuo ba' (will c abt it den)". lolx so bad lo. hm. todae woke up by my sis de call at 1pm. 1+pm she came bac from work. 3.40pm we left home. went to city hall. suntec city. met up syikin there as she finished work le. we ate at 'fish & co'. hm.. me ate grilled salmon. nice. it was 5+pm den. afta eatin we go jln jln. den go convention hall to c da exhibitionz n watz goin on. den we go marina square shoppin centre jln jln. my sis bot me a samuel & kevin pantz. i like! [of coz la. me choose myself de ma. keke]. $39. den we tired le. walked to da mrt lo but sat down n had a drink [we were thirsty] b4 we took da …

~gOt hOmE kinDa LatE.~

--26 may 2006--
juz now at 9+pm mao n weijie came to alvinz hse too. wah so nice again so many ppl. me had fun playin winnin eleven. finally sheng did win me over penalty. he 'heng' o. me left alvinz place at abt 11.15pm. so late reached home abt 12.05am le. [my sis asked me go 400+ there buy newspaper b4 i return]. hm. had my shower le. now wanna eat i juz cook de 'bak kut teh' maggie mee. hmmmm... soo hungry... n oso my nose... throat.. xin ku..


last nite cant realli slp. slpt at abt 4+am. woke up by alvinz sms tiz mornin at abt 11.30am. sheng came up my hse at abt 1pm. he used my comp. den me go do my own stuffz. lata alvin came at abt 2pm. my mum chat wit them. lotz. hm. todae i styled shengz hair while he was playin ms n alvin was takin a nap. at abt 4pm my parentz n my 2nd bro left hm headin to msia for da weekend. me alvin n sheng lata left hm at abt 4+pm. walked to northpoint. meet mao. went t dao food mall had our lunch. me ate ramen. hm. afta eatin we went up to snap some sticker picz. [but mao din join us. so scared of snappinz de dunno y lolx]. hm. da photo tkin machine at hmv is beta ba. hm. afta tt at abt 6pm.. me n sheng went up to alvinz hse. mao went hm. juz now sheng 'shi fu' tot me initial D racin. was fun. da game excitin lolx. now we wanna go play winning eleven le. maybe will play pangya lata too. will be bac. tat@!

~gUiLty Or ReLievEd?~

woke up at abt 12nn todae. ate my mum cook de rice. left home at abt 2pm. go 931 regional clinic buy medicine. den go meet sheng. we were so undecisive on where we shld go. no idea. so sheng say go weijie hse. called him. he said ok. so we took bus there. his ite frenz were there. they all enjoyin their maggie mee o. bad. din even ask us wanna eat or not. lolx. den c sheng use comp at his hse awhile. den watched naruto de cartoon. sit here n there. til my ass ache ar. keke. wj'z frenz left at abt 5.30pm. alvin came at abt 6+pm goin to 7pm ba. at 7+pm, we go under blk sit. chat. tok abt lotza stuffz. hm. at 8+pm alvin left. go hm. wj sheng n me go kopitiam. me n sheng admire wj eat. lolx. we chat. chat. chat. at abt 9+pm my parentz came to fetch me hm [n sheng too, my dad dropped him off @ chong pang area]. now got home le. had my shower. eatin my mum cook de rice. feel like eatin maggie mee [juz now c my bro eat like so nice lolx]. hm. okie ba. lata gonna called sheng n alvin to c…

~EnTranCe tEstz~

last nite slpt at abt 3+am. woke up at 11+am tiz mornin. had early lunch wit my parentz at home le den went out at 1+pm. my dad drove me to MDIS skool at dhoby ghaut to tk my eng & mathz entrance testz. reached there at abt 2pm. sat for thoz testz. finished off at abt 3.30pm. eng testz is ok. but mathz... i left some blankz. lolx. hope will make it into da corz lo. hm. afta tt me took mrt bac to yishun. 139. meet sheng. go slack awhile liao go play bball. den weijie came le he sub me. my parentz dropped by there to c me. den they went off. alvin arr at abt 6+pm to 7pm. 'liang' & co. came. den mao n don came too. they played bball. while i watched along. i left da place at abt 8pm. sheng acc me go bus-stop b4 he went bac there. got hm early todae. my parentz say i 'guai'. lolx. dotx dotx lo. hm.
i cld c tt sheng do likez me. his sincerity. itz obvious. but da more he treatz me tiz way.. da more i feel bad. as i only hope tt we cld be real close frenz so tt our re…

~SaD dAy~

last nite slpt at 5+am. todae woke up at abt 12+pm. 3+pm acc my mum go northpoint. finally got bac my bloody hp. got home at abt 5pm. at nite at 8+pm go newton circus food centre eat wit my parentz n 2nd elder bro. got home not long ago. now havin a bad headache. eyez feelin kinda warm. haix. wanna go 'bom bom' soon le. sianz. todae im not allowed to meet out da guyz. under control. wanna stab myself man....

~WiNniNg EleVeN~

last nite slpt at abt 5.30am. same thing. chatted wit sheng n alvin on da phone. todae got up at abt 4pm. my hp batt flat. woo... me slpt til so late o. me left home at abt 4.30pm. go 101 kopitiam meet sheng weijie mao n don. ate bee hoon soup there. den go 111 there slack while waitin for alvin. suddenly felt so hungry. dunno y. hm. we left da place for alvinz hse at abt 7.40pm. on da way to his hse me dropped by a 7-eleven to grab smth to eat lo. hm. was fun playin game at alvinz hse. played 'winning eleven' soccer game. me challenged sheng, weijie, alvin n don. won them. lolx. they so 'gek'. cant beat me off da game. sheng say he wanna train da game den challenge me again. keke. me enjoyed playin todae. laughed alot. funni. hm. we left his place at 10.30pm. im happi. to c da guyz get tog liked how they used to be. hm. got home at 11+pm. toot de. my parentz nag again. urgh~ my dad took away my bloody hp [w/ my "lil' mummy king"!!]. sh*T 'em. duhx. h…

~SeOuL GaRdEn~

me n alvin reached 139 at abt 4.10pm. wait for xiong, 'don', mao, sheng le den head to woodlandz tkin bus 858. causeway point. went to minitoonz. me finally bot my "lil' mummy king" de voodoo doll le. attached it wit my hp. hm.. like it. keke. we den go seoul garden eat [our motive for da day]. itz $26 per pax o [plus tiz n tt]. kinda ex. but had fun eatin.

at seoul garden [causeway point]
don, xiong, mao n sheng [dunno wat they lookin at tho].

finished off at abt 7pm. den go jln jln. went up timezone c sheng they all 'boom boom'. til abt 9pm. we went outside causeway point open space there. wait for them 'choot choot' finish le den we took bus 969 bac to yishun [alvin tk diff bus hm]. xiong head hm. left da 4 of us. we go 139 there slack awhile. me left da place at 10pm. ttz for todae.
haix. dunno wat happened lately. i wished tt everythin wld go bac to how it used to be lo. all happi momentz. laughterz. jokez. no argumentz. sadness. i juz wish. haiz…

~lOng cHat~

last nite abt 1am chat on da phone wit alvin n sheng [conference]. we chat abt lotza stuffz. thingyz. so n so.. alvin left da convsn at abt 4am when his cordless phone low batt le. den me chat wit sheng til his hp batt flat [at abt 6am]. had a 'heart-to-heart' tok wit sheng, again. lolx. todae woke up at 10am by kiat'z call. made choco chunk cake in da mornin le. den 11.30am left hm go 139 meet sheng they all. den me n him go 700+ de S11 kopitiam eat. til abt 1.30pm. we went home. bathe. rest. den alvin came up my hse. now itz abt time le. goin out to meet sheng they all. gonna go causeway point i tink. seoul garden. keke. tata!

~gOt hOmE~

--20 may 2006--
me reached home abt 11+pm. was at alvin de hse playin ps2 de 'initial D'. was fun. sat on da floor n play til my legz numb. lolx. me n sheng left da place at 10.35pm. alvinz walked us to da bus stop den he go home. sheng acc wait for bus 804 at yishun b4 he left for home. hm. had my shower. ate my dinner. now wanna eat 'tang yuan'. tmr gonna meet da guyz ba. will be bac soOn~

~bOom BoOm~

last nite slpt at abt 3.30am. tiz mornin woke up at 10.20am. left home at abt 2pm. go northpoint timezone meet alvin n sheng. c them 'boom boom'. den we go jln jln ard. den me acc them go 925 eat. me gave 'em da rubber ringz i bot from msia. they took one each. afta tt go yishun Safra 'explore' da place. keke. played gamez at da arcade there. we left da place at abt 5+pm. go 923 there ate dessertz. den walked bac to northpoint go minitoonz c da 'voodoo dollz'. alvin n sheng bot themselvez a voodoo doll each. me wanna buy but da one i wan dun hav. so gonna wait lo. we den go timezone 'boom boom' again. me played 2 racez. was fun. im kinda new to it tho. keke. we left NP at abt 6.30pm. walked to 200+ there game shop. saw da 'initial D' pc game. so happi. alvin n me shared to buy it. keke. wanna bring it home let my 2nd bro c. he sure hapi. hm. at abt 7pm we walked to 139 find mao they all. xiong oso there. but mao din realli tok much wit me. h…

~iM baC~

hm. finally got bac from msia. hm. miSs da guyz lotz. miss my comp too. lolx. hm. din realli go shoppin. but did bot a few clothinz for myself. bot lotza tidbitz esp choco for sheng n da guyz to share too. noth much to write in here le. tomoro probably gonna meet da guyz ba. will be bac for more updatez. tAta!
솔직하게 나는 얼마쯤 s헝을 조금 좋아한다그러나 암은 위협했다. 그는 나를 좋아한다그러나 지금 그는 그가 감각에게 이것이 정당한작은 사정 그것의 승인을 얻은 다른 사람을 말한다고'길 다리'녀석에 의하여 말한 원인에 의하여 그나에게 생각에게 한 것이에 관하여 나가 x이아오디디뮴 blog을 읽을 때 나는 나를 있었다'길다리'녀석을 위해 작은 감각 얼마쯤 위협되고너무 그러나 얼마쯤 낙상되었다 합계한다. 나는단 나가 나의 우측 녀석을 만날 까지 그러나 다시어쩌면 나를 사랑하게 다만 두려워한 공포의나의 감각 떠나보내고, 다시 그러나 어쩌면사랑하는 일 것이는 까 왜 s헝이 나에게 고죄할그러나 얼마쯤 너무 위협할 모르십시요 때 나가행복했던 그것을 가지고 갈 수 있는다.


last nite slpt at abt 4.30am. my grandparentz stayed over at my hse last nite. so i cant use da comp. my family was aslp. but im not slpy yet. cant slp. so at abt 2am me n alvin called sheng'z hp den we 3 conference call. alvin left for his beauty slp at 3+pm goin to 4am. me ended da call at abt 4.15am. tiz mornin woke up at 7.20am. slpy. but nvm. loong time nv wake up so early le. lolx. lata me sheng n alvin r meetin up at northpoint goin for mac b'fast tog. den alvin will go to skool. me will go to msia le. sheng sori. asked u wake up so early den gonna leave u alone. [lata we psycho alvin dun go skool lo den can acc u lolx]. k ba. me go prepare. c ya guyz. ^-^

~laUgHed tOo mUch~

last nite slpt at 5am. todae woke up at abt 1pm. left home at 3pm. meet sheng at northpoint. den go xiong'z hse. sheng wanna upload mp3 songz into his mp3 playa. afta tt we watched 'scary movie 4' n a taiwan drama 1st episode. both was funni but lame. xiong wanna charged a movie for $5 per pax sia. lolx. jokin de la. afta watchin we left his hse at abt 6.35pm. me n sheng go northpoint shop ard at popular bookstore n minitoonz. saw da 'voodoo dollz' sellin each for $5.95 @ minitoonz. me read da definationz of all dollz le realli feel like buyin one. but kinda 'scared' tho. [me watched too much scary show le lolx]. alvin joined us there. den we go foodcourt eat. mao den arr. afta eatin we go 111 there play bball. [on our way there we met kiat. he joined us]. me had fun. laughed alot til headache. we played til 9+pm. sat down n rest b4 we left for home at 10+pm. me reached hm b4 11pm. tomoro goin msia wit my mum n grandparentz to stay over til fri den come bac…

~EaSt cOaSt PaRk oUtinG~

slpt at 4+am last nite. was playin ms wit sheng. afta me left le wanna go slp he used my a/c help me up lvl. from lvl 19 (90%) to lvl 22 in an hr plus time. lolx. somemore now got lotza mesos. was surprised to c tt. keke.
tiz mornin woke up 9am. left hm at abt 12.45pm. go 139. we all planned to go east coast park. was a sunny weather when i left hm. when reached 200+ there itz rainin so heavily. so sian diaox. got me so wet. met jiaming at 139. soon, xiong came. den alvin... sheng... mao.. n lastly weijie who came at 2+pm. me soo hungry. we den go northpoint eat. but on da way jiamin suddenly dun feel like goin. he left for home. so da rest of us continue our 'journey'. afta eatin we took mrt to bedok den frm there tk bus 197 go ECP.

above frm left to rite: mao alvin sheng weijie.

above frm left to rite: mao 'sleepin', alvin & me, alvin & weijie, 'edited' pic of weijie sittin on da mrt floor [lolx].

above frm left to rite: we in the mrt [reflection], we wa…

~hEaRt-waRmin DiNnEr~

-- 13 may 2006 --
today woke up at abt 12nn by sheng's sms. he n sha came to my hse at 2+pm. let sheng used my comp. my mum asked me go bake butter cake. den me c sha doin noth. so ask him play ps tog. lolx so happi i win him 2 matches playin 'winning eleven'. keke. later alvin came too. did challenged a lil' wit him. den i let them play. while my dad asked me helped him write chequez. in da evenin we all had dinner tog wit my family sittin tog. hmmm.. wat a heart warmin dinner. all chattin n laughin while eatin. da guyz so funni lo. when sheng said 'he still hungry' , alvin said abt sha's dad, n sha's reaction... lolx damn funni n cute lo. they made my family laughed n my dad almost got choked. keke. afta dinner 8+pm we walked frm my hse to chong pang 139 there meetin mao. he came wit a 'black face' awhile den suddenly left without a word. we played bball there. when finished playin at abt 9+pm goin to 10pm. mao den returned. we chatted. soon af…

~NuRuLz bDay paRti~

-- 12 may 2006 --
left home at 4+pm. took cab down to 139. met sheng n sha. soon me n sheng went to 156 eat. xiong came. alvin came la'er. afta eatin.. we acc xiong go 105 there buy shoez. me saw one tt i like at first sight. finally bot a sport shoez for myself le. afta tt xiong went home. we meet mao at 139. den go tk mrt go cck.

frm left to rite: sheng stand alone (back view), sheng 'jay chou' look, mao dunno doin wat. lolx! candid piCz!

nurul'z bday parti under her blk. rai, reen n minah went tog too. we met at cck mrt station den took bus 300 there. reach at abt 8+pm. we ate. laughed. chatted. n had fun there.

left: nurul (bday gal) & me. rite: (clockwise) me nurul minah reena & rai.

we left at 9.50pm. head bac to yishun. alvin tk bus home frm yishun. me mao kin sheng go northpoint mac eat le den go home. reached home 11.45pm.


ahakz. last nite alvinz internet sot. cant use. sheng went to xiong xiong's hse. we chatted for quite long. we had a 'heart to heart' tok too. hm. we chat til 2+am den play maple. xiong joined in later. til 3.30am me up lvl le den leave. coz late le. slpt at 4+am. tiz mornin my dad woke me up at 9.45am. ZZzzzzz..... so slpy but cant continue my slp le. my family all goin 'Wat Anand' a thai temple at redhill. me not goin. tonite nurulz havin a bday parti. itz her bday parti todae. gonna meet up the galz soon. will be bac for updatez.. ta!

~unDer Da RaiN..~

last nite slpt at abt 3am. todae woke up at abt 1pm. hm... had kinda enuff slp ba. sheng called at 2.30pm. me left home at 3.45pm. me n sheng 'datin'. lolx. acc sheng go 156 eat. den go 139 find sha. lata weijie came. they play bball awhile. when alvin arr. weijie left. "wat is tiz?". nvm. me alvin sheng go northpoint. they go 'boom boom'. me go buy thingz. lata we go 700+ S11 there meet mao. mao's fren 'jessica' came. (da white white gal wit da green green bag-ys) lolx. we all walked to 700+ mac there. me went to buy 'tau sah piah' n 'baoz' for my mum. we were at mac til 9+pm. when we were leavin mac.. it was rainin heavily.. but bo bian.. still hav to go.. we walked under the rain to da bus stop. mao n 'jessica' took bus 171. alvin crossed over took bus home. den me n sheng walked under the rain all da way to yishun mrt. we were all wet lo.. met xiong at mrt there. they den acc me go bus intchg. they both den go their own…

~All i wAn iS ya lOve & caRe.~

You tell me that you love me,
But you never show it.
You tell me you care about me,
But you're never around.

How can you say something,
But can't back it up,
How can you do this to me,
And think I wont care?

Why do you do these things?
Why do you play these foolish games?
Why can't you just really love me,
And stop pretending you do?

All I really want,
Is for you to care about me,
To be with me when I need you,
And never leave me.

.=¤"26 tHinGz tHat a PeRfEct GuY wOuLd dO"¤=.

.=¤"26 Things That A Perfect Guy Would Do"¤=.

1. Know how to make you smile when you are down.

2. Try to secretly smell your hair, but you always notice.

3. Stick up for you, but still respects your independence.......

4. Give you the remote control during the game.

5. Come up behind you and put his arms aroundyou.

6. Play with your hair.

7. His hands always find yours.

8. Be cute when he really wants something.

9. Offer you plenty of massages.

10. Dance with you, even if he feels like a dork.

11. Never run out of love.

12. Be funny, but know how to be serious.

13. Realize he's being funny when he needs to be serious.

14. Be patient when you take forever to get ready.

15. React so cutely when you hit him and it actually hurts.......

16. Smile a lot.

17. Plans a romantic date full of cheesy things he wouldn't normally like to do, just because he knows it means a lot to you.

18. Appreciate you.

19. Help others out.

20. Drive 5 hours just to see you for 1.

21. Always gives you a peck on the…

~haD fUn~

juz came home.. (continue frm previous blog). was at alvin'z hse playin game. sha called alvin'z hp den chat wit me. he so funni de lo. oso kpt callin me 'mummy' lolx. he cute. we laughed alot. hm. sheng played ps2 initial D so 'gan jiong' de.. play until so happi n excited. lolx. me n alvin kpt disturbin, 'suanin' n 'shootin' him todae. keke. den he noth to say will only say 'kao beh la'. lolx. funni lo.. hm. we left alvinz place at abt 10.45pm. sheng sent me home. got home at abt 11.45pm. (coz we waited for the 169 bus for so long). den i gave him a can of drink. he thirsty. hm. tmr maybe goin out. probably itz (again) sheng n me de date. lolx. but not confirm. n 'extra partiez' shld be joinin us too. keke. k gtg. nitEz.

~KfC deLiveRy~

last nite slpt at abt 3am. my mum woke me up tiz mornin at 8am. ZZzzzz.... was so slpy lo... but bo bian.. forced myself up. keke. left home at 9am go hav b'fast n go MOM there wit my parents. afta tt they dropped me off at orchard me wanna go shop for sport shoez. saw one i like but same thinG!! dun hav da rite size for me.... sian diaoz... nvm lo.. me den took mrt bac to yishun wait for sheng. he came at abt 3.15pm. we took mrt to amk station wait for alvin. he went to tk his car basic theory test at yck. while waitin for him me n sheng go eat ice cream. lata he arrived. we go funland. play. sha n his frenz joined us there. afta playin we go eat. sha's frenz left. we eat le we go jln jln ard amk central. me bot a pouch for my 2nd bro. n giftz for my parentz. lolx todae that sha n sheng kpt disturbin me n alvin as couple.. somemore we wear same same white shirt black pantz.. den they took pictures of us tog majiam couple lo.. wat the..... lolx. actually todae supposed to be m…

~miSsiOn impOsSibLe 3~

last nite slpt at abt 3am. woke up at 9.30am. left home abt 11am. met sheng n weijie at time zone. at abt 12+pm go 139 sit awhile. weijie left. met sha. me n sheng feelin so hot... we went up to sha's place. wanted to watch vcdz. but his vcd player smth wrong. cant realli play smoothly. me n sheng watch til 'pek chek' lo coz dun understand the show. den were actually waitin for peirou. den were sooo bored n hot. called alvin to come down. he reached sha's place at abt 1.50pm. we left his place at abt 3pm. go 139 there wait for peirou til 3.30pm. wah since mornin me 'sit' til my butt pain o.. we den go yishun gv watched movie 'mission impossible 3' at 3.40pm de. afta the show.. we go 139 play bball awhile. oni sheng ran ard full court. alvin cant run much. me n peirou slack slack. lolx. aniwae sheng happi can liao. dun mind tiredness de keke. afta the short match we go void deck sit down chit chat lo. til abt 8pm. mao did came awhile but we din tok. dunn…

~wat a Day..~

last nite slpt at 3+am. woke up by sheng's sms at 11+am tiz mornin. me left home at 1pm. go 105 meet sheng. ate lunch. chix noodle. den go buy my mum's food. take away. n 2 slices of 'roasted meat'. den we tk bus to my hse. i let sheng use my comp play ms. he helped me up 1 lvl. den he go play his own charac. while i go kitchen bake cake. when i go bac to da room to c sheng play game.. he said he beri hot.. i juz sat there awhile.. yea itz so hot o.. i c da rm temp.. itz 33°C!! realli hot weather.. so i switched on the air-con for him lo. den i go hav my shower. d@mn hot. my mum cooked dinner. so we eat le at 7+pm walked to northpoint (frm my hse) find alvin. he at time zone. we played 'initial D' racin game. 1st time im playin. like sh*T lo. lolx. den later weijie n mao came. we all go 156 eat. but oni mao n alvin ate. coz we eat le. afta eatin we go 139 slack lo. i left the place at 10.15pm wit alvin. he acc me wait for bus. me got home at abt 10.30pm.

[[wat d…


last nite slpt at 4+am. stayed up to finish 'ball's' presentation project. woke up 9.45am tiz mornin. left home at abt 11.45am. go 139. meet da guyz. they havin bball trainin. me play a lil'. den c them play match. slack here n there. we planned to go east coast park todae de but was cancelled last min. coz they got bball trainin til dunno wat time le. our plan wasnt realli scheduled. sad thing. tot todae gonna be fun. but was sian lo. aniwae laughed alot wit teow kiat, jia ming n xiong todae. was so hungry thru out da day. only until evenin we go 105 eat. me ate duck rice. den we go opp blk void deck sit down slack. til my bro n sis came to fetch me home. reached hm at abt 9pm.

~tOk cRaBxx~

woke up 11+am. recieved an email frm 'ball' askin me to help him do his presentation abt singapore. i did a lil'. searched for info. at 4pm me left home. go 111 meet alvin n weijie. we sat down chit chat. at abt 6pm we go 700+ there eat kfc. when we abt to cross da rd, dunno wat happen suddenly da 2 guyz so funni. wj kpt approachin alvin den alvin kpt avoidin him. lOlx. itz tt wj suddenly go hold alvin'z hand for nth. lolx. so funni.... hm. afta eatin we den walk bac to 111. at 7+pm sheng n xiong came. n mao too. at 8pm we go northpoint. time zone. they play 'initial D' racin game. til abt 9.30pm. me n alvin acc mao go hm tk his laptop. sheng acc weijie go eat. afta tt they walked me bac to northpoint coz me gonna help my bro buy macnugget. they oso acc me wait for bus b4 they left. me reach home abt 11pm. tomoro meetin them again. okie. gotta continue wit my fren'z project le. tata~


last nite slpt at 3+am. woke up 7+am tiz mornin. left home at abt 8+am wit my parentz. go sin ming there eat the 'beri bagus' crispy roti prata. asked my 2nd elder bro to join us there too. afta tt go Capitol tower. had an appointment wit lawyer desmond tan at 11am. finish le den go my dadz office. slack a lil' there lo. used comp. go online awhile. left at abt 3pm. go northpoint. me go c c for sport shoez. saw one i like. but da man say ttz da last pair. dun hav my size. n is for 'junior' aniwae. -_-". nvm. me go causeway point look ard for shoez. adidas. vanz. so ex. but saw one i liked. same thing dun hav my size. da size there too big for me.. duhx. sian diao. cant get a shoe for myself man. nvm lo next time go orchard den buy. me met up mao afta his skool at 5+pm. den tk bus 969 go yishun/chong pang blk 111. meet weijie. den go 105 eat. me ate glutinous rice ballz. soon afta, sheng joined us. afta eatin we go 111 there play bball. alvin came la'er. to…

~m3 gOt pUnChed in Da faCe man..~

woke up 11am. got a missed call from ys at 8.20am. he came my hse at abt 1.45pm. we played maple. he helped me turned into magician. hm. he den play his own charac from 3+pm til 5+pm. at 6pm he allowed me to cut his hair. muahaha. yea i realli did. his hair is so long lo... now short short. lookz more nicer. neater. younger. lolx. hm. i took quite a long time tho. cut hair le.. den he tk shower.. oredi goin to 8pm le. we left hm at 8.30pm. go meet mao n weijie at 139. me hungry. we go 156 kopitiam. me n ys tot of eatin char kway teow. but was closed. so we walked bac to 139. we play bball. wit my emtpy stomach. todae me scored quite a no. of shotz. but was kinda unlucky tho. alwayz kena hit by ppl or ball or even myself de. while in da game, wj stood in da middle of me n mao. da ball reboundz. wj n mao jumped for da ball. i got punched in da face by wj. oh man was so pain i squatted on da floor. cldnt control my tearz. bo bian. endin up my tearz rollin down. but juz a while to get me …

~i wAn a nEw PaiR Of spOrtz shoEz..~

--3 May 2006--[12.29am]
woke up abt 11am. use comp. left home abt 3+pm. meet sheng n weijie at northpoint. they challenged 'initial D' racin game at time zone while i watched along. played til 4.30pm. we walked to blk 149. sat down chit chat. mao called. hez comin over. alvin too. so while waitin for 'em we go jln jln ard da CARPARK. juz to observe carz n so.. lolx. we tok abt diff brandz.. ys's fav subaru.. honda.. n a weird brand 'applause'. lolx. den we returned to 149 wait. pei rou n her sis joinin us too. lolx funni lo. ys alwayz disturb me n wj now ive got a chance to disturb him n pei rou. keke. aniwae we were all kidd ba. we all go northpoint eat. me were so hungry le. we ate yoshinoya. me gave ys a treat coz he play game til no money le. n he haben eat since mornin lo. hm. me not tt bad to see my fren go hungry like tt. afta eatin we walked to 139 played bball. my.... we juz eat full full den go play bball o. luckily my stomach din achez. was fun tho. h…

~PizZa & iCe crEam.~

left home at abt 6pm afta havin my dinner. went to s11 kopitiam opp yishun mrt meet sheng xiong n weijie. hm. long time din c xiong da ge le. they were eatin there. ys started disturbin me n wj again. duhx. lolx. finished le we walked to blk 111 find mao. hez there alone. playin wit his laptop. i owe sheng 3 barz of cadbury milk choco bitz. keke coz i ate his 3 small bitz of choco. 1 'bitz' = 1 bar. lolx. hm. they were playin bball. as i watched along. hm. i left them at 7.10pm. walked to yishun mrt. took da train down to orchard. lucky plaza. pizza hut. ravin 'darlinx', ah fang, sandra 'chu' n shida is there le. wanna celebrate chu'z bday (for tiz comin fri de). darlinx treat us eat pizza hut. den he left. tink go meet his gf ba. den we go jln jln at far east plaza. shop le we go Gelare eat freshly baked waffle w/ ice cream. ttz my treat.

we shared the big waffle as we were so full lo. den we chat chat laugh along. we left town at 10+pm. shida n chu workin …


last nite slpt at 3+am. woke up at 10 tiz mornin by my eldest bro'z call. he came at 11am. brot me to middle rd. inspiration design skool. filled up a request form for full corz fees refund. afta tt we go bugis junction. take away some foodz n stuffz home. i juz finished my tori-Q don. hm. tink later at nite gonna meet my hotel frenz. celebratin sandraz bday ba. hm. will be bac later.

~BeGinnin Of mapLe StOry.~

lolx. hm. todae is labOur Day. tiz mornin woke up 8.40am. left home at abt 10am wit my parentz n elder sis. went to my grandparentz hse at jurong west. den at 12+pm we left. go find uncle ricky. his hse at jurong westwood. den go to thomson plaza. ate there. me ate ramen. jln jln ard. til abt 4pm. went home. waited for alvin n da guyz to come over my hse to 'cure' my maple thingy. wait wait wait.. heavy rain.. they haben come. so me go bathe. they came at 5+pm. maO sheng weijie alvin. im still havin my shower when they came. my parentz chat wit them. i heard their loud laughterz. 'hmmm.. watz goin on..?' i tink. my mum told me they were tellin my parentz tt weijie likez me (jokingly). lolx. notti them. my dad joined them too. duhx.. haha. hm. yEa yea. so happi finally my maple can play le. alvin juz disabled the firewall. hm. me did helped him wit his blog. change the skin. he lovez yuna. hm. created my maple charac le but hav yet to start playin. we left home at 7+pm.…