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~Nobodys dont blame me for being a someone~

our viwawa date was postponed. last min. to next friday. =.="
me prepared hao le wor... luckily im gonna go out still. to the career fair.

i left home at 5+pm.
reach city hall. was finding my way to the convention hall with the help of signs.
thanks toStarbucks.
coz i entered suntec. n walked straight. passed by starbucks.
i turned back. felt like having my favourite drink.
i bought it le. walked out. n i saw the convention centre.
if i didnt turn back to starbucks, i will walk straight to dunno where le. lol.

went up. followed the signs.
whoa. level 6 lo!!! the escalator.... so high!!
from level 4 straight to level 6. somemore so 'open'.
i darent look down..

saw the Career Fair le. registered. got that sticker. n entered.
i walked around. there's this man, in his 50s, dealing blackjack.
i looked up. and saw "Boston Business School".
i was like... wOooo.......
a guy gave me their flyers/brochure, with a $500 cash chip, free!

i continued walking. looking around.
couldnt see any…

~The most valuable things in life will NEVER have a price tag.~

oh ya. i've been forgetting to post something.
rem the job i mentioned earlier that im gonna pei siwei work de?
i didnt go le.
papa & jiejie advised me not to.
long hours. papa scared i faint.
event job for golf competition. means gonna stay under the hot burning sun.
jiejie said i might get bad headache. migraine.
so..... never go le.
lol. im still slacking lo....

hmphx. MOE dun wan me.....
i wanna be relieve teacher lo...
too bad.

any childcare centre lobang?!?! anyone??? plz let me know.
i wanna play with kids. tho im not experienced. but i wanna try.
see if they can test my patience. LOL~ =x

hmm. Da Insanerz havent meet up for months le leh!!
chou ah baO! plan plan plan. plan til where wor. kookoo~
i miss clubbing with u guys nah.... xP
somemore days ago,
ber told me that next outing he'll bring us go eat nice food wor.
dunno wat skyway to heaven la. lol.
shit ah bao. gonna CHASE him to plan le. grrr...

i've updated my viwawa's wawa, Xiao Cai.
cUte ma?? heex.

and i've just painte…

~im back!! anyone missed me?!~

i came across this photo of me while browing thru my photo palace.
in year 2006/07 ba.
LOL~ damn i used to be a L Lawliet's craze.
i even imitated him lo. lol........

juz got back from msia. feeling so shag.... =.=

haven been there for more den a month le....
see!!! so many le!!!! papayaz......xD

yesterday went to perm my hair. RM200.

my straight hair....

digital perm~

den drove mummy go makan.
OREO cookies & cream. grilled fish fillet.

damn i've been eatin lotz. especially in msia.
i'll alwaez gain weight after visiting msia. SOB!

i starting snappingz when i got home. lol.

laugh at my snapshots ba.
lol. kookoo faces. xDD

im back in curls again!
i like messy hair. hEex.

~KIDS these days.~

this morning CZ til 'bout 7am.
waking up at 4.30pm.

itz been so long since i last got pissed off by freaks in cz game.

was playing in RIP server.
all was killed except for me & one opponent.
and of coz all others (dead) would be watching us play.
not surprisingly i was killed.
just for that, a freak said "missy sucks la".
i replied "ya i suck, so??"
know what that dirty freak said?!
"give me a blowjob den"
whoa. fcuk! so no manners. no respect. kaOx.
parents never teach or wat sia...
some other players scolded him too.

later. opponent team was left with him.
i found him HIDING somewhere & got him killed.
for THAT, he said i HACK lo!! lmao.
1st time seh, was suspected a hacker. lol.
those regular players from public gave a -_-" expression.
as they know obviously im not a hacker.
oh man... i dunno even know HOW to hack lo. grrr.
somemore that kid said he got evidence & witnesses. that i am a hacker.
so i asked "evidence plz?"
he said "u hack. f…

~we may not have tomoro. but we have yesterday...~

with my family....
we attended the (Worker's Party) Hougang Lunar New Year dinner.
held yearly at hougang area.

there's lion dance.
and through-out the whole dinner session, involves Karaoke (open for all).
and duing interval breaks, they have lucky draws, etc.
and we juz enjoyed the dinner listening to the different kinda singings.
den MP Low Thia Kiang would go around all tables shaking hands & yaam seh-ing.

psycho-ed my korkor go up there to sing 一难忘. he dun wan. paiseh. xD

korkor snapped me. =.=
i know. look like ghost.

i find that this kinda 'event dinner'.....
karaoke, is better den those bidding in.
in a sense that.... music is gonna be better den loud shoutings.
becoming a barrier in talking conversations. yea? hEex

aniwae. nothing much for today.

and as u can see......
my blog's main picture. is NEW to u.
i've just changed it.
my newly created "Corkboard - People in my life".
there's still many other nice frens that'z not posted up there.
i have too m…

~laoda's invitation to chalet.~

juz got home 'bout an hour ago.
gonna recall & blog about yesterday.

Thursday (yesterday).
met up gary & kai 1+pm @ Jurong East mrt stn.
walked to IMM. had our lunch there. BK.
den went shopping. Daiso!! hEex.
the guys poor thing la. tagged along with me. den kinda 'sian sian'. lol.
most guys are like that. shopping scare them off. xP
i bought some nail art bling blings.

we den went to Giant. bought drinks & tidbits to the chalet de.
4pm. we walked to The Chevrons.

laoda's parents & other relatives checked-in the chalet le.
the chalet Unit.

they were mahjong-ing.
the MJ pros?

we den went upstairs rest.
the room on the 2nd floor.
'main hall', taken from 2nd floor's room.
out the chalet units is the pool.
*juz a snap.

bought these from IMM. so fulll......

laoda they all haben come. we dunno wat to do. so we explored the place.
i went to use the stationed computer to browse the net etc.
these guys slacked here. gary still put in coins for the massage lo. =.=&qu…

~Never regret anything or anyone that once made u smile~

reached Lavender @ 6.15pm.
siwei came awhile later.
i bought 2 Mr. Bean pancakes. choco + cheese. yummy.

laoda late. we waited til..... 6.40pm?

we took bus 145. alighted out Eminent Plaza.
looking around for the right place. but salah. U-turn back.
lavender St. towards Balestier? (din went to eat the famous Bak Kut Teh tho xD)

found it!
[siwei's cousin's fren got lobang on this 9 days event job]

went upstairs.
there were quite a number of people there le. interviewing.
we filled up our applications too. and waited...

saw this cardboard poster.
wondering if they have events for CS? lol....

laoda & wei wei.

laoda was talking (seriously) to siwei.
a bunch of guys came. cramped outside the door (of the room we're in).
the whole picture looked like as if laoda is the interviewer.
siwei is the interviewee.
me, taking care of application forms (i was looking at mine tho).
and da guys are waiting to approach laoda. lol.
LOL~ funny la.

later that dude named.... water? he gave us a short briefing o…