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~I'm walking on a long path to nowhere...~

~*HaPpi BiRthDay tO Sheng, Louis, and Claire!*~

was cam whoring at work xP

my dad. my korkor.

mummy came to the office this afternoon. had lunch together.
den she helped to clean n tidy up the office a lil'.

took train down to Bugis after work.
met up clement, chiang & mao @ Bugis Junction.
walked around a lil'.
i fell in love at first sight with a shirt @ I.P.Zone. and i bought it. =D

zho bo-ing

went to reserve a table @ Seoul Garden.
while waiting for our table, we waited for THE REST to arrive.
sheng the birthday boy, his gf yanhong, clement's gf peirou (yanhong's sis), shigong, alvin, xiong, and his gf yiyun.
a total of ELEVEN of us.

received a call from Seoul Garden. they've got our table ready.

No. of pax: 11
Total bill: est. S$326.95 ('bout S$29.70/pax)

were all busy cooking & eating.

we are the CARNIVORES.

wah sadded sia. i placed in my bunch of chickensssss onto the sizzling pan.
but whenever i wanna eat 'em, itz gone. again & again. 'bout thri…

~When you walk away, I count the steps that you take...~

today i've finally started to use my facial products.

hope it'll wash away my tears stain....
LOL EMO~ xD joking la.... =)

went to work as usual today.

today is ball's first day of internship in Cha'am.
hope u'll pass this stage. time will fly.
all the best yo~

these two days i haven been hanging out. i rested at home.
tomoro im gonna meet my 'hometown' kias liao.
coz itz sheng's birthday. gonna go makan @ Bugis. =D

~Be TRUE to me. or juz leave... dont hurt me please.~

this morning went to Malaysia with my parents, my eldest bro & my sis.

was like so nice. going out together as a family.
tho my korkor didnt join us.

in my malaysia house.

my dad was cutting down all those banana leaves.
i played with the huge leaves. trying to use it to 'fan' them. but to no avail xP
my eldest bro, sis & me helped to throw them a distance away.
they dragged out bunches of huge leaves
while i carried some & ran after them like a lil' girl =.=
picking up those small one they dropped behind too. =D

papaya~ pineapple~ baby mangoes~

B A N A N A S.

got back Singapore in the late afternoon.
went to Ong's dormitory. mummy bought things for him.
[coz we really sympathise on his working condition in Singapore. as he is intro-ed into singapore to work by ajan too. and with his current condition (under other company), we wished we could help in any way. hmphx]

we den had our dinner back in yishun.
before heading home.......

now i'm watching the Formula 1 Race in S…

True beauty comes from deep in the soul.. Facial Beauty is Just An Empty Shell.

this morning i overslept. papa oso didnt wake me up T_T
he could still called me in the afternoon saying that my "BOSS" asked him where am i, why didnt go to work, wanna cut my pay liao how. LOL. funny la. crap.

met up chiang & weijie @ Northpoint, 12noon.
took bus 85 to Sengkang CC.
played badminton from 12+pm - 2pm.
[didnt know that shigong & sheng were waiting for my call =.= i thought they dun feel like comin so i never call ma... ala shigong never request morning call.... lol]

went to Compass Point. settled down at Burger King. had some drinks.
and suddenly felt like eating this Hershey's Sundae Pie.

soooo long didnt eat that le.

EMO kias~
Emo chiang.
Emo R@in.
weijie act emo but 'arhm chio'. lol!

took bus 965 back to yishun.
challenged Initial D (stage 3) with weijie.
3 rounds. i won him all. yay~ xP
weijie headed home after that.

weijie dun emo ok. i win u Initial-D only.
still got bowling, pool & CS. can challenge me muahaha~

me & chiang had our lunch atL…