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~Final Assessment OVER!!!~

2 and a half hours of sleep. ZZzzz.... -_-

7.30am. korkor drove me to northpoint.
i took train to Toa Payoh. wanna catch the 0840 turf city shuttle bus.

i reached there at 0810. -_-" so early.....
so i went to have Mac breakfast.
rarely would i eat out alone de o. majiam lonely. lol

0835 went to catch da bus.
adriano already in da bus le. boO~
da skool cleaner auntie oso take that bus de o.
about 0845. den the driver drove off.
traffic jam. reached turf city 0910. early o... =)
croupier & kai already there le.
croupier no. 1
kai xun no. 2
rain cai no. 3
booked our queue no. with adriano. ^-^

many of my classmates came before 10am too by cabbie.
but by 10am, da queue is already about no. 15 le. xD
luckily i took the toa payoh bus. =P

practised a lil'. dressed up in full attire.
here goes. the Final Assessment for Batch 05/07
[ala.. mentioning about batch number. that time were chipping together with da 2 newer batch 07/07 & 09/07. den i forgot ignatius or raj or adriano said "ok! batc…

~thankx for acting like u care~

had lecture this morning.

surprisingly. i didnt doze off o... =D
i brought mentos gums. sour liquid candy. n roy bought lollipopz.

oh yea. croupier helped me bought the 3-in-1 laptop care pad.
=D thankiex.

settled down at the bak kut teh kopitiam.
da uncle [i tink is da boss] came to take our order.
rain: "uncle i want bak kut teh & braised pig trotter, dun wan too oily ones."
uncle: "dun order so many la. order simple one. too many cannot finish."
in my mind i was like WTF. got such thingyz?! i pay $$ to eat leh.
[laoda ordered pig trotter in da first place le]
den laoda said to me "u wan bak kut teh? we order & share lo."
uncle: "ya la. so he (laoda) take bak kut teh u (me) take pig trotter lo"
laoda was like... WTF oso. LOL~ we all were like -_-"
itz his memory no good cant manage to remember so many orders or wat sia.
damn la. me & laoda want pig trotter each, & bak kut teh extra order.
in e end we got it right. duh!

quite expe…

~i was sent from my magical land~

had heavy breakfast this morning.
CQYD (sesame flavor) instant noodle. my favourite.
this morning met up jace at amk as usual for the shuttle bus. he was standing there. i approached. n AS USUAL, he see me, no reaction, no greeting. duhx. den was drizzling. i turned and told him itz raining. but he treated me like... I'M INVISIBLE. 1stly, he listening to his mp3. 2ndly, he alwaez show his act cool face. so dao~ see liao oso dulan nor. these 2 causes communication barriers. wat to do? so i went under the shelter myself. later vik came. asked y i stand here & he stand there. he was like dunno. den smile smile. (his face changed immediately when he sees others). fcuk. only vik visible to him huh. nvm. im used to it. den later in bus. normally he would sit wit me de. but today. going to skool & going back after back, he sit alone opposite me. hell~ watz going on. know wat? this reminds me of ROY. U, are like him. happy happy sit tog. not happy sit somewhere else. fcuk. i stink…

~hmphx. stomach pain pain.... =( ~

saturday slept til 5.30pm. so nice... lol.

but last night couldnt sleep. only until about 5.30am.
and woke up at 9am this morning. -_-

went to Malaysia.
long time no drive le. and i got to drive today.
somehow i like to give way to Singapore cars. altho i drive JB car there.
1stly, 'own people' ma...
2ndly, singaporeans are more polite & they do give way too. =)

i bought some PC games.

- The Sims 2 Seasons

- The Sims 2 Bon Voyage

- Resident Evil: Extinction

- Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended

to my disappointment..
the Resident Evil game.not nice.
and the Photoshop, cannot install.

i wanna buy many movie dvdz. but....
the movies i want....
either dont have or quality not clear.

- Halloween
- The Game Plan
- Unrest
- Stardust
- Enchanted
- Dragon Wars

the shop was showing the Dragon Wars trailer. which caught my eyes.
and made me added it into my 'wanted list'. =)

tomoro back to skool le...
and wednesday will be my Final Assessment.

~i shouldnt give a damn about what people say. coz i know where i stand~

mummy cooked dinner last night.
including fried fish.

i ate it.
to my surprise....
da bones are blue blue de wor....

hope itz not poisonous. =

this morning.
bought a pack of WarHeadssour sweets.
just to prevend myself from dozing off.

i felt better in skool.
being da cheerful me. =D
emo-ing is tiring. and not enjoyable.
smiling & laughing makes me feel 'light at heart'. ^-^

ahakx. adriano eyez small small.
sleepless night. coz of his lil' baby. woooaaaa...... *cries*

jaceheuer & siweiconned me so 'prodedly' lor...
i fell asleep in class during lecture. (da sour sweets din help)
sorrie Ricky but... i just couldnt control le. were dozing off. -_-

den when i woke up, i saw my name written on da whiteboard.
i asked jace whatz that all about.
during breaktime,
he explained to me that itz about the upcoming Mock Casino thingy.
saying that Ricky appointed me to be one of da leader.
jace himself & heuer are under me. (heuer 'added salt & pepper' & agreed).
siwei said…

~i hate today~

HE Grenade & Flashbang being thrown at + feeling down = HURT

hurt + pessimistic me = EMO

complicated Supervisory module + couldnt catch up = LEFT BEHIND

left behind + confusions = STRESSED UP


but i wont give up.
i will practise more. catching up with everyone.
and I CAN DO IT.

and guyz. are alwaez so insensitive.
hurting people without knowing.
but laoda is alwayz da one noticing.
he knows da emo me. *-*

~you made me feel left out~

13 hours of sleep. whooaaa..... =D
waking up at 5pm todae.

mummy bought 2 army camou shirt from hatyai. yea yeaH~
and a pinky shoulder bag. ^-^

watched another movie dvd.


a ghost story.
The Dolphin Hotel invites you to stay in any of its stunning rooms.
Except one.
[Quality: ★★★★★]

anyone want? grab it before itz taken!! =)

~treat me like a rose~

jason burnt for me a dvd of The Sims 2 expansion/stuff packs. =D
but not sure if i can install n play...

in skool. feeling sleepy n tired again.
laoda & me were dozing off in fronda Bonnie & Ricky. xP
luckily he didnt scold. =P
too tired nah. drink Nescafe Mocha. oso like that. -_-Zzz....

lunchtime gave darlin vik his birthday gift in advance. (for tomoro).
we bought him a headphone with microphone.
so that he can join us in da conversation fun while playing CS. xD
hmphx. feelin down. dunno why. what am i to ya'll. a lil' child? a girl for another planet? a brainless girl? im just someone who isnt smart & knows nothing to ya'll ba. wat kinda friend am i to ya'll? hmphx. i dunno. yesh i have got low self esteem. i know im not good looking. or ugly, to u guyz. i dont have a hot body. i dont wear sexy clothes. izzit that u guyz will treat me differently if i am pretty & sexy?? do u treat ya friend differently by looks? yesh i am pessimistic. negative thinking. sen…

~once broken, consider sold~

sleepy sleepy.... -_-
slept at 4+am last night.

woke up at 7+am.
made breakfast for doggie marco.
and made bread with egg for myself.
gave darlinx vik & laoda a wake up call.

today. beginning of Supervisory course.
morning were lectured by Ricky.
tired... vik & me wanna sleep o... (we CS-ed til 3am last night)
me were dozing off. seeing da projector screen da words everywhere. xD
(laoda UP de lo. sat behind. put da file on his lap. looked down. ZZzzz... lol)

when Ricky was explaining about the Cash Box....
he asked: "what if the cash box is broken?"
Rain: "considered sold". LOL
dunno why those words come automatically from me.
luckily only jace heard me. xP

12noon. lunchtime.
gave jace da birthday gift we bought.
a BillaBong wallet.

jace transfering his cards, $$, etc from his old wallet to da new one.
hope he likes it. =)

after lunch. outta class le. practical.
whoa. me really beri beri sleepy today o.....
Bonnie were explaining & demonstrating this & that...
we were all …

~in da forest only they can hear you scream~

~*HaPpi BiRthDae J[Ace] lOng JiawEi!!*~

last night worked midnight shift. [CS-ed til 5am. xD]

woke up at 12noon today.
spent time watching dvd movies.

Resident Evil: Extinction

horror. thrill. zombies. fear. future.
a nice one. i love zombiez movies.
[Quality: ★★★☆☆]
(da quality not that clear in dark places. but good enough tho)

The Condemned

finally i get to watch this which i've bought long time ago. hmphx.
GOOD show. but very sadist nah. that TV producer named Brekel.
treated human lives like a gameplay. that isnt cool at all.
but itz great that Stone Cold Steve Austin was da last man standing. =D
[Quality: ★★★★★]

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

6 young people participated in da Apocalypse survivor camp.
along with the TV host, camcorder etc.
winner walks away with $100,000.
da game was held in a wasteland.
a forest with no animals at all. freaky huh?
there lived a family of zombiez-like freakz.
they looked scary & disgusting & ugly.
da ending... those grinded & minced human flesh & thick …

~The Marine. Submarine. not Sub-marine. hEex~

i overslept this morning. =X
alarm set 10am. woke up 12noon. -_-
luckily wasnt late. ^-^

met up croupier at yishun mrt. 1.05pm.
went down to Bugis.
we were early. so we went to The Wallet Shop.
da bag i was targeting. pink & white Le Coq Sportif. sold out le. =(
den croupier bought a card holder.
2pm. met up jace.

we walked to 四马路 (Si Beh Lor <-- hokkien).
my first time being at the Guan YinTemple.
was crowded o...
we pray pray...

den walked to Burlington Square.
had lunch. Burger King.
i ate SWISS BK Chicken meal. yum yUm~

jace & croupiermam mam...

headed to Sim Lim Square. <-- our destination

da guyz explained this n that to me about hardware, software etc.
my enrichment outing. xD

den jace spotted a mini Mahjong set. so cute o.....
we bought it at S$15.90 each.
see how small it is. by comparing a tile to my finger.

about 5pm. we met up laoda at Bugis Junction.
chilled out atTCC - the coffee connoisseur.

iced water served.

laoda had this chilli beef dunno what de soup.

and had this main course…

~What goes around comes around~

~HaPpi BiRthDay tO NiC trOn~

met up my SHATEC senior Edmund at amk this morning.
to return him something i borrowed from him since last year. =P

i gave jace a brand new earpiece. Sennheiser earphone. (costs about S$20+)
which i got it when i bought my mp3.
since he helped me lotz with my computer stuffz, etc.
i know he had a hard time. xP so jus give him. as he needed one. =)

since yesterday. my skool has a very bad sourish smell.
today. me jace & croupier were at da roulette table.
croupier suddenly smell something wrong. he thot it was from me. =[
i smelt it too. it smells like.... spoilt food or vegetables or wat.urGh~
we asked samantha our skool's receptionist, she said someone from Batch 03/07 vomitted during their graduation day on wed.
wth~ vommited in skool.... entrance somemore... carpeted floor somemore....
dun try to be a good drinker den ended up throwing up ma....
gonna be embarrassing de lo.. -_-
graduated = not coming back skool.
graduation day = last day back in skool.
u no nee…

~I must take the baby steps 'til I'm full grown~

~*haPpi biRthDae tO RonaLd hO*~

this mornin sumann & i were walking to yishun mrt station.
he was walking behind.
so i turned around (while walking) to see where he is.
right.... dun have...
left.... hm. there is he. we smiled.
i turned back looking straight.... damn! *emergency break*
i grabbed hold of the pole.
i almost knocked onto it nor. was so close. so malu.
sumann was laughing away. xD

i brought those dvdz that came together with my lappy for jace to see.
finally. my back up recovery drive thingy solved.
those dvdz are da back up dvdz. =)

today in skool.
learnt a new game.
Carribean Stud Poker.
an interesting game tho. for both player & da dealer.

our trainer Rajan was introducing & explaining that game to us.
when he was shuffling da cards.. doing da Chemy part...
marco: "hurh hurh. like making roti prata."
LOL~ funny la. really looks like making prata nor. he's indian somemore. xD

croupier brought 3 unused dvdz for me. he got lotz. =)

on my way home in yishun.
met May on …

~mummy char bee hoon todae!! i l0v3 it~

learnt a new game. Casino War.
da simplest game in casino.
so easy to deal. fast game pace too. not much brain cells needed. hEex.

we den practised BlackJack.

we had western foodiez for lunch~
Hawaii'sFish & Chips @ S$3.90

after lunch time.
siweilaoda jace & me joined icesusu & andy in da game of....
a new game for me. quite fun too. ^-^

2pm croupier den come. busyman. xD

were practising & slacking.
laoda played with my handphone. n recorded a short clip.
croupierme jace & kai were talking cock.
jace: "capabilty. repeat after me. say capabilty."
rain: "capabilty~"
den they laughed. croupier said coz of my 'tune'? lol....
[PS: do pause/stop my blog's song to watch video]

not long after.. kai & laoda left.

not many people in skool o.
so sianx. nothing much to do oso. own practise. chipping chipping chipping.

going home time. itz funny la.
croupier wanna go City Hall. we advised him to take the Toa Payoh shuttle bus which is d…

~ni pian ren de lo...~

-this is da 700th post of this blog.-

~*haPpi BiRthDae Min miN*~

this mornin. was using my hair dryer (as usual).
so careless.
i brought da back of da hair dryer too close to my hair.
and. my hair got stuck. i tried pulling them out.
but still left with strands of hair stucked in there.
got no choice. i used scissors. =(

i continued using da hair dryer.
*sniff sniff*.... burning smell.
and da hair dryer stopped working. =(

met up sumann & went to skool as usual.

~Back To School~
da skool's atmosphere was different.
many people. den usual.
a number of people were sitting at da reception.
oh..... new batch of students have just joined.
Batch 09/07. about 11 people nia.
full time students are getting fewer. compared to our batch & previous ones.

and oh yea.
adrianO back to morning shift le.
sam took shuttle bus with us this morning. he's back to full time shift [i hope?]

aniwae. todae we learnt da game of Tai Sai.
only got to deal once.
da rest of da time? practising Roulette.

next …

~The Sims 2 & Barbie Collectionz~

were browsing around for PC games. and i realised.
The Sims 2 Expansion Packs has been updating every now and then.
[itz one of my favourite game!]
& da latest one is Bon Voyage.
so many New ones which i havent seen.
so many new ones i missed out.
hmphx... those arent cheap tho.
one would cost you about S$50.

herez da list of The Sims 2 Expansion packs.

i've only got Open for Business.

besides the Expansion Packs, there are Stuff Packs too.

these cost about S$30 each.
i havent get any of 'em.

next, itz Barbie~
i have yet to watch many of da Barbie Movies. like.....
- Barbie In The Princess & The Pauper
- Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
- Barbie In The Nutcracker

and recently i spotted the latest one.
- Barbie as The Island Princess -
[PS: remeber to pause/stop my blog's music to watch video]

wanna go msia & buy. gonna collect them all. =D

~where is Rain?!?!~

~*haPpi BirthDay jiE Jie!*~

this mornin. with alarms set at 7am. gonna meet jace at 9+am.

mummy came into my room.
i woke up. saw my alarm clock. itz TWO.
i asked her "what time izzit?!?!"
[praying that itz 2AM eventho i saw da brightness outside the window.]
mama: "itz 2 la. afternoon la..."

whoa damn!!!! i jumped outta bed. bouncing around like a big baby.
"mummy.... y never wake me up... y never wake up me..... huh....." -_-,
i was soooo bloody LATE!
i switched on my handphone. -11 messages-
smses & missed calls from jace, croupier, laoda.
i called laoda immediately.
they were playing LAN games le.

i faster prepared myself & 'pia' cab down.
heavy rain. couldnt ask cabbie uncle to drive faster.
in da cab den i read all those smses received.
jace missed da amk bus coz no one came.
croupier said he & jace at turf city le. but were not allowed to be in skool.
laoda said i put jace & croupier aeroplane.. where i MIA to..

hmphx. feeling so bad o... and s…