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~LoVe iS dEaD, iN mY hEaD...~

Love is a word expressing feeling
But now day's people use it as if it had no meaning
This is sad I'll tell you why
Now this word makes people cry
It used to bring us tears of joy
But now it's just a hurting toy
People say it then take it back
With no promise, just like that
People say it to get what they want
And then they say, "I love you not."
I wish this word could mean what it means to me
Or maybe this is how it's just going to be
And the true meaning of this word inside my head
is now and forever truly dead! bored here..but luckily therez EuRo 2004 havin on great man..everyday slept at abt 4.30am.. if got extra-time + penalty-kicks i gotta sleep at abt 5.30am. Da feelin is so good man wen i feel so tired..go into my room..den SLEEP!! lolz...den i gotta wake up at abt 2-3pm..keke...wat a sleepin rabbit..^-^ but me sooo happi coz portugal is into da semi-final!! gotta support dem wit all my 'energy' against the netherlands...protugal! portugal! portugal gotta win!! gO Go gO!! yEa man..keke...after Euro 2004..comin up next is 'Copa America Cup'!! startin 6th July..26 LIVE matches!! so exciting man... gotta catch dem! but by da time, skool reopens le...dun hav much time to jap aunt comin bac tis fri! gotta be great & hav so much fun! ok gtg le yo..tAtA..

~| hUrT sOo MuCh...~

The pain I feel
Can not be forgotten
So great and so deep
A love that went rotten

I hurt so much
I want to die
There's no life in me
It's all said good-bye

My heart literally aches
It feels as if it has burst
Each piece showing a sad story
Of a lonely girl full of hurt

I don't know what to do
I don't know where to turn
I just know one thing...
The hurt inside really burns

I need help
But where do i go
I am dead inside
The hurt is all that ever shows...

~dA p@iN i fEeL BeNeAtH...~

LiViNg a LiFe tHaT i cAnT LeAvE BeHiNd...
bUt i cAnT tAkE iT aNyMoRe...
i'M gOiN cRaZy eAcH dAy...
bUt tHaTz dA wAy tHaT iT gOeS...
& nObOdY kNoWz...
EvErYdAy, mY dEaTh iS dRaWiNg nEaReR...
i'M oN mY wAy...
tO dA tRiP tO tHe hEaVeN...
GoD, pLz tAkE mE fAr aWaY...
tO dA FuTuRe wE wiLL gO...
wHeRe iT LeAdz, nO oNe kNoWz...
sO mUm, DaD, dEaR fReNz...
dUn m|z mE...

~*LiFe |s FuLL oF sAdNeSs...bUt...*~

mY pAsT t|mEz R fuLL oF sAdnEsS...MoSt oF dA t|m3 iS LoVe pRobLemz...LaSt t|m3 eVeRyDaY i wiLL gEt sAd oVeR t|z gUy...tT gUy...aNd oSo...gOt hUrT dEePLy bY mAnY PeEpz..tHeY bRoKe mY hEaRt..tOrE iT aPaRt...i wAs s|cK & t|rEd oF aLL t|z tOoPiD tHiNgZ...sO FiNaLLy..i tEll mYseLf..iTz nOt wOrTh iT gEtTiN sAd oF aLL t|z tHiNgZ & mAkiN mY dAyZ bAd...i cAnT cOnTiNuE dOiN tT.. fAc|nG dA wOrLd w|tHoUt a sMiLe..sO i sToP cRy|n..w|pEd mY tEaRz wHiCh iS roLLiN dOwn mY cHeEkz..sTaNd uP sTrOnG oN mY fEeT..LoOk aHeAd..& sTeP iNtO mY 'nEw' liFe..i teLL mYseLf..tHeRe R mAnY th|ngZ ouT tHeRe wa|tiNg fOr mE tO dO & cOmpLeTe...

fRoM dEn oN...mY hEaRt iS 'dEaD'...i gOt nO moRe 'fEeLiNgz'.. mAyBe i rEaLLy gOt huRt dEepLy..& i dUn wAn tT tO hApPen aGa|n cOz i wUn bE abLe tO tAkE iT...sO...i jUz lEaVe dA loVe mAtTeRz tO GoD & fAtE...jUz LeT tHeM dEc|dE! iF sMtH bEloNgz tO mE..iT wiLL cOmE tO mE..iF iT dOeS nOt beLonGz tO mE..iTz uSeLeSs f|nDiN iT..

~RaN aWaY fRom hOmE..~

rEcaLLiNg...tHeRez sOmEtHiNg hApPeNeD LaSt t|me tT i wiLL nEvA fOrGeT.....hM..tHiNk iTz.....JaN 2003..bcOz oF loVe pRobLeMz..i rAn aWaY fRoM hOmE...>_<, i wAs tOo siLLy...sO cHiLd|sH...sOo tOoPiD... sOmE oF mY fReNz wAnNa sToPz mE..bUt i h|dE aWaY...oNe oF mY gUy fReN (JoEsOn) sToPz mE & aSk mE nOt tO gO aNyWhErE & wAiT fOr h|m tHeRe aS h|z tEaChEr wAs caLLiNg h|m..bUt i rAn oFf w|tHoUt h|m nOt|cinG...i rAn oFf..mY m|nD wAs iN a mEsS..sOo cOmpLiCaTeD...mY hEaRt wAs bEaTiNg sO fAsT...i rAn tHrU bLoCkz.. paSs|nG bY a bAsKeTbAll cOuRt..oVeR a bRiDgE...iT wAs sO qUiEt.. i bUrSt iNtO tEaRz..i wAnNa gO bAc hOmE..bUt..iTz tOo LaTe... hOw?! wAt cAn i dO noW? i onLy hAv $4 iN mY waLLeT aNd mY bUs fArEcArD gOt nO moNeY..wHeRe eLsE cAn i gO?? i wALkeD aRd dA pLaCe..i wAs sO t|rEd..tHeRe i sAw mY eX-bF (i rAn aWaY bcOz oF h|m)...hE wAs w|tH h|z fReNz..aSkiN mE tO gO hOmE..hE wAs nOt wOrRiEd aBt mE..hE wAs sOo sCaReD tT mY dAd wOuLd gO aFtEr h|m.. hE'z rEaLLy a cOwArD.. i wAs cRy…

~*wHy WhY wHy?!?!*~

cAn sOmEoNe PLEAZE TeLL mE y...wHy...wHy dA oNez cOnFeSs|nG tO mE iS nOt soMeOnE eLsE..wHy...iTz aLwAyZ liKe tT...wHy dA oNez i LiKe wiLL gO aWaY LeAv|nG mE bEh|nD..& dA oNez wHo sTaY r nOt dA oNe i liKe...wHy?? iS LiFe aLwaYz liKe tt?? iF sO..hOw i w|sH i cAn jUz cLoZe mY eYeZ & wiLL nEvA wAkE uP...aNd mY tEaRz wiLL rOll dOwN dA s|dE oF mY fAcE eVeRyNiTez..uNtiL mY mR. RiTe cOmE tO mY s|dE & wAkEz mE uP...dEn wiLL i oPeN mY eYez tO c h|m r|tE iN fRoNt oF mE...sMiLiNg iNto mY eYeZ...hOw i w|sH..iTz liKe tT.. bUt nO... >_<, i mUz liVe oN...bUt mY dReAmz wiLL neVa cOmE tRue..
wEn | wAs yOuNg...mY B-dAy...cUt3??
t|z iS mY GrOuP oF gOoD fReNz iN mY SkOoL SHATEC...wE r fuLL oF cRaPz & nOnSeNcE...loLz..