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~hold my hand and lead da way to happiness~

kang kang today realli gave me a 'surprise attack' seh.
thought who was it nor. somemore hand cold cold de. XD
kang kang. becareful of my coldie hands as well o. hEex.

i was hurt. emotionally.
i just wished that everything didnt happened.
no one can feel how im feeling. coz u are not me. n u dunno me.
perhaps i shall not be like ME anymore.

after school meroy & sumann went to Ramen Ten at amk's Jubilee.
we do not know wat to order.
roy juz told da waitress, "give me all da dishes in this page [below]".

sumann's & my eyez went wide open. R U SERIOUS??
yea. he is.

here comes da sushi..... so many different kind..

roy ordered a 2 scoops ice cream too.
sumann *bleah*

later nashima joined us.

we cant finish da dishes nor..... so gonna 'take-away' the rest.

roy they all dun wan take home. so i took home.

roy paid for da bill again o.
think S$85+ or near to a hundred o... expensive neh.

after that, sumann & nashima went for their movie. dating dating. lol.
while me &…

~watching you from afar...~

~*haPpi BiRthDay aH BaO!*~

and also....

~*haPpi BiRthDay AlaN (ShOw) LuO [罗志祥]!*~

made a new fren today. Garrence. from another batch.

after skool, as usual we took bus back to amk.
roy, sumann & i were heading to AMK Hub.

when we were about to take da escalator, someone said 'hi' behind me.
itz Garrence. he is friendly. today is our 1st time chatting like friends o. tho we've met in skool, but we only smiled.
roy being friendly, asked him to join us for 'niap niap' & chatting session.

again we went to Anderson's Ice Cream.

sumann & i ordered White Coffee..

garrence ordered smoothie.

roy ordered Special cake of da Day "Chocolate cake" & also.....
Ice cream waffle. for us to share.

we den chatted about school stuffz, trainers, dealing games, etc.

garrence is our senior o.

at 6.45pm, we finished our stuffz [roy settled da bill again o]
and went for smoking break.

garrence n me who are non-smokers, chatted about WWE stuffz. lol.

at 7pm we went off.
me & …

~gonna kick that KPO's candyass~

a KPO took a picture of this [below] and sent it to STOMP.
and was posted on on 19 Jul, 2007
and it says...........................

Authorised illegal parking?

STOMPer hypercat75 says these vehicles parked in front of a makeshift container office in Hougang belong to workers in charge of upgrading a multi-storey carpark but are parked illegally on double yellow lines.

The STOMPer says this causes the already narrow road, which is opposite Block 575, Hougang Street 51, to become even narrower.

"Do they have the authority to park in front of their containerised office for convenience instead of the multi-storey car park just behind it?" the STOMPer asked in an email on Thursday (19 July).

damn that kpo "hypercat75".

da place shown in that pic looked soooo familiar.
thatz where i was helping my dad work as a Site Clerk before i joined ICGTC.
and that container …

~*WWE Smackdown/Summerslam Tour 2007*~

this morning went back to skool for practise. 10+am-2.45pm.
with roy, jace, sumann, chang le, gary, etc.

made a new fren. "Ross" [if im not wrong].
he senior he bully us. give us difficult calculations. lol. but oso helpin us nah.

catched da 3pm shuttle bus to AMK.
roy, sumann & i went to AMK Hub.
roy bought Subway to makan.
he den bought me these 4 different kinda cookies.
he oso bought us drinks.
den he went off to meet his friend.

me & sumann sat there and makan. chat.
sumann with his 'happy veg'.

we den went jalan jalan.
there was this shop where they do sell funny games.
an interesting one is da 'spinner game'.

we den went to Zone-X. played games.
we challenged Daytona. my 1st time playing Advanced course.
me kns at that nah. lol.
after that sumann played fighting game [king of fighters] while i played Initial D ver. 3. happy i broke my own record in Akina course & Akagi course. =)

6.30pm sumann accompanied me to da taxi stand to meet my friend bob.
da …