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~burger king. lolx.~

hm. tis morning (28/9) went to skool. the lesson schedule suddenly change. ms tok nv come so dun hav her lesson. den da dunno wat lesson move forward. so and so. kinda confused. den goodwood park hotel wanna hav a tok wit us. den we got no lunch time! den 'suay suay' da vending machine down there broke down. argh...but den later on it was repaired. hm. since morning stomach was empty until skool finished at abt 3.30pm. stomach pain these few dayz. hav not been eatin well. hm. we went to burger king to eat. den asked laren and da guyz to join us too. hm. after eatin nurul minah and serina left 1st. left wit me and mel. den got more and more dcs peepz comin. den mel said 'we r crowded by dcs ppl'. lolx. den tok here tok there. hm. smth funni happened. mel was sittin opp. me. den our face went closer & were tokin abt smth. when......a guy named 'danny' came to da next table den bent down to tok to his frenz. (his butt were juz facin beside our facez.) but we …

~GoD bRiNg m3 HoMe...~

As i lay in this bed. im praying to you
To take me outta this world. which is makin me blue.
I cant take it no more. all this sorrow and pain.
Im so scared of tomorrow and im scared of today.
When will i do it. when will i say goodbye.
When will i leave this pain. and when will my spirit fly.
When will i be able to smile. and walk with my head held high.
When will i be able to sleep. without having to cry.
I cant take it no more. god bring me home.
Down here im so scared and im all alone.
Well here i go.
This is my last goodbye.
Finally no pain.
And no more will i cry...

~NoBoDy nOez i HiDe iT |nSiDe.~

I am just so unhappy, and I don't know why.
I can't bear this pain, but I refuse to cry.
I don't know what I'm yearning for.
Is it love, glory, hope?
I don't know why I'm miserable anymore.
When I watch movies or read stories,
I see the happy ending there.
Why can't I have that kind of joy?
I want to escape, but to where?
Just when I think the rain may stop falling,
The clouds decide to stay.
My depression won't leave me alone,
And happiness is far away.



yoz. hm. juz now went to cut my hair. wit my mum. now. kinda new hairdo. my frige is short. add abit highlitez. my dad sayz i look like coconut head. lolx. so bad. hm. me used to my hairdo now. kinda weird. hm. gonna meet nurul at cck tomoro. she wanna c my hair. lolx. my frenz will laff. nvm. they laff i pull their hair. lolx. nah juz kidd. me not tt bad. keke. erm. tomoro gonna be bac to skool le. happi. miss my frenz. my teacher. and my skooL! hope itz gonna be a new day for me. duh. me now kinda bored. nth to do. anyway. c ya guyz tomoro! miss ya badly darLinx. take care. muAcKz.~

-she will be loved-


hm. tis morning went to bugis met nurul den go interview at plaza parkroyal hotel. after tt abt 12.15pm we went to bugis junction eat mac den walk walk a while. den minah got interview at 3pm so we accompany her go da hotel again. after tt go meet laren. weihao. todeff. at bugis junction go jalan jalan. we took many stickerz picz! so happy. long time no take le. was so excited. screamin while takin. lolz. so loud and noisy. but was really happi. den minah hungry wanna go BK eat. den suddenly turn ard da guyz went missing. like small kidz siak. den find here find there. me like mother like tt. den call them. they go arcade. haiyoo. den me nurul minah go BK. den later go find da guyz at arcade. me played 'Daytona' wit nurul and minah. so fun. long time nv play oso. keke. really fun. hm. after tt minah nurul went off 1st coz they got smth on. den me stay a lil' while more. den da guyz followed me go temple. pray. den they go da nearby kopitiam makan. tok tok there. den a whil…

~my parTy.~

hm. juz now. kinda many frenz here. hm. frenz from sec skool. frenz from my skool. really happy today. got to play soccer. really miss it. long time no play leh. since last year. hm. didnt really entertain every single 1 of them coz got so many frenz here. den gotta go here go there. hope they understand ba. hm. now my nasi lemak 'diao du' but really fun to play soccer wit my frenz. but i injured my kneez. so clumsy. kept fallin down. maybe i dun eat pork leg. lolx. hm. got many presentz from them. really nice. hm. got lotza photo framez tis time. dunno y. but really nice. hm. somemore got......4 doggy soft toyz. self-made paper starz in a bottle. hm. perfume. sling bag. a necklace. 4 photoframez. and. a clock. hm. really love everything. hm. tomoro got interview at plaza parkroyal hotel. at 11.30am. goin wit nurul. herz is 11am. hm. maybe goin jalan jalan after tt. coz beri boring 1 go home so early. hm. ok la. will be bac for updatez. ttz all for today. niTeZ~!

~my day.~

hm. juz now got exam paper. last 1. den tomoro is prac exam. den no more le. hm. wen goin out of skool wit daya. da laren said his fren can 'tong pang' us go west mall. lolx. so good. hm. den we go west mall tog. wit weihao and todeff. hm. den saw my group of malay frenz there. den they join us go eat. me didnt eat much. no appetite. den when goin home. da train reaching woodlandz. itz was raining beri heavily. all da way to yishun. when me get down da trian. was so cold. den feel so hungry. bot da takoyaki. come home eat. hm. now doin nth much. in msn chattin away. tomoro after prac exam me goin m'sia le. will be bac on sat. ok nth mcuh to say le. c ya!

~my birthday~

hm. today. can say itz one of my happiest bday. coz so many peepz sms & wished me. even my pri skool frenz. sec skool frenz. soooo nice. kinda touched lo. my frenz even called to wished me. and.....i recieved a mysterious call at abt 12.35am. wishin me happy birthday. but when i ask her she say she dunno who she is. but i tink is reena. but cant confirm she tok majiam 'dedication' sia. keke. hm. not like last year. almost everyone forgot. even my own bro. hm. juz now went for interview wit raidah. but hav to go there again coz juz now didnt get to c da f/o manager coz he bz. toopid 1. waste my time. hm. raidah forgetz my bday. shez blur. lolz. but she treat me coffee bean 'vanilla' ice blend after she notice it. keke. and she gave da bigger cup size to me. lolx. i tink coz she feelz bad. hm. den went down to toa payoh to meet my mum & sis. go eat. den buy some thingz den my dad come fetched us home. hm. tomoro got exam again. nv study at all. not even a single …

~todayz exam.~

hm. today'z exam...can la. hope can pass. hm. juz now in da train goin bac home...novotel apollo hotel called m3. they ask me for an interview tomoro at 2pm. hm. scary. gotta go. but luckily my fren oso tomoro interview there. so i wun be alone! if not me really beri scared lo. hm. hope they wun ask toopid qnz ba. ok. me gotta rest. ta~ta.


hm. tomoro exam liao le wor. haben even started studyin. tomoro (mon) & wed examz. thurz got prac examz. scary. itz really scary to face da tutorz as 'guest' to do da prac examz. i'll shiver here & there and forget everything. urgh..... later gotta 'really' study. hm. i mean. at least read thru ba. den after examz i really wanna relax man... yest man utd draw. cristiano'z new haircut is nice. neat. suit him. he lookz younger. keke. hm. no matter man utd lose (choi choi choi!) or win!! i will still support them! ok. nth much to say today. gtg. c ya.

~SiAn DiAoz...~

me so sian diaoz wor....yest heard that we hav to go bac to sha villa next semester. so f*ck up 1. i'm sooo sian diaoz. sadz too. tt time we tot tt it was our last duty there. were soooo happy. & i told myself tt i will nv be bac at sha villa eva again. but now.... hav to go bac to tt toopid place. y? y sia? so sian. tired. me feel really sian to be bac there. i prefer goin skool much more den goin to tt f*ckin place! how i wish singapore got bomb/mines/earthquake. how i wish tt building will collapse! den no more sha villa. haiz... but now no matter how much i say how angry i am i still hav to go bac there. but hope da dutiez next semester will pass really fast at sha villa. but i wanna really enjoy my last 5 weekz in skool next semester lo. hope to hav a memorable timez. haiz. next week examz. scared. especially practical! gotta face da tutor. scary. haiz.


haiz. me really tired. juz now post tis 2 timez but itz gone. so toot 1. me lazy to type all over again. juz a summary ba. me today stood for abt 7 hours. legz so pain. den after duty me + raidah went to c many hotelz. from somerset. den we took bus to great world city. ate mac. raidah was so excited abt da washroom there. it was her 1st time there. keke. hm. den from there we walked down to havelock road to c hotel den (anyhow) walk to chinatown den walk walk to clarke quay. den from there me took train bac home & raidah took a bus. me was dozing off all da way bac home. really tired and sleepy. we had a long journey today. tomoro me & my group of frenz goin peninsula excelsior hotel to do our assignment. den we go down to plaza parkroyal to tk smth. hm. hope i can be bac home early. me really wanna hav a good rest. ok i tink ttz all for today. c yA!

~bAc hOm3.~

yOz. hm. was bac home not long ago from m'sia. didnt really get to relax over there. coz i was doin my f/o assignment and sales & marketin assignment yesterday. do until quite late. 2.30am. den went to slp. tis morning my parents woke me up at abt 11am. so sianz..... den go out makan. buy somethingz. den come bac s'pore le. now rottin at home. really bored. maybe later gotta help my mum. dunno wat she doin in da kitchen. hm. tomoro got duty. (my beri da last duty at sha villa wor!) den i will not be bac there again. will be in skool studyin. til october. den nov goin attachment le. ork oh. me haben sent resume. *sigh. me dunno which hotel to choose. can somebody help me?? -_-... i really dunno. so scary. me afraid to be alone at da hotel. hope my fren will go to da same hotel i will be in. den i wun be lonely. me so sad. really sad. hope tt time will fliez...til next year nov. i rather go skool study den goin attachment man. i dunno y i'm here. >_<, but i cant tu…