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~shop til u drop~

i went to Singapore Expo again today!
this ervin jio-ed me when he saw my blog post =)

i reached there around 4pm. shopped here n there.
i bought clothes from the apparel sales on the level 2.
bought other thingys like mic, folder, shuttlecock, emo diary, monthly event whiteboard, etc. from Popular Fair.
i saw some really cute diary book but too bad im using online diary. xP

ervin came at about 7pm.
we den had dinner at Macau Express.
see this dude showing off his new PSP. xD
luckily not PINK. abo i dump into my bag liao.

he ordered these......
chicken chop spaghetti, macau fried rice.

fried crispy beancurd, french toast, iced milo, iced milk tea.

luckily the spaghetti's curry not spicy.
thankx for the treat yo.

my parents and sis came down too.
they wanna buy some stuffs from the Food Fair (today last day).
i passed my heavy bags to my sis so she can put in my dad's car.
me n ervin den went to Robinsons Fair.

the things there quite common.
the things arent that cheap tho.

see this kiddo ervin. …

~Singapore Food Fair 2008~

today supposed to meet up the huaminianz at 4pm.
but received a 'last min cancel' sms from dia at 1+pm.

so i decided to follow my family to Singapore Expo.
what's the temptation therE??
Food fair, Adidas, Robinsons, Popular, etc.
what tempted me more are the 'picture' of Adidas & Robinsons.
i wanna shop for clothes and shoes!

my eldest bro came n drove mama papa sis n me down to Expo.
the first headed to....

quite far tho. the walking distance from Hall to Hall.

there were many people. but not as jialat as the IT Fair i went @ Suntec nah.
i tink itz my 1st time being at the Singapore Food Fair.
yea, all about FOOD. from sauces to utensils, frozen poultry to cooked foods, drinks to ice creams, and chinese herbs to bird's nest.
itz everything about food!
some stalls provide free samples...
i was hoping to see free samples for Bird's nest.
my bro asked me "wait long long". xD
bought lotza 'niap niapz' (finger foods). drinks. tried this n that.
just walking…

~Seletar-Tiger Beer IR~

4pm took cabbie to Seletar Country Club with my sista.
got there. slacked around. went up to the arcade.
played initial-D ver.2[better den nothing xP]

5+pm. went up the function room (Seletar Room).

observed the table games layout. itz different tho. 'cheena' ones ba.
Blackjack, Tai Sai.

Roulette (the wheel like toy xD), the wheel of fortune.

the Registration & Chips redemption counter.

the list of prizes for chips redemption.

*no cash is used to play the games. but when u dine-in or buy F&B stuffs, u will receive those chips to play the games. and the chips can be used to redeem prizes.

my sis left the place at 5+pm.
i went around trying to help out.

the waiter asked around for food orders.
i only asked for orange juice. as i didnt felt like eating.
but later i see everyone eating except for me, i was like 'waaahhh.. =.='
den my sis's colleagues asked why im not eating. go order la...
the waiter came again, he askedu wan noodles...? western....?
rain: "WESTERN!"

~enjoy life. before there's no more chance~

wOot got to meet up the S|| fellow 'blooders' after so long.
i reached amk at 7pm. slacked at MOS Burger.
7.40pm. ver finally arrived.
we den had our dinner there.
been a long time since i last ate mos burger tho.

and yea. ver didnt know about mos burger's policy of 'weighing fries'. xD

blurred pic. he la! move move move. 'buay xi diam'. lmaO~

8+pm, myro came too. wah seh.... got heart to drop by sia... lol.
we talk-cock til 9+pm, pok arrived.

pok & myro (their 1st meet-up o ^^)
pok seriously looking thru the BBQ list.

we talked, discussed, laughed, crapped til 'bout 11pm.
ver den sent me home. thankiex ^-^ long time no sit on ya bike le =D
and look at his CUTE helmet.
lol~ kitty sia. meow meowww.... xD

tomoro gonna deal casino games at Seletar Country Club.
got some events or seminar at 5pm and they invited me there.
got pay de la =)

~they had claimed their 3rd European cup! 1968... 1999... and now 2008!!~

YAY~! Manchester United WON against Chelsea this morning.
They claimed the club's third European Cup with a penalty shoot-out 6-5 win.

i stopped my CZ game to watch the penalty shoot-out. REAL excitement.
i 'screamed' in silence when Edwin van der Sar saved Nicolas Anelka's shot.
for those freaks who claimed they can PREDICT that Man Utd will lose........
go WATCH the replay again (even if u had watched it). xD
herez a video recorded for the penalty shoot-out i found in youtube.
*stop/pause my blog song before u play the video

anyway, for Man United fans out there......
have u guys heard about the plane crash back in 1958 with Manchester United football team on board the plane?
that was a really terrifying sad news.
it was the well known "Munich air disaster" which took place on 6 Feb 1958.
they were heading back to Manchester Airport.

"British European Airways Flight 609 crashed on its third attempt to take off from a s…

~i fought in my la la world~

wow. i juz woke up.
sleeping all the way through noon, til 5pm. O_O
some must be grumbling, they just knock off from work and yet i just wake up.
lol. erm. i had a dream. or a few.
i dun really remember my dreams tho.
all i remember is, i did screamed and screamed.
and im a 'superhero'. as are my one or two other frens.
somehow we 'won'. i forgotten how. lmaO~
silly dreams.

aniwae. with the post of "My Family Chalet",
i've won 7 tickets for Rhinotours.

- required to bring your family along to the event
- required to blog about your outing with your family
collect the tickets on 22 May 2008, between 9.30am – 5.30pm.
tickets are valid only on the 24 May 2008.

but too bad. dun tink im gonna collect that tickets.
i didnt know they would specify a date to use the tickets. and itz only one day.
i doubt my family would be so free to spare a day for this on a saturday.
the men in my family work on saturdays.
so.... neh-mind la! im just glad i was one of the winners =D
*but if i wo…

~Primary school kids are so cute..~

this morning i managed to find my way to Townsville Primary School.
@ AMK Ave 10.
got there around 7.30am.
i got there, *blur blur, dunno how the amazing race thing is run,
coz i didnt went for the briefing yesterday as i had resigned earlier.
the coordinator oso asked for the trails that i've registered so she can replace.
but yet she callled me at nite to confirm if im going for tuesday's trail.
i was like o.O? i thot i quit le?
she seemed like she dunno i was the one who called earlier on to quit. =.="
nvm. one more trail. itz alright. get to see primary school kids. =)

P3 & P4 students assembled in the hall.

oh. aniwae the reason for quitting?
my parents advised me to find a more stable job.
as in, theres a (same) working place for me to work at,
rather den finding my own way to different schools everytime.
itz inconvenient to search for places especially by bus.
and the schools are all around Singapore.
so why make myself so 辛苦...
but frankly, i do like the job itself. seeing c…

~Happy Vesak Day~

Happy Vesak Day

Yesterday supposed to be WWE legend British Bulldog's death anniversary tho.

hmm. i was browsing youtube for disaster videos. saw the year 2004 Tsunami.
the second largest tsunami disaster in the world. 230,000 deaths.
see the video oso feel sad for the victims.

got one video. recorded by a man. a hongkonger i tink.
when he filmed the tsunami waves rushed up the shore,
in the video he filmed i tink 2 guys were swept away. they were struggling.
he moved back/sort of ran, laughing away like itz very FUN or FUNNY.
WTH! mean n cruel 'honkie'. if i meet a disaster,
i'll pray not to get trapped with this kinda guy. he will only push u to hell.
here. watch this.

Nature disaster is much more worse den disaster created by human.
'disaster' created by human, people tend to kill one another.
however, when nature disaster occurs....
all u tink about is ya family & loved ones.
trying to hold on, save one another, and never let go...

~Singapore International Racing Festival 2008~

wooo. seems like i visit Singapore Turf Club once a year nia.

a kiss anyone?? lol~

left home at 2.15pm. reaching Turf Club, Kranji at 'bout 2.30pm.
need this tag to enter the 3rd floor area.

wOot. Turf club. long time no see.....

so many people arrived le. our 'favourite seats' were all occupied. sianz.
we den settled down somewhere else.
herez the inside view of Owner's Lounge @ Hibiscus.

and this is the view of Parade Ring from 3rd floor.

i miss Hibiscus's food!
i had orange juice & Grilled Dory Fillet.

wings to share. not bad o.

mama & papa.

later papa brought us down to the 'side path' of parade ring there.
i named it the 'racehorse runway' =)

and the race too. watching the race on the ground floor is so different.
u can feel the vibrations of the ground when the horses ran passed.

and all those cheering made my hair stands on ends. so gan jiong de.
"ho seh la.. zhap dee ho kee lai liao... ho seh la... ALL THE WAY!! SAIMEE!!! ALL THE WAY!!! BO BE…