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~Sayonara Rika!~

sent my aunt & cousin off to the airport le.

a final snap using my lappy's webcam before we left home.

eldest bro drove us there.

we reached airport liao, me & erika started to snap.
forgetting all about helping with the luggages. xP

my sis & i. while waiting for them to check-in their luggages.
looks like we're the one flying off. xD
[wahakx! thatz me with the hippie look. xD my korkor's shirt & pants. =P]

our group snap!
the ladies~
from left: me. nak-E (aunt). sis-in-law. erika. jiejie.
i din realise the way me & erika stood was exactly the same! O_O
lol... 姐妹就是姐妹。。

and one last snap.

before we parted.


on my way home.
erika called my phonie using the airport free-use phone.

now i feel, itz much quiet at home.
miss their voices. lol.

aniwae. i've been exploring MSN Messenger Plus! features last nite.
downloaded some skins!

Me To You (Forever Friends) Bear...
cute eh. if pink, more cute. xD

and also.... Counter Strike skin!

itz option can choose between these…

~First Sll lan gaming!~

my bling blingx nails.

hmm. share with ya one of my favourite toast.

Beat 2 eggs (or 1 large egg) with butter/margarine.

dip white bread. make sure both sides are covered with the egg mixture.

Fry with a bit of butter, til golden brown.

topped the toasts with Sweetener milk (used for milo etc).
tada~! lol. learnt this from my thai trip.

hm. today's Sll outing. din turn out as wat i expected.
but not bad le nah. at least they did turned up. and met someone new too.

reached somerset at 'bout 7.10pm.
walked to Cine. went up to E-Zone to find ver.
waited for polar & alvin at the entrance.

soon after, they arrived.
no idea of wat to eat, alvin said Pastamania. so we went.
settled down. table for 4.
alvin glanced through the menu. den said "all not nice de". =.="
den we decided to eat something else. they just left pastamania like that nor.
so paiseh. i darent turn back. lol.

after wandering around, we headed for Long John Silver.
see this ver. so greedy. one person ordered 3 comb…

~Award from Viwawa!~

yesterday at 'bout 10+pm. last minute my aunt they all jio-ed mahjong.
players include me, my eldest bro, aunt (nak-E) and auntie jean.
1am eldest bro went home and mummy took over.
played til about 3.45am.
won $8. lol.

den today.
my aunt jio-ed me again at around 4pm.
(coz she last night was the only player who lost =x)
whoa. today really MAHJONG MARATHON lo...
4pm - 1am. (minus of dinner time)
sit til backside ache uh. lol. xP
i was on losing streak at the beginning.
but slowly win back. ended up winning $7.
i gave it to mummy. poor thing lo when i see her using her $50 chip.
she lost 'bout 16 bucks ba.
my aunt won back lo. double the amount she lost last night.

hmmm. aniwae. i've finally received the award from Viwawa.
S$10 (11oo viwawa cash) card
yippiE~ happi happi~ ^-^
i'm supposed to go down to their office to collect it.
but haven got the time planned for my korkor to drive my down.
more than a month passed.
they emailed me for my address. and they sent it to me.
so nice of 'em. …

~we shall never look down on people~

met up louis at Northpoint, 2+pm.

had wonderful lunch @ Swensen's.
Executive Lunch set.
Pesto Salmon, comes with Soup-of-the-day, Ice Lemon Tea & Dessert.

and she footed up the bill. ^-^ thankx.

den we took cabbie to my place.
she's here to learn 'bout Blogging. lol.

helped her with the blog template etc.
and now itz done.
i've added her in my friends' blog links.

aniwae. i bought a disney mirror.
bling bling stickers. (probably for my hp).
a transparent card holder.
[coz my wallet too much 'rubbish' le. lol. so thick that i cant even 'close' (fold) it.]
and also, i've bought a Sudoku book of my own! =)

~dont get confused on the FeedBurner thingy~

i realised out of the 7 blog readers (subscribers),
only 1 subscibed for email updates. lol.

for your information, in case anyone doesnt know,
subscribing through the thingy on the left column by typing in ya email address, you are subscribing for email updates.
however, clicking on the icon which appears at the end of every post entry, you've added a Live Bookmark on your bookmark toolbar. the latest blog post will be updated on it. but wont be receiving email updates on that.

dont mix up these two ya. they are of different purpose. =)

~im afraid of darkness. so afraid. i'll just scream non-stop~

im back from malaysia.
had lotz of laughter with my cousin erika.
playin CZ, playing around, me blowing her hair for her...
so good eh. i dun hav a sister whom i can play her hair with.
so i blowed her hair for her after her shower. xD

after my shower. i was playin my aunt's sudoku (book).
[i wanna get one for myself! itz interesting!]
den erika took my hp and started making fun of me.
using my hp's "pen" to 'poke' me.

WTF! see the 3rd pic. LOL~ i purposely de. i see le oso wanna laugh. xD

the next day......

we bought the same polo tees! pinkie~

there she goes again....

wahliao. today. is my 1st time. parking the car in a parallel parking lot lo!
LOL~ laughing at me rite...
i told them all. eh i never park before leh. u all guide hor.
den my mum 1st one to request to get off the car. =.= never support.
den my korkor sitting behind, & his gf, helped to guide.
finally done. me 冒冷汗 (perspired) lo! lol. pHew~
den my aunt very encouraging de. "very good! nice!"
erika ca…

~Subcribe to R@in's BlOggiE!!~

YEAH!!! i've accomplished one of my blog's wish.
i've alwayz wanted the subcription thingy.
i even thought of giving this blog of 3 years plus
& change to livejournal or something else.
but now, my blog is COMPLETED!
last nite i browsed the web & searched high & low for this subcription thingy.
and i've got it. over my expectations. real SATISFIED with it! =D

my friends, blog's fans and whoever who reads my blog.
now u can subcribe to it.
and get updated on the latest blog entries through your email!!

wat are you waiting for?
see the subcription box on the left column?
type in your email address and SUBSCRIBE!

aniwae me no need to 'kuay sio' in the car to malaysia le.
will be going in 2 cars. as my korkor's gf also wanna tag along.

missed. R@in.

~sometimes i hate him. sometimes i hate myself~

my eldest bro drove me & family to Golden Mile Food Centre.
wanna treat us eat the famous Claypot rice de. but closed liao.
so we had something else.

me & my sis shared this Carbonara pasta & Chicken Chop.

both also nice o......

den i spotted this stall. displaying yummy waffles.
Set B - 2 waffles & a bowl of Belgian chocolate dip.

yummy o. costs S$4.20 for that set.

see their webpage!! ---> [The Sweet Stone Parad'Ice]

tomoro going malaysia. sianx.
car not enough seats. must 'kuay sio'.
gonna hurt my back again. -_-
den i dun wanna go. oso cannot.
sianx. fcuking sianx.

~is Sll back? hEex~

korkor drove me, mummy, aunt & erika to sengkang mrt.
from there we took mrt to Outram.
met up louis there. 1.15pm.
she brought her 2 lil' kiddos.
they really so big le o.....

Dawn (eldest daughter) & Devin (2nd son).

they were so shy at first.
i oso dun think dawn dawn do remember me tho.
me & mummy used to play wit her often & even took care of her for 1 week.

we all den walked to Pearl's Centre.

louis brought us to her ''god-dad's" tattoo-ing shop.
my aunt wanna do some touch up and change her tattoo a lil'.

he did it for her FOC o. so nice.

while they were working on it.
i played with the kids.
i tried my ways to make them 'not afraid' of me.
i snapped pics of 'em. den let 'em see. they were so excited. den start to SPEAK, smile, and 'shy shy de' pose for me lo! xDD so cute of them. they even snatched my hp & played with it. view their photos. lol.

Devin. CUTE nah~
this devin really looks like louis. while dawn lo…