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i'd rather be silent...................... ='x

yesterday. worked til 1+pm.
packed up. went home. shower.
about 3pm papa came to fetch mummy & i.
headed down to uncle jimmy's temple. sat there chit chat.
soon after, nick arrived. he bought bubble tea for us ^^
4.30pm. we left the temple.
nick brought us (papa) to a clinic at Telok Blangah. block 45.

5.30pm. wilfred, christine & corrine reached block 47.
(where jerene's grandpa funeral wake is held)
so i said bu-bye to nick & my parents. and i went over.

wilfred said i slimmed down yo. another one. wahahaha *happy*
i havent seen corrine for the longest time. like......... 4 years plus? wow.
we chatted near the playground. they dun wanna go near the funeral wake.
i guess they're pretty "pantang" ba.
so i went in alone. jerene saw me. she came over.
she accompanied me to pray her late grandpa.
then we went out to join wilfred they all sitting a distance away.
chat chat chatted. joked around. just wanna make jerene smile. =)

went up to her house for awhile. my first ti…

i'm not supposed to......................

this was taken by gary last saturday.
snap til so close, wan die? LOL!

yesterday... thought of going to Vivo City on my own. its time to emo.
but ziyu called me in the afternoon & said she wanna meet me there. =)

we were wandering around in my favourite shop, Daiso, when someone called.
it's viktor. aka kookoo azlee.
(someone said i cant call him viktor lo. hmphx.>.<)
we chatted. and he said he's somewhere near. & wanna meet me.
i thought he was just joking tho. i doubt he would come.
but he really did. he came to find me. ^-^

he'd look abit different. but yea, its still him. lol.
i brought him out to the Sky Park. it was his first time there.
soon after ziyu came to join us after her shop-a-ling-ling.
chatted. joked. laughed.
he didn't stay long. juz for a short while. & he gotta go.

ziyu & i then went around the Sky Park
looking out for a dry & quiet place to chill out.
and here we are...

was supposed to be emo-ing away.
but this girl here playing her new PSP…


today i had finally redeemed this Golden Villagefree movie voucher.

was given by weihong last year as my birthday present.
going to expire le.... so faster use it lo. =P

just now i went to GVYishun alone.
taDa~ my 1st time buying only ONE ticket.xP

how blur i was.
i thought it's Entrance 6. (the door's closed).
so i waited outside No. 6.
waited and waited.. until 6.30pm.... (the movie timing is 6.30pm).
i felt that something was wrong.
so i checked my ticket again & realised i made a mistake.
6 is my seat number la. entrance is 3. duhz!!!
LUCKILY entrance 6's door wasn't opened, if not....
i'll be watching the wrong movie liao. LOL!!! =.=

me waiting outside entrance no. 6 lo...... kns. zzzzzz.
redeemed this combo @ $6 only.


The signal only known to the Hyper Rescue Squad
Its the Signal that Brings Hope
Its the Code that means

"There are Survivors"

The largest mega-typhoon ever in history strikes Japan and destroys Tokyo!! 252: SIGNAL OF LIFE …

it really hurts.... T_T

last night didnt do slideshow for ziyu.
she changed her mind & wanted to goChambers.
we played CZ there. fun. =)

this morning, didnt go work.
went back to ICG with gary & karyan.
saw trainer ricky again. happy.=)
trainer bonnie said i slimmed down yo..... yippie!!

i dealt mini baccarat today.
and practiced roulette payment.

see karyan's cute snoopy printed tissue.

left school at 2pm. took a taxi down to Vivo City.
saw this BIGBLUE which was on Newpaper today.

had our lunch at..........
Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant.
introduced by Gary. ya la "his" restaurant lol.

saw this paper thingy on the table for every seats.
its hong kong actor Bosco Wong.
and....... Gary go draw draw his face and arm. LOL WTH!!!!

and this lagi funny LOL!!!!!! LMAO!!!!

this is Karyan. =)


our drinks.

seaweed fries. karyan's cheese baked pork chop rice.

my chicken chop cheese baked rice.

my 1st time dining in this restaurant.
the food and drinks not bad o....... ^-^

4.45pm. catched the movie. …