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honey.... where's the love.....? T_T

again. im broken.

i guessed he no longer loves me like the days we first met.

i cannot bear to leave him...
but yet.... heartrendingly....
he would bear to give up on me when something pulled him back...

i haven't had enough of loving.
yet i had enough of crying.....
but, i just couldn't stop.

as i type..... my tears keep rolling down my cheeks...
i think he had forgotten everything he once said to me.
slowly....... he will forget me too.

why would everything has to turn out this way....


= Little Miss Giggles =

updates updates....

finally i get to sleep 11 hours, last saturday til sunday afternoon.
since my last thailand trip i havent had enough sleep tho.

painted my nails on saturday.

but fell asleep after applying the top coat, and slightly disfigured some of 'em. =\

my one and only little miss shirt.
Little Miss Giggles.
too bad dont have Little Miss Emo. wahaha~

hmmmm and lastly.

~Pink racoon tails~

happy. got to chat with honey twice today.
i've been thinking alot lately. going crazy.
but hearing his voice just throw all my worries away..... *^-^*

think we had the longest chat today. more than 30 minutes.
so long never chat with him online already.... miss those times...
but due to the internet connection over there... hmphx..

anyway. was bored with my hair. so i played with it.


its PINK! lol~

nah la... it's not permanent.
after a hair wash and it'll go back to golden blonde.

maybe i should get sky blue & violet to play as well. LOL!

hmmm. nothing much lately.
been going out with my parents and japanese aunt & uncle.
they'll be flying back tomoro night.
and suddenly the house will become quieter.....
as if something's amiss; their laughter.

~MBS Briefing~

went toNTUC Centre for the Marina Bay Sands briefing & short interview.
i managed to catch up with karyan gary they all when they were leaving.
they roughly told me about the briefing etc.

my briefing started at about 3pm. whilst theirs was 12pm.

hmmm. itz very organised. and saw a familiar someone.
the ang-moh who visited our school's open house, the VP of the casino.

everything went smooth and well.
while waiting for the numeracy test, i helped myself with the refreshments.
so very wonderful.... nuggets, mini choco eclair, mini cream puffs, goh hiong, mini pizza, har gao, chicken pies, fruit punch, coffee, tea, cakes... etc. OMG la... lol!

here are the models of the upcoming Sentosa & Marina Bay's Intergrated Resorts.

hmmm. tomoro i'm accompanying papa to hospital.
hmphx...... miss my honey. hope to hear from him soon.... =.=

toopid hairdresser. kookoo hair. dammit!

i seriously hate my haircut now.
it looks as if i went crazy and rant it on my hair.
or someone just chopped & sliced it.

dunno that hairdresser was in bad mood or what.
cut my hair til like that.
she used to be my regular hairdresser.
that was why i went back to her.
as usual, she asked "u wan same as last time? (trim the top)"
of coz i said YES. i trusted her.
but NNB. now i look like a punk rock star or what.
or those 70's A-Go-Go guy's hairdo
with short standing top & long hair at the bottom.
my top part sooooo bloody short.
not balance oso. left side shorter.
then all like stand stand.
this is my WORST haircut ever.
i trimmed it myself also wont be so jialat & CHUI.

i dun wan go out gai gai le.
with this bloody kookoo hairdo, no thanks. no mood.

somemore this comin' wednesday i got a big interview. oh my.
what will they think of me? a hardcore punk rock wannabe?! waliao! *grrrr*

i will NEVER go back to that salon ever again. dammit.
my hair~~~~~ T_T

"the most frightening movie that will follow you home......"

recently i've watched.........


When dynamic siblings Andi and Bruce find themselves in a foster home with a strict no pets policy, Andi has to use her quick wit to help find a new home for their dog Friday. Despite warnings to stay out of trouble from their sympathetic social worker Bernie, the kids stumble upon a derelict hotel and begin transforming it into the perfect home for Friday and all the strays in the city running the risk of being separated if theyre caught. In no time, the kids have transformed the old hotel into something truly magical: a home for both the dogs and for themselves.

very nice & touching movie!!!!
funny. CUTE. and the teenagers who put in much effort to build up a wonderful place for the dogs which will make u WOW~
i didnt have tissue paper with me. i tried so hard to control my tears.
but still........... cried.
2 thumbs up!! =D

COMING SOON(Thai Horror)

What’s the scariest part of a horror movie? Is it when the ghost catching you off guard? …

RWS Interview.

had my interview @ Resort World Sentosa [RWS] this morning.

(in the free shuttle bus, off to sentosa!)

the construction worksite of our future amazing resort world....

taDa~! here we are.

met some familiar faces (schoolmates).
i guess mostly are ICGTC Graduates.

started off with introduction. then briefing.
sweaty palms & colour vision tests.
then interviewed by 2 guys from casino department & a RWS HR staff.
was so nervous. so gan jiong laaa.
but i think my interview was okok la. not really good. not really bad.

on the shuttle going back to vivo city.

*yawned. xP

ya i was really boliao while waiting for the bus to drive-off.
my big hand.

gary & karyan.

my japanese uncle arrived in Singapore today.
he & nak-E will be returning to japan in a week's time.

alright. im super tired. with 3 hours of sleep last night.

hmmm. havent heard from honey for 3 days.
he did said to call me these days tho.
but nevermind. i'll understand. =]
probably his hp got no reception in the forest.
honey. i&…

Life isn't fair, but it's still good.

applied leave from papa.
went back to ICG this morning.
gary, benedict, karyan & jiawei went back too.

whoa i really jialat.
i was like a new student. so lost.
but managed to refresh my brain & catch up.
all thanks to them. ^^

and we laughed alot. xD

left school at 3+pm.
had lunch at the coffee shop.
then headed home.

juz now honey called me. *happy*
he's gonna be busy in the next few weeks.
going thru-n-fro Nong Khai with ajan.
but hope no matter how busy he is, he wont forget me. =\

anyway weeks ago when i was at ziyu's house,
i was singing while she was playing CZ.
she didnt know i was recording.
and she played CZ with her usual aggressiveness.
which can be heard in the audio background. LOL.

I fall in love all over again everytime I hear ur voice or meet u again...

Nobody Ever Suspects Me xP

took these on my way to JB on sunday. nice eh?

yesterday uncle cheong drove me to Causeway Point.
we had lunch at Jack's Place, his treat. ^^
the crazy foreman. loL.

we ordered the daily set lunch specials. and a mango prawn salad.

what a wonderful dinner.
it's been about a year since i last dined at Jack's Place o...

hmphx. played mahjong last friday. sunday. and yesterday.
losing about S$90+.
played 20¢/40¢ also can lost so much lo. hmphx.
nevermind lo. treat it as charity. lol T_T

hmmm. nothing much recently. im still slacking.
i haven't met any of my friends since the day i returned to Singapore.
been too tired.
haven't had enough sleep.
yet to recover my energy.

somemore this Saturday got BIG interview liao.
tomoro im goin back to school.
my game dealing skill has become rusty liao.
i've forgotten almost everything.
really must go back school 'restore' my skills.

honey... i need someone to talk to...... i need you...

been busy for the past one week.
yesterday (sunday) went to JB with my parents & aunt.
me, my aunt & dad had acupuncture treatments.

finally i have the time to sit here and slowly work with my new pink touchdrive.
my 160GBWD HDD is full.
here comes my 320GBFreecom for the rescue. xD

hmm. honey called me yesterday.
he finally met his mum. i'd feel happy for him. =)

hmphx... im missing him.
the more i feel sad here... the more i wanna talk to him...
don't be surprised if Rain suddenly leave Singapore for Thailand.
and stay there for quite awhile. lol.
i felt that i'd feel better staying there.
not really because of the place.
but, being close to him makes me feel better.

there are problems kept inside my heart & left unsaid.
there's so much thoughts running through my mind again.
who can i turn to?
i feel that pouring out to my honey would heal my wounds alot.
but he isn't here to wipe my tears away........
there's no one... but only my pinky pillow to give me &#…

IT SHOW 2009!!

my sister-in-law made me this.
nice eh? ^^

i went to the IT SHOW 2009 @ Suntec Convention Centre on my own today.
as expected.... were so crowded. so flooded. so overwhelmed.

sooooooo many people la...
pushing here & there....
a kookoo couple almost made me fall.
that guy wanna protect his girlfriend then kept pushing me. IDIOT.

spotted this at the entrance.. human statue.

dunno if he's an ang-moh or indian.
i think probably caucasian ba.

i squeezed myself through here & there.
tho i was sandwiched many times =.=
quickly bought my stuffs. and left.

keyboard protector skin [clear, blue, pink].
and pink portable harddisk! shock-resistant somemore. =)

5pm. took train to Jurong East.
papa waited for me there. to drive me to uncle jacky's office.
mummy & nak-e were already there.
uncle jacky made desserts for us. so i helped him too.

ice cream with banana. 1 extra rocher for me lol.

his collection.

we had dinner together. before heading home at 10pm.

oh yea. i read akid's blog after i …