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it was monday mornin.. went to skool.. bot orange juice to class. during lunch.. me ate fried rice. not nice. hm. continued lesson as usual [kept dozin off].

finished skool le thot of goin home rest le but ron wanna ask ppl acc him go jurong east de Creative centre. so me acc him lo. joanna went too. da path frm da mrt to da centre is sooo long. wet n muddy too. oh my... luckily din slipped n fell. hm. ron wanna repair his mp3. waited for more den 1/2 an hour. so slacked ard there. til abt 2pm.. we left da place le. took a cab to jurong east mrt station [lazy to walk all da way bac le..]. joanna stay in pasir ris. took a diff train. me n ron took train bac le. me dozed off. ron alited @ woodlandz. me go yishun. meetin weijie n alvin. me treated alvin hot fudge sundae. eat le we go timezone boom boom. 4pm. time to head home le. coz im tired. got home. [hm. me sick le. cough n flu. weijie told alvin to go buy med for me but he din as he said wanna bring me go drink herbal tea. on da bus …


alvin came to my hse at abt 2pm. left home at 2.30pm. meetin weijie at SSC. we 3 den go Giant shop for makan. bot instant cup noodlez. took cab to alvinz hse.

got there at 4.30pm. got our thingz ready. ate our cup noodlez & snacked here n there while watchin "Over the Hedge". me styled weijie'z hair todae. keke. hm. afta tt show.. we watched "X-men 3". but fell aslp on da sofa while watchin tt. we left da place afta watchin at abt 9.30pm. go bac yishun.

wanted to drink ice blended oreo choco but closed le. we den go funland @ GV, boom boom. they sent me home afta tt. got home 11pm. they sure gonna reach home late o. hm.

~fRaiL. fRaGiLe. eaSiLy DaMaGed, BrOkEn oR deStRoyEd..~

thanx to ron'z sms in da mornin @ 6am. abo me surely overslpt de.
went to skool as usual. met kenny lee @ yishun mrt. we took da train tog. ron board da train im in @ woodlandz. kenny alite @ dover. he studyin @ SP. me n ron den went to skool. was abit late for class.

finished class @ noon. me ron weiqiang claire alex sophia irene vanessa etc. went up to da library to rush our grp project. mainly me n ron was doin while weiqiang looked for info frm other webz. almost done wit it le. left wit some touch upz here n there lo. we left at 1+pm.

weijie n alvin came to my skool at 12+pm or 1pm ba. met them up @ da canteen. alex n alvin had a short wonderful chat b4 alex left. [eric called me again but too bad was a last min call.. i've got my planz le lo].. lata mealvinweijieron went down to city hall.
locator: peninsula plaza. b1. i.r.c.
gamez played: CS & need for speed-most wanted.
duration: 2hrs 10min. [3pm-5+pm]
payment: $5.80.

had fun playin o. so exciting. funni. hm. my 1st time p…

~u shOne dA LitE Of lOve on m3..~

woke up at noon. alvinweijie n shi gongwaited for me under my blk for abt an hour. lOlx. left home @ 1.30pm.

walked to northpoint. acc alvin go popular buy smth le den we acc shi gong home. used his comp n do some work there. 3+pm. afta he bathed le he go meet his frenz study. me n alvin took bus 856 go weijie hse @ semb. used his comp surf da net. did abit of my hmwrk. left at abt 5pm.

walked to 500+ de kopitiam find 'jingyi'. sat down tok tok. ate rojak. choco pancake. til abt 7+pm. wah sat so long o. backbone & 'ass-ache' lolx. we den go sun plaza. bot bubble tea "blue coral". hmm not bad o da drink. jingyi went off. we 3 go boom boom. boom le went to 'this fashion' window shopped awhile [me wanna buy clothinz! >_<]. jln jln @ 'four price'. sat outside mrt station chat chat. til abt 10pm. alvin n me took train bac to yishun. sent me home. got home. 10.30pm.

~tReat m3 liKe a rOse..~

went for breakfast at MacDonald'z, northpoint @ 6.45am. waited for alvin. he was late o. came at abt 7.30am ba. but nvm. he alwaez waited for me oso. hakx. he treat o. we ate le go mrt. went on our separate wayz le. he needa go skool.

me meetin ron. he late. whoz supposed to be there at abt 8.05am de but he arr at abt 8.40am o. lol nvm bo bian he da late king ma. fail his time management [he said himself de :X]. gave him da mac fillet-o-fish burger i got for free usin couponz de. we den head to skool.

reached skool @ 9.35am. so late o. finished class at noon. stayed awhile to clarify wit dennis abt our grp project. left at 12.35pm. me ron weiqiang alex goin to town.
ron'z mission successful: psycho-ing alex to join us lolx.
we played pool @ cine lvl 8. til abt 2+pm. alex den went off. da rest of us go kfc ate lunch. they acc me go hmv @ the heeren. search for my bro'z wanted korean drama orig soundtrack. i found it! $37.95. 买下来了! [will 'claim' from him sooner or lata d…

~StEaMbOaT @ hOm3~

a nite for steamboat dinner.
my grandparentz. eldest bro n family. uncle ricky. alvin. weijie. all came.
but out of da sudden.. at 7+pm.. alvin n wj needa go somewhere else. dunno where they went oso. so secretive. lata my family started eatin.. asked me to join. so me eat lo. dun wan wait for them le.

at 9+pmthey came bac. soon afta we sang bday song for my mum n she cut da cakez. a coffee cake n a swensen's ice cream cake [bot by uncle ricky]. afta eatin da cake.. me helped to prepare da steamboat for alvin n wj to eat lo. me den go bom bom. me bom le. they ate finish. 11+pm. they left for home le.
MoOn Ji YoOn. [문지윤] hez cool. cute. manly o.

~lOng lOst fRen..~

overslept. late a lil' for class.

principlez of business management. another new module. new lecturer. mr john peter. indian. hez dark. but his teachin not bad. kinda funni at timez tho. hm. he 'takin over mr see de place' le. keke. me n ron ate chix chop durin our class break. den went bac to class. late. hm. 12noon. time to go home..

took train wit ron. met zhi long, a long lost fren of mine since pri 3 de. [we oni got bac in touch last yr i tink. w/ da help of frenster. lolx. we haben meet for sooo soo long o. kinda shock when i saw him. coz he changed. cant confirm itz him as we haben met for yrz. da memoriez of da 9 yrz old de him & now, 19 yrz old de him.. itz diff. but his look n featurez 'cant run away'. lolx]. when he smiled at me.. i know itz him le! glad he do recog me keke. we chat a lil'. took train. din realli tok much tho. read ron de newpaper. den he read i took a nap. ron n he alited at woodlandz. me go bac yishun meet my sis. afta buyin her …

~RoN & AaRoN jOinEd Us pLay bBaLL @ yiShUn!~

din slept last nite. chatted on da phone wit alvin. til mornin. den go prepared my stuffz. hav my breakfast. left home at 7.50am.

meetin ron. he boarded da train i was in @ woodlandz. went to skool tog. new class. new lecturer. mr dennis kwok. new seatingz. new module. marketing management.

10.15am break time. ate spaghetti @ da skool canteen. went bac to class continue lesson. dozing off in class coz da air-con made me so cold n felt sleepy. finished skool. alvin came to find me. met weijie @ queenstown mrt. [todae failed to meet up eric again]. not sure where to go.. we finally decided to play bball @ yishun. so nice! alvin weijie me ron claire den took train home [coz wanna go home change clothez ba].

we [me alvin weijie ron aaron] said to meet up at 139 4+pm. me n alvin late o... pai seh pai seh. so we took cab down lo. keke. we got there 1st. on their way.. weijie helped us bot ice blended oreo choco w/ pearl for alvin n me. ron gave me a pc of bread. weijie gave me half of his egg …

~StEambOat dinNer @ maRinA!~

-Sun, 23 July 2006-we go out tog, he alwaez sent me home. den he get home beri late. he gotta be tired. his mummy oso dun wan him 'ma ma zhao'. but he insist to acc me home everytime. tink da oni way to overcome tiz is not to stay out late lo. me go home early. den he can oso go home early. so wun be so tired ba. somemore go out wit me he spent kinda much money lo. hm. muz help him save money le. me too oso. abo really broke le. hmm. seemz like me alwaez makin him sad. me realli dun wan to c him tiz way. lettin go of me or his feelinz for me fade le den he wun be so sad ba. but he dun wan. me dun wan him to sad coz of me. i wished i cld be da one beside him tokin abt his admirer or so... so i dun hav to worry much.. dun hav to be afraid to hurt him.. but.. why me. wonderin.. if one day i become a bad gal.. will his feelinx fade? or will he be more sad? haix. wat to do...
went out for lunch @ Eatzi (Jack's Place) restaurant, yishun safra, wit my elder sis n koko at 1+pm. my …

~'Gam bEi' @ aLvin'z de hSe!~

-Sat, 22 July 2006-
alvin came over to find me at 10.30am. left home at abt 3pm.

go northpoint. den go SSC. ate kfc chix chop & cheese friez while waitin for weijie. [we shared a meal coz not hungry as we did ate some breadz at NP le]. weijie arr at abt 4.30pm. we go Giant buy...
=instant popcorn
='Royal' white grape sparkling juice
='ready-to-bake' garlic bread
Total: $9+.

den we go alvin de hse by bus. da popcorn need to be 'cooked' in a microwave oven [for 3 mins] but alvin hse de is convention oven o.
Result: waited for quite long. when da paper bag is turnin 'brown', oni abt 1/5 of da popcornz r popped!
bo bian lo. we ate thoz lil' popcornz. den we baked da garlic bread for abt 15 minz. me ate red bean ice cream [found in alvin'z fridge. given by him lol]. we brot up da baked garlic bread n sparling juice to alvin'z room. ate. drank. 'gam bei'! lolx. me brot some vcdz to watch there. decided to watch the Category 7: end of da world s…

~PrinCipLez Of aCcOuNtinG & FiNanCe ExaM!~

slpt for 3 hourz. woke up at 9am. time to do my last min revision for my exam todae.
while im havin my shower.. alvin called. "im outside ya hse le..". me dot dotx.. he so fast o. he waited outside til i finished shower n opened da door. he came to acc me. as im all alone at home.
we left home at abt 12.45pm. but my notti doggie marco dun allow me to. made me so fed up. urgh! by da time i got out of my hse. dun tink got enuff time for me le. alvin acc me took cab to woodlandz mrt. coz ron meetin me there. alvin paid for da cab. hm. he den go causeway jln jln as ronz meetin me so he no need acc me lo. but ron was late. while waitin in da station.. me soo hungry.. so asked alvin if he cld buy smth for me [as i cant 'go out' le]. he bot some breadz for me. den went off. me met ron le took train to queenstown. [while doin some last min revision again]. reached queenstown at 2pm. actually gotta be at skool at abt 1.45pm de. no shuttle bus to skool le. so we took cab. wanna …

~mY PaReNtz Off to tHaiLanD!~

my parentz goin hat yai todae..

alvin came to my hse at abt 12.30pm.
shi gong came up my hse afta his chinese oral prelim at abt 3pm.

we used comp. til abt 5pm. time to go. send my parentz to e airport. alvinz goin along. shi gong go home. my eldest bro [along wit sis-in-law n my niece] came to fetch us. my parentz. me. alvin. my elder sis. we all goin to changi airport.

met uncle simon, his wife, n uncle ricky there. da passenger check-in counter not opened yet. so we ate at 'Hans'. got many delicious lookin food. but wasnt tt hungry. actually oni wanna ate some dessertz. but seein everybodyz eatin.. okie lo me oso eat. ordered carbonara chipolata. grilled fish dory set for alvin. afta eatin.. they go check-in le. den went 'in' le. we waved goodbye to my parentz. uncle ricky. den went off.

my eldest bro drove us to east coast park. juz a few mins away. my sis-in-law went down to da food village n bot 10 pcz of bbq chix wingz while we waited in da car. hmmm... da wingz r ni…

~*iF i DiE tOmoRo.. wLd aNybOdy Cry?*~

if i die tomoro, wld anybody cry?
and notice, tt im not gonna be there wit them anymore?
and wishing they say goodbye? wld anybody miss me, and wish they cld c me one more time? wld anybody come to my funeral, and cry til they cant cry anymore? wld anybody tink tiz is a dream, and will call me 50 timez to make sure? wld anybody cry, when they heard my fav song on da radio? if i die, will anybody be mad? go to my room, hold my picture, and cry their heart out? wld anybody reget, da bad wordz they said to me? wld anybody carez, if i am dead? wld anybody forgot me, or keep me in their heartz? wld anybody pray tt im in heaven, and livin a much beta life den on earth? if i die, wld anybody go to my grave and put new flowerz down every week n wld tok to me? wld anybody knew how much i loved them and i'll be watchin over them? if i die tomoro, i wanna know who will miss me da most. if my time has come, do not be sad juz remember all da good timez tt we had i'll be in a place where my pain wun exist if m…

~OuR mEmOrabLe DinNeR!!~

woke up in da mornin @ 9.30am. did some self-study.
principles of account & finance exam is near..
itz tiz friday.

hm. at abt 1pm alvin arr at my hse. 1+pm, shi gong finished skool le came up my hse too. we sat down awhile b4 leavin. we 3 walked to yishun gv. bot bubble tea. me n alvin took da SSC shuttle bus outside yishun mrt station while shi gong went home.

arr at ssc. we shopped ard Giant. bot chix minced meat n some canned food. itz abt 3.30pm le. took bus 856 to weijie hse. plannin to cooked our 'late lunch'/early dinner there! me read da teenage july issue n did some self study at his hse. [me so guai. brot my paf study book out wit me! keke].

at abt 5pm. we started cookin! me fried noodle. alvin cooked da campbell cream of chix n mushrm soup [while wj helped to stir]. da 2 guyz fried eggs [seasoned by alvin. he added in sugar. we got fried sweet egg! lolx]. we were kinda noisy all over while cookin. hakx! eventho we messed up da kitchen. we did had some fun! [alvin.. d…

~dA Cs pRoz saiD so!~

i fOunD tiZ!
wat our frenz said abt our cS day... lOlx. funni.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Edwin say`s
" fren ron,alex,rain n clare jio us to i.r.c(lanshop) to play cs wif them after class.den mi n zieg decide to go wif them.alex go there is our free flag..hahaha den for the 2 galss they r better den i tink! ron artic is dam zhun..keep shoot mi die...."

Zieg say`s
"RON/RAIN/ALEX ( hw`s the feel of my knife?)
WHAHAHA!!! But seriously .. Ron`s artic is real F*ckin ZHUN
ALEX .. Well we noe abt your Serect AHeM* (nice frag) WE love YOU!!!

Ratin .. 6/10
pRo`s : Nice jet black Computers (LCD)
cOn`s : Gotta be members .. 2 bucks / No chicks
oVerall : Never bring your gal there .. but your hardcore gamer`s frenz"

~nEwtOn CiRcUs~

woke up at abt 12.40pm.
2pm. met shi gong. under my blk. met alvin. at northpoint. we 3 walked to shi gong hse. alvin helpin out wit shi gong de comp again. still c0rk-up o.

RusSell Lee: tRue SinGapOre GhOst StOriez vOl. 14!!!

while doin noth at shi gong de hse.. me started readin TSG 14 tt i brot along wit me. hungry ghost festival is near. n itz 'double'. 2 monthz tiz yr. hm. many 'thingz' to beware of. caution. cannot tiz. cannot tt. erm.

left shi gong place at 5pm. walked to northpoint. bot oreo choco ice blended w/ pearl. go timezone. boom boom. we oni played a game. den while i wanna play my last game.. a guy suddenly join in da challenge o. he lvl 18. wanna bulli me. a gal. lvl 11 de car. how can o... hmph~ somemore choose da map me dunno how to race de. sh*t him. so arrogant! hmph~ me dun wan play wit tiz kinda ppl. asked alvin tk over me lo. but kena 'tok' by him. hmph~ he so daO! letz gO!

itz abt 6pm le. alvin acc me to da bus int wait for bus. board it. h…

~cOmm SkiLLz eXaM! bOom BoOm @ bOon Lay!~

todae exam!!
left home at 12.45pm. late. din notice da time when usin comp.
on my way to skool. ron called. askin where am i. n abt a comm skillz question tt we dunno. aaron called. asked for past year examz mcq ans. claire called. askin where am i. hm. received quite a no. of callz b4 i got to skool o. made me more nervous... exam....

hm. got skool. met alex. aaron. ron. went to da class tog. late for exam. but tink juz started nia ba. hm. tink missed da intro n explanation. but agar agar tink know ba. hm. mcq still ok. but section b... dun realli hav confidence. hope can mk it ba. finished my paper at abt 3.30pm. waited outside wit zieg edwin aaron they all. lata at 4pm ron baoming sophia n da rest den came out lo.

todae alvin n weijie came to skool fetch me o. so nice lolx. they waited for me at da canteen. tink they ate their lunch there while waitin for me. we 3 den walked to queenstown mrt station. took da train to boon lay. feelin hungry.. me grab a white choco bread to bite on.

~tOmOro ComM sKillz eXam o...~

we chatted again last nite. til abt 8am. den go slp. set e alarm at 10am. but was tired. overslpt. woke up to c da time.. 12.40pm. gosh. supposed to meet ron at 1pm. hm. den last min my elder sis asked me out for lunch wit her. we left home at 2pm. go northpoint. ate swensen'z. she blanja. hmm. nice. soup of da day for us. fish & chipz for her. salmon n mushrm baked rice for me. n lastly 'ring-a-ding-a-ling' for us we shared. wonderful lunch. afta tt we go john little. me saw many cute n girly de lingerie set. da braz n pantiez so nice. lolx. but dunno exp or not. $25 per set. hm. wan pull my mum along go buy. keke. hm. we go cold storage. she buy her thing le. feelin tired. so smsed ron to tell him me not goin down woodlandz to study le. my sis n i den went home. rest. used da comp. left home at abt 5.45pm. go shi gong de hse. while walkin there.. me felt giddy. hav da feelin of vomitin. but not realli serious. dunno y o. cant be juz drinkin a can of red bull den like…


last nite alvin called me at abt 12.30am. chatted for long. rested on my bed. thru da curtainz. i c da sky gettin brighter. itz abt 7.30am le. chatted so long. break record le. me den slpt for a few hrz. wakin up at abt 11.15am. left home at 1.50pm. went to woodlandz. met ron up. went to da civic ctr. mcdonald. alex arrv. we went up to da library. search for bookz ref. did self-study. for our examz. closed our bookz at abt 6.45pm. alvin n weijie came over to find me. da 5 of us den go causeway point horizon mall. had our dinner. afta tt me went window shoppin. wit ron n alex. alvin n wj go 'choot choot'. den received a sms frm alvin. sayin afta me jln jln finish wit my frenz le den go find them. let me hav some time wit my frenz. lolx. okie fine. we walked ard. S&K havin great sale o. but so many ppl. so cramp in there. so din buy. we walked finished le. they acc me go john lil' find alvin n wj. ron n alex den decided to go hm lo. they seemz tired le. alvin wj n me oso…

~PiRaTez Of tHe CaRiBeAn~

gave alvin a wake up call at 10.30am. he came to my hse at abt 12.30pm. played cs. weijie arr lata. soon afta.. shi gong finished skool le he came up my hse wit 2 of his frenz too. he used my comp awhile. we den left. shi gong's frenz went their own wayz. me alvin shi gong n weijie walked to gv. bot bubble tea there. shi gong goin hm, he acc alvin go collect money. weijie acc me go north point. nowhere to go so we sat down at mac n chat lo. at abt 3.45pm alvin came bac. met up at gv. bot movie tix. piratez of da caribean. showin at 1640hrz. therez still time for us to kill so we go funland boom boom lo. afta playin.. we went for our show le. itz soo nice o. thoz sea creaturez beri scary n yucky de. jack sparrow so funni n cute. n da orlando bloom.. handsome as alwaez.. lolx.da show ended at 7.15pm. walked to 325 find shi gong. they all den played bball while i watched along. shi gong n his frenz went hm. me alvin weijie go nearby de playgrnd chat lo. til abt 10pm. weijie left. alv…

~Can u fEel it?!~

woke up at abt 9.30am tiz mornin. wanted to do self study de. but den was bothered by my comp. wanna install cs-condition zero. but my c-drive got no enough space for tt. tried deletin thoz unnecessary filez. but still.. cant. at abt 1pm alvin came my hse. help me wit tt. now itz installed le. at abt 2+pm alvin went down to nvss, coz shi gong de hp was confiscated by da skool. lolx. alvin acted as his elder bro wantin to collect bac his phone but in e end.. cant lo. weijie arr at my hse. waited for alvin n shi gong to come bac. poor thin shi gong cant get his hp bac. hm. we all chat awhile at home. b4 leavin hm. we walked to 900+ acc alvin collect his ps2. den we walked to shi gong de hse. alvin help him wit his comp lo. not yet done. me did self study at his hse not wastin time. keke. at abt 5pm alvin went to tampines to meet his fren den got bac at abt 6.45pm. at abt 7pm we went down to 111. met up teow kiat, mao, sheng, xiong, don. wanna tok abt our matterz which happened recently.…

~tHinGz weRenT Da SaMe~

woke up at 1pm todae to find tt my hp was off. no batt le. received ron'z sms sayin abt meetin up at 1pm at bugis goin study. but itz far. feelin kinda sian to go. so din go lo. called alvin. he juz woke up. me den go prepare my stuffz. abt 2pm go down. meet shi gong. we den walked from my blk to 139. meet alvin there. den go shi gong hse. alvin help him re-format his comp. we left in da late aftnn. shi gong go meet sheng. me n alvin go meet weijie at 111. he arr at 6.40pm. we walked to 156. coz me suddenly feel like eatin char kway teow there. so go there eat lo. afta eatin we go nearby blk sit n chat awhile. til abt 8pm we go north point boom boom. coincidence. saw shi gong there. sheng too. challenged wit shi gong. den wit sheng. kinda surprising. me win sheng. 2 racez. lol yeaH. i improvin le. but lost to him 1 race coz he chose 'rainin day' de. me nv race b4. hm. afta tt play wit alvin. so many roundz. shi gong went off 1st le. we finished at abt 9+pm. alvin n weijie …

~wAt hAv i dOne wRonG?~

thot of goin study wit my frenz todae de but din go. woke up at 10.30am. used my comp. played abit of ms. 1pm called alvin. left home abt 3pm. met alvin. acc him bring his ps2 go repair. we den go 214 sit down chat. til abt 5pm we go shi gong de hse. alvin wanna help him repair his comp. but din bring any of da needed thingz. so make it tomoro lo. we left at abt 6pm. alvin mummy came to pass him d. card. coz he wanna buy hp. we den took bus 969 go woodlandz. causeway point. bot some breadz at breadtalk. so many ppl o. coz itz breadtalk's 6th anniversary all breadz at $1 each. lolx. we oso go buy bubble tea. he paid for them. again. hm. acc him go buy hp. met my cousin bro 'ah boi koko' at singtel shop. he workin there. we asked him for advises n hp prices. lata he den say tt dun go singtel buy hp without contract de coz more expensive. so we went up to da nokia store. he c here c there le. decided to buy tt model. now he got a new hp le. lolx. we went bac to yishun. go boo…

~iT shLdnT Bee..~

last nite watched wc final match Italy vs France at 2am wit my mum. watched til abt 3.50am me dozing off le. cant tahan. was so sleepy. so go slp b4 the match finished. it was 1-1. when da match finished, alvin smsed me the score. italy won over penalty 5-3. wheee.. happi. italia.. italia.. lolx. went bac to slp. woke up at abt 1.30pm by alvin's call. met him at northpoint at abt 4pm. took mrt. went to bugis st. jln jln. wanna shop for some clothingz. n oso help him find nice clothez. but din c any tt i really like de. saw some nice shirtz for him but he said kinda small. so we din buy anithin. we den go bugis jnctn arcade 'boom boom'. boom le bot bubble tea. at abt 6+pm we head bac to yishun le. go opp northpoint de pasar malam jln jln. bot some finger foodz. b4 headin home le lo. he came my hse. me bathed le. we all had dinner tog. wit my big big family. now bloggin lo.
hm. was kinda hurt. afta readin weijie's blog. for wat he've said. yea. maybe he'z rite. if…

~baCk frOm mSia~

juz got home. from msia. kinda tired.
yesterday. went to skool in da mornin. finished off at noon. me ron claire alex went down to city hall. irc lan shop. wanna play cs. awhile lata.. alvin came. not long afta.. zieg n edwin came too to join us. so fun. so many ppl play tog. zieg n edwin bulli de. either come in fronda me or behind me use knife. purposely de lolx. nvm. had fun. hm. we played til abt 3pm. go BK. had our lunch. den took train bac to yishun. alvin goin msia wit me. my eldest bro, along wit my 2nd bro, sis-in-law n niece, fetched us at northpoint. go msia. [my parentz oredi thre le. they went in wit 3 of our workerz yest, to do some paintin workz in da garden ba]. got there in da evenin. did some hsework. went out for dinner at nite. din go shoppin. played alvin de ps2 winning eleven 10! me did trashed alvin 7-1 usin italia o. happi. revenge. for me myself n for shi gong. lolx. den watched da germany vs portugal match at late nite. 3am. wit alvin. sian diao. portugal lost…

~PoOl @ JurOng~

last nite slpt at 1.30am. woke up at 5.50am. wanted to give alvin a 6am wake up call but he called me 1st b4 i cld. hm. went to skool as usual. still da same. tiz few dayz me got kinda fed up or 'pek chek' easily de. dunno. hm. finished skool at noon. me ron alex went to jurong entertainment ctr. went to play pool. til abt 3+pm. [happi o. alex alwaez wanna 'trash' me in pool but hav yet to win me.. keke me alwaez 'tai-go' win de]. hm. afta tt we acc alex go mac eat. me n ron did ate a lil' too. hungry. rather den admirin alex eat himself. [oopz] lolx. afta eatin, we go x-zone arcade. feel like challengin initial d racin wit alex. me bad bulli him newbie. keke. but waited for sometime to play. din play ver 3 de. coz got ppl. no choice play ver 2 de lo. so diff from ver 3 de. road so slippery. but at least now i know how ver 2 de is like lo. hm. afta playin, we no idea where to go.. kinda tired too. so wanna go home lo. we walked ard in Popular bookstore til …

~k-bOx @ maRinA Sq.~

last nite slpt at abt 12mn. woke up at 3.50am. watched da portugal vs france match de 2nd half. oredi 1 goal ahead for france. sian. full time 1-0 lo. portugal din managed to get into da final. they missed out a few chancez they had. but my last hope.. for italia! hope they'll trash france. keke. hm. watched til abt 5am. dun feel like goin bac to slp. coz gonna wake up an hr lata still. so me go prepared my stuffz. took my own sweet time lo. went to skool as usual. todae mr see's last lesson wit us. he teached finished tt subject le. he beri good o.. gave us many exam cluez. hm. me got my 4 new frenz tel no. le. i've got more frenz le. hm. finished skool at noon. me ron alex aaron went down to city hall. peninsula plaza de IRC lan shop. itz $4 for guest. $1.80 for memb. $2 to apply for memb. so obviously apply memb beta lo. ron paid for my memb fee. we all played cs. awhile lata alvin came. he joined us too. cs so fun. so gan jiong. we played need for speed- most wanted os…

~i PaSsEd mY BaSiC dRiVin' tHeOry tEst!~

last nite slpt at abt 4am. set alarm at 4.50am but overslpt. alvin called at 6+am. went to northpoint at 7am. met alvin at mac. had a cup of hot coffee. me go tk train at abt 8am. alvin went home ba. me go to skool. paf lesson todae. din dozed off in class. hm. breaktime ate sandwiches n ice milo. todae mr. see gave us his tel no. o.. lol. finished class at noon. me n frenz stayed in class n chat wit mr see til abt 1pm. me ron alex den go canteen. they buy drinkz. den head to mrt station. alex departed us at mrt station. dunno go where. ron n me took train. he workin. alited at bukit batok. gave me his newpaper again. hm. me got home at 2.15pm. mummy fried bee hoon for me. nice nice. me eat le. my parentz fetched me to SSDC. alvin came at 3+pm. todae got basic driving theory test o.. scary. gan jiong. me last min den study wor. but soo happi i made it! when i saw the screen appeared 'passed' i was like.. 'phEw~'.. lolx. hm. went to print out da result slip le. alvin n …

~haD enUfF~

i hate life!!!! i hate it!!! my mind is in such a mess!! i cldnt tk it anymore. wonder how long i can stand all tiz nonsense. my heart oredi got hurt deeply. broken. by love. relationshipz. n stuffz. in my pastz. im tryin to heal da pain. myself. but. by juz a few nasty wordz. criticised by my close ppl. my heart juz shattered. had enuff. noth to say. noth to explain. it happened not juz once. how cld i tk it. thoz wordz came out from my trusted ppl. which hurtz me more more deeply. she said it. den she denied. arguementz. to her for everythin im alwaez in da wrong. shez alwaez rite! wth!!! she said me 1st. she broke my heart 1st. den i am in dA wrOnG?!?! i got noth to say. i cant do anithin.. juz had enuff.


last nite slpt at abt 2am. woke up n went to skool tiz mornin. as usual lo. todae paf lesson. mr see. beta den comm skillz lesson. so sian. keke. hm. todae ron n me wore almost sama sama da shirt o. so pinkish. [well planned. lol]. our shirtz same style oso de. our frenz was disturbin us. wat wat wear same shirtz couple go c movie sit couple seat dot dotx de. lolx. hm. finished skool at noon. acc they all go canteen eat. me nv eat. waited for them. they all eat le. me aaron ron alex went to somerset. cineleisure. planned to watched the 'Superman' movie. got there at 2pm. got 2.10pm de. but alvin haben reach. so da next showtime is 4.15pm de. aaron say itz kinda late.. so he wanna go cut hair first den come bac lata. me ron alex go up 9th storey play cs for an hour. lol play cs wit them so fun de o. me kpt laughin alot wor. many funni thingyz happened in da game.. keke. hm. alvin came at abt 2.45pm. we finished playin at 3.15pm. aaron claire they all last min not comin. so we g…

~CaUsEwAy pOiNt~

last nite slpt at abt 1.30am. dozed off while smsin alvin. lolx. hm. woke up early mornin n went to skool as usual. breaktime made new frenz. tokin abt ms. keke. but still dunno 2 more namez. da rest know le. but din tok much tho. hm. did some class grp activity. had a lil' fun. skool finished at noon. me ron aaron took shuttle bus n mrt tog. aaron got off at dover. meetin his cousin sis. ron alite at bukit batok. hez workin. he lent me his newpaper coz me was readin half-way thru. gonna return it to him tmr ba. me den got off at woodlandz. meetin alvin n weijie da ge at causeway point. they haben reach so me walked ard 1st. da ge came soon afta. he acc me go metro buy shoez for my mummy. saw a black n pink shoez i like. but no size le. too bad lo. alvin den came. we 3 wanted to go play pool de but da top storey under renovation. cant find da pool thingy. so we go jln jln. acc alvin go buy hair wax. den go weijie de hse. got there at abt 2+pm. left at 6+pm. alvin acc me go buy bre…

~LeaRn frOm Da miStakEz Of otHeRz~

many people will walk in n out of ya life.
but oni true frenz will leave footprintz in ya heart.
to handle yaself, use ya head
to handle otherz, use ya heart.
if someone betrayz u once, it is his fault
if he betrayz u twice, it is ya fault.
he, who losez money, losez much
he, who losez a fren, losez much more
he, who losez faith, losez all.
beautiful young people are accidentz of nature
but beautiful old people are workz of art.
learn from da mistakez of otherz
u cant live long enuff to make them all yaself.


woo.. juz got home from msia o.
yesterday. went to skool in da mornin. afta class me sophia ron alex n joanna went down to bugis. planned to watch the 'Superman' movie de. but got there at 12.45pm. the movie showin at 1.40pm n 2.40pm de sold out le. oni got 4.50pm de. but my eldest bro comin over to fetch me to msia. so cant watch. [my parentz n bro went in msia in da early aftnn le. me went in lata lo]. me n my frenz went ard shoppin. din bot anithin. but saw many nice nice de thingyz at bugis st o. hm. next time den me go shop ba. we jln jln at bugis junction. at abt 3.30pm alvin came. said bu-bye to da guyz. me den go 'boom boom' wit alvin. bot bubble tea. my eldest bro fetched us at 4.20pm. [alvin goin msia wit us too]. reached my msia hse abt 6.30pm. sat in da car til my butt pain o. so long. almost lost our way. my bro'z 1st time goin thru tuas 2nd link o. hm. we all den started doin hsework. alvin helped me vacuumed da floor n mopped o. supposed to be my job …