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~FinaL Destn 3..~

woke up 11.30am tiz mornin. meet mao 'xiao di' at NP abt 4pm. walked to blk 139 meet yong sheng, jia ming, xiong 'da ge' (so called 'niang niang'.. lolx), wei jie, pei rou, and lastly alvin who came late. lol. den we walk to yishun mrt, tk train to orchard. went to shaw lido. wanna watch final destn 3. but alvin got smth on so he left. so da 7 of us bot da tix at 5.55pm. da show damn nice but thrillin scary disgustin bloody horror o... was kinda stunned by thoz scenez. finished da show at abt 8.30pm. i met rai & minah there. we were in da same theatre but din notice. lolx. wat a coincidence. keke. we chat a lil'. den we left shaw hse. pei rou went hm for dinner. da rest of us went to taka for our dinner. den we went to lucky plaza. me & mao acc xiong go buy pantz @ S & K/I.P. Zone while da rest went up to e arcade. later we went up too. we challenged daytona. had fun racin. lolx. we left orchard at abt 10+pm. took train bac to yishun. laughed al…

~*Never Forget*~

And for my gOodiE freNz.. includin my syikin 'kin', mao 'xiao di', da introverterz, da nice people from plaza, & whomeva hav stepped into my life. herez a poem for wat we've gone thru.. da memoriez tt is left behind.. will not be forgotten. thanx for steppin into my life.. helpin me thru wit almost everythin. thanx for being my frenz.. true frenz..

Never forget the dayz
that we laughed and played
Never forget our old skool dayz
when we bullied da bad teacherz
& cried our pain together
Never forget how much fun we had
and wateva we did for fun wasn't that bad
But when we had to go our own wayz
We were sad, cant bear to leave
Never forget all the huggiez
and all the memorable momentz we had
Never forget all the joy
When we seen our first toy
Never forget all the lawz
includin Da Introverterz' rulez
Never forget the sad momentz
that we shared together.
Never forget the first time
we went to the mall
or went to shore playin soccer ball
Never forget da Plaza peepz
on how much…

~mSg tO mY PaReNtz fRm dEeP dOwN mY hEaRt~

爸爸,妈咪, herez a poem for u all & family.. every single wordz here is true frm my heart. and i really mean it. as life is so unpredictable.. i may not hav da chance to declare & thank u for soooo much thing.. & everything. so i juz wanna state 'em here.. while im still alive.. ^-^

Family valuez are prone to me
Coz pa & mi got me grown to be
A young woman who respectz wat she seez
Coz no matter wat I got my family

__=WhAt wiLL i Be, WiThOuT mY FaMiLy=__
watz heart-ache
without my family by my side
watz pain
if no one tellz me itz gonna be beta
watz tearz
if no one wipez them & tellz me to keep my head up
who comfortz me
when i am feelin sad
who takez care of me
when i am feelin sick
who went out lookin for me
when i hit da stormy weather
watz laughter
when i have no one beside me
watz my future
if i have no one to guide me
watz gettin lost
if i …

~tiRed dAy..~

hm. woke up 10.20am tiz mornin. meetin kin at abt 12.20pm in da bus.. she acc me go 200+ there buy cotton cloth. hee finally got da cloth to mk da banner oredi. i called ravin 'darlinx' to tell him tt i've got it.. so he no need go find. den we meetin mao at NP 1pm. but he slp til so late o.. so diff to wake up.. call his hp no ans.. slp like log cant hear.. no choice, kin asked me call his hse.. ask da mother wake him up. lolx. he came at abt 1.15pm. we had lunch tog. after tt kin needa go work. so me n mao walk to chong pang blk 111 bball court where mao's yishun sec frenz were there playin bball. we wait for da rest of our frenz to come. wait til abt 3+pm. jian xiong, wei jie came n lastly alvin, yong sheng n da galz came too. we played a lil'. got 2 policemen approached da court.. 'screenin' almost everybody. check n record our i/c & mobile phone. coz recently many ppl steal hp n sell it away. later we moved to blk 137 bball there continue playin. w…


他这一去 就结束

~b@c tO pLaZa aGaiN..~

tiz mornin woke up @ 9.30am. used comp til 11.30am. had my shower. prepared myself. mel asked me out, she work til 1pm at traders hotel, wil b meetin in yishun. at 1+pm, she sms me sayin tt she cant make it le coz gotta 'ot' til 3pm. n she's havin drivin lesson at 6pm. so dun really hav time. so our date postpone lo. nvm. but for myself.. if i've oredi put on my make-up.. dressed myself up.. i hav to go out de. if not i'll feel real terrible. lolx. ah fang managed to be there. i left hm at 2pm. met her at lavendar 2.50pm. we walked to golden mile complex. me acc her go tk smth. den walked to plaza hotel (pph). coz we'r juz ard there.. so we drop by to c our goodie frenz lo. me saw my da jie, ravin 'darlinx', 'chu', ju, pauline, kamisah, keline, jimmy, nasir, ahmed, saini, maggie, 'sunny', dann & many more.. chat wit them.. joke n laughed.. 'darlinx' praised my invitation cards creation. lolx. but hav yet to complete. next he …

~niTe oUtiNg..~

woke up 11am.. dance for abt an hour.. went online.. logged off at abt 1.30pm. had my shower, had my lunch, blew-dry my hair.. curl n style it.. put on my make up.. changed my clothez.. was ready by 6pm. lOlx. it all tkz me 4 1/2 hr to prepare n doll up myself o.. keke. left hm at 6. meetin mel at city hall. den wait for raidah n minah. minah late o.. so we wait.. den we all head down to pasir ris by train. chat lotz wit mel. we all laugh lotz too. me miss our introverterz' laughterz o.. hm. den frm pasir ris there we took bus 354 to costa sand lo. reached there at abt 7.30pm. faith's bday party goin on there. invited us. shez still da same.. tt pretty as alwayz. me stayed for abt an hr den went off le. i wld love to stay til late if i cld but cant lo coz got another 'event goin on'. we took some photoz b4 i left. minah n rai walked me out of the dark eerie road. how nice of them. we chat along the way. b4 i flagged for a cab n left. went to hougang ave 5. blk 322. me …

~hOt HoT o..~

hEy tA.. hm. yEst went to worksitez in the mornin. evenin went to zion road temple. wanna look for uncle jimmy. loong time no c le. met up uncle ricky there too. planned to go for dinner tog. but dunno how uncle ricky plan de o... uncle jimmy said he not free. dUhx.. lolx. den bo bian lo. me, my 2 elder broz, mum, n uncle ricky went to jurong blk 727 there to hav our dinner. da food nice. we chat chat. when i heard my hp sms alert, i flipped up my phone to c 1 missed call n 1 new sms. aiyoo... how come got missed call o.. hm. i missed my ravin 'darlinx's' call.. got a new sms from sky. hey hey... im nOt forgotten o. lOlx self-claimed de. hm. i call him bac, hez at work. we chat a lil'. frm his bckgrd i heard some funni noisez. haha itz ah fang o.. funni she. i chat wit her a lil' too. b4 we hung up da phone. den left at ard 8pm. head home. hm. nOw... me feeling soo warm n sweaty.. keke. juz did some wOrkoutz laa.. loong time din dance dance le.. now feelin awake.. …

~RemEmbEr m3 wHen iM gOn3...~

Remember me when I am gone away
Gone far away into the silent land
When you can no more hold me by the hand
Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay
Remember me when no more day by day
You tell me of our future that you planned
Only remember me. you understand
It will be late to counsel then or pray
Yet if you should forget me for a while
And afterwards remember, do not grieve
For if the darkness and corruption leave
A vestige of the thoughts that once I had
Better by far you should forget and smile
Than that you should remember and be sad..

~DinNer @ nEw paRk hoteL~

tiz mornin woke up at 8am. foll my mum n 2nd bro go my ah ma's hse at jurong west. one of our worker went there to do some paintin touch-up. den afternoon went to pantech. sit n chat awhile. den go bishan, b4 headin home. got home at abt 5pm. went to bathe n blow dry my hair.. gonna meet wen fang 'da ge' for dinner coz he goin bac china le.. he'z a nice, married guy. lolx. along wit meili, gaili, auntie kym, n ah fang.. met them at abt 7pm at plaza hotel. abt a mth plus din go bac plaza le. miss the ppl there. went up to the 'new reception'. saw da jie, ju, sheilla n shidah. were laughin ard there. many said i lost weight. wat happen to me... how my diet plan goes.. so n so.. lolx. they say me no work no skool slack slack until lose weight o.. keke. aniwae hapi to hear tt lo. maybe coz they long time din c me le.. hm. saw sky too. he came to the counter. den saw some otherz staffz whom i know there. we left da place at 7.40pm. coz wait for meili n gaili to chng…


11 Feb- hm. juz got bac from msia today.. stayed-over on thurs n fri nite. reached home at 5.15pm. had my shower, den went down to lakeside. c my dar. returned home at 11+pm. 'ah guan' brot a lil' puppy over to our hse.. so cute.. real small n kinda weak lo.. learnin to walk.. my notti marco keep barkin at her de. she got abit 'dried woundz' here n there.. tomoro gonna bring her to da vet to do some body check-up. eyez r tired. hm. im missin those happi moments of my life. shatec skool. da introverterz. plaza hotel. juz miss every fun n laughterz we had. erm.. k gtg. tata.

~*.나는 너를 사랑한다.*~

hm. i feel like sayin my heart out but juz dunno how. there r things i wished i cld tell him but prefer not to. me juz wanna let it out here. as i dun tink therez anyone i can share abt all tiz. coz itz like.. no use tellin ppl..

hm. dar.. whether or not u r lookin at tiz, hope u wun tk it to heart if i say anithin wrong.. ermm. i dunno how to put it but.. itz like.. im havin tiz kinda 'worry' feelin. i hardly believe wat guyz say.. like 'sweet-tokin'.. or so. i've seen n heard many cases of galz being cheated by notti guyz.. playin ard wit feelings juz for da sake of fun.. or bcoz they're juz too bored of havin juz a gal so look for more.. n stuffz like tt. itz not tt i dun trust u. how i wish i cld c thru ya heart n know watz on ya mind. im juz worry, afraid.. as days go by, my feelinz for ya grow deeper, n deeper, n den tt one day.. i were to find out smth tt i shldnt hav know, or u'll tell me smth tt i wish i wldnt hear. im juz worryin all day.. maybe bc…

~*미스 너*~

hm. me yest (6/2) went ard sitez wit my mum n 2nd bro. in the evening abt 5+pm they dropped me off at boon lay mrt coz me meetin my dar. me went jln jln ard 1st b4 he reached at abt 6pm. saw some clothez kinda nice.. maybe next time go there again ba.. hm. we chat til abt 7.45pm. me tk mrt bac yishun. reached home at 10+pm. helped my bro bot da kr drama vcd 'sassy gal-chun hyang'. seemz nice. but we've yet to start watchin.. yest slpt at abt 3am. woke up at abt 8am tiz mornin. dunno y.. no alarm wor.. but suddenly cldnt slp.. so got out of bed lo. went to sitez wit my mum n 2nd bro. met my eldest bro at pantech. we den went for lunch at abt 2+pm. go bukit timah there eat. got bac to pantech at 3+pm. mum, 2nd bro n me den head home. at abt 6pm me n my 2nd bro start 'groutin'/'plasterin' our hse marble floor, coz got many tiny holez. but he 'eat snake' o.. do half den go play comp.. left me alone doin the living n dinin room de.. me now whole body ach…

~RiGhT heRe waiTiNg..~

where hav i been?? in spore lo. sat went out wit my sec skool frenz. mao 'xiao di', alvin, yong sheng. met mao at np at ard 6pm. xiong da ge came oso.. but oni to acc mao go pierce ear holez nia. lolx. xiong pierced 2 holes, at his left earlobe. he said itz pain. in da 1st place i told mao b4 tt itz gonna b real pain if he wanna pierce da top part of his ear. he was kinda scared at first but after seein xiong like ok ok den he wanna pierce. lOlx. he hadnt stop complainin the pain on his left ear until nite. but can c tt itz pain lo. da ear all red lolx. 'obi obi' lo. dun listen to 'da jie' is like tt one. but gotta tahan da pain if u wanna be vain. keke. actually i meet 'em out coz feelin kinda bored n itz been looong since i last played bball. but they aready played in the afternoon b4 i came. duh. walk here sit there chat here laff there in the end din get to play. den later we walked to sembawang shoppin ctr (ssc) from yishun/chong pang. we went there pl…

~*mY DaY?*~

hm. last nite (31/1) slept at 3+am. woke up at 6+am tiz mornin (1/2). eyez real tired o. hm. my eldest bro left home at 7am. so early lolx. my mum, elder bro n i left home ard 8+am. went to chong pang buy some roasted duck, chix n meat. coz today company 'heng gang' at pantech. we reach there ard 9.15am. workers n eldest bro there le. we all pray pray.. my eldest bro brief the workers abt the new co. terms n conditions, den my mum give ang baos to all of them.. (my bro tok not all listen, but c ang bao all come o. lOlx. all come for the 'red thing' nia.) after briefin, all start to eat lo. we left da place ard 12nn. mum, my 2 broz n me went to jurong bird park nearby, 'up the hill' there ate jap food. me didnt eat much tho. coz 'over-hungry' in the mornin, gastric pain pain. finished our meals at abt 2+pm, we went to cck, my 2 broz wanna do some measuring to the sites. left for home at 3+pm. goin to meet xuan for movie so go home bathed, left home at 5+…