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~yet again, my eyes swell......~

i broke down. when he called juz now. T_T
the hours, minutes, and seconds of waiting is so painful.
if he thinks that this is really a small matter, i think he never feel for me at all.
letting me wait and wait and worry, is mind torturing.

he apologised and said he wont break promises again.
haiz. perhaps im too nice to him. he dunno how much i worry for him always.
i wonder if i go missing. and he wont be able to reach me.
will he really worry & wonder what might happened to me?
will he come to realise how suffering it is to worry for someone (he love)?
or maybe, if im gone, he wont even bother or worry, like how he did last time.
i dunno.......

he had since, changed alot, being willing to call me
and do what a boyfriend should do.
i guess he really did tried to change for me, to make me feel loved.
i know. and im so glad.
itz been quite a long time since i last swelled my eyes this way.
all the while he was doing good until yesterday
when my mind spinned & started to worry again.
and as usua…

~honey, are you thinking of me....?~

today lunchtime, i walked home, cooked my own lunch.

Ajisen instant ramen.
2 servings.

taDa~! i like the soup. =)

sister reserved a table for a family dinner tonight. @ River View Hotel.

the newly renovated River Garden coffer house.

sashimi, i dare not eat. =\*raw*

my brothers, niece, sis-in-law.

mami, papa, sister.

salmon, my favourite.

chendol, apple crumble with ice cream.

~When one person is cursed, two graves are dug...~

honey called me this evening.
he had finally found the place selling the cheap IDD calling cards. ^^
hope i can hear from him more often.

i've finished my 4th bottle of cough syrup.
but i've yet to recover. =\
think i'll just have my chinese med cough ''beads'' at the meantime.

~say YES not because you have to, but because you WANT to.~

oh gosh.
my 4½ years old blog of photos are FULL.
[Blogger uploads photos using the built-in Picasa uploader in Blogger.
& all photos uploaded through that, will be saved in your picasa account album]
currently, my picasa albums consist of a total of 5474 photos.
99% space used up of the 1024MB.
so i got no choice, but to create another picasa google account.
so from now on, i gotta upload my photos manually onto picasa before i could link them using html code in my blog post.
everything, manually......

today i met ziyu. she applied for leave partly because of me. lol.
so gotta meet her. long time no see her anyway.

i went down to Vivo City on my own. she met me there.
i bought the movie tickets before she came.

she was hungry. so we had our dinner before catching the movie.
she wanna eat KFC. i love KFC altho im not supposed to eat coz cough.
muahaha. dun tell mummy =x

current Popcorn Combo promotion. so BIG lo the water bottle =.=
S$12 [GV member: S$11]

i took home the bottle =D

YES MAN@ 7.30pm


~Sakura Buffet~

me playing with the webcam capture before leaving home xP

Venue: Sakura Restaurant @ Orchard Shopping Centre

in the evening,
my dad drove me there as he was attending a wedding dinner in orchard too.

reached orchard around 6.40pm. met ver.
waited for ah chua (ervin).
we went in at about 7pm.

started our buffet dinner.
S$29.95 per person.

i took this pic and got WARNED by the kookoo staff. he said he can CONFISCATE my hp. duh? please lo he got no rights to confiscate my hp. he thinks he's a teacher of a primary 3 student uh. even if thats the company policy, they can chase me out of the restaurant but never can they confiscate my hp. im not a 3 years old kid. i ain't stupid. hmphx~

soon after, jerene & her friend, christine, arrived.
itz a surprise for ah chua coz we never tell him jerene (his gf) is coming. ^^

later, polar came.

*Left: polar. *Right: ah chua & ver.

bruce lee? lol~

dessert time~