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~dun let a man put anything over u except an umbrella.~

~*HaPpi BirthDay tO my NieCe, RocHeLLe...*~

~*haPpi BirthDay tO JeFF HaRdy!!!*~

~*Diana [Princess of Wales] 10th Year aNniverSary*~
1961 - 1997

hm. today. in skool. had migrain again.

today practised faced-down baccarat.
early morning with the capital of $1500, i won $7650!!
sia la.. 1st time me so lucky... lol. how i wished thatz my real money. xD
but when afternoon comes... my luck de power used up liao. no luck le. =[
faced-down baccarat really got the 'thrill' to 'squeeze' the cards o... fun.

siwei dealt until 'brain lag'. pronouced 'Banker' as 'Bonker'. lOlx! xD

nothing much for today.
but hor... im so tired today o........... really tired....
in the shuttle bus to amk. i slept. ZZzz.....

went to AMK Hub. bought some 'niap niap'.
sumann & i headed back to yishun. went to GV.
sumann got his hair trimmed in the salon.
while i went to Funland & played initial D. =)

oh yea. 'lao da' jeremy suggested a chalet get-together. whoa! i lOve cha…

~连哭, 都是我的错~

~*haPpi BiRthDay tO RaidaH!*~

mornin met up sumann.. to amk. and to skool.

me & sumann wore camouflage pants today!! sama sama.
our pants. our hands. our sign. =)

we asked vik to take a photo of us. at 1st i told him to take the bottoms will do. but he moved further away from us and was like aiming our full body. so me & sumann were giving that damn cool pose. *SNAP* we looked at the pic. i juz wanna strangle vik. lol! he only snapped our bottoms nor! watz our pose for?! dunno how to tell us huh. made us pose like......... duh. wasted. lol xD
mine is 'navy'.his is... 'army'? O.o
this is taken by heuer. blur.

did some Evaluation.
practised Baccarat. etc

oh yea. we finally got our Croupier Vests today! =)

Heuer & rain.
his voice so sexy today. lol. [no voice liao. sick]

took 5.30pm bus to amk.
while waiting for my korkor, mexiong & nic went to AMK Hub.
nic take-away subway home for dinner. while i bought thesubway cookie.

i asked korkor no need to wait for me. as i wan…

~i wun laugh at u. i'll laugh with u.~

~*HaPpi BiRthDay tO BeR!!*~

morning. took train to amk [w/o sumann].
met jace there. the rest will be late.
so da 2 of us took 9.30am shuttle bus to skool.

went for our DSE.
whooaaa!!adrian cut his head! hmm.. i mean.. cut his hair!!!
what a new hairstyle.. soooo cute nah. now he looks like a 15 years old boy. xD

helped ross & qunying dealt a few roulette games for them to inspect on.
den went on to practise on my baccarat.
we timed our 8 decks of 'tablu'.

after we were done with that, i went over to vik's table. den ricky came.
vik dealt. ricky & me were the players. duhx... ricky bet banker, i bet player. i bet banker, ricky bet player. lol. opposition. ricky won alot wor....

jace, gary & jeremy came over to vik's table. joined us.
ricky gave me his winnings and left. i got lotza cash chips~
vik be da dealer. we all players.letz play baccarat!

damn. am i their unlucky star? i bet wat lose wat de lo.. i bet on player, da 3 guys bet banker. i bet banker, they bet player.

~雨 不停落下来。 花 怎么都不开?~

this morning. waited for sumann. he came late.

about 9am we took bus to yishun mrt.
thought we couldnt catch the train. so we took a cab down to amk.
luckily we managed to catch the shuttle bus at 9.30am.

got to skool. baccarat.

oh yea. last nite suddenly quite a number of people took my 'Test' o. some i dun even know the 'name'. so i asked around in skool.

"Freedom Desire" is vik. he tried his 1st attempt & got 80% [which is very good le]. den after he confidently know all the answers, he registered as "Vik G" and scored 100%. he didnt ask me any question at all. whooaa.... so touched! vik ya my true friend! u know me huh. lol.

til now still dunno who is "dontknw d". -_-

hmphx. laughed alot in skool. laughed til headache. migrain. ate panadol.
adrian n vik bluffed me!!
"u turn ya head fast fast to the side u get to see ya own ear." grrr..

sumann's been asking around that question "What is the Capital of Thailand?"

after sk…

~i will smile. coz i have friends who care!~

this morning as usual. met up sumann. go amk.
from there took shuttle bus to turf city.

new module today. -Baccarat-
and the new batch has just joined us.
so in class, we were told to introduce ourselves to the new bunch of peepz.

we all gotta give intro like, "hi im Rain, stayin in Yishun."

when itz Jace's turn [who sat beside me], he stood up & gave a short sweet simple introduction... "Jiawei. Hougang" den he sat down. *laughters*. lol.

later sumann & gary came in late.
ricky asked sumann to introduce himself.
he stood up, "hmm.. I'm Sumann. I'm from Australia. *pause* and i'm very tired." lOlx!!!! we all laughed like hell. wat kinda introduction man.... xD

hmmm. when ricky asked the class "do you know how big is the upcoming IR in Sentosa?". jason put up his hand and gave a quick reply "i know!! VERY big!" duhx! lol. -_-"

had a short lecture. den went on to learn how to play Baccarat at the tables.

hmm. sumann. wan…

~be my best friends. walk beside me. ^-^ ~

am back from msia.

this morning papa spotted these.
oops.. which baddie birds ate our papayas.....

i drove to BestMart.
korkor had a haircut at our 'regular' salon.

i got to know da nice people there since my 1st visit last year.
the boss - Steve
senior - zhen zhen [she's bubbly]
hairdressers - ah lun, michael (shen qiang), and another girl.

they arefunpeople.

michael asked for some of my photos. we bluetoothed.
i 'kop' some of his too. xD
this is michael.
michael & ah lun.
wah... he's wearing the hp strap i gave him on his bday o.

we had our lunch at the famous Ah Koong fishball noodle, Taman Sentosa.

after lunch, we went to this Pet shop nearby, called Natural.

i spotted this cute cute fit fit lil' blue-eyed Husky o!!!

sooo adorable...

hmphx.. banana!!
tall tall banana tree....
reflection of me in da garden.

tomoro back to skool le.
new module. baccarat. heard must 'drink lotza water'. O.o

.::.::.the friends in my heart.::.::.
{-never fight-}
piNkiE Pr0miSe
G U A R A N…

~Roulette assessment oveR!!~

PS: edited post...

morning. as usual. met up sumann. took train to amk.

whooaa.. jace wore sunglasses today too~
white shirt + shades. cooL! same same.... =)

got skool. did our Evaluation thingy.
den had our own practise.

lunch time.
was heading to the coffeeshop when we spotted this.
"Yoshi" Japanese Cuisine. just opened today!!

so we gave it a try. we're their first customerz o!!
i ate Tori Karaage Udon. @ S$4.
not bad o.

hm. got back skool. slack. slack. slack.
happy singing with siwei & jace etC. ^-^
jace taught vik some basic mandarin for numbers. cooL!

at 4+pm. adrian, vik & me were showing each other toopid lame 'magic'. lol.
we all laughed soooo much nor. =)

after skool.
da guys ordered Tiger. sumann & i played 'hei bai pei'. i did drank abit.
5.30pm. boarded the shuttle bus.
xiao rain & marcO~ our red red faces after drinking.

alighted at amk.
jace..... u walked so fast in fronda me. departed without sayin bubye de nor... :[
jace... 'u used to be c…

~now i finally realise......~

cried myself to sleep last nite. T_Twoke up with swollen eyes. thankx to my sunglasses.
met up sumann at my bus stop. took bus to yishun mrt.
when i tapped my ez-link card, entered, and was waiting for sumann to top-up his card, i noticed a malay man [staff] in the Control Station kept pointing at me to another malay man & saying something. the malay staff den approached me. i thought he wanted to spot-check my bag [maybe i look like terrorist??], but instead.....
he asked: "are you chewing gum??"
i smiled. and replied "yea??"
he: "hm. chewing gums are not allowed."
i was like WTH! but i smiled & said: "wat?! i thought in Singapore, CHEWING of gums is allowed but BUYING/SELLING of gums is den prohibited???"
he: "no... cannot. later when the officers see, itz not good uh."
he den gave me tissue & asked me to spit it out. HELL!
i spit it out. and still can purposely ask him: "u got dustbin?"
he said 'no'. TOOPID!