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~i'LL Be baCk~

woke up at noon.
met alvin at NP, abt 1pm.
went to timezone. boom boom.
we planned to go his hse do his blogskin n play the sims 2 de.
but last min he got smth on.
he had to leave immediately. bo bian.
so iwent home. myself.

so sad tt i cldnt even hav his time.
we met for abt an hr nia.
i wanted so much to cherish tiz last few hrz b4 i leave for thai de.
but his dad needed him more den i do.
n he needa help his dad more den being wit me.
n it cldnt be blamed. indeed. his dad is more important.
if i cant return, he cld find a replacement.
but there'll be no replacement for his parentz de.
for tiz. hez so rite. [:

aniwae. guyz. im leavin spore tonite. for hat yai, thailand.
flight is at 8.50pm. i'll be bac on saturday. afta midnite.

pray for me. pray for my return. :X :P

~wHy. GuYz.~

[taken from my fren'z blog post. "dun mind o"]

"hmmm,why do guys able to fall in love with two girls at the same time....unwilling to break off with the first gf and still wants to go into relationship with another not saying its my guy who did tht...but some kind of symptoms i discovered outside.guys just wants to have the best of the two world....(**)"

[Rain: i agree. we galz juz dun understand why. r guy like tt. juz heartless selfish n greedy creaturez. no offense. i meant it for thoz kinda guyz mentioned above.]

~RepLaCeMeNt fOr dA RiNg Of hiS i lOst~

last nite. i past thoz hourz so terribly. i cried myself to slp.

met alvin at NP, 2+pm.
went to da food mall to look up for shi gong n his frenz.
he using da bag me n alvin bot for his bday de o. heez.
we chatted, laughed, had lunch tog. jap food. katsu don.
todae shi gong told us some so-so interestin "new" storiez wor!
kinda funni n so dramatic o...
me excited til accidentally hit my ring on da table! lOlx.

afta tt alvin n me headed to bugis.
he bot da ring. our promise ring. a replacement for da ring of his i lost.
[now da companion of my ring is bac le. they're tog again!]
happi. hm. we den go bugis st. jln jln. bot bday present for our fren.
we den went bac to bugis junction. boom boom. $6. alvin blanja o. heex.
compared to my last time, i realised i realli improved in my initial D race timin.
racing at akina, record was 3'21. todae me abt 3'13 o!
so happi. me din realised tt much diff til todae o.
collected our ringz. [they polished my 'old' ring].
ate yakitori n …

~*BrOkEn HeArTz*~

i laugh loud to hide my sobx,
i smile big to hide my tearz,
i tok little to hide my sad voice,
i wear makeup to hide my red swollen eyez,
but no matter what i were or put on,
i cant hide my broken heart.

broken heartz cannot be mended,
merely patched and warn away.
in e end they simply break again,
but first they must begin to fray.

but you have come with crystal thread,
to mend my broken heart.
to patch it up for good,
for ya love i hope itz real deep true.

~i tRiPped~

met alvin at abt 3pm, NP.
went to hav our lunch at da food mall.
soya sauce chic noodle 油鸡面. shared honey sea coconut w/ longan.
3.30pm. went to timezone. boom boom.
4pm. took train to yck. ssdc.
alvin acc me there again. had my drivin lesson from 4.40-6.20pm.
he booked his prac lessonz le. keke.
we den took train bac to yishun.
[at yck mrt de escalator, were rushin up for da train, me tripped over. nearly fell. but oni kena my front leg de bone. pain pain. humphx].
went to gv funland. boom boom again. coz noth to do.
afta tt, bot ice blended oreo choco. headed home.
alvin had dinner over at my place. he left for home at 9.30pm.

afta he left. my eldest bro 'shoot' me.
'eldest bro': eh? u not goin out wit alvin meh?
rain: no ar. he goin home.
'eldest bro': wah.... unbelievable ar.. so rarely u wld stay home early de.
rain: -_-"
[my family all laughin...]

~*i GuEsS EvErYtHiN'z cHaNgEd*~

where has everything gone?
what happened to da old dayz?
when we were happy,
when we were sad,
we were alwayz there for each other.
what happened to da past?
da dayz of old?
when everythin was carefree.
when we juz had fun anywhere.
we would laugh at anythin.
we would hav fun anywhere.
we thot da same.
we helped each other thru.
da good and da bad,
da tearz and da heartbreak.
we were alwayz there to lend a hand.
we had no idea wat was in store for da future.
but, we helped each other thru.
watever that came to us.
alwayz there if we needed each other,
always consoling to our problemz.
"Sistaz n Broz til e end of time".

but now... everythin'z different....
coz noth is going right anymore.
our frienship was everything to us,
but now, itz a thing to da side.
all thoz yearz
we were so close.
all thoz yearz we had together
fell apart in juz one single day.

we loved each other like we were family.
how could've you juz gone and did something like that?
it came out of the blue.
it was so unexpected.
it hit u…

~A SuPer SaD sToRy~

read a newz from tonite de 联合晚报 ['lianhe wanbao'].
a quite touchin but super sad story endin.

a couple got married abt 18 yearz bac. a woman is mentally unstable. ['siao' de]. but still, da guy marry her. tt showz their true love. da guy really took care of her all along.
they did gave birth to a daughter [who is oredi 17 yrz old now].
in da 4th yr afta their marriage, one day, da guy promised to bring his wife out to 'play'. but due to overtime work, he passed da time he shld be at home. his wife ended her life. committed suicide.
he lived on a life wit alcoholic drinkz everyday. he became a drunkard. as dayz passed by.. he drinkz more n more.. not being able to look afta his daughter.. his younger sis looked afta her. not allowin da father of da gal to stay wit her. afraid tt 'incidentz' wld happen. recently, da guy came to visit his daughter. da gal told her dad tt she dun wanna c him if hez still drinkin all day. she dun wanna stay wit him. both sadly, h…

~iF i gO miSsin, wiLL he Get mE baC?~

met alvin at NP @ abt 3.30pm.
acc him go hav his lunch. food mall. me bot honeydew sago. we shared.
we den go timezone. boom boom.
finally my 'mazda rx7' is bac to my 'hometown'. keke.
todae i used my car. find it faster. i improved. i hope to get beta.
we denate mac hot fudge sundae while waitin for bus 169 to alvin'z hse.
got there at abt 5.45pm. started playin the sims 2. we played tog.
so fun. da game realli like real life de o.
left his place at 9.30pm.
bot some 'niap niap' at NP de kfc n mac for mummy.
alvin sent me home. [on my way bac felt a deep hunger in my stomach].
got home at 11pm.

~sHi GoNg'z BdAy CeLeBrAtiOn iN AdVaNce~

woke up at 8.30am.
alvin came to my hse to fetch me.
11pm. yishun gv. ate LJS. value combo 1.
1.10pm. boon lay. jurong point. star factory [arcade]. boom boom.
finally i've 'revived' my initial D de 'car'.
todae got a guy wanna challenged me. me was afraid.
me dun hav da confident to race wit strangerz de. but was soooo happi.
i won him 2 racez. 1st course by 400+m. 2nd course by a distance ba.
so happi... 1st time me eva 'tok' strangerz in initial d racing o. heeex.
afta boomin, we went to buy bubble tea from Cool Station. choco blast. nice.
bot an orange color sling bag frm 'yellow', for shi gong'z bday present.
bot a 'special glue' for da completion of our disney jigsaw puzzle 'finishin'.
we den went to alvin'z hse.
finished our final step of our jigsaw puzzle.
we played the sims 2. created our own charac.
at abt 7.30pm we left. rushed to shi gong'z bday bbq party at yishun 126.
his actual bday is on comin mon. but he celebratin in ad…

~1sT tiMe aCc Me gO dRiVin LeSsOn~

3pm. took a cab down to shi gong hse.
alvin was there to help him wit his comp internet connection.
alvin n me left his hse @ 3.50pm.
walked to yishun mrt.
bot ice blended oreo choco [not nice de :( ] on our way there.
took train [hidin our drinkz] to yck.
alvin 1st time acc me to ssdc o.
me got drivin lesson. 4.40-6.20pm.
[while he waitin for me at da canteen for 100minz o].
scared he get bored or sian o. luckily canteen got tv to entertain him. heex.
we den took train bac to yishun. went to NP timezone boom boom.
waited for quite sometime. b4 we cld play.
finished at abt 8pm. went to gv buy ice blended oreo choco. [taste beta].
mummy called. she, daddy n koko were headin to msia.
[im takin over da master bedrm tonite muahaha...].
headed home. alvin acc me at home. [coz i was being alone].
i brot out my childhood photo albumz for him to c.
afta tt we had [mummy cooked de]dinner tog.
b4 he headed home at 11.20pm.

tomoro shi gong will be havin a party to celebrate his bday o.....
muz make shi gong happi. …

~bLaMe MySeLf fOr my CaReLeSsNeSs~

..HaPpi BiRthDay XiOng..

woke up by alvin'z sms at 10+am.
he came to my hse to fetch me at abt 11.30am.
left home bringin along da disney jigsaw puzzle,
couple cupz n mashi maro 'massager' we bot yest [to put at his hse].
went to NP. boom boom at timezone.
bot some sushi. went to cold storage.
bot chicken stock n pokka drinkz.
wanna go alvin'z hse. waited at da bus stop outside NP.

tt was when he found out smth....
"huh?! [lookin at our fingerz] wherez my ring.....?"
my heart paused for a sec. sh*t! i recalled....
...when we were at timezone he passed our couple ringz to me. i wore both his n mine on my fingerz. but his ring was too loose on my fingerz. me din keep it properly. tink i dropped it somewhere. oh my..........
he went to find it while i waited at da bus stop.
lookin blank. recallin... tryin to rem where i wld lost it..
hopin he wld find it. as it symbolisez our promise.
i felt so afraid suddenly. my mind spinz. tearz filled my eyez.
he returned. showin no good ne…

~tHinGz i hAv tO SaY.. to SaVe tT sOmEone fRom dA wRoNg PaTh~

there r thingz kpt in my heart i shld speak out in my blog. abt da guy who used to be one of my buddiez. but juz bcoz of some small matterz. he avoided us.
read his blog recently. cldnt stand it. boaster? charity show? or 'special' edition storiez?
his doingz remindz me of another incident tt happened b4. btwn frenz, fightz n blogz.
tiz wat i found in da blog of his. da heart. da inside of da author.

"我要疯了, 真的要疯了....真的希望我可以像以前有coma wat oso no need to worry wish to be happi becos its mei's birthday de...den suddenly augre with alvin abt the $ i borrow frm him de...i alway help him or cover him but he still shoot me in front of mei...he say he is not forcing me to return him $, darm him not force...shit cant buy tis cant buy tat cant buy HG still say not forcing...very thg i wrong, yes i am damn fcukin wrong la...i fcukin hate myself, do everythg is $ no nothg...i........damn my fuckin life damn it..."
[Rain: wished to be like how u used to be?…

~HaPpi BiRtHdAy KiN!~

..HaPpi biRtHdaY NuRaSyiKiN!..

woke up at 11.30am. left home 2pm.
met alvin @ NP. went to gv de BK for our lunch.
went jln jln at minitoonz. [he] bot a few itemz..
-2 cutie cupz [w/ lidz] @ $1.90 each oni.
-a wooden 'stick' wit plush mashi maro head at da top. [massager]
-a walt disney de 'big storybook like' cushion. [for syikin'z bday present].

alvin den acc me to da mrt station.
he den goshi gong hse. help him wit his comp.
me took train to yck. ssdc. drivin lesson4.40-6.20pm.
todae de intsuctor oso not bad. kinda aged tho.
but still beri alert n kinda funni. keke.

went bac yishun. gv. long john silver.
looked up for alvin, shi gong n his frenz.
da situation was funni tho. spotted 'em sittin there le. while approachin them, all saw me comin but alvin din c. i stood behind alvin. da rest of them sittin were givin a funni look tryin to laugh but not to laugh. lolx. alvin still din notice o. til i appear b4 him. keke. funni lo they all. cant forget their face reactionz.…

~fRiEd UdOn fOr DiNnEr~

woke up at 12.30pm.
5+pm. met alvin @ NP.
shopped at cold storage.
-udon noodle [a pack of 4]
-1 bottle pokka lychee tea
-1 bottle pokka peach tea
-1 pack of chicken fillet
-100g gourmet mushrm ham
-100g WF mushrm luncheon
-1 black pepper chicken leg [baked]
-1 honey glazed chicken leg [baked]
= S$11.27 [alvin paid '$' i paid '¢'. keke]

went to gv. bot ice blended oreo choco.
took bus 169 to alvin'z hse.
at nite we cook our own dinner o.
preparin, cookin n washin up time took abt 1h 30minz o..
stir-fry udon. ate it wit da baked chic leg.
hmm...... niCe~
at abt 10.50pm alvin'z daddy gave me a ride home.
alvin den sent me to my doorstep. 11pm.
he den went home himself.

~iTz CS tiMe..~

was tired in da mornin. wished i cld slp more. but cant.
got out off bed at 11.30am.
met alvin at NP ard 1pm.
lunch @ da food mall. pattaya fried rice w/ black pepper chic.
along wit our honeydew sago.
afta tt we go jln jln.
2pm. alvin acc me to mrt station. he went home.
me had my drivin prac lesson @ yck. ssdc. 2.40-4.20pm.
todae'z instructor taught me b4 de. hez nice.
finished lesson. while walkin bac to yck mrt.saw alvin a distance away.
he wanted to give me a lil' surprise de. as he din tell me tt hez comin.
but... ended up i spotted him 1st. lolx.
nvm. hez still a 'newbie'. still 'learnin'. got da 'heart' can le. heex.
called ron. asked him go play lan [chambers]. he said 'ok'.
called weijie. asked him to come along. but he said 'cant'.
took train bac to yishun. walked to chamberz.
but while waitin for ron to arr. we went to mac.
bot mcnuggetz 9pcz. iced jasmine green tea. sat down n eat.
ron came in. shared some nuggetz n drinkz wit him.
5.30pm. hea…

~My CaMeRoN HiGhLaNdz tRiP!~

hey guyz! im bac from cameron highlandz~
went wit my mummy, cousin sis, alvin, uncle ricky n his wife.
hm. me summarise abt my happeninz in tiz few dayz ba.

-friday 15 sept 06-
"happi birthday to sha"
met alvin at abt noon at NP.
had our 'bfast' tog. ya kun french toast.
went to boom boom @ timezone.
went to orchard. 2pm. taka. vision express.
to make alvin'z specz lenz.
went shoppin ard. alvin bot famous amos. ate takoyaki.
went ard lookin for sha'z bday present.
taka. toyz department. we decided to buy a controllable car for him.
3+pm went to collect da specz lenz.
took train to amk. bus 169 to alvin'z hse.
helped him packed his stuffz.
at 5+pm we took cab to my hse.
had a shower. packed my stuffz. 6+pm. left home.
went to NP. acc alvin go buy a new sportz shoez. wind breaker too.
bot ice blended oreo. walked to chong pang area.
saw weijie ys shi gong they all @ 139 playin bball.
oni shi gong got tok to me. da rest like 'c me dunno me' lo.
went further to 126. met sh…

~'kOp fRom fRenz bLoGgiez!!'~

hmm. browsed thru my frenz' blogz n herez watz i've found todae! interestin. funni. sweet. memorable. [thingz i gotta keep in my memory].. tk sometime to read 'em ba.

"BoyStratus" blog'z 'KPO Magazine issue 17' posted on 13 September 2006.
[rain: funni. interestin 'story'. tho itz made up. keke!]

"furideriku" (Alex Son) blog'z 'Gut feeling' posted on 14 September 2006.
"hmmm today is RAIN birthday .. i guess today she very busy .. with her boyfriend lol ... OH YEAH .. i forget to take photo of them ... CAN I TAKE ONE PICTURE ? CAN I PUT HERE ? .. i must seek permission from them .... today is her birthday i must write something abt her as memorial .... how i start .. mmmm rain is my third person i know during the first term in school .... so happen to be in same group for one of module ... so that how friendship begin ... i can`t remember how i stuck a conversation with her ... i can remember where i approach her ..…

~iTz My BdAy! iT waS maDe sO mEmOrabLe o..~

8.30am. gave alvin'wake up call'.
9.30am. he arr at my door.
wit a cute lil' bouquet of flowerz.

3 stalkz of pink rosez surrounded by white crysanthemumz.
white crysanthemumz?! lolx. hmmm.......
alvin quickly plucked 'em off da bouquet. left oni 3 rosez.
claimed ttz not da kind he chose de.
keke. he doesnt mean any 'meanin' or 'harm' tho.
forgiven. for his quick reaction. lol
me styled his hair.
10.30am. left home. headed to bugis junction.
empty stomachz. went for our bfast.
Delifrance. le classique mealz. total $18.80.
was alvin'z 1st time dinin in there.
went to 'silver corner'. alvin bot a pair of couple ringz. $86.
[not clear o tiz pic]
wit engravement of 'forever'/'love' & our namez in da inner side.
wah... so nice..... ^-^ muz realli prevent scratchez n tk care o...
we den went ard lookin for optical shopz. alvin'z wanna buy specz.
he bot a nail glitter for me! $8. went shoppin too.
went to tk sticker picz tog! $9.
alvin'z 1st…

~My fReNz ceLebRatEd mY BdAy o..~

met alvin @ abt 12.45pm, NP.
went to timezone. boom boom.
happi tt i finally can lead at 秋明山 o..
da food mall. italian foodz.
chicken n mushrm pesto for me. lasagne for alvin.
along wit our honeydew sago.
met sha for awhile. b4 me headed to yck. ssdc.
driving prac lesson 2.40-4.20pm.
luv da female instructor todae. she guided well.
alvin waited for me at yck mrt.
headin to town.
steamboat dinner tonite @ 6pm, marina, organised by ron.
but was early. so we dropped off at city hall. raffles place shoppin ctr.
went jln jln. alvin bot takoyaki [ham & cheese]. we shared. hmm... yoishi...
at abt 5.50pm. we took train to marina bay.
took bus to da steamboat place.
coincidently met ron n alex on da bus!
decided to try pin xian bbq steamboat.
ok la. to me itz not much diff ba.
we started eatin. lata sophia came. irene came quite late ba.
a [deaf] lady came to us. tryin to sell plush toyz @ $13 each [made by da deaf].
we rejected at 1st. but lata sophia n alvin asked if $10 each is possible.
she nodded. they bot…

~CouLdnT StAnd MySeLf~

felt da jealousy in my heart.
wheneva i see her name.
wheneva i hear her name.
i juz cldnt stand it.
does he still miss her?
does he still hav feelinx for her?
does he still tink of her at timez?
i thot to myself. yea i tink so. he still do.
why why why?!?!
tink he hasnt totally get her off his mind.
i dun believe tt he doesnt tink of her at all. haix.
he still hav her in mind.
or perhapz. itz juz all my own imaginary world.
i dunno. oni he does. oni he knowz watz in his mind. his heart.
f*ck. i hate da rage n jealousy im alwaez havin.
ttz y i hate fallin for someone.
for all tt i know. da jealousy n sensitivity in me is ultra strong.
which spoilz my mood. love. everythin.
i. hate. love. life. everythin.

~UnDeScRiBabLe fEeLiNg~

feel fooled. again n again.
he doesnt cherish da chance tt i gave.
why. god. plz give my an ans.
i dun seemz important to him.
im not da first he sees in his eyez.
forgotten all abt my wordz.
forgotten all abt me.
forgotten all abt his 'promisez'.
forgotten all abt me.
he got his frenz. his companion.
im all forgotten.
all tiz time i realised.
his love for me wasnt as deep as i thot.
his 'misses' wasnt as much as i thot.
again n again he lied.
felt a sharp pain thru my spine.
why are all tiz liez.
why all tiz gotta happen to me.
why of all. me?!
im feeling terribly hurt.
i juz cldnt describe it.
n no one cld understand. NO ONE!

~ThE SiMs 2 OpEn fOr BuSiNeSs~

went to yck. ssdc. driving prac lesson. 2.40-4.20pm. was raining.
afta tt went bac yishun NP wait for alvin.
he reached at abt 5pm.
went jln jln. boom boom @ timezone.
weijie came. he challenged me.
afta boomin, we go meet yong sheng at his hse there.
had fun disturbin weijie. he got 'thoo' by me til 'bo wei gong'. keke
went opposite ys hse de kopitiam blk 110 eat.
eat le.. went to 108there sat down slack.
til 7+pm we walked to 700+ there opposite de lan shop.
[when registerin, i saw ron'z name in da reg book. he was here at 4pm! but not coincident enuff to meet each other lol].

Lan shop:Chambers [24hrs]
Duration: 8pm-9.30pm
Rate: $2/hr
Playaz: Rain [me]. Alvin. Yong Sheng. Weijie.

not bad la. me love using sniper rifle!
Rain:"weijie! howz da feel of my bullet rushin thru 'ya' head?!" lOlx~!
enjoy seein my opponentz' head burst! lolx. oooo... violence.
hm. sha came to find us. we den walked bac yishun.
they went to da 100+ mac while waitin for alvin'z return…

~*i wAn tHat StaR*~

i fell in love wit the pic at my 1st sight.

~BaCk tOg aGaiN~

alvin acc me go amk @ 2+pm.
met up edmund there. he borrowed me da vcdz i wanted.
alvin n me den went jln jln @ amk area.
he bot a shirt i chose for him.
drank 7-eleven'z milo freeze. din finish it tho.
3+pm. went to alvinz house. caught under da rain.
watched da vcd. 'cannibal holocaust'. a disgusted, violence show.
left his hse for northpoint @ 8.30pm.
went to da food mall to hav our dinner.
ate korean rice. [we planned to try all da foodz at NP food mall o!]
shi gong n yong sheng came to find us.
went to gv funland boom boom.
alvin sent me home afta tt.
glad to get bac wit yong sheng again.
we haben seen each other, go out, n play bball tog for a looong time.
im juz glad.
todae is da day my heart is no longer alone.
todae is da day i gonna share my life wit someone.
n obviously.. todae is da day.. im taken.
alvin o alvin. im givin u my heart. plz dun break it.
do handle wit care. n rem to shower it wit lotza evalastin love.

~DaDdy'z BiRthDay~

todae is daddy'z birthday!
novotel clarke quay singapore.
2+pm. helped mummy n daddy checked into da hotel.
had lunch at liang court de japanese restaurant. $68. yummy.
juz below da hotel. da basement all sell jap stuffz o.
real pure jap stuffz. all jap rest n foodz. all pricez higher den normal onez.
i felt like as if im shoppin in japan! lolx.
bot a dbl scoop cone ice cream for $4.
da mini doughnutz so cute n delicious. real nice.
a small pac for $4. 3 pacz for $10.
lata all my other siblingz, da sao, niece n uncle ricky came.
7pm. da hotel'z cafe, "the Square cafe", buffet dinner. $38+++ per pax.
daddy used his accor50% discount voucher.
da food there not really lotz choicez.
still prefer my plaza brasserie @ plaza parkroyal hotel! keke.
laughed quite alot. many funni incidentz happened.
finished at abt 9pm. all went up da hotel room rest while they watched tv.
me dozed off a lil'. coz of my medicine. made me drowsy.
10+pm. eldest bro sent me, jie n koko home.
had my shower.

~Alvin brOt me tO Da dOctoR!~

12+pm. met weijie. headed to bugis.
met alvin there. bugis junction. went shoppin.
makan. food mall. western. pork steak w/ spaghetti & soup. $7.
alvin n me acc weijie gosim lim sqrepair his mp4.
took quite a long time. thoz 'mak makz' were like doin noth but actin bz.
afta tt we headed bac to yishun. 5.30pm.
regional clinic @ 900+ closed. openz again at 7pm.
shi gong came. we all go gv funland.
boom bOom! alvin 'tok' me 2 rndz. my 'shi gong' wanna help me 'tok' him bac.
but alvin improved lotz n shi gong 'de-proved' coz long time no 'train' keke.
alvin brot me to da clinic. c doctor. my cough gettin worse.
$30 alvin paid for tt. we den go NP shopped.
john little. chose some clothez for alvin.
food mall. pattaya fried rice. honeydew sago. hot crysanthemum.
minitoonz. give a name.
bot white bread & delifrance baguette for mummy.
alvin sent me home.

~My SuPer Ex-Gf~

tired in da morning.
woke up at 2pm.
4pm. meet alvin n weijie @ NP.
boom boom @ timezone.
win weijie 3 roundz o keke.
improved alot wit alvin'z guide beside. ^-^
afta tt challenged alvin a few roundz.
gv. blue coral milk tea.
cold storage.
--instant cup pasta. [carbonara. alfredo. cheese macaroni].
--instant cup noodlez.
--big pack doritos cheese nachoz.
--big bottle of pokka jas green tea.
= $18.20[weijie $2. alvin $15.20. n Me $1! kekE].
alvin so good o.. blanja us makan..
go alvin house. watchMy Super Ex-Girlfriend.
eat. eat. n eat. enjoyed!
got home safely @ 11.30pm wit alvin'z guard. lolx.

~ChAnGin My bLoGgiN sTyLe~

gonna change da way i blog.
gonna change my bloggin style.
i muz try.
really gonna try.
it has juz been too boring.
isnt it?
so is my life.
wherez my real happiness.
tt im still searchin for.
im feelin kinda sad. in many wayz. juz so many wayz. im still in my world of darkness. so many sadness in my heart. therez no one i can speak out to. i can oni blog. blog. blog.

~mEt Ron rOn cOinCiDenTly @ NP~

my feverz gone. keke. hm. 2pm. went to yck. ssdc. 2nd driving prac lesson. 2.40pm-4.20pm. thot alvin wld be waitin for me at yck. but to my disappointment.. he woke up oni when i called him. hm. tink he too tired lo. nvm.

hm. got bacyishun. NP.alvin came @ 5.30pm. went to boom boom at gv funland. go food mall. ate chic chop w/ rice. shared red pearl sago wit alvin. jln jln. abt 7.30pm weijie came to find us. he 'pon ten' again. meet le. we den go boom boom again @ timezone. while boomin there... i sensed a guy comin near me n were starin at me frm my left front. i took a quick look. it was rOn ron. lolx. so coincident. he meetin up his frenz. hm. he left not long afta. afta boomin. da 3 of us went to buy ice blended oreo kopi. they walked me home.

me got home abt 8.35pm. earlier den usual o.

~SiCk aGaiN o...~

woke up at 2pm. slpt late late in da morning.feelin sick. head 'heavy'. headache. feelin numb all over. eyez so 'warm'. sore throat. running nose. urgh.

left home 4+pm. met alvin at NP. went to da food mall. ate yong tau fu noodle. shared cheng teng wit alvin. afta eatin. acc alvin go buy da game he wanted. waited for weijie. he came at 5+pm. acc him go food mall eat. rest my head over my armz on da table while waitin, coz me feelin so 'energy-less'. afta he finished his food. he bot a bottle of pokka green tea for me. n instead of we takin bus 169 to alvin hse.. alvin insisted to tk cab. coz he find me lookin weak.. beri 'xin ku'.. din wan me to walk a long distance to his hse. da 2 guyz shared da cab feez. so nice of 'em. ^-^. dozed off abit in da cab.

reached alvin hse at abt 6.30pm. he let me rested on his bed. feelin abit cold. covered myself wit his blanket. soon afta.. me dozed off. alvin oso slpt. weijie played his ps2. we left his hse at abt

~fiRst dRiviNg PraCticaL LeSson @ SSDC~

woke up 12nn. left home at 2.15pm. went to yck. ssdc. first drivin practical lesson. 2.40pm. was abit late. but luckily da instructor din say anithin. keke. good thin henot strict. frenly type. din give me much stress. hm. finished at 4.20pm. 100minz.

alvin called me juz den. he juz woke up o. for goodness sake he slpt for abt 14hrz sia. power. lolx. me waited for him at NP. he came abt 5.30pm. food mall.jap food. ramen. honeydew sago. finished eatin.. we go timezone boom boom. when boomin my last race.. shi gong n his frenz came o. met him finally. lolx. alvin challenged another guy. shi gong guided along. his teachin skillz good o. but when he challenged tt guy hor.. he din do tt well how he did b4. so funni lo we all. hm. alvin n me den left them. gv. bubble tea. waffle. we sat down n enjoyed our foodz. afta tt, dunno where to go.. walked here n there... came bac NP. bot dessertz. cheng teng. almond longan. went up lvl 2. sat on da floor near da lift there. ate our thingyz.

9pm. weij…

~mY nEw Mp3. Spinelli. 'MarChe'. KbOx~

woke up at 10.45pm. 12+pm. met weijie. bus 858. changi. mrt. expo. bot kacang puteh nice nice. go find alvin workin there. alex son met me there. me acc wj go change his mp4. [hm. muz guide him how to tok da correct way. no no to 'ah beng' style. lol. :P].alvin break time 5 minz, he acc me go c da samsung mp3 i wanted. helped me to bargain da price but ttz da lowest price le. da lady den gave us soo many nice freebiez for the mp3 o. keke so good so happi!! afta buyin. 3pm.alvinwent bac to work. alexwj n me took train. alex went off at city hall. me alighted at somerset. n wj went home.

4pm. met upjacelyn ['er jie'] at e mrt. walked to heeren "Spinelli".my first time drinkin Spinelli'z coffee. er jie blanja me o. we waited for da rest for sooo long.ron came to find me too. coz he rottin at home. super bored. lolx. now he made new frenz ba. waited til 5.30pm. all came. ah fang. maggie. n da 3 china guyz [ex-colleaguez of mine] huang cong. ping di. jing jing.…