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~Da Insanerz! Let The Right One In!~

finally met up with Da Insanerz today!

Venue: Somerset MRT station.
Time: 7pm.

me 'zhun zhun' (exactly) 7pm reached somerset. but everyone's late. lol.
nvm. at least me, as the organiser, wasn't late. good example okayyy. lol~

all late, so i went to Cineleisure to check out the movie timings.
was like wow..... even those 8+ and 9+ movies already selling fast/sold out lo.
left with movies like.... The Wrestler, Let The Right One In, etc.
ber, sophia & her bf came at about 7.30pm.
shumin & claire reached at about 7.45pm.
we all then decided to watch "Let The Right One In" @ 9pm.

had our dinner at...........
Pasta de Waraku, The Heeren.

my 1st time dining in there ^^

i wanna snap them all they moved away =.="


8.15pm. ryan joined us. but not eating.

from left: ryan, ber, sophia, min, claire.

cute uncle ber & sophia's bf, zach.

my iced cocoa, carbonara cream-soup base. and claire's aglio.

the ladies of the day~ sophia. min min…

~I'm taking you down with me.~

the bruise on my hip bone area. =\
from break dancing =.=

wanna see how's my "baby" (cyber snipa) doin'?

lol. small tears & scratches here & there.
too much of CS-ing i guess.
gosh. it's wearing out.
hang on baby! loL~

this morning.........
tube of blood withdrawn from me. for blood test.
my blood is BLACK.
okay just kiddin'. =.=

hmphx. im slacking in my site office now.
not going out tonight. gonna rest home.
tomoro im meeting da insanerz. miss them.

~Get Your Heart Broken~

met up ziyu.
were in the train, on our way to our dance class.
i was still complaining on my body ache. arms, back, thighs....
im still able to dance but, if needa squat down, i sure sit on the floor de. lol.
den ziyu said "den we go shopping lo"
i was like... O_Oreally? ok lo. LOL.

we went to AMK Hub. i wanna watch movie!!!!
"My Bloody Valentine" caught my attention. it just released today o!
i psycho-ed ziyu to watch that movie [she dun really like thriller tho].
but at last she agreed. wOot~!! yay~!!!

it's rated M18.
[i didn't watch the trailer before. but the movie poster & title attracted me]

PS: the one we watched wasnt 3D
we entered the cinema on time. the movie has just started.
we settled down. and the thrill BEGINS.........
i didn't know this ziyu so afraid of thriller movies de.
but yea, this movie isREAL GORE.
just a LITTLE below the gore level of the movie SAW.

wanna know what the 2 of us were doing during the show??
ziyu kept…

~My first Break Dancing lesson~

attended my 1st everBreak Dancing class today.
instructor? Charlie.

whoa tiring sia~
it was also alvin, joven & kelvin's first time.
we are Newbies. xP

still ok ba. yea the teaching on freezes & stunts are what i fancy most muahaha.
some other break dancing steps are able to do as taught.
but some others are quite difficult. especially those "on the floor" stuffs.
charlie could do it so easily. think because im not that fit ba. *emo* loL~
one of the steps, i dont really dare to do,
coz im afraid i might sprain my knee again. i dun wanna cry there, man.... lol.

i had fun with the freezes.
charlie held & supported alvin by his ankles (upside down) for one of the freeze.
then joven was like...... "waaahh alvin break dancer sia~" LOL!!!!!

break danced til hands pain pain.

wah, like that.... if i always practise break dancing,
my palm will become rougher & harder siol~?
later people call me "Ah Gua" how... LOL.

oh yea. and my wrist hurts tho. but no…

Νø Μαттēя Wħēяē Ĩи Tħē Wøяℓđ Wē Μαч Вē, Ǿυя Ħēαятš Wıℓℓ дℓωαчš ₣ıиđ Ęα¢ħ Ǿтħēя...

been switching off & on my hp last 2 days.

but last night forgot that my honey's gonna call.
i reached home and headed for my shower.
he kept calling my hp but couldn't get through.
i guessed i made him worried. sorry honey. =\

when we were about to end the call....
he told me not to stay up late late & play game.
"don't play game okayyy.." he said.
i laughed. lol.
he knows me well eh.
altho i said i wont coz im not in the mood to play.
he replied "u say never play u will play later....."
i laughed again. xD

and............. i really did. hEex~
sorry honey. but i only played for AWHILE........xP

24 - 4
i was on form last night ^^
but was accused as hacker/waller again.
that player still said "it's OBVIOUS".
ok lo... thanks. XD

..No one ever said it would be this hard..

im changing?
im turning cold?
i dunno.

but i know that..
im still ME.
front, back, sides, top, bottom, and inside...
im still ME.

im just tired of being treated like a fool.
for once, for twice, for thrice,
i could still get over it.
but itz been too many times.
never in my life i've treated my friends that way.
however, again and again..
i was returned with a kinda different treatment.
how will i not feel tired & disappointed?
from my heart i've tried to be a good friend yet...
i dont feel like im being treated as one.
[ya, only when u're in a good mood].

this endless bickering is wearing me out.

think im the one being unreasonable?
[perhaps u dont feel how i feel, but at least my mum does]
hey people.
for all u want......
dislike me.
hate me.
loathe me.
gossip about me.
curse me.

i wont give a damn anymore.

~The Pink Panther 2~

Huamin peers outing organised by marcus.

met up weihong, lydia & linxin @ NorthPoint.
me & weihong reached 11am. we went to buy bubble tea.
the girls 30 mins late. notti girls.... lol~

took train down to Harbourfront. Vivo City. marcus waited for us there.
[this marcus really KNS. we saw him and were walking towards him. me & hong walked in front. dia & xin walked behind. i walked passed marcus and waved in front of him HE NEVER SEE sia. he only spotted dia & xin behind me =.=" waliao i know u very tall but i got so short until u cant see me in front of u meh! lol! omg. blur beky.]

1pm. went to buy movie tickets.
had our lunch at...
Sushi Tei~

we were all so fullll.

juan. linxin. lydia. weihong. marcus.

hmm. i approached the Information Counter to ask for OCBC bank/atm....
that malay woman in her 20's replied,
"see the escalator there..? go up, turn right. nice eyes."
LOLOLOL~! omG~! first time people complimented on my eyes.
im on cloud nine. wahaha!

ladies ti…