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~shOppin @ BugiS~

hm. left home at 1.45pm. went bac to plaza parkroyal hotel. met my frenz.. da jie.. chu.. shida.. keline.. dann.. maggie.. zong chang.. etc. we chat a lil' here n there. but my main thin is meetin ah fang. she finish work at 3+pm. finally da jie pass me the sticker picz we took tt time. me will scan n upload soon. hm. me n fang went to Icon @ Bugis, bugis street, den bugis junctiOn. maggie came to meet us at 5+pm. den we go eat. maggie treat us. so me n fang took her go tk sticker picz. she nv tk b4. but we had lotza fun. afta tt me n fang acc her walk to mrt. she goin home. me n fang go buy "Failure to Launch" movie tix showin at 7.50pm. it was abt 7pm. so we walk to concourse develop da sticker picz.. bot ourselves each a cup of ice blended choco frm starbuckz.. walk passed plaza again.. saw ahmad.. we chat a lil'.. b4 walkin bac to bugis junc to watch da movie. it ended at abt 9.30pm. da show was nice. funni. touchin. we took diff mrt home. me got home at 10+pm. …

~FiNaLLy diScHaRgEd..~

hmm. me juz wake up. am still sick. but throat feelin abit beta. my mum called. sayin tt my dad is allowed to be discharged. yeah. happi. he can be bac home. restin at home would be beta ba. now using comp.. surfin da net.. browsin for blog skins.. while waitin for them to come bac home. hMm.. hOme swEet hom3.. keke.

~SiCk le..~

juz got home. was at mount alvernia visitin my dad since mornin. i'm sick le. since last nite. suddenly sneeze n sneeze. caught a cold. havin 'heavy' flu. affected my throat. was a lil' swollen last nite. now abit beta. but still uncomfortable. still got runnin nose. throat not realli well. cant tok loud. diff voice. feelin weak n tired all over as if got no energy.. after havin my medicine, was sleepy. i slpt on my dadz hospital bed. lolx. realli cant tk it. but slpt a while oni. now wanna go hav my shower. hope tomoro will feel beta...

~yEt tO Be diScHaRgEd.~

hm. same thin. everyday go mount alvernia acc my dad from late mornin til nite. afta he had his op last sat, we all tot hez gonna recover soon. but he had fever every single day. today.. doctor found there some 'bad liquid' inside.. ard his liver area. needa 'poke' in a pipe to slowly suck out the water. tt was done at 2pm. abt an hour later he returned to his ward. when he lifted up his shirt.. oohh... i cld kinda feel the pain. da kinda long cut frm his op.. n a few cm away, a small pipe hangin out frm the inside. hm. he did felt beta tho. hope suckin da useless excess water out will help wit his fever. n tt he can be discharged asap. hm.. tiz few dayz my stomach feelin bloated at timez. eat abit oni feelin beri full. abit pain oso. hm. k ba. done wit tiz blog. tata.

~my dAdz hOspitaLised~

hm. tiz few dayz. din go out n play ba. since last tue (7/3) my dad was admitted to mount alvenia hospital. da scannin result showz tt therez a small lil' 'stone' in his "dan", which is oredi 'spoilt'. so hav to tk out the whole thing. had his operation on sat (11/3) mornin. the 'cut' is quite long (ard his stomach area, bottom rite). now tryin to recover. sometimez he cant eat. either doctor oni allow him to consume 'liquid food' or he got no appetite. he barely moves ard. coz itz real painful. itz oredi kinda diff for him to get up frm bed. needz to do it slowly. tink he needz to rest there for abt 1 more week. den can be discharged. so me hav been visitin him everyday wit my mum, broz, sis, etc... quite a no. of frenz visited him, sendin fruit basket n flowerz. hmm. wish him a speedy recovery ba. hm. same thing lo. tmr gonna visit him as usual. k. gtg le. jia neh~

~b@c hOm3.~

hm. my dad is admitted to hospital. was at mount alvenia hosp stayin-in since last nite. dunno his where got stone n ulcer.. need to wait til the ulcer is gone.. den discharge le abt 2-3 weekz la'er need to go for operation to remove the 'stone'. hm. tiz mornin woke up 9.30am. me, my mum & 2 broz went to visit my dad at abt 11+pm in his ward. den we had our b'fast at da cafeteria there. den went bac up to c my dad. we left at abt 1+pm. me called mao, ask if he wanna acc me go causeway jln jln (me wanna buy bday present for my 2nd bro). (mao was slpin..) he said ok. my bro dropped my off at bishan mrt. me took train to yishun. go walk ard while waitin for mao. he came at 2+pm. den we took mrt to woodlandz. causeway point. so long nv go there shop shop le.. me acc mao go food mall eat 1st.. den he acc me walk here walk there. finally i bot a pair of 'samuel & kevin' jeans for him. me juz 'agar agar' his size lo. aniwae can change if can wear. so n…

~UnderwOrld EvolutiON~

yest went out wit mao, xiong, jia ming, n kin. met da 3 guyz at NP abt 5pm. took mrt train to city hall. went up to carrefour to look for kin. she workin there. finishin work at 6+pm. so we go up 'kopitiam' food court eat 1st. later kin came up join us. den we go buy movie tix. "underworld evolution" @ 7.25pm. still got time b4 the movie startz. we went to arcade. met joycelyn there. we all chat a lil' den we go our wayz. da show finished at 9+pm. nice show. a lil' 'kong bu'. but final des more disgustin lolx. den we walked to city hall mrt.. took train bac to yishun. jia mign n xiong went hm. me n mao acc kin go eat mac. she hungry. afta tt we went hm. me reached hm 11.15pm. hav been tryin to find courses in da web lo. slept at abt 4am. tiz mornin woke up 1.30pm. k. gtg. tat@!

~PPH FrOnT oFFiCe hUnKz & BaBez gAtHeRiN'!!~

+ Wednesday 1st march +
din slp thru-out da nite. finished my banner by 4+am packed my stuffz til 5+am. went to bed. but cant manage to slp. turnin here n there. i looked up at da clock.. itz abt 6.45am.. i got out of bed. not wantin to slp le coz gotta wk up at 7am. had my shower. blew dry my hair. put on my make-up. styled my hair. packed my stuffz. left hm 10.35am. booked cab down to plaza hotel. meetin ravin 'darlinx' & ah fang there. went rnd htl givin photoz. chat here n there.. went to "Ah Seng" hav a drink. later go eat b'fast at lavendar there. den fang drove us to east coast resortz. reach abt 1+pm. we c/in. rent bbq pitz. den went for a swim at da pool. abt 3+pm fang needa go fetch jas & sheilla. so me n darlinx went bac to rm to bathe, change n dry our clothez, rest..

later darlinx put up da banner i've made. fang came bac not long after. den she needa go plaza fetch mornin shft ppl. a while later roza came. we all helped to set thingz up. a…