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tiz few dayz.. holidays so nv work. didnt celebrate much durin cny. on da first day of cny my grandparents and eldest bro's family came. my mum cooked. we didnt hav our steamboat reunion dinner da nite b4. coz we're yet to reunite. on the next day mornin my eldest bro fetch all of us to my late goddad's house pray him. met our 'father side' relatives. den go mandai pray my late aunt. den go home. tiz yr didnt go other ppl's house bai nian. not in the mood ba. missin my dad. wan him bac. yea he will. will be bac someday. hm. juz now evenin went to dad's office to do some tidy-up with my mum, elder sis n bro. me prepare workers' contract, vacuum floor. mum n sis do overall tidyin. bro wash the cars. lolx. reach home at 12mn. eyez r tired. wanna bathe 1st den slp. tomoro morning gotta wake up early. followin my mum n my both elder broz go worksite at jurong west (Pantech industrial) commence biz 'kai gong'. thurs officially start work lo. k me gtg.…


그대와의 사랑이 항상 처음이듯이,
그대와의 행복이 항상 최고이듯이,

그 다음 사람에게도,
그 다음다음 사람에게도,

항상 제자리로 돌아와 사랑을 한다.

지금 내가 하고 있는 사랑이 최고인것만, 최상인것만, 더이상의 사랑은 없을 줄로만,
그렇게 알고 있지만..

시간이 지나고,
또 다른 사람을 만나며,
그 사람과 사랑을 하게된다면,

그 사람또한 최고인것만, 최상인것만, 더이상의 사랑은 없을 줄로만 아는것이다..

그래서 사랑은 이별해도.. 다시 제자리..

~uN-nUmBeReD dAyz~

hm. i've followin my mum & bro to work tiz whole weekdayz. yesterday beri tired so me n my mum rest. we went to cut hair yesterday mornin. den at nite we went to Zarinah's sis house along wit my elder sis. Zarinah & family used to be our next-door-neighbour. sometimes we exchanged food, chit chat, so on. but they migrated to australia, perth, years ago. their s'pore house next door has been left empty. coz nobody buy it. now she n her 2 daughters r bac for holiday. her husband, george, didnt come wit them. yest we chat from 8+pm to 10.30pm. they r goin bac aus tiz comin tue. she asked us to travel there one day to visit her. lolx. hm today me oso 'off'. my mum n bro go work. today sunday. not all worksites workin. so tink they gonna be bac soon. now me n my sis at home. n of coz my doggie tOo. erm. my eldest bro gonna be out soon. 4 more days to go. countin down. hope he can help out wit my family's work after he's bac so that my mum no need to go r…

~im siCk~

hm. went to the loo tiz morning at abt 5+am. returnin to bed, i really cant slp. turnin left n rite, til 7am i woke up. vomitted. my whole body achez like hell... from my neck, shoulders to my arms, my upper back to my lower spine, both sidez of my waist, my ass n my legs too. so pain n aching... got no energy at all. walk slow slow.. do things slow slow.. stand too long back bone pain.. sit too long buttock pain. it makez me so.. frustrated n uncomfortable. but still i followed my mum n bro go work. coz aniwae nobody gotta be at home. wld be lonely wit my dOg. thingz happened again at work. hope all tiz will go away after my eldest bro comez bac. hm. mornin we head to bishan st. 22 worksitez, while in da car, i vomitted again. felt real uncomfortable. den abt 10am we went for our b'fast. later on we go down to pantech industrial park, faced "pua pang's" toopid nonsense again! itz really nonsense.. rude.. no manners.. dunno the position differs btwn 'boss n worke…


hm. tiz few dayz kinda tired. followed my mum n bro go round worksitez jalan jalan. learnt lotza things. know more of our workerz. helped my 2nd elder bro to write payment vchrs for workerz' salary n their loan amt. create n print new 'stock list record' n 'workers' attendance'. hope tiz will help out n is more convenient for them. today nv go out. wanna rest. probably tomoro den follow my mum. hm. recently quite many problems at worksitez n workers. hm. n we also found out that our company hav 'mice'.. or so-called the 'weird weird' ppl. but we can still cope wit it.
im happi to get the news tt my eldest bro is gonna reunite wit us real soon. probably next week. hOpe i gonna get tiz same news for my dad as well. hm. ok gtg. ta.

~tEaRz Of tHe FaLLeN RaiN..~

hm. tearz again? yea. juz oni. but itz not the tearz of sadness. i was touched. by an email i juz recieved from sky. i dunno y but readin wat he said juz let out the tearz of mine. rarely did anyone understood my past. my feelings. but he juz did. his wordz juz moved my heart. hm. maybe bcoz i seldom bring up topicz n tok abt my past bgr n love stuffz wit my goodie frenz n buddiez. we normally chat abt happi moments n funni things as alwayz. ttz y i'll alwayz hav a smile on me whereva i am. n also ttz y no one eva really look behind my smile. erm. i felt beta after tellin him abt those and hearin his wordz of true concern. he tot me to be more happi lookin on the bright side of life. not sure if i can. but i'll try. rememberin his wordz. now i feel tt im still cared for. ^-^ hm. later got man u vs arsenal match yo.. big match. itz 3.55am. dunno can make it or not. coz tiz morning woke up 7am so not sure can stay up til that late.. scared if i sleep i wont be able to wake up to…

~HaPpY NeW YeAr~

hey yOz.. happi new year to everyone out there. hm. today ish.. 3rd Jan. "bac tO skOol" day o! keke. but not for me. hm. i din celebrate new year tiz time. coz i dun hav my eldest bro n dad wit me. itz not like a family. unlike last year, my parents n i went to a 'old folks' temple at changi with the WHOLE gang of shui xian (zion road) temple people n celebrated new year. it was fun. there lived many philipinos ladies who take care of s'porean old folks there. we partied. danced. bbq. played challengin games. etc. til late nite abt 1+ to 2am. hm. thatz the past ba. but on da day itself 1/1/06, uncle ricky brot me, my mum n elder bro to jurong there eat teppanyaki wor. quite a popular restaurant as itz juz outside jurong bird park so quite alot of touristz. it was expensive tho but he treat us the meal. really glad abt tt. i enjoyed the 2 hours. hm. hope my eldest bro n dad gonna reunite wit us as a family real soOn.. i pray for that. if not i tink i gonna miss th…