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Sentosa casino cutting it a little too close?

SINGAPORE, May 30 — With just months to go before it is scheduled to open its doors, Resorts World at Sentosa may be finding itself in a bit of a pickle. First, its much-publicised world tour to recruit 200 performers for its Universal Studios theme park had to be cut short because of fears over the influenza A (H1N1) virus.

Second, its holding company, Genting Singapore, has introduced new shareholders into the fold, which may well complicate the process of getting a casino licence for the integrated resort.

When contacted, a spokesman for the resort said it would open its four hotels and Universal Studios as planned by the end of March next year.

Its audition team toured Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Manila and had six more cities to go before it returned on May 17. It had aimed to get all performers here in October for rehearsals. Its spokesman said that the team was recalled because of travel health alerts issued in the light of the contagious H1N1 virus. Another factor was …

you won't believe what i was told over the phone this morning. =)

i questioned her this & that, and this is the compiled answer from her.

"whether or not u are a certified dealer, or even if u have dealer experience, RWS do not recognise them, at's the same, you all start fromNOTHING, yea you all are the SAME as those who DON'T even have a cert or experience. same pay. same entry level."- Kristine Tan, RWS

if our certification is NOT recognised, then why the heck in the 1st place they said they would PREFER and WANTED ICG grads, then? for what??

oh so we, ICG grads, are just nothing to them.
despite the way they tried to praise us in the 1st place. =)
[they claimed that the batch i went for interview with, are mostly from ICG]

i'd understand that entry level do get the same pay in most cases,
but it's just the way RWS LOOK AT US; NOTHING.
i won't forget that word from Kristine Tan.

to RWS, comparing ICG Grads to those with no certificate or experience at all,
WE ARE THE SAME. yea and that was what she said too.

i deeply…

The End Begins.......

supposed to wake up at 5.30am. but overslept.
my sister woke me up at 7am. too late for kfc breakfast=(

8+am. papa drove my sis & i out for breakfast. pratas.
then papa drove me to e2i at Redhill Road.

Marina Bay Sands interview at 10am.
but i reached there 9.30am.
first come first serve basis. =)

the interview went fine. was fast. everything finished by 10am.
i walked to redhill mrt. took a train to boon lay.

coincidentally, gary was at jurong point.
so i met him for less than 10mins nia. shared with him about my interview.

then my korkor came to fetch me to MacTaggart Road.
found the factory. stormed the front. lol.
finally i've bought the 2 Maisto car display models i've been searching for!
2 Chrysler 300C of different colors.

received a sms call alert.
that number is sooo familiar.
uh huh. surprise call yo. didnt know he's back.
i returned the call. and that's the voice i havent heard for 21 days.^-^

hmmmmm. noon time.
korkor drove me to AMK Hub & we had our lunch there!
my 2…


let's present the SLIT ASS GANG.

slit vertically - Gary
slit horizontally - Rain
cross-slit - Karyan

online msn conference meeting.

yea and that's...... our SLIT ARSE GANG. =)LOL


this morning met gary and headed down to Toa Payoh.
he brought me to where theID Photo Booth is.
S$6. not bad. quite fun. "3... 2... 1... *snap*" lol.

had McBreakfast at HDB Mall.
then we took train down to Harbourfront. Vivo.
jalan jalan. he then brought me to the Harbourfront centre coach bay.
said 'see ya' and off i go, boarded Resort World at Sentosa shuttle bus.

1.30pm. Appointment regarding the signing of contract.
i didn't sign as planned.
i hold it, consideration in progress.

got to know 2 new friends at rws.
quenvin & yvonne.

took a cab outta sentosa, alighted at vivo bus stop.
thanks yvonne for the tongpang.

said goodbye to both of them.
went up to meet gary & karyan.
had our lunch at Burger King. long time no eat yo.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine @ 4.40pm

Hugh Jackman reprises the role that made him a superstar - as the fierce fighting machine who possesses amazing healing powers, retractable claws and a primal fury. Leading up to the events of X-MEN, X-M…

Auto Cars CANNOT push de lo.......

this morning went to Malaysia. JB.
nick the driver.
along with uncle jacky, papa, mummy & me!

were at the chinese medical doctor's shop. waiting for my acupuncture.

rubbing eyes. my beautiful mummy. lol.

we stayed there for hours. before leaving with many medical stuffs.
plus, 3 needles in my back, once again. =]

went to our 'long time no see' home.
was surprised to see so many mangoes growing! so are the bananas!

nick & uncle jacky observing our JB car's engine.
it couldn't be started. as it was untouched for quite sometime.
so they went out to buy a new car battery and there we go, engine's started!

mummy, nick & i went to the Best Mart. bought some stuffs.
i bought my candy floss!!!

when we wanna go back to our JB home, mummy asked me to drive.
me loooong time no drive already.
and something silly yet funny happened.
which made nick and mummy used lotsa energy. LOL.
sorry. but we had fun eh? LOL!

while heading back to Singapore, were at the Malaysia cust…