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Ladies' Masters Event Champion

It's been 3 years... & I finally got it!!
It's really a dream come true. 

Thank my family and friends for supporting me morally,  and mummy's boost of chicken essence. Not forgetting Papa's watching over me! I made him proud! A bowler dad has got a bowler girl! And lastly, thanks to our MBS mates. You guys are wonderful...

32nd SHA Inter-Hotel Bowling Challenge Shield Champion

I waited for a year for this return.
Today, we achieved one of the thing we dreamt for.
Today, i see the meaning of teamwork and how important it is.
This is not a one man game.
But being as a TEAM, we encourage when one misses,
and celebrate together when we took the pins down.
Thanks for the sacrifices you guys made.
You all deserve this. Cheers! 

(our team prize from SHA - Buffet Dinner at Oscar's Café & Terrace)