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~*My DrEaM GuY...*~

tiz is da type of guy i've been wantin'.. all tiz he do will make me feel real happi, satisfied, glad enuff.. tiz gonna be my dream guy.. im waitin' for all da while...~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~>♥ im the guy who will text you every single morning and tell you good morning and every single night to tell you sweet dreams.♥ im the guy who will text you and tell you "i love you and you make me smile" just because it's true.♥ im the guy who will blindfold you and take you to the beach, let you run your toes through the sand and then make you guess where we are.♥ im the guy who will show up at your games (or competitions or meets) without you knowing just to surprise you.♥ im the guy who will hold you when you are crying and wipe away your tears.♥ im the guy who still thinks that you're beautiful even without makeup but instead, in sweat and a big t-shirt.♥ im the guy who won't pressure you to do things you dont want to.♥ im the guy who will show up at your house w…

~*MeRrY ChRiStMaS!*~

yoyo merry xmas to everyone out there!! hm. me today not goin out. at home. help tidy lil' stuff at home coz cny comin soon. yesterday morning followed my mum n bro go worksites distribute workers' salary. went home ard evening time. took a shower n put on some make-up. went to uncle ricky's house at jurong at nite wit my mum, sis, bro. we were invited. he organised a bbq xmas party. there were other ppl there too. his frenz as well as his sons' frenz. the food was nice. we enjoyed ourselves. we chat.. joke.. laugh ard. we left at 12+am. reached home abt 1am. eyez were tired. hm. tiz few nitez me hav been coughin at nite. hope will recover real soon. juz now maggie from plaza hotel called me. they recieved the xmas cards i've sent. lolx. k. gtg le. will be bac for updates ya. tat@!!

~OrChArD aGaiN oO..~

hm. went bac to plaza hotel again juz now. meetin rachel 'da jie', siew fun 'ah fang', n sandra 'chu'. wanted to go kai kai. they all worked morning. so meet 'em at da hotel lo. reached da hotel at abt 4.10pm. went to the ladies locker rm. saw annie khoo lolx. so happi we hugged each other loong time no c le. at happi times workin wit her last time. saw sally, swaa ling, kat too. da jie n chu was sittin down waitin for that slow ah fang lolx. she was changin. after a while we left. we headed to bugis mrt. took the train to orchard. planned to eat Swensenz later on. when we got there.. we went to far east plaza shop. when abt to leave the place.. my 'darlinx' ravin called to apologise that he was bz n hav lotza project n stuffz to do. itz aready abt 6pm n hez still at the hotel. so he cant make it to come along wit us. (as i did ask him to join us). i said itz alrite. hez bz. next time ba. we still hav many chances to meet out. hm. den we walk ard or…

~FiNaLLy mEt Up wiT mY sEc SkOoL gOoD FrEnz~

hm. the day b4 yesterday, on tuesday, me n my sec skool goodie frenz decided to meet up at orchard for a walk or smth. kin worked til abt 4pm. den she gonna meet her bf til abt 5pm. so i met her at orchard mrt at abt 5.30pm. i asked mao mao (my 'xiao di'/'sista') along. as well as jian xiong 'da ge' too. tink we last met on sept.. when we go bac sec skool tog for teachers day celebtn. i enjoyed myself being wit them. cant stand mao's n xiong's nonsense but funni stuffz. lolx. hm. so me n kin went to jln jln 1st. she bot a jeans frm 'ice lemon tee'. mao mao called me sayin that when he reach he dunno where to find us. (majiam hintin me wantin us to go mrt wait for him lolx. i got da msg). i said ok la ok la when u reachin u call den we wait for ya at mrt den he sounded happy. lolx. silly 'xiao di'. he reached abt 6+pm. not long after, xiong reached le. i felt happi seein them again. den we got no idea where to go.. were so undecisive. so …

~oUr DeCiSiOn~

hm. i've been tinkin for dayz. maybe i've made the wrong decision. im not regret. but juz made a mistake for my feelingz. i prefer him to be my good fren or buddy den to be my bf. i feel that "frenz" mostly last longer den "bf". i dun wanna lose a good fren like him. so itz beta for us to stay as buddiez ba. i feel that he's more like my good fren lo. he said he feels da same way too. i hope itz true. coz i dun wanna hurt him. he is nice. hm.. so now im bac to my single life. juz feel released. ^-^ k. gtg. later goin out wit syikin.. mao mao.. jian xiong.. etc. tatA!

~iM StEpPiN On~

hm. today. our first date. was happy. altho it didnt takes long. hm. we said to meet at orchard, 1pm. but i got there 1.30pm. was late but... he was informed earlier. keke. erm.. we got no idea where to go. he seems unfamiliar wit the place. (not surprising coz he's not sporean). so we juz jalan jalan lo... i met wen bin there selling smth. chat wit him a lil' while den left. (hez still the same.. that nice lolx) den we walk here walk there. frm end to end. lolx. window shopping. den i start to feel hungry. haven eat since morning. we were so undecisive. dun even know wat to eat yo lolx. den suddenly i feel like eatin takoyaki. so we go taka. he didnt eat. i ate alone. den walked there awhile. den walked to hmv the heeren. went to tk sticker picz. itz been loooong since i last took those pics wit my frenz.. lolx. hmm. fun takin that. i met kim koon's gf there working at one of da shops. chat a lil', den left. at abt 3+pm, we walked bac to orchard mrt to tk da train to …