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~Friendship is put to the test over a medal~

woke up. tummy feeling..... soooo bloated.
kinda pain o. =(

yesterday papa's company "heng gaang" (re-opening of work after CNY).
praying held at papa's office. sembawang.

papa. eldest bro. mummy.

the buffet (catering) spread.

i snapped very closed-up photos of their silly faces.
then my korkor snapped me also. lol!

siblings of toopid faces. lmaO~!

nick. papa. mummy.

uncle cheong. macam showing middle finger =x

捞鱼生 aka. "lou yu san" in cantonese.

dunno what is 捞鱼生??
chinese would normally do and eat that during CNY.
mixing the plate of veg, 鱼生, sauces, crackers, etc.
we mix the plate of prosperity.....
& took turns to say positive quotes wishing good luck, health, wealth, etc.
still dunno? watch this. lol.

papa's worker snapped us 捞鱼生-ing.

i snapped him back. lol.

this isBerry. the siberian husky next-door.
very friendly.
she sees mummy or me, will howl one... so cute.

later, after praying.... the workers came, flooded in like zombies.
they came to take …

~no more wireless hubby!~

~*Happy Birthday Polar!!!*~
actually i've bought you a prezzie like...... months ago. lol. will pass it to u when we meet again =)

my handphone was quiet through-out my sleep.
and i slept til 12+pm.

uncle cheong visited my house. so i got outta bed lo.

he's so good wor. helped mummy cook. wash dishes. etc. xD

at night. my eldest bro drove me to NorthPoint.
finally bought a10-metres long network cable.
S$25.90. the cable is FLAT!=D

got home. connected it from my lappy to my modem router.
im feeling so happy now.100mbps!!! omG!
no more wireless. no more lagging in-game! (i hope. lol)

9+pmhoney came online to chat with me.
but sadly, i told him i gonna play mahjong & everyone's waiting for me.
i asked him to rest/sleep early & we'll chat tomoro. he said ok. =\
sorry honey..

played Mahjong with my eldest bro, mummy & grandpa.
1 whole set of game rounds, took us 2 and a half hour sia~
in the end, i lost S$15. xD nevermind. i lost happily ^^
coz i finally get to lay my hands on ma…

~Wedding is a celebration. Marriage is a skill.~

charbo called me at 9.55am. and 12.56pm.
2 wake up calls and i was still like ZZzzzz lol.
she asked if i wanna meet her at night and accompany her to Taka.
i said ok lo. since im free and my CNY's been quiet. lol.

then she mentioned about movies. so i suggested watching Love Matters!
i jio-ed fiz & akid along as that day i heard fiz saying he wanna watch that too.

i left home in the late afternoon with my parents.

in daddy's car.

went down to the temple at zion road.
greeted & shook hands saying "happy new year".
uncle jimmy, uncle ricky, louis, etc were all there.

NICK den suddenly came into my mind.
so i asked for his number from mummy then called him.
"Happy New Year! 身体健康!HUAT TUA ZAI AR!"
he was like LOL-ing away lol~
he guessed correctly who i am. not fun de =.=
i told him he OWE me one red packet.
he said okokok no problem!
muahahaha xP

i spotted louis' BIKE. SO CUTE LO!!!

itz actually a motor-bicycle. battery operated.
she let me tried it. i rode on it like.…