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~StOmAch sOo bloated o...~

todae de skool is aftnn class de. 2-5pm.
hm. todae is da most funniest lesson i had with mr tan t. s.
me laughed til my abs pain abit. lolx.

afta skool. alvin my honey honey came over to queenstown
to wait for me afta his skool ended. ^-^
we took train tog. to yck. ssdc.
itz our 2nd time havin drivin lesson tog.
finished at 8.35pm.
[me hav completed my 30 subjects le o... finally hEex].
took train. bac to yishun. NP.
food mall. had our dinner. fried breaded chicken w/ fried rice n french friez.
so unhealthy!!! lolx. muz watch over our diet le. really bad for health.
afta eatin. itz abt 10pm le. he sent me home.

~IKEA. me like admirin thoz roomz designz!~

tiz mornin. alvin planned to meet up at NP, 7am.
but lata he asked me not to leave home until he call me again.
abt 7.25am. he called n said tt i can leave my home le.
i got outta my hse. locked da door. turned n saw him beside da wall!
he gave me a surprise tiz mornin o.
tho i did suspect smth. i realli appreciate it.

we went to NP de mac. had b'fast tog.
8.15am. we took train tog. he acc me til queenstown. for da 1st time.
me got off at queenstown. while he alighted da next stop, red hill.
me went to skool. as usual.
got a project for me to do. beri last min o.
todae me den notice tt da dateline is on wed.
oh my. me gotta rush it thru todae le.

finished lesson at 11.30am. slacked in class til 12nn.
me, alex, ron, aaron, sophia n joanna. went to tiong bahru plaza.
we went to "Griller" cafe. they makan there.
me oni ordered root beer float. coz not hungry.
while they eat. me went off awhile. had a quick window shop.
me so excited when i saw 'Death Note' stuffz n accessoriez @ comi…

~mE 'pOn tEn' o.~

me 1st time 'pon ten' for skool o.
coz i realli need slp so much. n
aniwae dr. desti said todae'z lesson not tt important de.
so i managed to catch up wit my sleepless nitez o.

woke up at 11+am.
stayed home wait for my honey to finished his drivin lesson.
6+pm. me waited for him at yishun mrt station.
wanna give him a lil' surprise de.
but.... seems like he not surprised at all. lolx. nvm lo.. >_<

we go NP. food mall. but so many ppl.
honey suddenly say feel like eatin mos burger.
so i agreed n we go woodlandz. cwp.
had our dinner @ mos burger. yummy~
we den go yishun gv. boom boom.
he sent me home. saw shi gong n his 'gal' at my hse there de bus stop.
we did some funni n fun thing. lolx.
me got home 10+pm.

~nO moRe meSs~

woke up at 10.15am tiz mornin to find my hp missin.
i looked ard. itz on da floor, flipped open, abt 1/2 meter away from my bed.
i recalled. tink i dropped it on da floor last nite when i dozed off holdin onto it.
5 missed callz.
2 new smses.
me supposed to wake up at abt 8+am by alvin'z call de. but i missed them all.

gave alvin a call at 10+am.
me left home 11am. he waited for me at 'ah hua seafood' kopitiam there.
me got there. he 'ta bao' western food.
chicken chop for me. fish n chipz for him.
den we walked to his hse.[honey ya room not 'well prepared' o.. keke].
afta he finished his ps2 winning eleven game de soccer match,
we digged into our food! hungry. hmm.. niCe~
wanted to edit our blog tog de but his room de comp no internet conn.
[honey go do wateva u need to do to it o. so next time can use internet in ya rm. so nice.]
we left his hse at 1.45pm.
headed to yck. ssdc.
me got lesson @ 2.40-4.20pm.
he got lesson at 4.40pm-6.20pm.
he waited for me. me waited for him.

~hOpe my pain will end todae~

din hav much slp last nite.
woke up at 6am. met up alvin @ NP.
i was late. got there 7+am. we had mac bfast.
hmmm.. so long no like tt le o.
afta tt, me went off to skool. while he go home slp.

had a tirin day. mornin n aftnn class.
had a tearful day too.
but i'll overcome it. look on da brighter side of life.
class ended at 4pm.
took train to novena. honey waitin for me there.
we den go jln jln. thot da place is quite big de. but not much thingz.
he bot korean ice cream. choco & vanilla for me.melonfor him. so niCe & yummy~
not sure of wat to fill our stomach with.. decide here n there. final decision.. KFC.
ate 'buddy meal'. long time no eat kfc le o.
alvin wanna buy shoez de. but cant find one.
honey, dun buy sandalz. buy shoez yea. nicer.
hm. afta tt, we took train. he alighted at yck. he got drivin lesson.
n me. i headed home afta buyin smth at np for mummy.
me got bac home safely @ abt 7.40pm.

~SeNtOsA [PaLaWaN bEaCh] OuTin!!~

hope wat happened yest which hurt me so much,
is juz a misunderstandin. if they realli dun mean wat they did,
den i wun mean wat i mentioned in my previous post. -_-

woke up at 8.30am.
met up alvin at 11+am, NP.
supposed to meet da guyz at harbourfront, 12nn.
but was brot forward to 1pm.
alvin n me went to timezone. boom boom. quite a no. of gamez.
was sooo hungry. ron reached yishun mrt at noon when we juz finished our game.
so we bot mcnuggetz 20 pc + iced jasmine green tea.
met up ron. board da train [towardz marina bay] which juz arr.
we ate our nuggetz in da train o. too hungry le.

it was at toa payoh station, when a bunch of hooliganz, or shld i say 'monkeyz',
rushed n squeezed into da train once da door opened, b4 thoz ppl cld even alight!
so uncivilised lo. in da train they cant even stand properly.
screamin n laughin loudly. they alighted wit us, @ dhoby ghaut.
same thin. they pushed n squeezed thru us, as if it was amazin race lo!
tink they arent s'porean. ['heng' ar. ab…

~TeN BrOtHeRz~

took bus 169 to semb/upp thomson there.
alvin was supposed to wait for me there. but i got there 1st. hmphx.
we den wanna go 'ah hua seafood' there buy makan de. but closed.
so we 'ta bao' chicken chop w/ egg.
walked to his hse. hot weather.
but heng his room de air-con was 'on' le.
we ate our lunch [was so hungry]. w/ plum drink. hmmm. niCe~
we rested awhile b4 startin to watch da 1st episode of da hk drama,
十兄弟 ['ten brothers'] he bot tt time. finally.
hm. not bad. we watched 2 epidsodez.
[ron called to inform abt tmr'z outin.]
we left his place at 9+pm.
went to NP. bot thoz stuffz 'ordered' by my mummy & koko.
he sent me home. 10.30pm.

todae supposed to be said as a happi day.
but turned out to be one of my unhappiest day.
was all destroyed by some unreasonable peepz.
nobody cld feel how im feelin. itz so undescribably pain.
oni me, myself. cld feel da exhuastin pain.
im so tired. y he has to turn everythin upside down.
apologisin n realisin da mistkz d…

~WeEkEnD mOviEz!!~

went to yck. ssdc.
alvin had drivin lesson frm 10.30 til 12.10pm.
so thot of givin him a lil' surprise. keke.
yea. i did it. ^-^

we den took train to yishun. ate BK.
he bot a hairclip frm guardian for me while i was away o. heEx.
den took train train to woodlandz. cwp. [again].
we watched movie. [again!]. "Sinking of Japan" @ 4.25pm.
hav been wantin to watch it.
hm. itz was 3pm. we had a drink [iced milk tea] @ mos burger.
went to da cinema early n wait for da show to start.
he bot 'loverz set' de popcorn n drink along wit us.
so nice. couple seatz somemore. da show real nice o.
so real. interestin. makez my hair standz. hakx.

watched til 6+pm. got bac yishun. timezone. boom boom.
jln jln. bot bubble tea @ gv. he came up to my hse.
waited for me to hav my shower.
stayed for dinner wit my family.
he acc me awhile b4 headin home @ 10+pm.

~iM iN lOve wit U~

~AnOtHeR ChAnCe~

We ponder where it all went wrong
a love so strong when it began.
We were so happy and in love, but for granted we became.

Another chance we have sought
to bring us back to where we ought
A love rekindled warm and tight
So close we came to an awful fright.

There future is true and strong at last
A new beginning is within our grasp..

~DeaTh nOtE~

hope our nitemarez r all over.
honey. we start anew yea.

met alvin at NP, abt 4pm.
acc him to yck. ssdc. he wanna book his drivin prac lessonz.
but to our 'surprise', we got there, itz closed. no carz. no empty.
hm. he den acc me go amk hosp visit my ah ma.
she gettin beta n beta le. so glad n happi for her.
5.30pm. we left. we den took train frm yck to woodlandz. cwp.
bot movie tix. "Death Note" @ 7pm.
itz was 6.15pm. we went to mos burger eat.
den go catch da movie. 130min show.
was nice. real nice. i like 'L'. lolx.
a immature behaviour boi which a genius mind.

watched til 9+pm.
headed bac to yishun.
had some tokz wit alvin under my blk b4 goin home.

~tHanx sHi GoNg~

hope each time afta quarrellin.
our r/s will become closer. n not driftin apart.
im tired of tearz n quarrel.
we dun fite le k.

n shi gong. thanx. so much. we realli need u.
esp me. to solve thingz for me.
to stand by me when im weak n lonely.
willing to help me face da world when im so down.
shi gong is really 'shi gong'.
dunno y. realli got 'power' t solve thingz.
despite ya age, u cld tink well n beta den otherz ya age de.
thanx so much for everythin.
n all da best in ya life n love life too...

~where hav ya love gone to?~

yea. ya neva wrong.
i am to blame.
for my ezily anger n jealousy.
so ttz all my fault. huh?
u still dunno where did u do so wrong.
u tink ya so rite n im so wrong.
if u realli dunno ya wat u did so wrong, realli no cure. inhuman.

but u no longer care.
u r no longer worried abt me like b4.
u no longer give in to me.
even when ya wrong, u still haben change.
abt all ya 1001 excusez.
i alwayz throw tantrum b4 u cld explain anithin?!
hav u eva explain smth reasonable?
hav u eva gave a good explanation tt i can accept?
no! all u said r excuses! how can i not get so boiled up?
i told u i hate excuses but u still dun change. and
u dun do wat a man shld do. ya soooo mean. inhuman.
which makez me more fed up.
being a gentleman, no matter ya in da wrong or rite,
if u realli love n care for me u wld look up for me without any delay.
but u din. u kpt silence. which is wat a gal do!
even mummy shook her head.
she hinted u but u wun wanna do.
she tried to tok u out but u juz dun understand watz goin on!
all ya sweet tokz …

~iM HuRtin sOo bAdLy.~

-haPpi 18th BiRthDay rOn Ron!!-

went to skool. but todae quite surprisin.
tt ron was able to catch da train im in. n i din knw. i was slpin.
when i woke up he was in fronda me. lolx.
wished him happi bday n gave him da present alvin n me bot.
went to skool tog.

todae'z skool is a long day. mornin n aftnn class again.
thanx frenz, for noticin me when my 'expression goes wrong'. lolx.
skool ended 3.30pm. headed home.

left home at abt 6pm. went to yck. ssdc.
drivin lesson 6.55-8.35pm.
da same instructor who taught me b4. kevin.
we laughed while drivin again. i acted like his role n praise myself. :P
lesson ended. while walkin to yck mrt.
me saw ragu, one of my dad'z co. indian worker.
we took train tog. i alighted at yishun. [he alightin @ semb].
me den headed home.

once again. sOrrie rOn. cant celebrate ya bday wit ya. i wished i cld. but still cant. too last min le cant cancel my lesson. need 3 dayz in advance de. humphx. but hOpe u enjoyed yea.

~Ron rOn wEaRin mY PiNk JaCkeT iN cLaSs o.~

tiz is my beStie fRm MDIS! RoN~. as another bday gift for ya rOn. remB tiz?! lOlx. itz Ron rOn in class, wearin my pink jacket! swEet isnt it? hEex. take caRe.

~MaShi maRo wEarz cOntaCt Lenz o...~

got a wake up call from alvin b4 my alarm ringz. [ttz good!].
went to skool. dr desti'z class. biz accountin & financin.
aaron n ron made fun of him todae.
dr. 'testiclez' is a lecturer who getz irritated n frastrated ezily.
eg. latecomerz, studentz walkin in n out of class, student copyin his notez while he is lecturin etc.
hm. todae oni mornin class. gOod~ skool ended at noon.
bobby planned to go kbox todae. but was called off last min. coz not many ppl wanna go. hm. ron seemed kinda down by da cancellation lo. sorrie rOn. know u angry wit me tiz aftnn o. u cant hide it o. hm. sorrie. some other time yea~

hm. me took train to bugis. alex alighted there too. but he goin to da library.
[he did 'psycho' me to go wit him but too bad he failed to. lolx.]
me went shoppin alone. lookin out for my bestie'z bday present tmr.
afta walkin ard n rnd in da shop decidin which one to go for..
finally i made my choice. bot it le.
went jln jln ard bugis street. lookin out for bagz. f…

~HaD a TeRRibLe GaStRic cRamP o...~

todae alvin 'bac to skool' le o. holidayz for him has juz ended.
good tt his 1st day of skool todae no late o. keep it up hOney!
me requested him to gimme a mornin call at 6am.
but so nice of him. he gave me a wake up call @ 3am.
i woke up. washed my face. brushed my teeth.
stared at my hp'z time. alarm clock. n livin rm'z clock.
"am i seein da wrong time??" i wondered.
den i called him. he den blur blur de apologize n ask me go bac slp.
he saw da wrong time.
goSh~ wat is tiz? lOlx. aniwae it was funni lo.
he den woke me up again at da correct time. 6am. heex.

went to skool. had mornin n aftnn lessonz todae.
a long day. but durin da aftnn breaktime,
me, baoming, ron, edwin, zieg n alex played '007' & 'huh? se mo?' gamez.
welcome da new playa alex son. who got da most punishment.
to walked roundz in da classrm. total he walked 6 rndz o.
da rest neva kena punished walk but oni 'hit handz' lo.
hm. laughed lotz again til headache.
at abt 3.30pm i was si…

~lOve, sO DiviNe~

alvin gave me a wake up call @ 11.50am.
prepared myself. met him up @ NP ard 1pm.
went to da food mall. so many ppl. so we decided not to dine there.
we 'ta bao' korean rice. bot a big bottle of root beer frm 7-11.
took bus 169 to his hse. mandai is alwaez so 'burnin'. so hot o..
got his hse. on da air-con in his room.
ate our lunch. w/ iced root beer. hmmmm niCe~
we watched da dvd "Love, So Divine" [korean show] he bot tt time.
not bad o. hm. wanted to start our "ten brotherz" [hk drama].
but decided to watch next time.
coz dun hav much time to watch many episodez.
we left his place at 8pm. went to NP.
went to timezone. boom boom.
felt hungry. went to da jollibean at cold storage.
bot choco pancake for me n peanut pancake for him.
not nice de. :X da jap onez @ town area onez nicer. keke.
we den had our dinner at yoshinoya.
teriyaki chicken rice bowl set for him.
tori karaage rice bowl set for me. not bad ba.
me go buy stuffz 'niap niap' stuffz for my family.

~ShUmiN'z 21sT BdAy BBQ PaRty!~

woke up at 11am.
alvin came to my hse at abt 1+pm.
me helped him to style his hair.
had our lunch. [mummy cooked de b4 she left home].
we den left my hse at abt 2.30pm.
went to causeway point.
alvin met up his fren 'quan ta' juz for awhile to get smth frm him.
we den go jln jln. he brot me to Gelare.
ate freshly baked waffle w/ ice cream n cookie craze.
was niCe~ hmmmm..
we den go jln jln ard again while waitin for rOn ron to come.
he late again. came at 5+pm. tt vain pot. :X lOlx. but nvm.
we 3 den took train to jurong east tog.
den took bus 334 to jurong west, blk 551 area.
we were invited to shumin'z 21st bday bbq party o!
she da host n shez lookin nice todae. da food was above avrg too.
lata at 7+pm, ziegedwin n baoming arr.
we juz slacked ard..
til lata... we started playin some 'gamez'.
da gamez we played r....
- 'mysterious number' game
- '007' game
- 'haarrh?, 什么? (wat?)' game
da playaz:rain. alvin. baoming. zieg. edwin. ron.
da punishment:pull-upz.

was sooo…

~StArBuCkz 'kOpi'~

went to skool. as usual.
afta skool, took train to yishun.
kill some time there b4 headin to yck. ssdc.
got drivin lesson 2.40-4.20pm. laughed alot durin learnin o.
afta tt, me walked to amk ave 9, amk hosp visit my ah ma.
was alone. but soon afta, mummy daddy n ah gong came.
lata alvin went to ssdc to do his drivin lesson stuffz le,
he came to find me.
we left at abt 6pm. daddy drove alvin n me to NP.
we den go makan. we ate burger king new promo burgerz!
american burger meal n english burger meal.
den go timezone. boom boom.
jln jln. den he brot me to starbuckz coffee.
he 1st time bring me there o.
ice blended choco chipz for me n
ice blended vanilla w/ caramel for him.
enjoyed our drinkz.
at abt 9+pm we go buy some stuffz for mummy le.
he sent me home.

~WaT a DiSgUiSe!!!~

went to skool. me no late todae. ron 'pon ten'.
accountin makez me mad.
skool ended at noon.
took train to woodland. cwp.
met up alvin there.
we bot movie tix "World Trade Center" showin @ 1.50pm.
went for our lunch. he brot me to swensen'z o. niCe~
we den go catch our movie.
itz so nice. touchin. sad. based on a true story.

[in da cinema, we wee seatin in da 'lover'z seat'. n beside us, therez another young couple (seat B11 & B12). i was so disgusted, turned off n annoyed by their nuisance n shameless act! instead of watchin da movie, they were huggin, kissin, n da prevertic guy, was fondlin da gal'z boobz thru out da movie! god damn sh*t man~ wat a disguise! shameless gal. shameless couple. shame on them! oni prostitute wld allow guyz to fondle them in public w/o shame! yUckz! disgustin~]

show ended at abt 4pm. we took train to yck.
me got drivin lesson. 4.40-6.20pm. me passed my stage 2 le!
afta tt, we took bus 76 to amk de hosp. visit my ah ma.
she dun…

~MiNi miNi de BuRgEr, FrEnCh fRiEz & dRinK!~

REAL miniature burger meal! they r real. like da onez in mac or burger king. amazin! cute! realli o. can be eaten de o.. miniature meal for miniature humanz. heex~

~fUnni Day! sWeet rOse.~

daddy woke up me @ 8am. i jumped outta bed.
im sooo late for skool.
daddy scolded me. mummy say say me.
coz me alwaez dun get enuff slp. -_- me know wrong le la....

me went to skool wit ron. he oso late.
hakx. we got to class at abt 10.10am.
me 1st time so late for skool o. but mr tan din say me.
despite starin at me like 1 kind, he said 'gd mornin' to me smilin!
had OB lesson. finished at 11.40am. [he alwaez let us off early].
ate chicken chop for lunch. [long time no eat le].
hm. had lesson @ 1pm. dr desti'z accountin. me forgot to bring book o.
hm. finished off at abt 4pm.
me aaron ron bobby n alex. went to play pool & billard nearby.
kena 'tok' by bobby. but he 'put water' la. lol.
afta an hour, we took train bac.

okie. here i'll summarise thoz funni thinz tt happened todae.
scene 1:
abt 3pm in MDIS LT-G101 classroom, ron juz woke up frm slp. ate da hotdog bread i bot for him. he went to da litterbin near da classrm door to throw his emtpy plastic bag, but i hea…

~AlviN'z 'maKeOver' teEth! BeaUtifuL smiLex!~

alvin came to my hse at abt 9am tiz mornin.
he bot macHotcakez b'fast for me.
we went to toa payoh. universal dental group.
me recommended him tiz dental grp de.
he had appointment at 11.30am.
we got there early. he bot magazine for me.
[so tt i cld kill time while waitin for him].
hm. da Dr. aaron is a fun dentist. frenly, comfortable.
tho he took abt 1 ½hr plus to 'makeover' alvin'z teeth,
total payment = S$329.70.
1+pm. we went to buy some bread for my mummy.
had our lunch @ yishun NP. sakura thai-chinese rest.
-pineapple rice [alvin'z]
-twin fish fried rice [rain'z]
-fried wanton
-pandan leaf chicken
-choco kit kat bonanza [rain'z]
-banana split [alvin'z]

bot purple hair dye for mummy. he den acc me home.
put our stuffz. left home for alvin'z hse. took a cab there.
alex sOn n rOn ron did called me up todae.
they had a 'romantic' time tog i believe. :X lOlx.

we watched [me bot de] 'Stay Alive'. not bad show.
n me helped him dyed his hair o!
sort of brow…

~BaBy PaNdA sOoOo cUtE!!~

yest in msia, i watched da newz on tv. abt da baby pandaz!!! fell in love wit them!! sooooo cute lo. quickly told my daddy, 'pa!! i want them! i want! so cute!'. he den said, 'u want. wait they grow up eat u up.' -_-" humphx.... but they r realli so cute lo.... -_-

~SpEnT My wEeKeNd iN mSia~

juz got home from tan tock seng hospital. hm. a review of how i spent my weekend.

yesterday [saturday, 7 oct]........
woke up at noon.
went to msia wit daddy mummy eldest bro n koko @ 2+pm.
arr at my jb house [itz been long since i last went there].
me washed our msia car. [i like doin tt lolx].
did housework. vacuumed da floor. plus moppin.
den whole house we on da air con. 1st time so coolin o.
[coz additional 1 more air con in da livin room keke].
at abt 7pm. we had our dinner @ Ah Koong noodlez there.
da PSI [haze] was soooo bad! da highest was 150.
me 1st time in my life wore a 'white normal' mask
out walkin on da streetz o. to cover my nose n mouth.
den went down to da chinese medical shop.
when abt to leave, 9.30+pm, alvin called. we chatted til i got home,
continued chattin, hung up at abt 10.40pm ba.
had my shower.
alvincalled again abt 12+am b4 he went to bed o. ^-^
me slept at abt 2 or 3am.

todae i woke up at abt noon.
hm... daddy go…

~*will u bring me back*~

if i try to run away under da rain n hide.. will u come to search high n low for me juz to bring me bac?

~中秋节快乐 haPpi LaNteRn FeStiVaL~

i was usin da comp @ home.

at abt 8.45pm. ron pm me in msn,he'll be comin down to yishun meetin karine n another fren of herz. he askin me to join him. me go bom bom. prepare. left home at abt 9.30pm.

ron came to my blk to find me. we den walked to 400+ de shopz. he bot da 'sparkler stickz'. den went to yishun park. to look ard for karine. but we searched here n there but cant find. tired le. we juz sat down on da floor near da park entrance [opp northbrookz sec]. we started to play da sparklerz ourselvez. oni til abt 10.30+pm, den karine found us. met her guy fren. he know me but i got no impression of him. we same sec skool de. hm. soon afta, alvin came. bot me vitasoy. we started playin candlez. n lanternz. wasted din bring camera. alvin n myself used da candlez wax to create da word 'Rain' on da table. nice. erm.mealvin n ron left tog at abt 11.45pm. they sent me home.

hm. wada weather. i hate da weather tiz few dayz. soo bloody hazey lo. caused by da burnin fores…

~SaD.. My PhOne....~

slpt at abt 3am last nite.

supposed to wake up at 6am.
but i heard my mum'z voice at 7.45am.
shez standin at my room'z door callin me.
oh my im late! i supposed to leave home at 7.40am de.

who to blame?
my hp la! neva foll itz owner properly.
c la! 'ah pek' took it away from me le..
me set 3 alarmz in my hp de. plus my alarm clock. =4.
but 3 gone. left wit one n oni.
who to blame?
me lo! neva tk care of my hp properly. haix.

overslept. but i still take my own sweet time.
unlike last time rushin to da toilet.
coz my skool no demerit pointz heex.
i planned to reach skool at abt 10+am.
but heng ar.. my daddy drove me there. oni late as usual time lo.
had mr tan'z lesson todae. ate sandwiches durin breaktime.

i sat beside sophia todae. ron snored in class when slpin o!
alex n bob sat tog. da 2 best of frenz. lol. n aaron behind me.

finished skool. waited for them to finished their lunch.
we all walked to queenstown mrt. to find my ez-link card missin.
i search high n low diggin my bag but …

~CeLeBrAtEd MiNah'z BdAy @ LaKeSiDe~

n sad day. i lost my hp. again.
in MDIS canteen! n know wat?! da most shameful thin is that..
da canteen'z cleaner is da one who kept my hp!
it was witnessed by 2 kind n helpful galz
who approached me when they notice me lookin ard for smth.
but still. da cleaner die die kept denyin!
sh*T him! so fed up by him n da skool staffz! all not helpin.
juz bcoz they dun wanna spoil da skool reputation.
except for 'peter' from da management who offered help.
n yea. he helped wit da cctv n investigation.

at e end of tt, he called ron to ask me to return him a call.
he said tt da skool find him being dishonest. [tho he still hasnt admit].
they will terminate him whether or not he returnin da phone.
but itz up to me if i wanna mk a police report.
i so fed up he doesnt wanna admit!!! dunno my decision.
but tinkin of his old age, find him kinda ke lian tho. haix.
sian lo, hate to lose phone. i lost my own hp last year april.
todae i lost my bro'z hp. n da worst part, i lost all contactz. again.
hate …

~jUz tO Be wiTh U~

found tiz pic. i like it. niCe~

~God. Plz TaKe mE aWaY~

din sleep at all last nite. im goin crazy. i cldnt tk it anymore.

went to skool in da mornin as usual.
waited for ron da late king. met new fren again in class.
break time drank orange juice. continued lesson.
ended at 12nn. but so sianz. aftnn got class @ 1pm.
too hungry cannot tahan. bot sandwichez.
had my lesson. finished at abt 3+pm goin to 4pm.
sianz. til now me still dunno anithin abt wat da lecturerz taught wor.
no mood. dun feel like listenin. sleepy.
someomore da Dr. Desti (ron named him dr. 'testiclez' -_-") .
his english not ez to understand. got da indian accent. so strong.

hm. took train bac to yishun. met alvin. went to food mall.
ate salted fish fried rice. chicken soup w/ pastry on top.
din finish them. coz me over-hungry le.
we den went to timezone boom boom.
afta tt we juz sat down at 2nd lvl.
he massage my legz abit n helped me rub my 'blue black'.
at abt 7+pm. he sent me home. coz me too sleepy le.

~Rob B HoOd!! BB sOOoo cUte!!!!~

woke up at 2pm. left home at 3.30pm.
met alvin. took mrt to woodlandz. cwp. 4+pm.
bot movie tix 'Rob B Hood' showin @ 5.30pm.
went for our lunch. mos burger. niCe~
went shoppin ard. alvin bot 2 fancy threadz [me chose de].
one for him [black blue] n one for me [black pink].
we den catch our movie. nice show.
funni, thrillin action stuntz n touchin endin.
i love da baby matthew! tink hez got mixed blood de.
got da 'ang moh' look. sooooooo cute!!!!!
afta da movie, went to Gelare.
freshly baked waffle w/ cuppacino n choco ice cream.
we den went jln jln at outside cwp de pasar malam.
ate cheese hotdag n chinese sausage.
headed back to yishun. NP.
went to timezone boom boom.
bot bubble tea at gv. go 'ta bao' foodz for my mummy n koko.
alvin sent me home. got home 10+pm.
i am happi todae!

aniwae i've got my previous exam grade resultz!! here they go.
> fundamentalz of marketing - A
> principlez of business management I - A

lOlx. happi!! ^-^

~*WhAt a GuRl wAntz bUt mOsT GuYz wOnt GivE*~
























~baC tO SkOoL~

baC tO skooL.
woke up at 6am. alvin gave me a mornin-call too.
left home at 7.45am. waited for ronda 'late king' @ woodlandz mrt. :X
went to skool tog. we were late as usual tho.
our 'usual seats' were taken up by other ppl. we sat far behind.
new student joined our class.
were so sleepy. started dozin off since 10am. class ended at 12nn.
my bunch of skool buddiez wanna go tiong bahru for lunch.
but me headed bac yishun.
met alvin @ abt 1.25pm. [me overslpt in da train bac o].
went for lunch tog. food mall. ban mee. not bad.
he den acc me to yck. ssdc. drivin prac. 2.40-4.20pm.
[hm. wed me booked drivin prac at 2.40pm. but last min skool change schedule, both crash. too late to cancel bookin. oni can try to re-sell. abo gonna waste da drivin prac money le. ex o].
afta tt, we took train to novena. tan tock seng hosp.
visit my ah-ma. juz got stroke. hospitalised.
7.30pm alvin, me, my da sao, n niece took train while my other family drove.
alvin n me went to yishun NP. my da sao headed h…

~im baCk~

im baCk guyz!

came bac home tiz mornin.

last nite alvin, my dad, eldest bro n koko came to fetch us at e airport. flight landed abt 2am. while my family headed home, alvin n me took cab to pasir ris park.

sheng booked a chalet @ costa sandz resort downtown east. we walked all da way frm da park to da chalet. found them. [so so de coincident. my thai hotel room no. 1203. sheng'z chalet room no 1203. hmmmm.] sheng, shi gong, shi gong de 2 other frenz, wj, mao, xiong were sittin there. playin poker cardz. me handed over da present we bot for him. no smilez. no eye contact. nvm. same as tt time, oni shi gong n his frenz treat us like their own fren n tok to us. but da rest, not even a simple 'hi' or even smile. alrite. im numb abt it. wat for get sad over thoz kidz who treat us invisible de. lOlx. hm. 1st time go tiz kinda chalet where there r no 'welcomez', n no food at all. not even drinkz. so alvin n me left. went jln jln ard lookin for foodz. oni mac n cheers is opene…

~My tHai [HaT yAi] tRip~

-wednesday, 27 Sept 06-
flight took off @ abt 8.55pm. arr @ Hat Yai Int'l Airport @ 10.20pm. our pte driver 'Tha Wee' fetch us from there to our hotel, Novotel Central Sukhontha. checked-in. me, my mum n jie in a room [no. 1203] while uncle ricky alone in another. had our late dinner @ the hotel cafe. Saneha Cafe. inexpensive.
me slept @ abt 3am.

-thursday, 28 Sept 06-
woke up @ 8.53am. had our ABF. met the wee. he drove us to a mountain cave where there r many Buddha n gods' statuez in there. i love to observe n see mountain cavez n nature. so curious abt it. hm. there r oso bats in a hidden cave! afta explorin da place, we went to da temple opposite. very nice, big, high ceilingz wit beautiful paintingz on da wallz.
we den went for our lunch, chicken rice. [but still, prefer s'pore'z onez]. went shoppin @ makro shoppin mall. [me suddenly had a beri bad headache. so sudden. so pain]. i realised tt da 'gatsby hair wax' [same as spore onez] are sold @ oni Bah…