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urgh. had juz typed a looooooooooooong story thatz inside my heart. but press wrong button all gone. sianz... not gonna repeat. itz so loong. aniwae.. i was confused. but now no longer.. i feel kinda lonely. dunno y. sometimez i do tink of him. y. erm. kinda sad coz had my haircut. kinda regret. somemore my DM & FOM kept sayin all those bullshit nonsense sacarstic purkz! cant stand them. i'm beri beri sensitive! they hurt ppl'z feelin w/o knowin. nvm. say wateva they wan to. i DUN GIVE A DAMN!! *chuck aside!* haiz.. y my life like that. hm. missin someone, keepin quiet, keep it all inside... feel so miserable. i really dun understand guyz. will a guy juz 'ka jiao' someone whom he dunno for nothing? for fun? or wat?? aniwae.. i'll juz let it be. wat to do. i'm alwayz awaiting my mr. rite.

~BaC FrOm tHaiLaNd..~

hm. bac from thai 3 days ago. din buy lotsa thingys. but da trip was nice. now wit my new hairstyle. beta. but wun cut le. wanna let those short hair grow long again. keke. hm. nth much to say actually. tis weekend me working morning. sianz... i prefer afternoon shift. enuff sleep. haiz. anywae gtg le. tat@

~i'M bAc..~

yoz. been soo long that i last blogged here. coz my comp was down.. and bz too. nth much happen lately.. lost weight. kekE!! not much actually. but hope it dun bounce bac. gotta lose more babe. com'on. lolx. now my da jie rachel go up to orchid club le. den sheilla come down. den meili go down to housekeeping & her sis gaili come up. today was her very first day. were kinda bz. so nv really tok to her lo. hm. tomoro til sun me working afternoon... gotta hav enuff sleeeep.. -_- tired duh. ok guyz. gtg. will be bac real soon. muackx.