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i'm sick.

last night started coughing.
today went to work coughing and coughing my lungs out all day.
and after lunch, was down with fever.
a very bad headache and felt the burning sensation in my eyes.
my trainer gary gave me a tab of paracetamol.
i felt better a few hours later.

but when i got home, my temperature went up again.
and i almost coughed til i had difficulty in expiration.
my parents brought me to my family doctor.
he gave me an injection.
antibiotics, cough, running nose & fever medicine. plus the inhaler for asthma.
he gave me a medical chit (MC) for tomorrow's work, in case i need it.

i just got home.
took my medicine.
gonna turn in soon.
i doubt i'll be using the MC.
i dont wanna miss out anything in my training.

im glad and kinda touched.
that despite one person from other group was infected with the influenza,
my teammates & trainers didnt suspect that im infected, isolate me, or stay away from me after knowing im down with fever & bad cough etc.

Circle Line train.

today is my first time taking the Circle Line train.

when i was in the train to work this morning (North South Line),
i was observing the MRT route map.
and i was quite surprised to realise that how convenient it is to get to the North East side via Circle Line.

after work, roy drove me & kaixun to Kovan MRT station.
and so i wanna try taking the Circle Line home.
Kovan to Serangoon = 1 stop.
Serangoon to Bishan = 2 stops.
Bishan to Yishun = 4 stops.
so from Kovan to Yishun via Circle Line only took me 25 minutes lo.

rather than (last time without Circle Line)....
Kovan to Dhoby Ghaut = 6 stops.
Dhoby Ghaut to Yishun = 11 stops.
which would take me about 50 minutes.

damn. MRT is getting more & more convenient.
by the time all the Circle Line stations are opened,
it would be much more convenient to go to every part of Singapore.

why am i turning all emo and negative, losing confidence again...

almost overslept this morning again and my mum woke me up.

been working working working.
all kinds of weird, funny, hilarious people are what fast forward my day.
group of buddies. trainers.
gossiping, making fun of people, joking among ourselves.
i dont wanna be left out for that.

hmmm. after work today, roy drove me & kaixun to Bishan.
had lunch at the coffee shop.
i ate Char-Grill Bar's Chicken Chop.

after that he drove us to Bishan train station and i headed home.
tired tired tired.

my new friend made cookies for me. ^-^

isn't this place beautiful?

it was very windy.
it's Punggol Beach.

today my new teammate Dorothy passed me these cookies she made.
Chocolate Chip Cookies & Pineapple Tarts.
its yummy.
so sweet of her.
next time i should let her try my cookies too. =)

u've been hurting me too much. im feeling numb,

after training roy drove me & kaixun to Kovan and dropped us off there.
watched movie at Plaza Singapura with gary & kaixun.


In the supernatural action thriller Legion, an out-of-the-way diner becomes the unlikely battleground for the survival of the human race. When God loses faith in Mankind, he sends his legion of angels to bring on the Apocalypse. Humanitys only hope lies in a group of strangers trapped in a desert diner and the Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany). Legion also stars Dennis Quaid, Lucas Black, Tyrese Gibson, Kate Walsh, Adrianne Palicki, Charles S. Dutton and Willa Holland and is directed by Scott Stewart.

movie ended. they had their dinner at McDonald's.
headed home after that.

went to training centre with swollen eyes.
i've been sulking all morning.
they said i looked fked up face.
and i realised, people do care.
my buddies and even my trainer.
and for that, i tried to smile
and bring out the bubbly me again.
i should really try to be happy.…

Asparagus wrapped in Pork Belly. Butter Salmon.

was cooking just now.

Asparagus wrapped in Sliced Pork Belly.

Butter Salmon.


so tiredddd. first day of training.

First day of Training.
7.30am - 3.30pm.

stood for many hours.
practiced again n again til arms got tired.

at the end of the day, my palms hurt.


long time no badminton.

met up the guys at NorthPoint today, 1.30pm.
kaixun, jason, marco, jiawei, roy & alvin.
ate a little at Long John Silver,
before heading to Nee Soon East Community Centre.

badminton court booked by jason.
2.30pm - 4.30pm.

me taking a break.

snapshot of jiawei's smack.

we played til 5pm, freshened up.
roy, alvin & jiawei left for home.
while me, marco, kaixun & jason went for early dinner at Pastamania.

yummy. so fulllllll. Alfredo~

after that, headed home.
tired tired tired.

tomoro gonna start training le.
gonna wake up at 4.30am every morning.
hmphx. tired.

Orientation Day for New Team Members

left home at 6.30am.
today is our Orientation Day.
i thought usually Orientation Day would only take half a day.
but it was a loooong loooong day.
and i kept dozing off during presentation. so sleepy la.

we were given these to make the class more exciting and alive. lol.

9am Presentation.
10.30am Tea Break.
11.00am Collection of Badge/Pass.
11.30am Presentation.
12.30pm Lunch Break.
1.30pm Presentation.
3.30pm Tea Break.
5.30pm Meet The Management (directors, trainers, etc etc)
6pm End.

what a loooong day......

i was only wide awake while watching this interesting video.
of The FISH Philosophy.
PS: pause my blog song before playing. it's really interesting.

this is my new pass.
our faces look so swollen. lol.

after that, me, gary, marco & kaixun went to Leisure Park.
ate Burger King.
BK Fish meal.

then went to bowl for a game before catching a movie at 7.55pm.


THE SPY NEXT DOOR stars Jackie Chan as Bob Ho, an undercover CIA superspy who decides to give up his career in espionage to …

bowling bowling bowling.

last night had bowling night out again.
12midnight, kaixun came to fetch me with jinming.
then we went to fetch marco.
and back in yishun again, to Yishun Safra.
we expected the bowling alley to be crowded as it's a Saturday.
but to our surprise, there were so many available lanes.
we got our lanes, and gary came right on time.
the 5 of us bowled 3 games each, til about 3am.
then went to have supper at Jalan Kayu.

Milo Dinosaur & Butter Prata

and then back home.

tomoro will be the first start of the our MBS training.
excited. tho i'm sad that i've forgotten everything that was taught in school.

MBS Pre-Onboard Activities.

yesterday, 2 hours of sleep.

Mountbatten Square.

we were there for the pre-onboard activites. at 9.30am.
Signing of Employment AgreementPhoto-takingFinger ScanningUniform Measurement
long long queue.


formal office attire.

i rarely wear heels.
and it was killing the heels of my feet & calves
to stand and walk in these for the whole 10 hours. lol.

gary & benedict.

chatting while waiting in the queue.

had these for lunch.

it all finally ended at 1.30pm.
gary, marco, kaixun & i went to Kallang Leisure Park.