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~Vesak Day, 唐人XO鱼头米粉~

~*Happy Vesak Day*~

2pm. my family and i went to Wat Ananda Metyarama, a Thai temple [where i alwayz go to] at Jalan Bukit Merah.

prayed. visited my Thai Master.

oh yea. i met Joanna there. not 'xiao hong mei'. itz the.. hm. oh! 'tiramisu girl'.

4pm. went to a coffeeshop, ,
which is just opposite an Hindu [Indian] Temple,

this stall (pic far right), " 唐人XO鱼头米粉 ",

we waited for an hour just to eat that. as it opened again at 5pm.

三捞河粉 ['white' hor fun with fish sliced]
鱼头/鱼片米粉 [fish head/fish sliced (thick) bee hoon]

selling at S$5 each for the above dishes.
the soup base has got XO. it tastes really nice. delicious. wonderful.
and the fish slices is soo thick! unlike those thin slices sold at other places.
so S$5 for that is so worth it.

Where? Potong Pasir Ave 2, "P P 881 Eating House" [opp hindu temple]
Time? 11am-3pm, 5pm-11pm.

tomoro goin back to work.
saturday. not sure if im going to work. go there 3 hours only!
sunday. surprises? lol. cant wait.

~the return of rain's short fringe. -buy buy buy!- ~

ahakx! i miss my short fringe.
so yesterday i juz took out my 'layered hair scissors'. gave it a trim. keke.

a working day before a holiday [vesak day].
this morning koko and i had 'economic bee hoon'.
9am. work work.
joanne will be at hougang's site [with me] til this week.
next week her permanent site will be at sembawang.
me no companion. no one to guide me about work. bored.
but anyway im gonna start schooling soon.
so itz alrite. hopefully i'll be able to cope within these weeks.

koko snapped this photo when i was doing some paper work.
looked so hardworking neh. lol

den koko nothing better to do. he recorded this. bo liao. lol.

6pm. yeaH~ time to leave.
koko dropped me off at Compass Point.
i was finding my way to Sengkang MRT. so confused. got LRT & MRT there.
but i managed get there.
itz my very 1st time stepping into MRT Station. lOlx!

took train down to Orchard.
dunno why today i was so blur. got down at Orchard instead of Somerset.
i was supposed to go to Cineleis…

~Shrek babies.~

this morning had McBreakfast with koko at Hougang Green.
we ordered Big Breakfast. yum yum. keke.
walked to my site office. started working! ^-^

in the afternoon received a call from my elder cousin brother.
he invited me go his place for dinner at abt 8+pm.
i'll be finishing work at 6pm. lazy to go home and then come out again.

when i was thinking about how i gonna kill time around that area later,
zai called me! saying that he's at Compass Point with min & caige.
as they know i work nearby, they asked to meet up.
[since they needa return me my DVDz i lent them months ago. hEex.]
they waited for me from 4pm til 6pm. so good. lOlx!!!!!!

6pm. koko dropped me off at Compass Point.
i went up to Food Mall to look for them.
saw caige. zai. min. ber. they were eatin.
soon after, bao came too o! he had his dinner with us.

we laughed alot. too much. that bao got no energy to hold his chopsticks tight.
n his meatball came flying~ oooo~~~ lol
it landed on the floor beside my shoe. -_-"

after din…

~had hair treatment done in Malaysia~

im back from Malaysia.

hey look. when doing the housework,
i found these 2 'moth balls look-alike' thingy under the sofa cushion.
know what are these???

they are da eggs of a lizard. ooo.... so cute rite.
but the thingy inside gonna be scary. lol! XD

today me, koko & mummy went to our regular hair salon in Malaysia.
koko had a hair cut.
mummy permed her hair.
& me, i had hair treatment.
long time no see.... my straight hair. hEex. [itz not permanent tho]

hey im missing u peepz o. Da Insanerz. loved.
when is our next outing nah!! hmphx*

~Water spout was seen in Singapore today!~

my doggie sleepin' last nite.
oooo... so cute.

todae i overslept. woke up at 8.10am instead of 7am.
my koko has gone out. -_-" [y he didnt wake me up]
i called him. he thought that i dun wanna go work today. -_-
[tho im da 'boss's daughter', doesnt mean i can choose to skip work whenever i like nor. im not spoilt. although im now working as a free labour. lOl!]
my koko later came back to pick me up at 8.40am.

lunch time. me. koko. & joanne went to Compass Point for our lunch.
were so undecisive. we ended up in Swensen's.
we had Swensen's Executive Lunch promo.
i ordered Salmon & Mushroom Pasta. not bad!

comes with soup-of-the-day, drinks, and dessert.

this is what my koko had. gorgotten the name le.

itz a special drinks under the Pirates of the Carribean promotion.

hm. recently a new beverage had released. [u should have heard of it already]
"Anything" & "Whatever".

i should try it one day. they look interesting.

oh yea. a lastest news wa…

~i've started working~

haven been updating my blog for the past 3 days.

i've been working. yea. i've started my work.
im just helping my dad being a site clerk at one of his project site.
my allocated site is at Hougang, around block 574 area.

taken in da early morning on my 1st day of work.
my koko drove me around, b'fast, to work, n back home. good isnt it.

my worksite organisation chart. lol. my name.

itz fine working there. not bad nah.
can sit down. got air-con. got computer. got internet. lol!

met new people there [of coz]. from middle-aged to elderly.
most are fun people. n guess what. one of the senior supervisor there suddenly thought of sharing money to buy TOTO.
we're aiming for the Jackpot S$6.28 million prize!!
da 5 of us shared.
me. my koko. joanne [another site clerk]. uncle chew meng & Mr. Ng.
we bought 5 groups of 'system 8'. S$70
1 group is our chosen numbers. the other 4 are 'quickpicks'.

they kept thinking of if we win, each of us get S$1million+,
how we gonna spend i…

~*WWE SmackDown SummerSlam Tour*~

WWE - SmackDown SummerSlam Tour

28 Jul 2007 Sat, 8PM

Singapore Indoor Stadium

TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee)
Diamond - S$350 (CAT 1)
Premium - S$155 (CAT 2)
Gold - S$105 (CAT 3)
Silver - S$65 (CAT 4)
Bronze - S$45 (CAT 5)
Bronze (rear view) - S$45 (CAT 6)

Admission Rules
No admission for infant in arms and child aged below 6 years old. Child 6 years old and above must purchase ticket for admission.

* No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is allowed for this event!

GET READY TO BRACE YOURSELF as WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT returns to SINGAPORE for the first time in over three years!!

The ”SMACKDOWN & ECW SUMMERSLAM TOUR” will rock the foundations of the Singapore Indoor Stadium when the larger than life WWE SuperStars take to the ring on Saturday, July 28.

WWE SmackDown Superstars to be featured at the event include Edge™, Batista®, Rey Mysterio®, King Booker™, Chris Benoit®, Matt Hardy™, Kane® and many more.

Plus some of the ECW™ Superstars who will make thei…

~SIA Cup @ Kranji Turf Club~

i realised i'm soo tanned!! mum called me a 'tarzan girl'. -_-"

my koko lookz cool huh? keke.hmphx. im realli tanned. too tanned. lol

me & koko dressed formally.

dad. mum. koko & i left home at 12noon.

the special ticket. O = Owner

we reached Kranji Turf Club quite early.
this is the Owner's Lounge @ Level 3. not much people though. too early.

daddy brought me down to the Parade Ring.

heres a video of Race 1 horse line-up i captured down there.

after that daddy brought me to Level 1's Grand Stand to see da horse race.
coz when we're at the ground floor close to the racing track,
we can feel the impact of the horses running footstepz.
watch this video n u can feel the exciting down at Turf City.

hmm. we had lotza munch munch. spent about a hundred on those.
the Breaded Fish & Chips is nice. the Lasagne sucks. tho it lookz 'tempting'.

da finishing line.

daddy went down to the Parade Ring. horse no.14 = daddy's horse.

that horse didnt get to 1st place…