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~aFtErNoOn sHiFt.~

hm. juz now was my first afternoon shift. 3-11pm. there was a staff nite (dnd) but i cant be there coz i got duty. urgh. juz now worked wit keline, roshidah. roshidah quite nice too. i like da way keline supervise. she explain nicely and wun get angry if i make mistkz. afternoon shift da time pass slower. but still ok la. hm. during my lunch break i went down i saw agus den he was like... 'eh! rain! come..high 5~!' lolx. hez really funny. & nice too. working wit him is fun & not boring. i like working wit him. hm. today heard tt zan kena bike accident. mc 1 week wor. haiyoo.. wat a bad news. so suddenly 1. i dun even know if hez injury serious or not. hez in da hospital now. but i hope tt he'll recover fast. hm. me got to know Ken from da orchid club floor 1. he really beri fun guy. go makan wit him can die choking sia. den when orchid club guestz is on their way up to check-in, i hav to call them to inform them. sometimez ken pick up da phone. den wen i say da wro…


hm. today my last 11-7pm shift. after tt will be doin normal shiftz le. (7am-3pm/3pm-11pm/11pm-7am). today hotel kinda buzy. quite lotza check-in. but can la. hm. i like workin wit agus. wun be bored 1. sandra is oso nice. hm. roza & rachel too. keline is oso nice but she is more serious (coz she asst supervisor ma.) rachel too is an asst supervisor. afternoon roza kinda 'fight' wit pauline da senior bcoz of me. coz pauline asked me to put da vchr at cashier but wen i ask keline which 1 to put den she say no need so i nv put lo. den i go lunch break. pauline go and find roza ask her do. urgh. dun really know wat happen la. but feel bad tt tis spoil roza's mood. hm. hope nth happen la hor. keke. hm. haiz. everyday duty keep standing wit my court shoes my legz r really tired man. 8hours a day. somemore tk mrt oso no seats to sit 1. alwayz stand. from yishun to bugis man! so tired. den from bugis mrt walk down to da hotel. gosh~ how i wish i got my own limousine service. …


hm. yest got flu. today not yet recover. but at least beta den yest. hm. juz now got 11am-7pm duty. roza & zan c da way i tok they know i flu. lolx. den zan ask me c doctor eat medicine so so lo. rachel was there too. hm. den ltr lunch time mr george thong asked me to go makan wit him. hm. den tok tok eat eat lo. after eatin me went to da operator room to find suria. hm. agus was there sittin on da floor. today is his off-day. but i tink he come bac for rehersal for da annual staff nite thing. he was so funny. he was wearing da golden color cloth and dancing majiam wat sia. we all kept laughin. den he dance dance suddenly mr ralph ng (our front office mngr) came in & saw him. he quickly throw da cloth on da floor. we all wanted to laugh out but tahan. his reaction was funny. den they all k k lo. ask him abt da cloth all tis. wen mr ng left. we all burst out laughin sia. so loud. i laughed until headache. agus really funny. hm. too bad i cant attend da annual staff nite dinner …

~TeLeCoMmUniCaTiOn sKiLLz & GrOoMiNg TrAiNiNg.~

hm. my 1st course. held at grand plaza parkroyal hotel (itz plaza parkroyal's sister hotel.) at city hall. i gotta be there by 9am. but i reached there 8.30am. still early. so i walk here walk there wait wait den went up to da 'connaught room' which da thing suppose to be held. da room is empty. no onez there yet. so i waited outside. but a guy came over & ask me to go in & sit down 1st. so i did. many were late. wait for everyone to come den start (abt 9+am.). suria (my hotel's operator) came too. hm. den made new frenz. some from indo too. they r nice. funny. da presenter is mr andrew tan. hez funny too. kept makin us laughed like hell. ttz y da corz isnt tt boring. i didnt doze off. coz he do crack jokez and so. hm. we did role play oso. quite fun attendin da corz actually. den got lotza 'tea-breaks & pee-breaks'. lolx. da food is nice. especially da fruit tart. i juz love it. hm. den got watched some videoz. it all ended at 5pm. haiz. since morn…


hm. yest slept at abt 1am. woke up at 4am. really tired man. i dragged myself out of my bed. urgh. my 1st 7am-3pm duty. itz so early. yet i'm stayin so far away. itz really tired to tk da transport. i was so sleepy. wen i reached there da sky is still dark. from da mrt walk down to da hotel is quite far. sianz. yest midnite duty (11pm-7am) got sandra, ravin & roza. den roza chat chat a lil' wit me lo. ravin oso. hez nice too. he told me slowly learn da thingz there no need rush rush so & so. hm. my shift got keline, jacelyn and bobby. 1st time workin wit bobby. he ok lo. not bad. he said tt he was from da same sec skool i was in. north view sec skool. den he was tellin jacelyn tt i am his 'xue mei'. den jacelyn turned ard & tell me 'rain. u beri 'bu xing'(unlucky)' den bobby dunno ans her bac wat la beri funny den i laughed. lolx. hm. work work work. stand stand stand. i prefer to hav check-in or serve guestz or hav work to do. coz wen there…

~mY 3rD ReCePtiOn dUtY.~

hm. last sat rachel & agus tot me thingz too. learnt from them. da way they teach really nice. agus is a funny guy. sometimez siao siao 1. but wen at work he gonna be serious. hm. he alwayz complain abt tiz guest tt guest lolx. anyway. they're nice. sandra oso tot me thingz. erm. tiz morning woke up 8am. my shift is 11-7pm. wen i reach there got keline and agus. and oso duty mngr leslie. he last time oso from shatec 1. hm. i saw my sec skool name or da function board. den i go check check is something like a 'teacher renewal opening'. den got my teacherz namez. hm. i saw some of them. most didnt c me or cant recognise me. urgh..i saw my ex-principal too. he dun rem too. haiz. mrs chua came down to c me. shook my handz and ask some lil' qnz. den they go out le. hope to c them tomoro wen they check out. especially mr. leong & how. they r funny ppl. lolx. hm. juz now leslie keep askin agus to take over my job and handle da guest. wen i wanna help leslie ask him to…

~mY 1sT dUtY @ ReCePtiOn.~

hm. 9-5pm shift again. first duty @ reception. met new frenz. keline da asst supervisor. jacelyn da senior FOA. & 2 FOA guyz ravin & zan. they're nice & frenly (& young i tink. ard 20+). at 1st i got much prob serving da guest coz i dunno anything there. (i dun even know wherez da swimmin pool at first sia. lolx. the foa staffz r bz doin their work so i offer help to guest lo.) but if i dunno anything they will handle for me. got 1 time da galz r bz doin their thing and a guest asked something which i dun really get wat he mean den i 'k k' go in fidelio & find thingz (i dunno wat i was doin! lolx.) den luckily zan came over "darlin can i help?". phiew~ i was released. den he handle da thing. hm. he came at da rite time. erm. they all tot me lotza thing. keline at first tot me how to write da key card holder & so. den ltr she was bz doin something so jacelyn took over. she tot me really lotza thingz sia. ttz great. she tot me how to "c…

~3rD dAy le.~

hm. tiz morning same thing. woke up 6am. left at 7.30am. reached there abt 8+am. me bot burger king breakfast coz beri hungry. (1st time eatin breakfast from there. keke.) den went to locker. change to my uniform and everything. den went to da operator room. mary (senior tel operator) was there le. (anyway. "da lady" whom i said in my previous post.. her name is dorothy chiok. keke. shez da senior tel operator supervisor.) den i makan my breakfast lo. abt 9am ms. chiok came le. after eatin. therez nth much to do. i sat there so slpy.. dozin off sia. den abt 11+am i cannot stand it le so i laid my handz on da comp. lolx. frenster blocked. blogger oso blocked. msn messenger cannot use. urgh. dunno wat to do le. so me go play online gamez lo. mary sat beside me c me play sia. they nv say me. keke. den abt 1pm me go lunch at staff canteen wit ms chiok. hm. today da food got many spicy 1. so didnt eat much. but can fill up my stomach la. den after makan me go bac operator room co…

*~xUn ZhAo zHeN Ai.~*

ji ran ta yi ba wo fang qi
na wei he wo hai xiang zhe ta ne
ai he bi shi na me de tong ku
zhe shi jie you shui zhen zhen de liao jie ai ne
shi de. ai qing shi cong man le kuai le
dan ye shi tong ku yi bei shang
wo ai guo. bei shang guo. ye tong guo.
wo zhen de bu gan qu mian dui ai
wo bu gan xiang xin ai qing
ying wo zhong jue de duo shu de ai dou shi jia de
mei you yi ge shi zhen xin de
wo de xin yi jing shui le
wo shou gou le. zhen de bu xiang zai tong xia qu
shuo yi wo bu gan zai xiang xin nan ren de ai
nan ren. yi ge you yi ge
que mei you yi ge shi zhen de heng zhen xin.
ta men neng na me qing yi de fang qi yi qie.
ru guo ta shi zhen xin de. bu guan ni zhen yang dui dai ta.
ta de xin shi bu hui bian de. bu hui qing yi fang qi de.
shui ran wo xian zai bu gan xiang xin ai qing.
dan wo hui yi zhi de deng dai zhe.
yin wei.. wo hai shi xiang xin..
zhen ai.. hai hui zai... zhen ai shi chun zai de...

~mY 1sT dAy oF aTtAcHmEnT @ pLaZa.~

hm. slept at 2+am. woke up at 6am. really slpy. but bo bian.. hm. left home for plaza at 7.43am. plaza parkroyal hotel. here i come. in da train me kept yawnin. eyez filled wit tearz. urgh. slpy & sianz... kinda disappointed. nobody msg me. den suddenly received a sms from todeff. it wrotez "Good moring! Hope everything goes smooth for your first attachment day :-P" hm. he give me 'da qi'. and i tell myself. i can do it. hm. reached there at abt 8.45am. edna gave me my name tag, locker key, meal coupon & explained to me abt da rulez of usin it and da costz of loss. den she showed me ard. went to punch-in my card. den went to try out my uniformz. da skirt was kinda big & loose. but nvm lo me juz tk coz da auntie said try da uniformz in set cannot mix ard (da top jacket fitz me.). itz abt 9.40am. edna brought me to da lobby into mr. ralph ng'z (front office manager) office. but he wasnt there. he went for a meetin. so me sat there & wait lo. itz was…

~cLuMsY RaiN.~

hm. tis morning woke up at abt 11.45am. went to north point wit my bro at 1+pm. went to eat swensen'z. me blanja. coz tt time he blanja me oso. keke. when finishin da food, my bro ask me to give him da money den he pay. i asked y but he nv ans. so me dun give. den he keep sayin.. den finally he said "if u (gal) pay veri weird la..". den i tink tink. hmmm.. i get wat he mean le. lolx. guy muz pay ma... hor? keke. yea he "pay". but da money came from me! lolx. den we go walk walk awhile. he bot a long sleeve white shirt from giodano. hm. quite nice. but he muz know how to dress nicely. it wld be beta. keke. den we went home le. reach home abt 3.30pm. den me sing karaoke awhile. (long time no sing le. lolx.) den dance dance. den watch da "britney spearz live from las vegas" vcd. until 6+pm. den work out on my body. den trim my nails. den took a shower. came out from da bathroom at 8.30pm. went to put da all clothez into da washin machine to wash. (my sis…


hm. today me woke up at abt 12.45pm. my mum bot for me chicken briyani. so i eat lo. den tok tok to her. she'z leavin for hat yai. so shez preparin her own thingz. she left home at abt 2pm. den mao lin sms me say meet him 4pm at yishun interchange. we wanna go sembawang shoppin centre. so me go prepare my thingz. wen i came online i saw weichiang online oso. so me ask him along & he said ok. ltr on mao mao called me at 4pm. (me still at home. lolx.) he said meet him at yishun blk 139 there. den i forgot how to go there le. so i say nvm lo i go down myself to ssc so i meet him there. i reached there at abt 4+pm. den weichiang called me. say he still at home. den i ask him faster come me alone den he said ok ok. den me go jalan jalan ard lo. met weiquan at level 3. he workin there. den we tok tok awhile nia lo. den da guyz come le. all tog six of us. me, mao, chiang, yong sheng, alvin, 'elmo' (i dunno his name. =P). den we go upstairz funland. play cs. lolx. long time no…

~fOr dA gUy i fEeL sOrRiEz.~

wEihAo. i'm sorry to hav hurt ya. but i juz wanna explain to ya here. u may not c tiz. or u will. i dunno. but i will juz say... after so many heartbreakz tt happened to me last time. i dare not step into any relationshipz. i hardly love anyone. but after monthz & monthz. i tot tt da kinda feelin comez bac. i tot tt i found love again. ttz y i accept ya. yea i was happy being wit ya. but i dunno y... it turnz out like tiz. my feelinz is gone suddenly. u may not believe me. but i've tried. but cant. u may think tt tiz r all excusez. coz u dun understand my past maybe. i've been tinkin abt tiz for dayz. cried alone. many timez. i slept wit tearz fallin. but u dunno. coz i dun wanna hurt ya. but den. i tot to myself. if da feelinz is gone, & i still go on wit ya, i feel like i'm lyin to myself & itz like i'm playin wit ya. i hate to play peepz feelingz. but if... i still go on wit ya, tryin to get bac my feelinz, but in da end therez nothing, i will hurt u…

~mY hEaRt SaNk aGaiN.~

hm. was bac home not long ago. tiz morning abt 11+am went out to my nearby shopz there wit my mum. go hair salon do color treatment. i chose 'olive brown'. but wen everything is done. i was so shocked to c my hair green!! especially da highlitez. itz lite green. omG~. but itz so much darker now den b4. hm... but... itz green. urgh. goin hotel attachment soon. dunno allow or not. haiyoo. my mum say sure can 1 la. i got nth to say. lolx. done wit my hair at abt 1.40pm. den my 2nd elder bro come meet me den go out tog. met kim koon at yishun mrt there. den we went to causeway point. bot da movie tix 'the doll master' @ 3.45pm. den still got time so we wanna go eat. my bro blanja me go eat swensen'z sia. so good. i ate chicken baked rice. hmmm. yummy. keke. den kim koon'z set meal comez wit dessert but he dun wan he gave me so i ate his ice-cream. hm. 'tan dio'. lolx. den our movie startin soon so we went up to c da movie. hm. da movie nice. not complicate…

~sAd dAy~

hm. tiz morning woke up at abt 11+am. eyez abit swallon. but ltr ok le. den abt 4pm went to yishun mrt to meet rai reen and joyce. den we went down to town. went to sha villa to wait for mel at abt 5pm. she finish her make-up duty at 6pm. so for 1 hr we tok tok tok lo. den we all went to town. jalan jalan. joyce nv follow us coz she gtg meet her aunt or wat lo. hm. rai wanna eat han'z. so we went to far east there to eat tt. den c here c there ard far east. den 7+pm le. went to taka. mel left coz she tired and not feelin well. so left me reen rai. we went to buy takoyaki. den sit down at da stairz in there chit chat. nowadayz i juz feel down. really down. den juz now rai cried. maybe itz bcoz tt we r all seperatin & workin in diff hotel. i dun really know. but i can c tt itz like all seperating and leaving each other. i hope ttz not da thing. i hope tt we'll still keep in touch and if possible, go out tog. i do miss da time we had in skool. da good. da bad. but itz really …

~bAc fRoM mSi@~!

hm. went to msia on fri (5/11). reach there abt 4+pm. den do tiz do tt... abt 9+pm mel called me. she suddenly said tt she wanna come over. soo suddenly... den i gave her my msia address. den i went to tk a shower. waited for her. itz aready 12+am.. she still haben reach. me start to worry le. den she called again. shez in msia le. shez tkin a cab. wanna tell da address but da taxi driver dun get it. so my mum tell him. den they reached after a while. we sat down. den tot they were hungry. so i baked 2 small pizzaz. my mum & me shared 1. and mel ate 1 herself. coz tingwei dun wanna eat. he sore throat. den sit down tok tok. c tv. abt 3+ my mum bro & me went upstairz le. mel & tingwei slept downstairz. den we went up c hong kong drama until abt 4+am. den sleeeep. next morning woke up at abt 12nn. den went downstairz to wake mel & tingwei up but they were sooooo NUA!!! but my mum go wake them up. beta. lolx. den we went out to buy those bbq thingz. den went home. wen rea…


yesterday.. had my final exam paper. my beri last day in skool. no more skool le. erm. da paper.. can ba. hope can pass all my paperz. after da exam abt 12nn.. my whole class took quite many photoz wit mr lim & mr tham. was laughin so much. den after tt me.. mel & wilfred went to west mall arcade. wanna hav some fun after all examz. we played daytona 2. i got to beat wilfred! so happi. i got in 1st. he 2nd. & mel... sad she didnt get to join in coz she put da tokenz at da wrong side. lolx. den ltr i played alone. got in da 10th place. total of 20 challengerz. quite exciting coz i selected advance (wrongly). den we played da photo hunt. den ltr me & wilfred went to try out da para para dance 2. asked mel to played but she k siao run away. notti she. we danced quite a few timez. den ltr edmund & roger came. they c me dance. sooo pai seh sia. den after a while we gtg le. me & wilfred went bac 1st. mel join nurul daya dunno go where. reached home abt 3pm. took a sh…

~sUbOrDiNaTe CoUrT.~

hm. tiz morning woke up at 9am. den went to slp again after awhile. den woke up at abt 10am. den went to prepare my tiz and tt. den mel, reena & raidah came to my house at abt 12nn. den we chit chat here laugh laugh there. my mum joined our fun too. loLx. we laughed alotz. hm. my mum and reena became 'good frenz'? lolx. full of crapz... den we left at abt 1pm. took a bus & train down to chinatown. den walked to furama hotel to meet da rest of my classmatez & mr lim too. den we went to subordinate court. got a tour there at abt 2.30pm. watched a short video. den went to 'sit in'/'hearing'. abt a case of a husband & wife trying to cheat da insurance and so. was kinda boring coz we cant hear wat da lawyer and tt man tokin abt. den we went to hav a look at diff other courtz. den we left at abt 4.30pm. den me, mel, reena and raidah went down to town. jalan jalan at far east. den go lucky plaza. reena wanna eat da char kway teow there. den we went to …