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~ฉันหวังว่าคุณจะมาอยู่เคียงข้างฉัน I [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅] you..~

this morning had quite a number of ''morning calls/smses''.
one asking about buying game (CS Source)....
and some smsed and called me just to CHECK if im still sleeping...
kns T_T purposely disturb my sleep de lo... lol.....

and ziyu asked me out for movie. yay~
itz been sooo long since i last watched a movie o!

i had my shower and got READY. 4.45pm.
but to my disappointment, i didnt notice her sms sent at 3.30pm.
saying.... she couldnt make it today already....

whoa sian.... dolled up myself and put on my make-up liao,
den our 'date' cancelled. =.=
my mummy asked why my friends all like that one,
always last minute cancel appointment de.
haiz... wat to do... no choice. =]

so not wanting to WASTE my make-up, i took photos lo. lol~
i admit, i've got nothing better to do.=.=

and yesh. i dug out a can of Heinz instant Mushroom Soup. to KILL TIME lo..

Heinz Cream of Mushroom Soup
empty to instant soup into a pot, 'cook' it over medium heat.
keep stirring, do not boil it.…

~[Rain]---You're my Honey WAT!! LOL <-- by Ziyu~

this GF honey of mine..... gave me a wake up call at 11am.
asked me wake up and book Badminton court. to play in the afternoon.
=.=" so last minute. nvm lo. since im free. =)

i woke up. joined and paid for the Passion Card member.
den booked the badminton court at Nee Soon East CC.
5.30pm-7.30pm @ S$10/++

met her up at Northpoint @ 5.15pm.
i was soo hungry. empty-stomach.
so she bought BK burgers~! thanks o~
we finished our burgers on our way to the Community Club (CC).

our personal rackets~!
i long time never lay my hand on it le o... my purplish prince. ^-^

me taking photos of the rackets, ziyu snapped me =.=

girl are we ready?! lets go! lol.

we recorded our kookoo session tho. using her camera xD
the original copy was a looooong one. jus i jus 'summarised' it.
and edited, double-speed it. and added cute wordings. funny at the end.

we played til 6.30pm. REST. went to the CC's Caf-Chat (cafe).
i ordered some 'niap niap' and shared.
*slacking xP

after resting, we went back to …

~It's you that makes me smile when I wake up every morning.~

went to Chambers.
[i take-away makan to dine-in at Chambers. can play & eat ma ^^]

Mushroom soup, Parmesan Fillet, and a can of iced lemon tea = S$14.80

i was sooo hungry. couldnt wait for ziyu to arrive le.
so i went in to Chambers 1st. 5pm.

soon after, she arrived. and bought me this....
Pearl Milk Tea~!

she came with her BF 'Zhugong'. my 1st time LAN gaming with him.
we started playing CZ.
see.... ziyu bullied by her BF LOL!
her face so funny la!

we played til 7pm.
woooo... love is in the air~ lol

i captured a SHORT clip while walking back. i screamed she tickled me lol!

funny la the two of 'em. smack here n there.
den her 'zhugong' bully her.kicked her in the ass LMAO~!!

seeing them being so loving.... make me miss my honey more laa.....
but hope my honey wont KICK ME IN THE ASS lol~! i know he wont xP

on our way back........ walking along the road...
random snaps.

i went to shop at NorthPoint on my own.
i like to shop alone. coz no need to stress about people waiting for m…


went to Causeway Point with my parents.
shopped a lil'. and had our dinner at...
Crystal Jade~!

yummy o~!! tempted? xP

Have you ever been in a relationship?
the kind where you don't see each other
the kind where the two of you are separated
and distance becomes a real matter

It's a relationship that starts with a goodbye
or begins when you have parted
it's when you can't see him anymore
the person that your heart wanted

If you're in this kind of relationship
you must be tough
this is where it's all tested
especially when times get rough

Expect people to criticize your relationship
saying that it won't last
but don't get affected
they're just generalizing it with the past

There will surely be a lot of fights
don't let it get your way
the both of you must learn how to fix it
or your relationship surely won't stay

On the whole, it's about TLC
trust, love and communication
all three are essential
for your relationship's good foundation

~Always fear a sniper, unless u encounter him from behind~

im back from Malaysia.
and im missing someone.
suddenly, missing him so badly.
when will we meet again...?
o n l y .h e a v e n. k n o w s

i so wanna fly there. but i doubt im allowed to.
perhaps. One day....... i hope.

aniway heres something funny. for CS players.

~What a true & sincere boyfriend should do~

my 900th blog post.
gonna be something special yea.
so... i found this!
hey all the macho guys out there, read this & learn!
and all the girls out there, agree with this. =)


✿ When she stares at your lips = "Kiss her"
✿ When she pushes you or hits you like a dumb ass cuz she thinks shes stronger than you = "LET HER BEAT AND ACT PAINFUL"
✿ When she starts cursing at you trying to act all tough = "Kiss her and tell her you love her"
✿ When she's quiet = "Ask her what's wrong"
✿ When she ignores you = "Give her your attention"
✿ When you see her at her worst = "Tell her she's beautiful"
✿ When you see her start crying = "Just hold her and don't say a word"
✿ When she steals your favorite pillow = "Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night"
✿ When she doesn't answer for a long time = "Reassure her that everything is okay"
✿ When she looks at you with doubt = "Bac…

~i randomly laugh & smile because i was thinking of you <3~

~*Happy Birthday tO MUMMY!!*~

a table for 7, reserved at....
chinatown there.

am i sweet today? lol xP

me n my sister...

sweety mummy & papa~

my korkor and his gf, joanne (my ex-colleague).

and my eldest bro!

WARNING: prepare tissue, in case u gonna drool all over. xD

plus Yam Paste as dessert. whoaaaa.......
so fullll o......

den when we got home. cake cutting time!
[i bought this "Fairlady" white chocolate cake from Polar Puffs & Cakes]

i did gave mummy birthday present too. but haven snap any pics. next time.

last nite. after i webcam-ed with my honey.
louis video called me. lol funny la she!
she wrapped herself up like a monk, den she dances like a 'daang kee'.