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~*My DrEaM GuY...*~

tiz is da type of guy i've been wantin'.. all tiz he do will make me feel real happi, satisfied, glad enuff.. tiz gonna be my dream guy.. im waitin' for all da while...~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~>♥ im the guy who will text you every single morning and tell you good morning and every single night to tell you sweet dreams.♥ im the guy who will text you and tell you "i love you and you make me smile" just because it's true.♥ im the guy who will blindfold you and take you to the beach, let you run your toes through the sand and then make you guess where we are.♥ im the guy who will show up at your games (or competitions or meets) without you knowing just to surprise you.♥ im the guy who will hold you when you are crying and wipe away your tears.♥ im the guy who still thinks that you're beautiful even without makeup but instead, in sweat and a big t-shirt.♥ im the guy who won't pressure you to do things you dont want to.♥ im the guy who will show up at your house w…

~*MeRrY ChRiStMaS!*~

yoyo merry xmas to everyone out there!! hm. me today not goin out. at home. help tidy lil' stuff at home coz cny comin soon. yesterday morning followed my mum n bro go worksites distribute workers' salary. went home ard evening time. took a shower n put on some make-up. went to uncle ricky's house at jurong at nite wit my mum, sis, bro. we were invited. he organised a bbq xmas party. there were other ppl there too. his frenz as well as his sons' frenz. the food was nice. we enjoyed ourselves. we chat.. joke.. laugh ard. we left at 12+am. reached home abt 1am. eyez were tired. hm. tiz few nitez me hav been coughin at nite. hope will recover real soon. juz now maggie from plaza hotel called me. they recieved the xmas cards i've sent. lolx. k. gtg le. will be bac for updates ya. tat@!!

~OrChArD aGaiN oO..~

hm. went bac to plaza hotel again juz now. meetin rachel 'da jie', siew fun 'ah fang', n sandra 'chu'. wanted to go kai kai. they all worked morning. so meet 'em at da hotel lo. reached da hotel at abt 4.10pm. went to the ladies locker rm. saw annie khoo lolx. so happi we hugged each other loong time no c le. at happi times workin wit her last time. saw sally, swaa ling, kat too. da jie n chu was sittin down waitin for that slow ah fang lolx. she was changin. after a while we left. we headed to bugis mrt. took the train to orchard. planned to eat Swensenz later on. when we got there.. we went to far east plaza shop. when abt to leave the place.. my 'darlinx' ravin called to apologise that he was bz n hav lotza project n stuffz to do. itz aready abt 6pm n hez still at the hotel. so he cant make it to come along wit us. (as i did ask him to join us). i said itz alrite. hez bz. next time ba. we still hav many chances to meet out. hm. den we walk ard or…

~FiNaLLy mEt Up wiT mY sEc SkOoL gOoD FrEnz~

hm. the day b4 yesterday, on tuesday, me n my sec skool goodie frenz decided to meet up at orchard for a walk or smth. kin worked til abt 4pm. den she gonna meet her bf til abt 5pm. so i met her at orchard mrt at abt 5.30pm. i asked mao mao (my 'xiao di'/'sista') along. as well as jian xiong 'da ge' too. tink we last met on sept.. when we go bac sec skool tog for teachers day celebtn. i enjoyed myself being wit them. cant stand mao's n xiong's nonsense but funni stuffz. lolx. hm. so me n kin went to jln jln 1st. she bot a jeans frm 'ice lemon tee'. mao mao called me sayin that when he reach he dunno where to find us. (majiam hintin me wantin us to go mrt wait for him lolx. i got da msg). i said ok la ok la when u reachin u call den we wait for ya at mrt den he sounded happy. lolx. silly 'xiao di'. he reached abt 6+pm. not long after, xiong reached le. i felt happi seein them again. den we got no idea where to go.. were so undecisive. so …

~oUr DeCiSiOn~

hm. i've been tinkin for dayz. maybe i've made the wrong decision. im not regret. but juz made a mistake for my feelingz. i prefer him to be my good fren or buddy den to be my bf. i feel that "frenz" mostly last longer den "bf". i dun wanna lose a good fren like him. so itz beta for us to stay as buddiez ba. i feel that he's more like my good fren lo. he said he feels da same way too. i hope itz true. coz i dun wanna hurt him. he is nice. hm.. so now im bac to my single life. juz feel released. ^-^ k. gtg. later goin out wit syikin.. mao mao.. jian xiong.. etc. tatA!

~iM StEpPiN On~

hm. today. our first date. was happy. altho it didnt takes long. hm. we said to meet at orchard, 1pm. but i got there 1.30pm. was late but... he was informed earlier. keke. erm.. we got no idea where to go. he seems unfamiliar wit the place. (not surprising coz he's not sporean). so we juz jalan jalan lo... i met wen bin there selling smth. chat wit him a lil' while den left. (hez still the same.. that nice lolx) den we walk here walk there. frm end to end. lolx. window shopping. den i start to feel hungry. haven eat since morning. we were so undecisive. dun even know wat to eat yo lolx. den suddenly i feel like eatin takoyaki. so we go taka. he didnt eat. i ate alone. den walked there awhile. den walked to hmv the heeren. went to tk sticker picz. itz been loooong since i last took those pics wit my frenz.. lolx. hmm. fun takin that. i met kim koon's gf there working at one of da shops. chat a lil', den left. at abt 3+pm, we walked bac to orchard mrt to tk da train to …

~*NeVa EvA pLaY, tRiCk Or JoKe WiTh fEeLiNgz*~

She had always liked him
But never truly knew why
He never talked to her
His friends had made her cry

She smiled at him in the hall
He just turned his head
He did not care about her
Is what he always said

But she kept her chin up
And she loved him still
Because she knew what was inside
A hole that she could fill

His friends soon caught word
Of her feelings toward him
They found it hysterical
But her love did not dim

She knew that she was better
Than what they thought she was
But still her heart was his
For reasons she knew not of

She slowly became more forlorn
Slipping deep into a hole
He was still ignoring her
Breaking her delicate soul

But her love did not falter
She always thought of him
But all the rumors about her
Put her closer to the brim

On the final day
His friends played a trick
Told her that he loved her
Just to watch her tick

Sadly she believed them
And she was overjoyed
Little did she know
That it was all a ploy

She went up to him
To make sure that he knew
That she knew how he felt
And that she loved him too


~tOday.. mY HaPpi d@y. hOp3 iM nOt DrEaMiNg..~

hm. woke up at 9.30am tiz morning. left home at 11am wit my parentz. went down to temple along zion rd. chat a while wit uncle jimmy. 'orh gao' uncle went to ta pao duck rice for us. ate there. got appointment wit mr. ronnie tan at uic building at 2.30pm. went down there. after that followed my dad go round his worksitez. while in da car, 'he' comes into my mind. tinkin of him as alwayz.. so i sms him. he replied. we chat (thru sms). finally.. he confessed. lolx. i've been waiting all tiz while. but.. we hav yet to know each other really well. so.. im afraid it might be juz a dream. maybe he doesnt mean it. but he said he is serious. should i believe? sorri. im juz not sure. not that i dun trust him. itz juz that.. the ending might not be wat i tink or expect.. which will sadden me more. i'll suffer. without anyone'z concern. understanding. im afraid i might expect too much, which will turnz out into deep disappointment. i dun wan to feel that way. that kin…

~*fOr my LaTe "GoDfAtHeR" & aUnT*~

[above picz: (left) my late 'lao pa'/goddad sitting down, far left. (rite) my late aunt]

~*tHe MeMoRiEz LeFt bEhiNd...*~
Sweet Memories are all we have left.
After your unexpected death.
Memories of laughter,
memories of tears.

You helped me face my problems
and concure my fears.
You helped me learn
the true meaning of love.

Know your helping and teaching
the angels up above.
Your smile was a
thousand miles long.

You were always
confident and strong.
Day after day
we fight to hold on.

struggling with life
from dusk 'til dawn.
Life has been bitter
but the memories are still sweet.

'lao pa', 'toa yi', we will alwayz miss you... and will live in our heart foreva.

~b@c tO sKooL aGaiN..~

hm. tiz morning went bac to skool. SHATEC. (s'pore hotel and tourism education college). wit minah, rena, nurul, raidah, rosie!! "da introverterz"! [see thoze picz on da rite!] keke. miz skool lotz. but see lotza new facez.. hav yet to c all those skoolmates of mine from early batch. tink they'r aready out to industries/outletz ba. was bac to skool to hand bac the skool'z Log Book. i completed it. mr tham checked & said 'ok'. ("phew..") lolx. erm. c the same old tutorz.. i took picz wit them!! lolx happi. den we went to eat Mac @ da place opp bukit batok mrt. til abt 2pm. nurul & rosie went off. da rest of us went to West Mall jalan jalan a lil' den go library sat down.. private tokz. til abt 4pm. we went game arcade played Daytona.. lolx. itz raidah'z first time playin. so funni. kinda exciting lo. i played 2 games. den we went off. i took train from bukit batok to tiong bahru. den from there take bus no. 16 to the temple along …


yoyOz.. bac home. hm. today i recieved a sms from him. glad. actually wanted to sms him but tink tink.. i intend not to. den suddenly i c his name in my inbox. lolx. it juz bright up my day. nice chattin wit him. found out things abt him. but ttz not all. next time gotta find out more. lolx. hm. last few days was a let down.. by not having any replies from him. but today kinda surprise. hm. im not forgotten! lolx. juz wanna console myself. dun luff at me. erm.. actually i prefer good frenz & buddiez more den 'boyfren'. maybe at the moment i feels tt good frenz last longer ba. keke. k i gtg. startin to feel hungry. yet to hav my dinner yo. tata. nitEz.

~i'Ve dOn3 iT!~

hey hey finally im bac after soo long. hav been bz. tryin to finish my attachment.. happily. hav been tryin to snap picz (last min) wit many ppl, colleagues & frenz workin there. manage to grab quite a no. but not much. hmm... but. at least i manage to get a guyz hp no. b4 i leave. since i started work there.. ive been seein those guyz workin at the si chuan dou hua restaurant. sometimes we do smile at each other.. once in a while they disturb me.. we laughed... we rarely tok. they noticed my name but i duno theirz. coz i alwayz dun dare to look at them. (i blushed easily.. sooo pai seh!). not til sept.. when im in hskp.. i saw him.. den he asked me wat im doin.. den i ans him. he asked me abt my hair.. (wen im workin.. it seems short. but b4/after work, itz long again.) den i ans him. i find it weird tokin to ppl like colleagues/frenz but i dunno their name. so i peeped at his name tag obviously.. wantin to know his name. itz 'sky'. lolx. nice name. but i laughed. kinda s…

~tiM3 fLiEz...~

hmm. time really fliez. next week will be the last week of my attachment at plaza. happy to complete it. but sad to leave those super nice & fun ppl/frenz/sis/darlinx. many of 'em treat me real nice.. like im their youngest sis (as im da youngest workin their keke). taken care of me.. erm. but aniwae itz not e end of da world. we can still meet out if we hav time. can still keep in touch. hav taken lotza photoz wit 'em. but not yet wit the hskp. maybe i'll try to. i love takin pics wit all ppl i know as a memory. they hav once stepped into my life makin me happy. but i promise. after i left.. i will be bac there to c them & the newly renovated lobby. hmm.. therez something i really need to do & finish it fast. itz my shatec logbook. they hav yet to complete it. gotta let my DM & supervisors to sign real fast. gotta hand it bac to skool by next week. erm.. today im workin nite shift. (juz woke up not long ago keke). workin wit 'er jie' jacelyn. loooo…

~sick aGain yo...~

hm. been quite sometime since i last blogged. had fever the week b4 for abt 3 days. after that flu, running nose, for 1 week+. really jia lat yo.. gotta work.. kept sneezing while attendin gstz. when the flu finally go away.. i lost my voice. no pain at first.. juz voiceless. but today.. itz so pain.. and workin in service line got no choice gotta tok alot. gsts cant hear wat im sayin i repeat again & again forcing my voice out. now real pain o.. hope will recover soon. duhz.. tired o.. but muz tahan.. abt 1 month left for my attachment to complete. was asked by my fom if i wanna continue to work there but decided not to as i will oni hav a shatec cert after my attachment & nth else.. i tink i gotta study more. that COA cert is kinda 'normal'. if i were to continue, itz like im steppin into a workin life aready. i dun tink i will survive havin juz that cert unless i gonna work in tt hotel. maybe i shld try other new things diff frm hotel line. but after my attachment i…

~*WaLk wiT m3...*~

Walk with me, the path of life,
to explore every bend of the road
Enjoy with me the beauty of life,
along its wonderful way

Find comfort with me, in each other's arms,
when grief crosses our path
Find strength with me, in each other's strength,
when despair lies in wait

Laugh with me, a single true laugh,
to enlighten another's distress
Cry with me, a single true tear,
to understand true happiness

Cherish with me, the wonders of life,
as they need to be preserved
Rejoice with me, in the mysteries,
of what is yet to be

Find peace with me, in each other's souls,
when the world has gone insane
Find love with me, in each other's hearts,
until this life has been fulfilled

And when the path comes to an end
I hope we can say from within
We've known the beauty of true love,
our love came from within

~fiRst oUtiNg wiT SiEw fUn & d@ rOoM sTeWaRdz..~

juz reach home not long ago. went to town. me & chu (sandra) planned to meet @ ard 2.30pm, somerset mrt. but she say she gonna be late. me too. i reached ard 2.45pm. went to cineleisure myself to walk ard while waitin for her. den go outside sit down... wait... den go bac in again.. walk ard.. den go outside sit.. waitin.. she came ard 3.30pm. she dressed so cute hee. den we go kfc eat lunch. den go walk walk ard.. waitin for siew fun.. bringin da hskp 'gang'. lol. those room stewardz (maids). wen fang, huang cong, zhuang rong, ping di & jun jun. den we all go KBox on level 4. siew fun got member card. so per pax is $9.60+++ w/ 2 standard drinks. we started @ ard 5pm. sang lotz.. da china guyz sang so loudly yo.. chu use microphone but da guyz nv use oso cannot hear chu'z singin o.. lolx. they turn da music so loud that i tried to shut my ears oso can hear o.. from the kbox entrance so far oso can hear our singin o.. after that i got a bad headache. now ok le.but h…

~*Th3 PrOpOsAL*~

A soft breeze gently rustles
the golden leaves that have fallen
scattered about,
below the twisted grey branches of the tree
from which we used to swing.
Our names, carved by the hand
of this tenderhearted young boy,
still echo love,
of youth and of each other.
I now take your hand in mine,
and beneath the shadow of this tree,
a testament and reminder of our love,
I ask that we never allow it to fade
into the grayness of those limbs
or to dry and crumble like the leaves
that have fallen to the ground.
But that we allow it to grow
ever upward, and to be strong,
as the trunk of the great tree itself
that bears the evidence of this great love,
which beneath its arms began...

~BaC oNcE aGaiN..~

im bac. from sadness, tears, pain. my aunt juz passed away in an accident @ woodlands ave 12 last thurs. was real sad. my cousinz.. mum.. me.. sis.. all! saaad... even my aunt in japan rushed bac to spore to pay her last respect. now she in heaven. maybe itz beta for her to be where she is now. i was real tired.. exhausted. had sleepless nitez.. & from all da cryings. but we can only rem her in our heart. life is really unpredictable. we should alwayz treasure everyone ard us.. not to hav any "yi han" (regretz)....

juz now worked hskp 3-11pm. followed annie to do roomz. laughed alot. that auntie is sooo funny. altho she "lookz" fierce. den when we finished cleanin our roomz.. we went down to help sally & zong chang wit their roomz. more laughterz!! all so funny.. that china guy "ah chang" keep disturbing me. really laughed alot. hm. hope tomoro oso like tt. den my days will pass faster. friday, my last day @ hskp.. will be learning @ linen dept. 10…

~my 1st afternoon shift @ HsKp..~

hm. today. my 1st 3-11pm shift @ housekeepin. with juniorz Maggie & Sally. workin wit yong sheng.. zhuang rong.. mahani.. ah kim. houseman Ali. quite fun actually. maybe itz bcoz workin wit nice & fun ppl.. maggie so cartoon 1 yo. hm. shez nice. she made her own 'longan drink' @ home & brought me & huang cong 1 bottle each. 1 for herself too. bought some pies @ tampines mall on her way to work. i ate 1 potato chix pie & 1/2 of chix wit egg pie. another 1/2 i gave maggie. cant finish. she brought her own 'instant 3 in 1 milk tea & coffee'. she knowz i wana drink da milk tea. keke. but she cant drink them (as per her doctor). & oso by huang cong. he asked me to watch over maggie not to drink coffee but a lil' tea can.. keke. but.. i can only help him watch over maggie for tiz month only yo.. after that me goin bac to front office. hm. den abt 4.30pm.. me follow yong sheng go to orchid club 6th flr rooms to do turn down services. quite nice…

~maRin@ sOuTh~

worked 8-4pm tiz morning. but claimed 1 hr to go out wit my bro & his frenz (you jin, her bf, bai hui, may chin, huei ming, kim koon). they say gonna meet @ 3pm. BUT! all came later den 4pm. duhz... waste my hour. my bro soo gan jiong yoo.. aiyo.. hm. actually da outin is to celebrate huei ming's bday. we went to bowl.. i love bowlin. miss it. looong time nv play le.. i alwayz wanna challenge huei ming. keke. hm. today kim koon brought his new (1st eva) gf. lolx. wanna show off yo.. keke. we all played 2 games each. til evening. den we went to eat da steamboat lo. we all chat.. laughed.. alot alotz.. den abt 7.45pm.. we left. wanna go home. tt huei ming shook everyonez hands & gave a goodbye hug b4 goin. majiam hez flyin off to other country. keke. erm. my bro drive. i start to sing in his car when his music play along.. but suddenly i went silent.. coz im sleepin! keke. i alwayz hav a habit of sleepin in cars since i was young. hm. reached home @ 8.45pm. juz bathed. tomor…

~oUt wit FahmY..~

hm. juz got home not long ago. went out wit my fren fahmy aka tweezy. hez funny. we watched movie.. 'the longest yard'. itz funny. nice. cant believe 'stone cold' steve austin & goldberg acted in tt show. real hunk. used to dislike football games coz itz so rough & violent.. but now i find it exciting.. real fun watchin it. maybe itz juz a show.. diff from those real matches.. but like it. The Rock 'dwayne johnson' shld hav join da show coz he was a real football player. it wld be nicer to c him in there. keke. after da show went to far east makan. long john silver again. keke. saw a black & pink color shoes @ one of da shop there. actually aready saw it yest. like it. itz $29.90. maybe next time den buy. not really in need of tt. erm.. den walk a while.. go home. saw alex lee @ yishun mrt. chat wit him a lil' while.. den tk my bus home. hm. tomoro working 8-4pm shift. c whether can claim hr coz my bro's fren gonna celebrate his bday @ marin…

~oUt wit kYnN...~

today worked 10-6pm shift.. coz gotta do linen inventory. at 1.30pm.. followed mrs Wan & ah Pat to go floor by floor to count ALL linen. even soiled ones. hm ok la. but kinda tired coz walked lotz & bend up & down to count da linen everywhere. wen im on the 3rd floor.. 'chu' (sandra) called me & asked where am i. i told her. den she said shez comin up. i tot wat shez up to. den she came. holdin a nice 'coffee bean' box.. sayin itz for my bday yesterday. actually she decide to buy for me on my actual bday but she woke up late so.. today she gave me. den she go for her work on da 6th flr lounge. when i opened up.. itz my fav BrOwniE!! she knows me well.. keke. thanx a millionz to her. when she & i alwayz go for b'fast @ coffee bean.. i will looked at the brownie.. sayin it looks delicious but itz kinda expensive so din try it. today she buy it for me. not juz one but twO! shez real nice. kinda touch yoo... keke. ^-^ den she say she got a present f…

~my birthday...!~

hm. today. my birthday. recieved quite a no. of sms bday wishes from frenz. kinda surprise that my shatec malay 'gang' (Da InTrOvErTeRz) sms me too. im happi. they still rem. keke. & today after my work got staff dialogue from 3.30pm to 5pm. my colleagues room stewardz reached there 1st yo. den i join them at their table. den later other ppl come. den i go join my f/o colleagues too. den listen to the nanny talk.. abt hotel.. rooms.. renovations.. occupany.. etc. den later they asked those bday staffs for tiz month to go in front. up on da lil' stage, felicia asked ard our birthdate. den i say mine'z today. she quickly pull me to stand in da centre & give me a long cake knife. lolx. so pai seh.. the choco cake is prepared by chef heng.. hez alwayz da one doin it. hm. we all sang bday song. den all eyez on me.. to blow out the one & only candle. me so gan jiong yo.. den dun dare to blow too hard.. "hoooh.." still there. "hooooh..." STILL …

~bac frm msia..~

hm. yest went to msia city square wit my mum. sis-in-law. niece. & my hskp junior maggie. reached there ard 4+pm. shop til abt 7.30pm. den maggie, my sis-in-law & niece went bac to spore. my mum & i went bac to our msia house to stay for a nite there. slept at abt 3am. tiz morning woke up at abt 7.30am. we went to 'the Store' shoppin ctr but din know it only opens at 10am. duhz... acc my mum go 'bestmart' to pay for our 'Astro TV' bill. reached there at 9.15am. wait til it opens at 9.30am. den 'balik'. i made breakfast while my mum cleaned da garden. den we took a shower. rest. abt 2pm we went to 'bestmart' again to eat & buy things. i bot a pink bag.. earrings.. & some thingyz. den abt 5pm 'balik'. we packed our stuffs.. abt 6.50pm da transport we booked arr. we left. i slept in da car (as usual). til i reach my home (in spore). now im bac again.. tomoro im workin morning. my first 8-4pm shift. doin public area duty …

~pLaZa BrAsSeRie~

hm. juz reach home. itz my dad's bday today. my whole family went to my workplace plaza parkroyal hotel for dinner @ da cafe. newly renovated. but not much changes. foodz nice. da new item 'chocolate fountain' lookz interesting. ^-^. my eldest bro blanja. i asked my DMngr to sign the bill for me for 50% disc. great yea. chat a lil' wit sheilla, gus, my 'darlinx' ravin & DM damien. but too bad din c sandra. shez up @ da orchid club. erm. i went for hair color treatment in da afternoon. kinda disappointed coz i chose 'blueberry'. but the color turned out to be real black. darker den my natural dark brown hair.. -_-. they din tell me if i wans the color to bo seen my hair needs to bleach. nvm. i'll go bac there. do it again. hm. tomoro me workin morning. wit maggie, housekeepin junior. shez nice. hm. on monday... me, my mum, maggie & my 'chu chu' (sandra), will be goin to jb. shop shop @ city square. den sandra & maggie will go bac …


hm. hav been in hskp for a week. good. more relax. no need to stand all day. no need to face or attend nasty notti guestz... not tt stress. i get fed up easily when i come across 'ya ya' or nasty guests. but most of da time i'll keep da anger inside. which made me real stress. especially when i juz started my shift early in the morning. it will spoil my mood. but sometimes working wit fun colleagues do make me feel beta & forgetz abt the anger coz we'll laugh alot. in housekeepin dept room.. no anger. i'll only pick up calls.. page the room stewardz & stewardess.. do abit of reports.. take stocks.. etc. but dunno will i be goin up to make up rooms too. they din tell me. but if i follow nice nice room stewardz to make up room i dun mind. juz that workin wit nice ppl will do. gotta be there 1 month. hm. beri fast 1 la.. 3 more weeks to go now.. hm. gtg now. tat@!

~LoOoOonG TiMe n0 sEe...~

yoz... it'z been sooooo long since i last blogged. my comp was down. and was bz wit work. today is my 1st day @ housekeeping. not bad actually working in the dept rm as 'junior'. tmr me off. later will be goin to msia. will be bac tmr. sat dunno work wat shift. but hope not morning.. so tired.. sleepy.. not enuff slp urgh.. i rather hav everyday afternoon shiftz. hm. time flies. abt 2 more months i'll be finishin my attachment @ the hotel. i will be leaving. sad to leave actually. coz the my colleagues r so nice. BUT NOT THE MANAGEMENT PEEPZ! they're bullshit. if i go i will really miss my frenz there but NOT the hotel. k. anyway. will be bac soon. take care. t@!

~*Who's the Man of My Dreamz*~

Who's the Man of Your Dreams?
Rain, The Boy Next Door is the man of your dreams

The guy next door can be a lot more than the kid who played a great game of tag and buried you in snowballs. He can be the man of your dreams. A laidback and fun girl like you doesn't need a glass slipper or fancy jewels — you just want a guy who knows how to have a good time and has a handle on what's important.You're the kind of girl who wants to marry her best friend, so you might not have to look far for the perfect guy for you. Whoever said you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince wasn't talking about you. Tag — you're it!

~My mUm'z bDaY...~

todays my mumz bday. went to northpoint tog @ abt 2pm. bot a sling leather bag for her. ate mac. den took taxi down to jurong work site meet my bro. den go here go there. evening den met my dad & eldest bro. chat awhile. den my dad drive my mum go my hotel cafe. i followed my bro's car. my eldest bro go bac home to fetch my sis-in-law den go there. we all ate buffet dinner. my eldest bro blanja. now bac at home. tomoro got course @ grand plaza (telephone training corz) wit ravin too. 9-5pm. k. nth much to say. gtg. tat@~

~Bac frOm mSia oNce aGaiN...~

hm. juz got bac from msia tiz evening. i went there on sat. for 2 nitez. wit my mum, sis, grandparents. itz my dad's good fren who drive us in. hm. kinda happi to be bac there. cleaned up the house. itz nice. bot quite a no. of dvdz + vcdz. bot some lil' thingyz for myself. now bac in s'pore. tomoro startin work again. bac to my workin life... -_-.. nvm. time will fly. now july. next month august. sept go housekeeping. oct bac to front office. mid-nov finish my attachment. yea. itz gonna be fast yea. juz try to work happily. but oni will be happi when workin wit nice & close ppl. if not.. nobody to really tok to or joke wit.. urgh~ all day gonna be SIAnz... u know. k. tmr me working morning shift. dunno work wit who. later me gonna check my roster. k. tat@!


nowadayz dunno y. so sad. bout many things. work. presonal probz. sometimez really tink of not workin but no choice. itz for the sake of my cert. sometimez they dun understands me. they mistook me. haiz. im really unsuitable to work in service line. i cant stand those nesty guest giving faces.. 'aiming' me... tinking that they're VIPz!! im someone who wun admit something that is not true. so if im not in the wrong.. i will not feel sorry for the guest. thatz y. service line is outta my path. but wat to do. life has to go on. hope time flies. i wanna get out of tiz tired world...

~Initial D...~

suppose to work afternoon shift but changed wit my colleague to morning coz my elder bro 'date' me go watch the movie Initial D. his fren kim koon went oso. we watched in the evening @ Yishun GV. the show was nice. hm. funny. touching. & 1 more thing.... edison chen is soooooo handsome. lolx. yea he is. definitely. so cool! Jay Chou's acting not bad la. act so toot toot 1. keke. hm. edison's (Ryousuke's) racing car is so nice. Mazda FC. if i'm not wrong. but itz gonna look nicer if its black & pink. lolx. ok. i dreamt a lil' too much. -_-

~WaR Of tHe wOrLd!~

hm. worked morning shift. den evening went to yishun GV wit my elder sis to watch the movie 'War Of the World' @ 9.45pm. niiceee... so exciting & thrilling. i love those.. thrilling shows like end of the world.. & zombies show. keke. we went to cold storage to buy some snacks & drinks & we squeeze them all into my sis bag. lolx.


urgh. had juz typed a looooooooooooong story thatz inside my heart. but press wrong button all gone. sianz... not gonna repeat. itz so loong. aniwae.. i was confused. but now no longer.. i feel kinda lonely. dunno y. sometimez i do tink of him. y. erm. kinda sad coz had my haircut. kinda regret. somemore my DM & FOM kept sayin all those bullshit nonsense sacarstic purkz! cant stand them. i'm beri beri sensitive! they hurt ppl'z feelin w/o knowin. nvm. say wateva they wan to. i DUN GIVE A DAMN!! *chuck aside!* haiz.. y my life like that. hm. missin someone, keepin quiet, keep it all inside... feel so miserable. i really dun understand guyz. will a guy juz 'ka jiao' someone whom he dunno for nothing? for fun? or wat?? aniwae.. i'll juz let it be. wat to do. i'm alwayz awaiting my mr. rite.

~BaC FrOm tHaiLaNd..~

hm. bac from thai 3 days ago. din buy lotsa thingys. but da trip was nice. now wit my new hairstyle. beta. but wun cut le. wanna let those short hair grow long again. keke. hm. nth much to say actually. tis weekend me working morning. sianz... i prefer afternoon shift. enuff sleep. haiz. anywae gtg le. tat@

~i'M bAc..~

yoz. been soo long that i last blogged here. coz my comp was down.. and bz too. nth much happen lately.. lost weight. kekE!! not much actually. but hope it dun bounce bac. gotta lose more babe. com'on. lolx. now my da jie rachel go up to orchid club le. den sheilla come down. den meili go down to housekeeping & her sis gaili come up. today was her very first day. were kinda bz. so nv really tok to her lo. hm. tomoro til sun me working afternoon... gotta hav enuff sleeeep.. -_- tired duh. ok guyz. gtg. will be bac real soon. muackx.

~1sT NiTe wiT JaYa...~

last nite worked wit jace & jaya. dm damien. it was jaya's 1st nite. me main cashier. so jace guide her. hm. hotel's supper wasnt nice. nathan worked nite shift again. asked me & jace wat we wanna eat. we said anything. later he brought us da food. itz fried prawn mee. he cook 1 yo. luckily we hav tt. [hotel's supper is neva nice. except for burger & wedges. keke.] erm. wasnt bz at nite. but morning was bz. c/o so many. jace helped me out. jaya @ reception c/i. at abt 7am. lotza gst arrrived. luckily the morning shift ppl come liao. abo we die. gotta c/o oso. after closing my cashier... den i left @ abt 7.30am. now.. me juz wake up.. alone @ home again.. sian. my sis & mum went out. got smth to do. me & my dog juz wait for them to come bac lo. tomoro me working morning shift. wit pauline.. ju.. keline.. ok ba. gtg. swisH~

~wOnDerFuL SuPpEr..~

last 2 nitez worked wit pauline. 1st nite more bz. last nite ok ok. dm damien. 1st nite wit him. hm. while i was doin my reg card.. cafe plaza called askin me if i wanna eat anything. wondered who's on da line. oh.. itz nathan. erm. neva really tok to him but he ask me that. kinda surprise. lolx. den i told him any non-spicy food lo. he said ok. i tot he would bring me sandwiches.. french fries.. but when i open up.. oh my. itz grilled salmon nehx.. so long nv eat le... ^-^ thankx to him. i had a wonderful supper. i shared a lil' wit pauline. damien dun eat that. so too bad. den damien went up to orchid club lounge & brought down chilled 'sprite'. lolx. hmm.. den da hotel is quite full. so not much room for me to block. only a few cleaned rooms left. & theres gotta be quite a no. of morning arrv. ravin workin mornin. he came up early to help me. 'heng'... not really bz tiz 2 nitez as the afternoon shift alwayz help me do da things 1st.. such as groups..…

~tHe PoEm...~

poem written by me + ravin aka 'rahul'. loLx~

hmm.. 'above' is a piece of poem me & ravin aka 'rahul' wrote last nite. we got nth to do.. so we tok abt quote. den.. we write many quotes which combined to some sort of poem.. lolx!! not bad leh... some i wrote a few lines den ravin continue but... lolx.. so funny.. nonsense he. erm. wanna c it clearer?? click on it & expand it. hope can c the diff handwriting. my handwriting is like those few startin lines... keke. he main cashier did a careless mistake den gotta pay up abt $40. haiz. he alwayz work wit me sure got prob 1. he say i 'suay' wor.. how can.. lolx. hm. me tomoro work afternoon. hope itz gotta be fun. k. gtg. tat@!

*~NeVa pLaY WiTh jEaLoUsY!!~*

A boy and a girl
The best of friends
From elementary to high school
From beginning to the end

Through all these years
Their friendship grew
They both felt the same
But neither knew

Each waking moment
Since the day that they met
They both loved each other
Sunrise to sunset

He was all she had
In her terrible life
He was the one
Who kept her from her knife

She was his angel
She made him smile
Though life threw him curves
She made it worth all the while

Then one day
Things went terribly wrong
The next few weeks
Were like a very sad song

He made her jealous
On purpose he tried
When the girl asked "do you love her?"
On purpose he lied

He played with jealousy
Like it was a game
Little did he know
Things would never be the same

His plan was working
But he had no clue
How wrong things would go
The damage he'd do

Then one night she broke down
Feeling very alone
Just her and the blade
No one was home

She dialed his number
He answered "hello"
She told him she loved him
Then hung up the phone

He raced to her house

~mAiN CaShiEr~

hm. yest nite went to dine @ Si Chuan Dou Hua Rest. wit my family. the rest. were so bz. staffs & waitress rushing here & there serving ppl. hm. i saw 'him'. keke. shh... but he not servin my table. but had a great dinner. yummy. we oso got a lucky draw.. win a si chuan dou hua eight treasure tea 1 box leh not bad yo.. erm. we finished off @ abt 9pm. but i start work 11pm. my family go dunno where le den i dunno wat to do lo. so i go write my reports abt smth i did wrong w/ regards of a guest. after tt still got plenty of time yo.. so i change to my uniform den start work early lo. c i so good lolx. started 1 hr+ earlier. hm. first time i finished my whole shift doin main cashier neh... not bad.. quite fun indeed. keke. [but if short of $$.. gotta pay den NOT fun le lo] keke. first time my cash sale is $1400++ yo.. kinda happy. keke. somemore i got $2 extra.. the 'tips' from guests yo.. hmm.. but morning when passin over shift kinda quarrelled wit pauline. urgh…

~miDniTe sHifTz..~

after so many nite shiftz yo.. bac to normal shift la.. hm. nite shift really not bad yo.. 1st 2 nitez wit shidah, 3rd nite wit chu, 4th nite wit ju, & last nite wit darlinx. i was main cashier wit ravin yo so scary.. but luckily he got help ba & mid shift he change wit me. he got do da cashier stuffz coz i dunno ma. somemore da nite i worked wit ju she got tell me abit abt cashier. chu oso got. hm. they all so good neh.. luckily not tt bz yo.. still rem tt time wah... so many arrivals.. can peng san 1.. hm. tt time worked wit chu le den morning go eat Mac breakfast yo. hotcakes.. yummy yummy.. den we chat alot.. tis morning after shift darlinx brought me to a malay shop juz opp our hotel. ate nasi lemak. wit milo kosong gau gau. keke.. not bad ba.. yest nite laughed alot. were playin quiz wit ravin.. lolx so funny. still got some haben solved yo.. hm.. ok la. me tomoro work morning le. after tt goin my bro's fren bday party yo.. k will be bac yo. tat@~


hm. me juz woke up. came bac home tiz morning. coz work midnite shift til thurs yo. hm. last thurs, 14/4, me, chel, ju, shidah work morning. (suppose to be chu oso but shidah change shift wit her last min). we all planned to go eat seoul garden yo. jace on leave. pauline off day. so we ask them along. mr yeo wanted to go but he got things to do so cant. agus & my darlin workin midnite but agus got smth on.. darlinx dun wanna go bcoz of some reason.. so wasted. so oni 6 of us go lo. we reached there ard 4.30pm.. eat til 6.30pm.. hm not bad.. pualine so funny & cartoon 1. we all cant stop laughing. den we went to tk those stickers pic after makan. the 6 of us squeeze in the pic seh.. lolx. were so hot in there. but had lotza fun! i left them @ abt 7+pm.. took train wit pualine to tiong bahru mrt den she taught me how to tk bus go to the temple at zion. more easier. hm. reached there but my parents not there. they go makan. den the temple got quite a no. of those youngster act ac…

~LoSt mY PhOn3...sAdx..~

duhx. lost my phone. @ safra yishun. while waiting for bowling lanes. bring my jap cousin bro to funland. played daytona with my elder bro. left my phone there. so careless. forgetful. so regret. by da time i went bac.. itz gone. so fast. within mins. i called my phone using my elder bro's. a guy ans. 'halo.. halo..' den hung up. urgh. i cried. it juz happen in a sudden. cant believe it. wonder y tiz happen to me. y me. last month i saw a teenager dropped her phone on the floor.. i went up to her. juz to returned. but y i dun get the 'same thing' in return? maybe itz godz decision. haiz. me heartpain not becoz of my phone. itz my sim card. all da looong lost frenz contacts. all gone. all my saved filez.. memorable picz. mms.. meaningful sms.. all gone.. really sadx. who i call.. my family.. who else.. only remember ravins no. coz we juz sms last nite. but i gotta c him now & then.. so itz fine not remebering. but.. all other contacts.. gone.. how to get bac in …

~oUt fOr a mOviE!~

haha on 30/03 Wed morning my darlinx ravin gave me his 1st 'morning call' yo. so nice of him. hm. long time nv watch movie le.. tt morning i worked morning shift. my jap cousin sis wanna ask me bring her go c movie, the eye 10. actually i dun wanna watch coz it seemz not that nice.. but sandra watched it wit her frenz & told me gotta watch tt coz itz nice so i brot my jap cousin sis wit my elder bro & louis, went down to town to watch after my work. lido shaw house. itz weekday.. so not much ppl.. abo weekend the Q will be beri beri long 1. hm. yea chu was rite.. the show quite nice.. scary horror & funni. beri funni yo. i laughed so hard til i cough lolx. den next morning (yest) i work morning shift again. wit ravin & pauline. darlinx sent me a 'wake up sms' again. wah if everyday morning i sms or call me to wake up den good yo.. wun overslept. coz nowadayz me kinda overslept. coz too tired le. hm. i reached my workplace. changed. told darlinx how nic…

~miDniTe sHifTz..~

3 midnite shiftz in a row.. wit ju.. den wit ravin my darlinx for 2nitez.. da nite wit ju was fine. everything's ok. den 2nd nite wit ravin. was fine too. wit my yee, the funni guy. our supper tt nite was juz pieces of cakes. so mr yee ask us to order food from cafe plaza. so nice.. mr yee eat fish & chip. & ravin ordered for me & himself mee goreng. was nice but abit spicy lo. but nvm can eat. not bad. after the duty we went to eat the bee hoon behind keypoint there. den went bac. yest.. my 3rd nite shift.. started shift wit 41 more expected arrivals... so many. only me & ravin yo. but wat to do. pray hard it wun be bz lo. somemore wit ah thong somemore.. can faint.. -_-. our supper was spaghetti. but ravin again went to ordered something else. for free yo. he ordered seafood hor fun. we share 1 pack lo. hm. we bz bz thong nv come help yo. urgh. somemore that nite rm #270 reg card missing. ravin search high & low. & sandra's checked in a gst but linked…

~d@ tOu TiE~

yest worked morning shift wit pauline, rachel & ravin. after work ravin darlinx went bac to his apartment to tk a shower. me & da jie (chel) went to a shop behind the apartment as she wanna buy cakes. den we waited for ravin under his apartment. itz 4+pm. we went to ya kun kaya toast @ raffles hospital to hav a drink & some bitez. we chat.. chat.. den we went to bugis junction to tk the sticker picz. 1st time tkin wit darlinx. took wit da jie b4 le. hm. itz turned out not bad ba. quite nice. so fun tkin those stuffs. after tt we all went bac lo. ravin gotta go for class. i went home, bathe. took a nap @ abt 7+pm. woke up @ abt 10+pm. left home for the airport wit my family @ abt 11.30pm. wanna fetch my aunt & cousin from jap. reached home ard 2am. slept @ abt 3am. woke up @ 4am for work today. urgh. really really tired tis few days. abt 3 days le. only slept abt 1 or 2 hours. cant tk it. tmr working night shift. gotta rest mooore! maybe ltr in the evening tmr will brin…

~RaViN's bDaY.~

hm. juz come bac from work. yest was ravin's bday. he worked afternoon shift. i work midnite shift. so b4 work i went to buy presents for him. suraya met me up & we went tog. city link. suntec city. we shop quite alot. i bot for him a sleeveless shirt & a peppermint mouthspray which has a beri funni name 'Gay Accent'. lolx. i buy juz bcoz of da funni name. he would laugh for tt. keke. hm. su didnt buy anything coz shez undecisive. dunno which to buy.. wat to buy.. & so. hm. after i bot the things.. we went to eat pizza hut. we were laughing alwayz. shez funi. hm. we enjoyed the pizza ourself w/o ravin on his bday! lolx. but he work b shift too bad lo. hm. after eating. we went down to ravin's apartment (juz across the hotel). met up muthu. passed him ravin's present. asked him to put it on his bed. juz to give him a surprise. keke. when i went to work. i met ravin (of coz). i wished him 'happy birthday'. but i told him i did not buy anything for…


hm. on fri me & chu work afternoon shift. den sat (yest) we both tog 'bac-to-bac' wor. work morning. we both came to work in the morning looked so sleepy. my duty mngr oso. same wit us bac-to-bac. urgh. after work me & chu walked down to suntec city to c the IT show 2005. oh my soooooo many ppl. we all walked like penguin.. muz squeezed here & there. walked a round there den walked thru citylink.. up to raffles city shopping cntr food court to eat. were so hungry. she ate noodles. i ate jap food, katsu don. nice. i bot oso a special 'mixed fruits rojak'. we shared. not bad la. wah. were soo full. uncomfortably full man. den we took mrt bac home lo. today me work morning oso. not enuff slp man. work morning alwayz like tt. went to work soooo sleepy again.. like no energy. den after work me went down to suntec again myself becoz i wanna buy the cd-rom for pc. language learning 1. (thai). coz today last day le abo me wun go 1 coz itz sun.. more ppl!! same thin…

~mY bRo'z BdAy~

hm. yest we celebrated my 2nd elder bro's 21st bday @ my work place. plaza parkroyal hotel. cafe plaza. i made a reservation for a table of 11 pax & 1 child below 3. Euro-asian buffet (japanese special). but den last min add 4 more pax & 1 infant. tog got 17 of us. a big party. me.. mum. dad. eldest bro. sis-in-law. niece. elder sis. elder bro (bday boi). uncle albert (my hotel's banquet operation manager). his wife auntie anna. uncle jimmy. ah pat. louis. baby dawn. uncle ricky. my cousin sis. & her bf. my elder bro blanja lo. itz $27.80+++ per pax. but uncle albert was there so got 50% discount off total bill. so the billz only abt $230. so cheap for so many ppl!! we started at ard 7.45pm. finished ard 10.30pm. saw ravin, chel, din & agus on duty. chat wit them a while. hm. ate our cake. nice. the buffet was nice too. i like the choco cake. which i put ice cream on top to make it like brownie. itz niCe!! my creation. loLx. den after makan my eldest bro, sis-i…

~mY MiDniTe sHiFtz..~

da day b4 i started my 1st eva midnite shift wit jacelyn & pualine. b4 work i went to northpoint to buy a gift for ball. in da end i bot 2 t-shirtz for him. den i bot a nice lil' hard box to put 'em inside. but i brot everything to work.. when free den tk out & do the gift lo..keke. hm. tt nite jacelyn tot me lotza things.. printing of reports.. distrubution of reports.. doin da reg cards.. wake-up calls.. & so. i tried to catch'up as much as i could. jot down every info on papers. after shift @ abt 7+am me & she went down to bugis junction Mcdonald's & had our breakfast. she blanja. dun wanna tk my money. lolx. den i say next morning i will blanja. i ate sausage mcmuffin w/ egg, hashbrown & orange juice. she ate hotcakes, hashbrown & coffee. den we eat eat chat chat. left @ abt 8.30am. i reached home @ abt 9+am. faster went to find ribbons.. to wrap da box. hm. it lookz nice. hope he'll like it. i've aready pass it to my mum to pass…

~my wOrk~

hm. juz got bac from work. tis morning woke up @ 12nn. den ball called. hez @ the airport. wit uncle jimmy they all. ttz his last call b4 he left. i wished him well.. & everything. den we end the conversation. left home @ abt 1.30pm. met huiyi under my blk. shez still tt sweet. shez bac in skool to ask abt registering for poly. only chat awhile. den i left for work. work afternoon shift. hm. tomoro suppose to start my first eva midnite shift. but was changed bac to afternoon shift coz pauline mc. need ppl for B shift. so they pull me bac lo. i dun mind actually. not bac-to-bac can le. k. juz got bac from work. kinda tired. gtg. tat@!

~oUt wiT baLL..fOR dA LaSt tiMe~

hm. yest work afternoon. today work morning. itz 'bac-to-bac'. only slept a while. suppose to work afternoon shift but changed with Din coz wanna go out wit ball in da afternoon. itz a sad thing tt hez goin bac to thai tomoro. & itz really tomoro. real fast. got not much time to spend wit him. he told me abt his departure juz 1 week before. & i gotta work. 6 days per week. hm. after work met him at bugis mrt @ 3.30pm. den tk mrt to yishun. reach there abt 4+pm. booked a movie tix for 'I Do I Do' @ 5pm. den went to burger king at GV. ate 'chicken whopper meal'. ball nv eat coz he eat le. hm. over there i saw quite a few o fmy old frenz. like parames.. sangaran.. chen xiong.. shi jun.. etc. but they nv c me. saw wei chiang, rong jun, jian xiong, fidah etc. @ north point. chiang they all got their 'o' lvl results le. he got 25 points. not bad ba. hope he will hav good future. we will go out next time. hm. den ltr i eat finish we go c movie. da show…

~bAc tO sHaTeC aGaiN!!~

juz now went bac to shatec skool to tk my final result (module 6 transcript). met raidah at 12+pm @ bukit batok mrt. den go to skool.. jalan jalan ard the skool.. cant find my skool mates.. sad.. den saw some tutors.. chat a lil'.. den took our results. den went to west mall walk walk. eat. sat down & chat. until abt 6pm. den i went home. hm. really miss my shatec frenz all ard da skool.. miss da times i had wit them.. laughin tog.. chatin in da library.. meetin new frens.. sayin 'hi' to everyone in skool.. goin out wit them.. urgh. but itz all over.. hm. tt time i saw a couple in my hotel.. i envy the lady alot.. becoz she isnt pretty.. but the husband is an 'ang-moh' & beri beri handsome.. haiz.. aniway.. hope i'm gonna finish my attachment fast. i wanna hav a long break.

~*MeNd TiZ bRoKeN AnGeL...*~

Hand me back my halo
Repair each broken wing
Redeem the graceful words
This angel longs to sing.

Un-cry the tears I’ve cried
Brighten my sky from grey
Put some hope beneath my wings
And I’ll gladly fly away.

Unstitch the smile I’ve sewn
Make a face pure perfection
A gentle mind and thoughts
With joy in each reflection.

No burning crimson tides
No craving for the knife
No voices cursing silently
A pathetic, worthless life.

Reason my existence
A reason just for me
I’m searching with blind eyes
That’s why I can’t see.

The light too far to reach
Temptation far too strong
This angel’s falling slowly
But I know I’m often wrong.

So regenerate my faith
Put sight behind each eye
Mend this broken angel
And gracefully, I’ll fly.

~mSiA tRiP.~

finally bac to msia. hm. me went to msia on 18/2. took mc on tt day coz me sick. cough until headache & they put me bac to bac. hm. went in wit my parents, ah pat, louis, lil' baby & uncle jimmy. uncle ricky oso followed us. andy, alex & ah kiong at nite den come in. oh yea. tt nite at abt 10pm the almost the whole perling was blackout. all dark. only can c the moon & stars. wat can we do. nth much. the house is dark too. we lit candles. den we put fire crackers. lolx so nice. loud oso. the electricity came bac at abt 12.45am. we went.. 'phew!..'. were happi tt it came bac. me slept at abt 2.30am. my mum played cards wit andy they all & uncle ricky until abt 5 in the morning. andy they slept at the corridor at the 2nd floor coz no rooms for them le. hm. da next day, sat 19/2.. i woke up at abt 11am. den went out to eat at abt noon. we ate kuay tiao kia. beri nice. den went to buy some stuffs at the Store. den went home. den came out again to a pet shop.…

~a SaD nEw yEaR.~

it hav been long since i last blogged. my chinese new year supposed to be a beri happy 1. but something happened that makes me bz & sad. k. i'll recall bac..

08 Feb Lunar New Year. i worked morning shift. after work at abt 3pm. accompany chu go bugis junction jalan jalan while waitin for her uncle to fetch her go m'sia. at abt 4pm we left. i got home. my eldest bro.. sis-in-law.. lil' niece.. grandparents all there le. i bathed den we had our Reunion Dinner. it was wonderful.

09 Feb Chinese New Year. worked morning shift. after work i headed straight home. but i slept in the train. when i was awaken.. i'm at marsiling.. my gosh. overslept. so i alight & board the next train bac to yishun lo. when i got home.. my eldest bro, sis-in-law, lil' niece, grandparents there le. ah pat & louis were aready there waiting for me. they were eatin le. i joined in. after eatin, i took a shower & chat wit them. my aunt, cousin bro, cousin sis, and her bf came ltr. …

~DiNnEr aT pLaZa..~

hm. yesterday me work morning shift. finish 3+pm. den me rachel & keline went to bugis junction jalan jalan awhile lo. me & chel went to tk sticker picz! quite nice & funni. den we bot takoyaki. so nice.. den c here c there. we planned to hav dinner at Si Chuan Dou Hua Rest. @ 6.30pm wit mr. Ralph Ng, my front office manager.. so abt 6.05pm we walk bac to hotel lo. meet sandra & pauline there. den chit chat a while at biz centre. Ravin was on duty. den he helped me scan some of my sticker pic. thankz to him. keke. den abt 6.30pm le we all go to the rest. & hav our seats. tk our orderz. & laugh along. nice being wit them. Mr. Ng is nice & 'open'. we ate quite alot. keline ate lotza shark fins. halfway eatin, mr Thong my duty mngr came in & say i did not tell a guest abt his meals so i gotta pay $103. but my colleague there discuss & mr ng say we minus off the actual actual rate the guest shld pay & den we all shared to pay the rest. they …

~*oUt WiT SaNdRa..mY cHu JiE...

hm. juz now me went out wit sandra.. me alwayz call her 'chu'. keke. she like my jie. we went down town. to shaw house lido.. reach there 4.15pm like tt. wanna c movie. lucky itz weekday abo the queue will be beri beri long wor. we bot da tix 'Hotel Rwanda' @ 5.15pm. she gave me den we go far east tk sticker pic. i blanja. coz she haven tk the change for the movie tix. she gave me $10 for tt. hm. snap snap. nice yo! she beri cute. lolx. by da time we finish tkin itz abt 5pm le. not much time ot eat. so we went bac to lido there c got wat thingy to eat nor. den we decide to eat KFC. yummy long time nv eat tt le. she order zinger meal den me order the new 'shrooms burger' meal. she blanja. coz she say she haben pay for the sstix picz. lolx. she dun want my money. alwayz like tt.... hm. my burger dun look so nice but eat hor quite nice yo. bcoz i love mushroomz... burger king mushroom swiss cannot eat ma coz itz beef. hm.. chic wit shroomz. yummy. got cheese friez…

~tHeY LeFt bEhiNd...~

finally. itz 27 Jan. the Starz r leaving. since they checked in on da 3 Jan.. i've been seein them almost everyday & treat them like my own frenz.. so i cant bear to see them go. but no choice. they came here for filmin. itz their job. but i'm aready beri happy & satisfy for wat they had done for me. i've been bring my 2 cameras (1 digi & 1 normal cam) wit me since they checked in. hopin therez a chance to snap picz wit them. but i alwayz dun dare to call them or tt they looked bz so i juz c them walked pass me. juz like tt. yea my colleague bellman did help me tk a pic wit kevin & the other wit raymond & ah ben. they r nice & frenly. i WAS happy. but the picz turned out to be blured & quite far. i was really disappointed. i wanted to tk picz wit them again. so i waited.. almost everyday i c them but i juz c them walked pass me, sometimez they do smiled at me. i dun hav da gutz to call them to tk picz coz they might be bz. i wait & wait unti…

~i'M sOoOo hApPy..!!~

me goin crAzY~!!! finally i get to take nice picz wit Kevin Cheng (Jia Ying), Raymond Lam (Ling Feng) & Ah Ben (Benjamin Yeo Zhi Long)!! They r soooo nice & frenly.. especially kevin & ben. they r so willing to entertain us.. tk picz wit us again & again.. pose for us.. & so.. they dun really like da fans (no mannerz & irritating!). they kept tokin to us & left da fans behind them waiting for them lolx. me so happy. i got really close wit them. they're funny too!! but Chermaine Sheh (shi man) is checkin out tomoro. early daparture. tomoro me off. so dun hav da chance to snap a pic wit her. but still got yeung yi. da rest of them all checkin out 27 Jan. hope can tk a pic wit her. but actually me aready happy & satisfy le. got snapz wit those hunkz. keke. k late le. gtg. will post da picz up here soon! niteZ~ (cant slp well tonite le kekE!!)~ ^-^

~KtV PaRtYwOrLd @ oRcHaRd!~

hm. yest me work morning shift. finish at 3pm. raidah came down to my hotel to find me. so nice of her. itz her off day. hm. den we went to bugis village burger king eat & chat den went to bugis junction jalan jalan. we took da stickerz picz. den i left at about 5pm to orchard to find my bro & his frenz at hmv. we r goin to da partyworld ktv at crown prince hotel. reach there at 5.50pm. we sang & had fun til 10pm. we took quite lotza pics. i drank choco milk tea with pearl. it cost $9. my gosh! so eX!! but once in a while. my bro pay for me ma. keke. hm. den we went to da somerset open space food stalls (opposite Robinsons) to eat. da place were so packed. but we managed to find a small table. so da 7 of us bo bian lo gotta squeeze tog lo. quite fun la go tog wit them. den we eat & chat until 11.45pm like tt. we walked down to plaza singapura there to tk cab bac coz quite late le no more mrt. my bro kimkoon baihui & me shared a cab bac. me slept in da cab. den kimk…

~mY nEw FrEn..~

today me work morning shift wit sandra pualine jacelyn. looong time nv work whole shift wit sandra le. love workin wit her. shez nice. eventho shez violent doin her work, she is nice to her frenz. shez juz fun & loving. shez so cute. more chubby den me. lolx. shez funny too. & when u need help she will help willingly. she nv shout or show me her temper b4. tiz is wat makez me love workin wit her. juz now after duty we changed clothes le den we walk to da bugis mrt tog. we from da locker tok & laugh until da mrt non-stop sia. we r full of nonsense. she called me banana.. fruit basket.. lolx. i accomp her go bugis junction withdraw money coz she goin bac msia. den she went off lo. i wait for my new fren 'Ball' from thai. hez in s'pore learning eng for abt 6 months le. not bad la his eng. we meet le den walk ard awhile den abt 4+pm we go down to orchard. seems like long time nv been there. we go taka there. i bot lotza makan (2 boxes takoyaki, 2 yakitori, 1 unagi,…